Drip, Drip, Pieces Of The Puzzle Come Together, The Best Is Yet To Come – Episode 2105

Drip, Drip, Pieces Of The Puzzle Come Together, The Best Is Yet To Come
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The stock market decline over 1000 points, this is the push to bring the economy to its knees, this plan will not work. We need to remember who has the magic wand, watch the next move. This is not something we haven’t seen before, we saw the market take a dive a couple of time during Trump’s presidency, then it recovered. India is going to become a very important player in the next economic system. The [DS]/MSM are not being exposed every single day, they have no cover story and many are lashing out. All the exits are blocked, there is no place to hide. JS indicted, HW convicted, it’s coming. All of the pieces are being put into place, the setup is almost complete, the show is about to take a turn and the best is yet to come.

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Current News – 02.24.2020

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Coronavirus set to deal heavy blow to Italy’s ailing economy

  •   Italy’s economy, which was already contracting at the end of last year, looks sure to be thrown into yet another recession by the recent event
  • The euro zone’s third-largest economy has been the most sluggish in the 19-nation bloc since the start of monetary union. It shrank by 9% in the wake of the 2008 global financial crisis and has recovered only about half of that since then.
  • Italian GDP fell by 0.3% in the fourth quarter of last year from the previous three months, yielding full-year growth of just 0.2%.

Source: reuters.com

  •  according to the Nikkeiover 85% of small businesses – which employ 80% of China’s population – expect to run out of cash within three months, and a third expect the cash to be all gone within a month.

  • Should this happen, not only will China’s economy collapse, but China’s $40 trillion financial system will disintegrate, as it is suddenly flooded with trillions in bad loans.
  •   These smaller employers account for 99.8% of registered companies in China and employ 79.4% of workers, according to the latest official statistics. They contribute more than 60% of gross domestic product and, for the government, more than 50% of tax revenue. In short: they are the beating heart of China’s economy. 

Source: zerohedge.com

  1. The [CB] used their ammunition
  2. The market has a small correction, optics
  3. Sets the stage for what?
  4. Companies rethink their company manufacturing model
  5. Companies start to make changes, leave china and other nations
  6.  Trump is visiting India, why? Trade, manufacturing will shift from China to India.  . India is the world’s largest democracy, an ally, and trustworthy. 
  7. MSM pushes event, pushes fear
  8. Trump calls on the Fed to lower rates dramatically and push stimulus
  9. Trump continually calls on the Fed
  10. The Fed has emergency meeting and steps in and pushes more stimulus and lower the interest rates
  11. Market starts to go back up
  12. [CB] continues to push the event
  13. MSM continues with the push
  14. Trump and the patriots counter the event
  15. The event loses steam,
  16. MSM starts to back track
  17. Trump and the patriots get what they needed
  18. Trump shows the people that he has the ability to steer the economy out of a disaster and the Fed is worthless.


Harvey Weinstein Found Guilty of Rape and Sex Assault

  • After five days of deliberation, Harvey Weinstein was convicted Monday of rape and sexual assault, 
  • The verdict followed weeks of often harrowing and excruciatingly graphic testimony from a string of accusers who told of rapes, forced oral sex, groping, masturbation, lewd propositions and how Hollywood’s casting couch works.
  • The jury of seven men and five women took five days to find him guilty.

Source: breitbart.com

Actor Jussie Smollett to Be Indicted on 6 New Charges
  •  Jussie Smollett will be arraigned  on a six-count indictment charging him with falsely reporting that he was the victim of a racist and homophobic attack near his Chicago home.
  • Smollett, ,   pleads not guilty to felony charges of disorderly conduct 
  •  ”

Source: breitbart.com

Top FBI Child Trafficking & Child Prostitution Task Force Chief helped Chicago PD investigate Smollett hoax; Did Jussie Rat Out Hollywood?

  • The Jussie Smollett case just got even more bizarre with potential troubling revelations.
  • Internal Chicago Police records show detectives employed a top FBI Supervisory Special Agent specializing in investigating the trafficking of sexually exploited children, child prostitution and aggravated child sexual abuse to help investigate the Smollett assault hoax case.
  • During early stages of the investigation, records show, Chicago Police shared Intel with the FBI and FBI Special Agent Gregory Wing was working the investigation daily alongside city detectives.
  • What is one of FBI’s premier child sex crimes and child sex trafficking investigators doing working an assault case? Wing and his FBI task force track down high-profile pedophiles and pimps. He doesn’t intervene with local assault cases.
  • These new revelations also mean the FBI has been involved in the Smollett case for months, a fact that was not publicized. Likely intentionally.
  • From the Chicago PD case file:

Source: truepundit.com

[Smollett] Federal charges coming?
Watch the news.
These people are stupid.

Ex-Bill Clinton adviser: Bloomberg and Hillary cooking up ‘scheme’ for her to become Democratic nominee

  • A former adviser to President Bill Clinton speculated that Michael Bloomberg and Hillary Clinton are plotting a way for her to become the 2020 Democratic nominee even though she’s not in the race.
  • “Here’s the deal that I think is going down. I think Hillary and Bloomberg have gotten together and cooked up a scheme,” Dick Morris
  • He said Bloomberg would stay in the race, even if he has no chance of winning, in an effort to get at least enough support to keep Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders from running away with the nomination.
  • “Nobody will be nominated on the first ballot, and it’ll go to a second ballot,” Morris said of a brokered convention. “The problem is that the party establishment doesn’t have a candidate. They can’t do Bloomberg because he got killed in the debate. … Can’t do [Joe] Biden because he’s already lost the front-runner status. … [Pete] Buttigieg looks like a high school kid at the Model UN. … [Elizabeth] Warren is third, but she’s pretty far to the Left, and they’re not going to want to trust her.”
  • Morris said Sanders, the current front-runner, would “get massacred by Trump” in the general election and predicted that Clinton, the 2016 nominee, would enter the race on a second ballot at a brokered convention.
  • “And then Hillary begins to gain; the other candidates begin to drop out. And Hillary is the nominee. That, I think, is the establishment scenario,” he said. “Hillary is the only candidate that they’ll be able to come up with that can measure up to Donald Trump.”

Source: washingtonexaminer.com


Imagine what would happen, if, by law, every US Congressman/woman, US Senator, President etc. was by US law audited every 1-2 years by an independent agency.
Imagine what would happen if those audits extended to all family members of such ‘elected’ official?
Would D’s continue to push for Foreign Aid to other C’s vs. the Homeland?
What happens when the kickbacks dry up?
M. Waters $4mm House?
N. Pelosi net worth $150mm+?
J. Biden son/brother net worth tens of millions?
Clinton family $200mm+ (pre election of BC less than $1mm)?
Obama family $40mm+ (pre election less than $1mm)?
Disguised under book deals?
Those who take are offered more powerful positions within the party (controlled).

It’s money laundering.


Trumps Wants Intelligence Leak on Russian Election Interference Investigated

Don Jr responds 


FBI Agent Faulted In FISA Report For ‘Significant’ Errors Has Finally Been Identified

  • An FBI agent faulted for some of the most significant problems laid out in the Justice Department’s inspector general report on FISA abuse against a Trump campaign associate has been identified.
  •  Stephen A. Somma, a counterintelligence investigator who works out of the bureau’s New York field office, as “Case Agent 1” from the inspector general’s (IG) report.
  • Somma was involved in multiple aspects of Crossfire Hurricane, the FBI counterintelligence investigation of the Trump campaign. 
  • According to the IG report, he was the FBI agent who initially sought a surveillance warrant against Page. Somma pushed for a FISA warrant “almost immediately” after the FBI opened Crossfire Hurricane on July 31, 2016, the IG said.
  • Somma’s initial request was rejected, but FBI lawyers later approved seeking a FISA warrant on Page after the bureau received information from former British spy Christopher Steele.
  • Somma was in charge of verifying the accuracy of information included in the FISA applications. He was also the FBI handler for Stefan Halper, a former Cambridge professor who met with and secretly recorded Trump campaign aides Carter Page, Sam Clovis and George Papadopoulos.
  • The IG report said Somma failed to disclose potentially exculpatory information that Page and Papadopoulos told Halper. He also failed to disclose that the CIA told him on Aug. 15, 2016, that Page had been an “operational contact” for the agency years earlier.

Source: dailycaller.com

Three Years Ago a FISA Report Confirmed Obama Admin Was Sending FISA Obtained Information on Americans to Non Government Entities We Still Don’t Know Whose Data Was Sent to What Companies

  • A stunning April 2017 report from the FISA Court received no publicity until nearly a year after it was released to the public.  The report covered results of an investigation or audit into FISA searches made by Obama’s NSA, FBI and DOJ during Obama’s time in office.
  • On April 26, 2017, an unsealed FISA Court Ruling unveiled a number of criminal activities that Barack Obama’s FBI, NSA and DOJ participated in during his time in office.  The report was actually completed before the 2016 election.
  • The FISA Court Ruling showed widespread abuse of the FISA mandate. According to the report, Obama’s FBI, NSA and DOJ performed searches on Americans that were against their 4th Amendment rights. This went on for years. One paragraph in the report states that 85% of the Section 704 and 705(b) FISA searches made during the time of the audit (a few months in 2015) were non-compliant with applicable laws and therefore criminal.
  • In addition, Obama’s DOJ and FBI were illegally searching Americans against their rights. Unbeknownst to most Americans, Obama’s FBI was providing this information to outside contractors who had no business or legal cause or claim for the information.
  • NSA Director Mike Rogers was actually the individual to bring the FISA abuse to the FISA Court. At about the same time, James Clapper recommended that Rogers be fired  
  •  Who is Rogers working with Durham, he has all the information

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

Exclusive: Trump’s “Deep State” hit list

  • The Trump White House and its allies, over the past 18 months, assembled detailed lists of disloyal government officials to oust — and trusted pro-Trump people to replace them — according to more than a dozen sources familiar with the effort who spoke to Axios.

Source: axios



Who is standing next to Pence & POTUS?
Bolton cleaning house.
Out they go!
A clean House is very important.

Julian Assange Appears in British Court to Fight US Extradition Bid

Source: theepochtimes.com

Lets go back in 8 months ago

Julian Assange to appear in court after Javid signs US extradition request

  • The home secretary, Sajid Javid, has revealed he has signed a request for Julian Assange to be extradited to the US where he faces charges of computer hacking.
  • Javid said: “It is a decision ultimately for the courts, but there is a very important part of it for the home secretary and I want to see justice done at all times and we’ve got a legitimate extradition request, so I’ve signed it, but the final decision is now with the courts.”

Source: theguardian.com




https:// www.wsj.com/articles/experimental-drug-promises-to-kill-the-flu-virus-in-a-day-1518264004
What a coincidence.
This board has more power & influence than anyone comprehends.


2 thoughts on “Drip, Drip, Pieces Of The Puzzle Come Together, The Best Is Yet To Come – Episode 2105

  • February 24, 2020 at 9:27 pm

    I am waiting patiently until justice will prevail. When will the shadow government be revealed? When will the elite occult trafficking be exposed? When will the Hollywood Illusion be shattered? Most of all when will the media empire be exposed and held accountable for their crimes of lying and dividing our citizens and promoting distortions and hatred of all that is good and decent? When will Mass Awakening begin? I know all of this is happening but many and most people I know have no idea what is going on and what is true or what is a lie.
    I thank you people who want to bring the truth and justice to this circus of horror. May the Lord the almighty God protect you and help you to bring this disaster to an end quickly and put those who are guilty of these crimes in jail where they belong.

  • February 24, 2020 at 9:39 pm

    I am looking forward when justice and truth will be administered. I cannot wait until all of the perpetrators will be held accountable for their destructive and obstructive actions. Most of all when will the Media empire crumble and be held accountable for the lies and divisions it caused in this country? The shadow government needs to be revealed and the Elite occult trafficking needs to be exposed and held accountable for their crimes to humanity. May justice and light come quickly and bring us our country back and abolish the parts of the government which are destroying our faith, freedom and future for our children and grandchildren. God bless all of you who are working hard to expose and rid this land of all the poisonous snakes and evil swamp creatures. Thank you very much.

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