Garland Panics Over Voter Id, Social Media Outages, Defend And Protect At All Costs – Ep. 3298


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Garland Panics Over Voter Id, Social Media Outages, Defend And Protect At All Costs
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The green new scam is completely falling apart. The sales of EVs is dropping and car rental services, manufacturers are in trouble. Biden is planning to sell Northeast gas reserves.Fed waiting to strike, Trump will usher in a new economy. The [DS] is panicking, their plans have not worked so they will now ramp them up. They will push to the very end. They are preparing a communication blackout. Meta, Instagram and other social media platforms have had login problems. Garland is now trying to convince the people that voter id is not necessary. Cheating plans in place. Patriots are ready, they have brought the [DS] to exactly where they want them. The real military will defend and protect at all costs.



Movies Can Now Be Graded By ‘Climate Reality Check’ Test
  • Recently-released movies can now be graded on a new “Climate Reality Check” test, which will gauge on whether or not the film addressed the so-called “climate crisis.”
  • This simple new test was inspired by the famous Bechdel Test invented by cartoonist Alison Bechdel in the mid-1980s to measure the presence of women in movies and other forms of fiction. It was created by climate change storytelling consultancy Good Energy in collaboration with the Buck Lab for Climate and Environment at Colby College in Maine.


US considers selling Northeast gasoline reserve in 2024 in draft bill

  •  The United States may sell its 1 million barrel Northeast gasoline reserve in fiscal year 2024, according to the draft text of a funding bill released on Sunday.
  • The reserve, first established in 2014 after Superstorm Sandy left motorists in the northeastern United States without fuel, is located in New York Harbor, New York, Boston, Massachusetts and Portland, Maine.
  • The proceeds from the sale of the refined products in the reserve would be deposited into the Treasury’s general fund, according to the text of the bill, which is likely to pass this week.
  • Once the Northeast Gasoline Supply Reserve is closed, the secretary of energy cannot establish any new regional petroleum product reserve unless funding is explicitly requested in advance of an annual budget submitted by the president and approved by Congress, the bill stipulates.
  • The U.S. House of Representatives will have to vote on the bill first before the Senate can take up the package before Friday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said.

Atlanta Fed’s Bostic Warns Rate Cut Could Reignite Inflation
  • There’s a significant risk that a rate cut from the Federal Reserve could rekindle inflation, Atlanta Fed president Rapahel Bostic said on Monday.
  • In an essay published on the Atlanta Fed’s website, Bostic argued that the Fed should take a cautious approach to the economy, cognizant that the danger of higher inflation remains and easing monetary policy could fan the flames of rising prices.
  • In particular, Bostic warned that a premature rate cut could trigger a surge of business activity that would raise demand and push inflation higher.
  • “I asked one gathering of business leaders if they were ready to pounce at the first hint of an interest rate cut,” Bostic said. “The response was an overwhelming ‘yes.’”



  • Documents confirm that the staffers in question are Kathy S. Chung, who worked with Hunter Biden at the Commerce Department, and Anne Marie Muldoon, nee Person, who worked for him at Rosemont Seneca Partners, a key pass-through for foreign wire payments to Hunter Biden.
  • Chung and Muldoon were the two most important people in Joe Biden’s office suite. They were the gatekeepers who controlled the front office that adjoined his West Wing office, and they stored his classified papers in file cabinets and in his safe.
  • Biden trusted them implicitly since they came to him on the recommendation of his son Hunter.
  • In effect, it was Hunter who placed them in their sensitive posts inside the White House, where they had unfettered access to “the most highly classified, sensitive, and compartmented materials recovered  


TREASON: Biden Regime Admits Flying 320,000 Illegal Immigrants Secretly to at least 43 Airports in the U.S. to Lessen Border Crossing Numbers 

  • Revelations have emerged that the Biden regime has been operating secret charter flights to transport illegal immigrants from foreign airports to various U.S. cities. This covert operation has been ongoing amidst an unprecedented influx of illegal aliens across the southern border.
  • Customs and Border Protection (CBP), an agency under Alejandro Mayorka’s Department of Homeland Security, has been at the forefront of these operations, which have remained undisclosed to the public.
  • In a recent Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit, lawyers for CBP refused to reveal details about the program, citing potential national security vulnerabilities, according to Daily Mail.
  • The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), a think tank known for advocating tighter immigration controls, reported that these obscure flights have facilitated the entry of approximately 320,000 illegal aliens into at least 43 different airports in the US. These figures were disclosed for the period ranging from January through December 2023. 
  • It has been suggested that the CBP One mobile application played a pivotal role in this operation. The app, originally intended to simplify the asylum application process, appears to have been repurposed to grant travel authorization and temporary humanitarian release to individuals from various countries.
  • The migrants, once approved via CBP One, have been allowed to enter and remain in the U.S. for up to two years under a special parole provision, during which time they are also eligible to work. This has occurred notwithstanding the lack of legal status for these individuals to reside in the country.

Daily Mail reported:

  • The United States Constitution defines treason as the only crime that betrays allegiance to the United States. It’s defined in Article III, Section 3, Clause 1:
  • Levying war against the United States
  • Adhering to the enemies of the United States
  • Biden is committing TREASON by aiding illegal aliens as they invade our country through the southern border and destroying America’s security and sovereign borders.



Anonymous ID: KKIreCTB No.148287473
What did BO say on the campaign trail last year to illegals within the US?
What did BO encourage?
Was this illegal?God save us.

  •  45+ mins away from law enforcement help If a group of cartel thugs are walking on your ranch looking to steal guns or money, you only have yourself and your guns to defend against these killers Shut down the border and this won’t be an issue!

Geopolitical/Police State

Former Twitter Executives Sue Elon Musk For $128 Million in Severance

  • Four former Twitter executives are suing Elon Musk for $128 million in severance, the Wall Street Journal reported.
  • Twitter’s former CEO Parag Argrawal, Ned Segal, former CFO, Vijaya Gadde, former head of legal policy and Sean Edgett, former general counsel all sued Elon Musk.
  • “In their complaint, lawyers for the ex-Twitter executives say that after Musk backed himself into a deal to buy Twitter, now X Corp., for $44 billion, he took revenge against these execs personally, and tried to recover some of his expenses by “repeatedly refusing to honor other clear contractual commitments.”” – CNBC reported.
  • “Musk and X Corp. have been “stiffing employees, landlords, vendors, and others” since they took over Twitter, the lawyers allege, an allusion to more than 25 vendor non-payment lawsuits filed against the social media business by companies including software and service providers and a landlord.” the outlet reported. 
  • “Musk doesn’t pay his bills, believes the rules don’t apply to him, and uses his wealth and power to run roughshod over anyone who disagrees with him,” the complaint said, according CNBC.
  • Elon Musk previously fired the executives “for cause.”

Argentina’s President Javier Milei Suspends State-Run Leftist News Agency For ‘Propaganda”

  • The chainsaw-wielding Argentine president Javier Milei has consolidated eighteen government ministries into nine, fired 5,000 government workers, devalued the peso near market rates, and introduced economic reforms to overhaul the faltering economy after a series of devastating fnancial crises.
  • The latest fat Milei has trimmed from the bloated government’s books is the largest and most prestigious news agency in Argentina, Telam. The state-run media outlet has served as a mouthpiece of “propaganda” for previous progressive administrations.
  • On Monday morning, Telam’s website was shut down. The current message on the media outlet’s website reads: “Page under reconstruction. The page you are trying to view is under reconstruction.” 

  • The eight-decade news organization, with over 800 staff, is the latest casualty of Milei’s drive to shake up the prior corrupt progressive government. He told lawmakers last Friday about his plans to shutter the media outlet as part of a wave of reforms targeting public bodies that he warns are “covert propaganda ministry.”


  • During his appearance on CBS’s “Face The Nation” over the weekend, ATF Chief Dettelbach outlined for CBS News’s Margaret Brennan the ATF’s desire to ban certain firearms and modifications he claimed are loopholes in restrictive gun laws.
  • In the sit-down portion of his interview, Dettelbach claimed his 5,000-person agency is “way, way, way too small” to fully satisfy Biden’s gun-grabbing goals. He also admitted the ATF, even though barred from creating a federal database of firearm owners, still devotes its time and resources to “work within that system” and link guns to owners.
  • When the interview shifted to a demonstration featuring a table of unloaded firearms, Dettelbach tried his best to make the case for more regulation of law-abiding Americans’ top self-defense option. Even with the help of one of the ATF’s “leading experts,” however, Dettelbach failed to demonstrate knowledge of even the most basic firearm anatomy such as the difference between a clip and a magazine.




Cyber Attacks

False Flags


Victoria Nuland, third-highest ranking US diplomat and critic of Russia’s war in Ukraine, retiring 

  • Victoria Nuland, the third-highest ranking U.S. diplomat and frequent target of criticism for her hawkish views on Russia and its actions in Ukraine, will leave her post this month, the State Department said Tuesday.
  • Nuland, a career foreign service officer who served as Assistant Secretary of State for Europe during the Obama administration but retired after Donald Trump was elected president, returned to government as Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs in the Biden administration. 

Source: apnews.cmo

Michelle Obama Addresses Call for 2024 Presidential Run

  • Michelle Obama on Tuesday sought to address calls for her to seek the Democratic Party nomination for the 2024 presidential race.
  • In a statement to NBC News, the former first lady’s office was straight to the point and declared she was not interested.
  • “As former First Lady Michelle Obama has expressed several times over the years, she will not be running for president,” said Crystal Carson, director of communications for her office.
  • “Mrs. Obama supports President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ re-election campaign.”


  • What are the two options, Allow Biden to stay in with his disasters policies, his poll numbers continue to plummet, try to cheat using the illegals and mail in ballots, basically their cheating system. This is a great solution for Trump.     When they realize this will not work they will have to try something else. Another candidate. The other candidate will be put into place after Biden is the nominee, this way they will not have to worry about anyone else it will be just Biden. MO will deny until the last minute when the sneak her in  

  •  Radical Left Democrats will stop at nothing in trying to prevent me, and the American people, from winning the 2024 Presidential Election. Regardless of Party, we cannot let this happen in the United States of America!…

  •  ridiculous and untrue. As an example, this Democrat Operative valued Mar-a-Lago, the most spectacular and valuable property in Palm Beach, Florida, to be worth as low as $18 Million, when in actuality, it could be worth almost 100 times that amount. He hated everything about me at a level that I have never seen before, even beyond the hatred of that displayed by Letitia James…

  •   has ever happened in our Country before. My Civil Rights have been violated, and some Appellate Court, whether Federal or State, must reverse this horrible, un-American decision. If they can do this to me, they can do this to YOU!

SCOTUS Unanimous Decision to Put Trump Back on CO Ballot (VIDEO)

  • Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold on Monday reacted to the Supreme Court’s unanimous decision to put Trump back on the Colorado ballot.


  • The legal theories are based on Section 3 of the US Constitution’s 14th Amendment which states public officials who have “engaged in insurrection or rebellion against” the US may be disqualified from public office.
  • Trump has not been charged with engaging in insurrection or rebellion against the United States.
  •  Plus the President is not listed. 
  • IT will be up to the American voters to save our democracy in November  



Start Packing Your Bags!” Rep. Lauren Boebert and Colorado GOP Leaders Call on Crazy-Eyes Jenna Griswold to Step Down – Threaten Recall Effort 

  •  This led to Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) and Republican leaders in the state to call on Jenna to step down immediately for disenfranchising MILLIONS of Colorado voters. After all, how can she be trusted to run an election when she is so filled with hatred for Republican Trump voters? Boebert has been endorsed by Trump
  • Boebert sent a  letter is signed by Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), Colorado GOP Chairman Dave Williams, Colorado GOP Vice Chair Hope Scheppelman, and Colorado GOP Secretary Anna Ferguson.



  • Huge problem, this bill is dead on arrival the patriots will block it. Thats what they are there for. This shows you how desperate they are 
  • Colorado’s action was unconstitutional because it violated foundational principles of federal-state relations.


JUST IN: Maine’s Democrat Secretary of State withdraws Trump Ballot Ban in Wake of SCOTUS Decision

  • Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows (D) on Monday withdrew her Trump ballot ban after the Supreme Court ruled Trump cannot be kicked off of the Colorado ballot.


President Trump Issues Challenge to Joe Biden During Speech Following His Massive Victory at the U.S. Supreme Court (VIDEO) 

  •   Trump delivered an important message to White House resident Joe Biden after making a few remarks thanking the Court for their decision.

I want to start by thanking the Supreme Court for its unanimous decision today. It was a very important decision, very well crafted.

And I think it will go a long way toward bringing our country together, which our country needs. And they worked long, they worked hard, and frankly, they worked very quickly about something that will be spoken about 100 years from now and 200 years from now. Extremely important.

The 45th President went on to correctly point out that Biden is responsible for his legal challenges, noting he is using judges and prosecutors to influence the presidential election.


Knowing this, Trump publicly challenged the cowardly Biden for hiding behind these corrupt goons.

President Biden, stop weaponization. Fight your fight yourself!

Don’t use prosecutors and judges to go after your opponent, to try and damage your opponent so you can win an election. Our country is much bigger than that.



Trump Secures Another Primary Victory, Dominates North Dakota Caucuses

SHOCK NY TIMES POLL: 97% of 2020 Trump Voters Ready to Vote for Him Again in 2024 – While Joe Biden Loses Almost 20% of His Voters AND 10% TO TRUMP! (VIDEO)

  • A new New York Times-Sienna poll found that 97% of Trump’s 2020 voters are ready to vote for him again in 2024.
  • The same poll found that only 83% of Joe Biden voters will vote for Old Joe this year and 10% of Biden voters will vote for President Trump.
  • Democrats are going to have to manufacture a sh*t ton of ballots this year.
  • These numbers are devastating. It appears all of those lawfare cases are backfiring.




  •  be removed from the ballot. Maybe she sticks around in the hopes the Dems in Congress can do something like Raskin has promised and pass legislation to prevent Trump from running, but it’s highly doubtful they could get a bill like that through the House. I’m not saying Haley will drop out tomorrow, but her avenues to the White House are gone. She might leave sooner than later.

AG Merrick Garland Calls Voter ID Laws ‘Unnecessary’

  •  Attorney General Merrick Garland on March 3 declared that efforts by states to implement voter ID laws are “unnecessary” and “burdensome,” drawing the ire of Republicans.
  • He said that the right to vote “is still under attack,” though he provided little evidence in his speech for how requiring identification would be an assault on voting rights.
  • “There are many things that are open to debate in America,” Mr. Garland stated. “One thing that must not be open for debate is the right of all eligible citizens to vote and to have their vote counted.”
  • The attorney general said the Department of Justice is “fighting back” against states that have passed bills requiring identification that would prove such eligibility to cast ballots.
  • It added, “Fourteen states and Washington, D.C., do not require any documentation to vote at the polls.”
  • Those states are Maine, Vermont, New York, California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Minnesota, Illinois, New Mexico, Nevada, Hawaii, and Oregon, according to a map provided by the group.
  • States that have “strict” photo identification mandates, according to the group, are Arkansas, Georgia, Kansas, Indiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. States with “non-strict” photo identification rules are Alabama, Florida, Idaho, Louisiana, Michigan, Montana, Nebraska, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Texas.
  • Meanwhile, some states have “strict” standards for voter identification but don’t mandate photo identification. Those are North Dakota, Wyoming, and Arizona, according to the conference. And states with what it called “non-strict” laws that don’t require a photo ID are Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Iowa, Kentucky, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia, Washington state, and West Virginia.





Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: b3a95d No.11618946
Shall we play a game?
[N]othing [C]an [S]top [W]hat [I]s [C]oming
Who stepped down today [forced]?
More coming?
Why is this relevant?
How do you ‘show’ the public the truth?
How do you ‘safeguard’ US elections post-POTUS?
How do you ‘remove’ foreign interference and corruption and install US-owned voter ID law(s) and other safeguards?
It had to be this way.
Sometimes you must walk through the darkness before you see the light.


  • If Trump wins, the strategy being discussed is that the Democrats will stage their own January 6th and refuse to certify Trump.

SUPER TUESDAY: Meta Hit with Global Outage – Facebook, Instagram Down – Hacking Fears… DEVELOPING


CNN reported:



  • Andy Stone, Meta’s head of communications, addressed the outage on X, saying, “Earlier today, a technical issue caused people to have difficulty accessing some of our services. We resolved the issue as quickly as possible for everyone who was impacted, and we apologize for any inconvenience.”
  • Stone did not provide any additional details.
  • London-based internet monitoring firm Netblocks said the problems appeared to be “related to login sessions in multiple countries.” But the firm, which advocates for internet freedom, said there was no sign of “country-level internet disruptions or filtering,” which are typically imposed by governments.
  • Cybersecurity expert Matthew Green said the outage appears to go beyond Meta.
  • “There are a number of services having trouble with at least parts of their systems, particularly the ability to log into websites,” said Green, an associate professor of computer science and member of the Johns Hopkins University Information Security Institute. “This may indicate a common cause, like a failure at a major cloud services provider. At the moment nobody knows exactly what’s happening.”
  • Nexstar reached out to Meta for comment on the outage’s cause, but hadn’t heard back. This story will be updated as we learn more.


  • Minutemen were members of the organized New England colonial militia companies trained in weaponry, tactics, and military strategies during the American Revolutionary War. They were known for being ready at a minute’s notice, hence the name.[1] Minutemen provided a highly mobile, rapidly deployed force that enabled the colonies to respond immediately to military threats. They were an evolution from the prior colonial rapid-response units.[2]
  • The minutemen were among the first to fight in the American Revolution. Their teams constituted about a quarter of the entire militia. They were generally younger, more mobile, and provided with weapons and arms by the local governments. They were still part of the overall militia regimental organizations in the New England Colonies.[3]
  • In the Massachusetts Bay Colony, all able-bodied men between the ages of 16 and 60 were required to participate in their local militia company.[4] As early as 1645 in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, some men were selected from the general ranks of “town-based training band” to be ready for rapid deployment. Men so selected were designated as minutemen. Their companies were organized by town, so it was very common for their counterpart militia company to contain relatives and friends.[5] Some towns in Massachusetts had a long history of designating a portion of their militia as minutemen, with “minute companies” constituting special units within the militia system whose members underwent additional training and held themselves ready to respond at a minute’s notice to emergencies, which gave rise to their name as Minutemen.


Jun 29, 2020 7:17:42 PM EDT
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 7f6d6e No. 9792365 
Some commanding officers [EOs] may provide [CLAS 1-99] that do not reflect those [1-99] of the POTUS or the AG of United States.
Appropriate action should be taken.
Remember your oath.
Remember your mission.
Infiltration not INVASION.
Defend and protect at all costs.



Mar 06, 2018 2:04:41 AM EST
!UW.yye1fxo ID: 071c71 No. 564638 
11-11-18 A parade that will never be forgotten.
Ask yourself, why?
God bless our brave men & women in uniform.
We will never forget.