Fear, Panic, Loss Of Narrative, We Are At A Turning Point, Hunters Moon – Ep. 2894


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Fear, Panic, Loss Of Narrative, We Are At A Turning Point, Hunters Moon
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The fuel prices are starting to move again and Biden is trying to control the narrative, the people are not buying it. The V recovery is over, Biden has now destroyed it and the people see it very clearly. The people are now seeing which Gov are helping and which are not. The system is now transitioning into a people system. The [DS] is panicking, fear has set in and they have lost the narrative, we are at a turning point. During the hunters moon, the hunters have now become the hunted. The corruption is coming out from all directions, the [DS] is trapped and they do not have the bullhorn. Scare event is on the way and the peace keeper will stop the war.




BIDEN ECONOMY: Job Destruction – US Adds the Lowest Number of Jobs in 18 Months

the trendlines are all going the wrong way. The US economy added 263,000 jobs in September, the lowest level in more than a year, and a miss even off the lowered expectations of 275,000 by forecasters.

  • The more significant news is that Americans are falling behind in wages and the labor participation rate is still less than the rate in February 2020, before COVID.  These results will not impact the FED’s expected increase in rates in the next month or two.


Source: thegatewaypundit.com


DeSantis vs. Newsom: Gas Prices over $3 Lower in Florida
  • Gas prices are more than $3.00 lower in Gov. Ron DeSantis’s (R) Florida than in Gov. Gavin Newsom’s (D) California.
  • Newsom has for months made a noticeable effort to criticize Florida and DeSantis’s handling of the state, going so far as using the Fourth of July weekend to urge Floridians to flock to the Golden State.
  • According to AAA, the average price of gas in California was $6.392 on Friday, October 7, compared to $3.289 in Florida. Florida’s average gas price was also lower than the national average, which sat at $3.891 as of Friday.
  • This is due, in part, to the state’s gas tax holiday, which went into effect October 1, cutting the price of gas by roughly 25 cents.
  • “The Florida Motor Fuel Tax Relief Act of 2022 reduces the tax rate on motor fuel by 25.3 cents per gallon. Passed by the Florida Legislature and signed into law by Governor Ron DeSantis, the tax rate reduction begins Saturday, October 1, and extends through Monday, October 31,” the Florida Revenue website reads.
Source: breitbart.com
  • The exchange partnered with Visa and will focus on Latin America, Asia and Europe.
  • The offering is available to US users, and the partnership will now be extended internationally.
  • Visa has partnered with one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, FTX, to launch bitcoin and cryptocurrency debit cards internationally, per a press release.
  • “The debit cards, which are linked directly to a user’s FTX accounts, are currently available in the United States and are now being rolled out globally in over 40 additional countries, including many across Latin America,” p[er The next phase of the rollout for the FTX-branded Visa debit cards is expected in Europe before the end of the year, with additional regional launches planned for 2023

Source: bitcoinmagazine.com


  • “In terms of corruption, conflict of interest, we have never heard a hint that there were potential criminal charges there because Hunter Biden wasn’t an office holder,” Dilanian argued. “It was perfectly legal for him to take money from foreign governments, as long as he wasn’t inappropriately giving them information from his family or something.”
  • “There’s no hint of that,” Dilanian claimed. “As bad as it looks, we should all acknowledge it looked terrible, he did this while his father was Vice President and in charge of Ukraine issues and he was taking $50,000 a month from that energy company, but no hint that he was ever going to be charged on that count.”
  • Source: beckernews.com

FBI Sued For Withholding Records Of Facebook Censorship Of Hunter Biden Laptop Story

  • Amid mounting questions over an FBI warning that prompted Facebook to suppress a story about Hunter Biden’s laptop, the federal agency now faces a lawsuit seeking to compel it to publicize conversations it had with the social media giant.
  • The lawsuit was filed Tuesday by America First Legal (AFL) at a Washington D.C. District Court. The non-profit group, founded by longtime Donald Trump adviser Stephen Miller, said Americans deserve to know what the FBI and the social media giant were up to as the November elections approached.
  • According to the complaint (pdf), the AFL requested in August that the FBI make public all of its communications with Facebook between Oct. 1, 2020, and Nov. 15, 2020. However, the FBI turned down that request, claiming that it was so “overly broad” that it couldn’t be done “with a reasonable amount of effort.”
  • AFL’s complaint said: “Barely a month before the 2022 midterm election, FBI officials continue to suppress information of great interest to American voters and stonewall AFL’s request for records relating to the FBI’s collusive scheme with Facebook to censor news and information about the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop.”

Source: zerohedge.com

Why are they trying to control the narrative about Hunter Biden being indicted

  1. FBI hide the laptop
  2. fake news, intelligence morons, Biden,psaki and the rest all said it was russian disinformatoin
  3. then the laptop was proven to be hunters
  4. now the indictments are coming, one leads to another to another


A Preview of the Igor Danchenko Trial

As Special Counsel John Durham alleged in the Danchenko indictment:

“Each of the FISA applications set forth the FBI’s assessment that Page was a knowing agent of Russia and further alleged – based on the Company Reports – that Page was part of a “well-coordinated conspiracy of co-operation” between Trump’s campaign and the Russian government.”1

  • The charges against Danchenko stem from false statements he gave the FBI during multiple interviews from January 2017 through November 2017. These are the counts from the Danchenko indictment:
  1. Count 1. June 15, 2017: Danchenko denied to FBI agents that he spoke with public relations executive Charles Dolan (a long-time participant in Democrat party politics) about materials in the Steele dossier. In fact, Dolan was the source of Danchenko’s and, as alleged by Special Counsel Durham, was “otherwise involved in the events and information described in the” dossier.
  2. Count 2. March 16, 2017: Danchenko told FBI agents he received a call in late July 2016 from a person he thought was Sergei Millian, when Danchenko knew he had never received a call from Millian.
  3. Count 3. May 18, 2017: Danchenko gave a false statement to FBI agents that he “was under the impression” that the late July 2016 call was from Millian.
  4. Count 4. October 24, 2017: Danchenko falsely stated to FBI agents that he believed he spoke to Millian on the phone on more than one occasion.
  5. Count 5. November 16, 2017: Danchenko lied that he “believed he has spoken to [Millian] on the telephone,” when Danchenko well knew he had never spoken to Millian.
  • This isn’t the easiest false statements case, so credit to Durham for bringing it. The reason isn’t because Danchenko told the truth. He’s most certainly a serial fabricator. It’s that Danchenko’s statements were made around 5 years ago to sloppy agents, and to an FBI and Department of Justice that was uninterested in uncovering and pursuing the truth.



  • That brings us to “materiality.” Danchenko is charged under 18 USC § 1001, which criminalizes false statements to federal officials. Under this statute, Durham must prove that Danchenko’s statements were “materially false.”2
  • Normally, proving materiality in this context wouldn’t be difficult. But Durham faces the challenge of proving that Danchenko’s false statements were material to an FBI that invited and ignored Danchenko’s lies. If there is any relief to those waiting on justice to be administered, it is that Danchenko’s lies didn’t need to influence the FBI. They only needed to be “capable of influencing” the FBI. Danchenko’s false statements definitely meet that standard.
  • One way Durham will explain the materiality of Danchenko’s false statements will be to point to FBI obligations to notify the FISC about the misrepresentations from its witness under FISC Local Rule 13:

“the FBI and DOJ would be required to inform the FISC about the misrepresentations made in each of the applications it provided to the FISC. Had the FISC known of these misrepresentations, it could have terminated the surveillance of Carter Page and/or ordered the FBI and DOJ to destroy the information it had already collected.”3

Durham raised these areas of inquiry that may become issues at the Danchenko trial:

  1. The Clinton Campaign’s knowledge or lack of knowledge concerning the veracity of information in the dossiers sourced by Danchenko;
  2. The Clinton Campaign’s awareness or lack of awareness of Danchenko’s collection methods and sub-sources;
  3. Meetings or communications between and among the Clinton Campaign, Fusion GPS, and Christopher Steele regarding or involving Danchenko;
  4. Danchenko’s knowledge or lack of knowledge regarding the Clinton Campaign’s role in the activities surrounding the Steele Dossier; and
  5. The extent to which the Clinton Campaign and/or its representatives directed, solicited, or controlled Danchenko’s activities.

All of those points are important, but that last one is particularly compelling and is worth repeating: “The extent to which the Clinton Campaign and/or its representatives directed, solicited, or controlled Danchenko’s activities.”

That implies the Clinton Campaign’s awareness of Danchenko and contacts with Danchenko. (After all, if the answer was “no,” then there would be no conflict.) Thus the potential conflict described by Durham:

“the Clinton Campaign and [Danchenko] each might have an incentive to shift blame and/or responsibility to the other party for any allegedly false information that was contained within the Company Reports and/or provided to the FBI.”


Source:  technofog.substack.com

Geopolitical/Police State

  • The White House has issued an executive order that removes the safeguards against spying on American citizens without a warrant.
  • “The Executive Order of October 7, 2022 (Enhancing Safeguards for United States Signals Intelligence Activities), establishes enhanced safeguards for United States signals intelligence activities that supersede the safeguards for personal information collected through signals intelligence established by Presidential Policy Directive 28 of January 17, 2014 (Signals Intelligence Activities) (PPD-28),” the executive order states.


Source: beckernews.com

Judge Intervenes in Elon Musk’s Twitter Buyout to Close Deal by Midterm Elections

  • Delaware Court of Chancery Chancellor Kathaleen St. Jude McCormick has cleared the path for Elon Musk to close his buyout of Twitter by the midterm elections.
  • “Defendants and Counterclaim-Plaintiffs Elon R. Musk, X Holdings I, Inc., and X Holdings II, Inc. (collectively, “’Defendants’) have agreed to close on the Agreement and Plan of Merger dated April 25, 2022, and they have moved to stay this action in light of their agreement,” the judge ruled. “Defendants have stated that ‘the closing is expected on or around October 28, 2022.’ Plaintiff Twitter, Inc. opposes the motion on the basis that Defendants’ agreement will not ensure that the transaction closes fast enough.”


Source: beckernews.com

Musk forced the twitter boards hand, he knew along they are hiding the truth about the bots and what twitter is actually used for, no matter what twitter does at this point they lose, what happens if the truth is released



North Korea is firing missles,

As the election fraud information is exposed China panics, they will most likely have NK continue to fire missiles to distract 


  • They’ve got something big planned for October. I don’t know what it is, but it’s in their quiver.
·The 8th day of the month has been interesting as of late.

July 8: Shinzo Abe assassinated
Aug 8: Mar a Lago raided by FBI
Sep 8: Queen Elizabeth dies
Oct 8: TBD
Nov 8: Midterm elections

  • Biden alarmed millions of Americans on Thursday when he claimed that the world was drawing closer to nuclear ‘Armageddon.’
  • the problem there is no new intelligence to suggest that such an unimaginable apocalyptic scenario is upon us. So what is the DS doing they are creating the narrative


Source: beckernews.com

Trump Calls for Russia-Ukraine Peace Negotiations to Prevent World War III 

  •  Trump said it is necessary for Russia and Ukraine to start immediate negotiations, otherwise the crisis may turn into World War III and cause global destruction.
  • And now we have a war between Russia and Ukraine with potentially hundreds of thousands of people dying. We must [start] the immediate negotiation of a peaceful end to the war in Ukraine or we will end up in World War III, and there will be nothing left of our planet,” Trump said on Saturday,
Source: sputniknews.com
“Brazil’s Bolsonaro says ally Trump would have averted war in Ukraine” reuters.com/world/brazils-bols
Brazil’s Bolsonaro says ally Trump would have averted war in Ukraine

Far-right Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said in comments published on Friday that the war in Ukraine would not have happened if former U.S. President Donald Trump were still in office, but offered…

  • More @realDonaldTrump on the movement sweeping the planet: “It’s a very simple movement: Give us borders, give us safe streets, we don’t want crime, give us good education, give us dignity and give us respect as a nation. It’s not complicated.”

Matthew Boyle@Realmattboyle

NEW: President @realDonaldTrump told me that conservative wins worldwide from Brazil to Sweden to Italy to Hungary are proof this “great movement” is “happening all over the world”: breitbart.com/politics/2022/1

Exclusive — Trump on Conservative Wins Worldwide: This ‘Great Movement’ Is ‘Happening All Over the World’

Former President Donald Trump told Breitbart News exclusively that conservative victories in Brazil, Italy, Sweden, Hungary, and more are proof that the “great movement” he leads is spreading worldwide.



Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 10/11/2020 19:28:18  ID: 956dbb

8kun/qresearch: 11030009

Sometimes ‘public awareness’ of certain events prevents occurrence.
Sometimes ‘public awareness’ of certain events forces accountability.

False Flags

  • Florida’s State Health Officer & Surgeon General Joseph A. Ladapo, M.D., has just issued new guidance on Covid-19 vaccines that recommends against them for adults between the ages of 18 and 40.

    ““This analysis found that there is an 84% increase in the relative incidence of cardiac-related death among males 18-39 years old within 28 days following mRNA vaccination,” the announcement stated. “With a high level of global immunity to COVID-19, the benefit of vaccination is likely outweighed by this abnormally high risk of cardiac-related death among men in this age group. Non-mRNA vaccines were not found to have these increased risks.”

    The State Surgeon General thus recommends against males aged 18 to 39 from receiving the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines.

Source: beckernews.com

UPDATE – Dr. Joseph Ladapo’s tweet is back online again:


JUST IN: Never Trumper Ben Sasse Resigning Senate Seat

  • Ben Sasse (R-NB) is expected to resign his senate seat before the end of the year.

Sasse won re-election in 2020 and his term was to expire in 2026.

The Nebraska governor will choose Sasse’s replacement.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

  • Great news for the United States Senate, and our Country itself. Liddle’ Ben Sasse, the lightweight Senator from the great State of Nebraska, will be resigning. If he knew he was going to resign so early in his term, why did he run in the first place? But it’s still great news! The University of Florida will soon regret their decision to hire him as their President….
  • ….We have enough weak and ineffective RINOs in our midst. I look forward to working with the terrific Republican Party of Nebraska to get a REAL Senator to represent the incredible People of that State, not another Fake RINO!

Kathy Hochul Is In Danger Of Losing New York To A Republican: POLL

  • Republican New York Rep. Lee Zeldin is closing the gap on Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul with the midterms just a month away, according to a new poll released Thursday.
  • Hochul continues to hold the lead with 44.5% of voters saying they would vote for her, yet Zeldin is less than two points away with 42.6%, according to the poll, conducted by The Trafalgar Group. Almost 10% of the voters said that they are undecided, leaving both candidates in a position to take the race.

Source: dailycaller.com

RED FLAG: New Analysis Shows New York State Has OVER 3 MILLION Registered Voters Who DO NOT HAVE Proof of Identity – How Many Other States Face the Same Issue?

  • Earlier this month, The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), found a whopping 3.1 million New Yorkers – or about 23% of the state’s 13.3 million registered voters – lacked a driver’s license or a Social Security number to prove their identity. These individuals are a combination of dead voters, non-citizens, and those who refuse to provide (or do not possess at all) their documentation to verify.
  • The PILF study reiterates that states must maintain clean voter rolls in order to conduct fair elections and that Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is a necessary part of that process. However, Democrat-controlled states like New York are steadfastly refusing to do anything to fix the rolls, even as tight political races are coming down to the wire ahead of the midterm elections. Albany, NY, for example, has been one of the most egregious offenders of this, refusing to take any action to clean up its rolls despite mounting public pressure to do so.

From Just the News:

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

  • Letitia James is probably the worst violent crime fighter in the Nation. New York is sinking to a level of criminality that nobody thought possible—and it is because of her and her policies. If New York is ever going to come back, violent crime must stop—but Letitia James is incapable of doing that.

Virginia County Stops Using Chinese-Linked Konnech Election Software Following CEO’s Arrest for Sending Data to China


Following the CEO’s arrest Fairfax County in Virginia announced this week they have stopped using Konnech’s PollChief election officer management software.
The Epoch Times reported:


Source: thegatewaypundit.com

  • This is really big “stuff.” When this came out, everybody said that they were conspiracy theorists, and now it turns out to be true! Congratulations to Byron York. Why isn’t the FBI and Department of Justice doing something? This is a big piece of what they said happened, and it did, indeed, happen. Of all people, Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón arrested him…
  • …Gascón could be a National hero on the Right if he got to the bottom of this aspect of the Voting Fraud, that is, after all, his job. He could change his image of being weak and ineffective overnight. He would be a hero throughout our Country. We would be raising the American flag to him. Go, George, Go! washingtonexaminer.com/opinio

When a ‘conspiracy theory’ turns out to be…not a theory

WHEN A ‘CONSPIRACY THEORY’ TURNS OUT TO BE…NOT A THEORY. On Monday, the New York Times published a story about Konnech, a small election software company that has just 27 employees, 21 based in Michigan…

How likely is it that cheating affected the outcome of the 2020 presidential election?

Likely / Not likely:

All: 55% / 40%
Rep: 75% / 20%
Dem: 35% / 61%
Ind: 53% / 40%
White: 52% / 42%
Black: 55% / 40%
Hisp: 62% / 35%
18-39: 55% / 30%
65+: 49% / 45%


Delaware State Court Ruling Strikes Down ‘Mail-In Ballots’ Ahead of Midterm Elections 

  • The Delaware Supreme Court ruled  that mail-in voting is unconstitutional in the state. Delaware Live reported on the development:

    In a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court of Delaware has ruled the state’s mail-in voting and same-day voter registration statutes unconstitutional.

    Neither will be allowed in the Nov. 8 general election.


    Source: beckernews.com

The [DS]/fake news is still pushing the narrative that Trump didn’t declassify the documents, but he has done this a long time ago, and he let people know with a tweet. 

So what is Trump doing, he is baiting them in, Precedents are being set now.

Source: rawstory.com

Think about what Trump is doing, if they are questioning Trump, how do you know what the other Presidents/swamp creatures  have, Bush, Obama, Cheney, clinton etc. 

National Grid Planning Three-Hour Blackouts In United Kingdom

  •  The move by Britain’s National Grid comes days after Bangladesh was plunged into darkness as an issue in the government-run power grid shut down 80% of the nation’s electricity. Similar energy issues could strike the US as both the global energy and financial crises continue through 2022 and into 2023.

Source: dailycaller.com


Hunter’s Moon falls on October 9 in 2022

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    I usually watch the videos but all was there was A and no B so i had to listen to the podcast instead

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    Another great podcast! I appreciate all the work you put into each one. Thank you
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    Since you mentioned it; gasoline prices here (North-central Texas) went from 2.80ish the week-end before, to 3.20ish this last week-end. Sanctions on Russia (2nd largest oil producer) plus caps on Russian oil – an insult to OPEC (of which Russia is a member) really paid off, hey Joe “where’s-my-cut” Biden! The Saudis and UAE are quite correct to say to the USA: “by what right do you have to tell us what we may charge for our property?”
    Anywho, fuel prices are like the Texas weather; don’t like it now, just wait a spell, it will change. That doesn’t mean it will be any better, just different.
    Also, ye can relax, the hysteria over a nuclear war is only in the fear-mongering minds of the Ds… Putin and team are mature adults (something we haven’t seen in the West for some considerable time – even DJT’s tweets were juvenile). And if the Russians are forced to act – well, y’all won’t have to worry much longer. Either way, panic is not a solution.

  • October 10, 2022 at 10:40 am

    I have posted this before but this is a good time to post it again. I vote regularly here in NY but the 2020 election was different. First I was required to sign an electronic pad and like all electronic pads it did not represent my signature. Formerly they had a book with my signature and it must match. Then I was given a sharpie. We now know that’s a no no. Then after I handed my ballot over to the lady at the voting machine she inserted it but it spit it back out. Then she inverted the ballot face up and reinserted it, it was again returned. She then turned it over (face down) and reinserted it in the correct direction, again it was returned. Then she turned it around top down again face down and reinserted it. The ballot was taken. She said with a smile there it is in. I was not the only one with the problem with their ballot being inserted. In hindsight I should have requested a new ballot and if I was refused or any other issues arose I should have called the Sherriff to investigate. I will also video and anomalies this election. Sounds like a horror story doesn’t it, I believe it is how far they will go. By the way I voted Republican across the board.

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    Aloha Dave,
    Just listened to 2894. Now, mind you, I’m not 100% on the intricacies of Bitcoin. And tell me if this is even feasible.
    You mentioned that VISA is now introducing a Bitcoin VISA Card. Does this mean that they will collect Bitcoin and hold it? Conceivably, could they horde it and keep it out of the wallets of former holders?
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