[HB] Convicted, [NP] J6 Revealed, It’s Not What It Seems, Draft, Trump Is 5 Steps Ahead – Ep. 3376



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[HB] Convicted, [NP] J6 Revealed, It’s Not What It Seems, Draft, Trump Is 5 Steps Ahead
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The Biden admin is making its final push as we get closer to the Presidential election. The country is now giving jobs to illegals instead of Americans. US Government is spending like we are in a crisis, which we actually are. Sen Warren makes the first moves and asks Fed chair to lower rates. Right on schedule. The [DS] believes it is showing the people of this country that their is not a two tiered justice system. The people aren’t buying it, HB broke the law, Trump did not. NP J6 video was revealed saying that she is responsible for the security of the capital. What is going on is not what it seems. Trump is 5 steps ahead, he is thinking about the 2024 election and beyond, once Trump wins the election he needs to bring people to justice, think about what has been just introduced into evidence.



  •   of World War 1, US government spending as a % of GDP was 20 percentage points LOWER. Meanwhile, the Fed continues to call for a soft landing and economic data is “strong.” This is a crisis.



BREAKING: John Fetterman and Wife Injured in Car Crash, Hospitalized After Fetterman Slams Into Chevy Impala

  • Democrat Senator John Fetterman (PA) and his wife Gisele Fetterman, were injured in a car crash Sunday morning in Maryland and transported to a nearby hospital.
  • According to reports, John Fetterman was driving and crashed his vehicle into the back of a Chevy Impala.
  • “According to a preliminary investigation, a Chevrolet Traverse and a Chevrolet Impala were both traveling west on I-70 when for unknown reasons, the Traverse struck the rear of the Impala,”
    Maryland State Police said in a statement.
  • “A passenger in the Traverse and the operator of the Impala were transported by ambulance to War Memorial Hospital in West Virginia for treatment of their injuries,” authorities said.

  • John Fetterman suffered a bruised shoulder.
  • Senator Fetterman and his wife were released from the hospital after treatment for minor injuries.
  • No citation was issued.

ABC 11 News reported:


  • Why was John Fetterman driving?

Source: thegatewaypundit.com


  • Hunter Biden has been convicted of all three felony charges related to the purchase of a revolver in 2018 when, prosecutors argued, the president’s son lied on a mandatory gun-purchase form by saying he was not illegally using or addicted to drugs.
  • Jurors found Hunter Biden guilty of lying to a federally licensed gun dealer, making a false claim on the application by saying he was not a drug user and illegally having the gun for 11 days.
  • He faces up to 25 years in prison when he is sentenced by Judge Maryellen Noreika, though first-time offenders do not get anywhere near the maximum, and it’s unclear whether she would give him time behind bars.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com


  •   deal with broad immunity. David Weiss wouldn’t go after him on the serious tax charges or on FARA because all of that would lead back to the shady business dealings involving his father. Instead, they went after him for a much lesser charge, where the evidence was way too insurmountable to ignore, so they can scream “nobody is above the law” when they put President Trump in jail.

They chose the gun charge because this charge does not lead back to Biden. But think about what is now proven. Remember with this DOJ/FBI we cannot have justice, so why not set it all up for when the DOJ and FBI are cleaned out. Most likely Biden will pardon hunter


  •   violations. 

Trump’s Mass Deportation Plan Wins Critical Support from Swing Voters, White Working Class
  • Former President Donald Trump’s plan to carry out “the largest domestic deportation operation in American history” is winning critical support from swing voters and the nation’s white working class — both of which are paramount to a victory for him in this year’s presidential election.
  • A CBS News/YouGov poll this week revealed widespread support for deporting “all” of the 11 million to 22 million illegal aliens currently residing in the United States. A majority of 62 percent of registered voters said they support such a deportation effort.

Source: breitbart.com


CBS News Journo Dumbfounded by Poll Showing Wide Support for Deporting People in the Country Illegally (VIDEO) 

  • This weekend on Face the Nation, Margaret Brennan of CBS News was completely confused by a new poll showing majority support for deporting people who are in the country illegally.
  • This is so typical for someone in the liberal media. They really have no idea what people think of issues like this one outside of their bubble.
  • Even people in Chicago are calling for deporting illegals. Has Brennan even been paying attention to what’s happening across the country?
  • FOX News reports:
  • CBS host shocked by poll showing 62% of registered voters support deporting all illegal immigrantsCBS
  • Watch the clip below:

  • Source: thegatewaypundit.com

Geopolitical/Police State

IRELAND FOR THE IRISH: First Ever Candidate for the Irish Freedom Party Elected to Dublin Council

  • Like many European countries that are watching their cultures erased by mass immigration, the Irish people have had enough.
  • In May, thousands of citizens in Ireland took to the streets in a demonstration against unchecked mass migration.
  • On Monday, in a milestone in Irish politics, the first-ever candidate for the Irish Freedom Party (IFP), Glen Moore, was elected to the Dublin County Council.


Source: thegatewaypundit.com


BREAKING: UN Security Council Passes US-Backed Gaza Ceasefire Proposal  
  • Now the United Nations Security Council has piled on, passing a U.S.-drafted ceasefire proposal with the support of 14 of the 15 member nations (Russia abstained). The vote came after extensive discussions:

The draft of the resolution, which President Joe Biden approved, was finalized Sunday after almost a week of negotiations among members of the 15-member council.

For it to pass, the resolution needed at least nine votes in favor and no vetoes by the countries that have the power to send any cease-fire proposal back to the drawing board — the U.S., France, Britain, China or Russia.

China made no move to block it and Russia abstained.

Voting In Favor:
United Kingdom
United States
South Korea
Sierra Leone

Here is the resolution they voted on:

  • “…Accept the cease-fire deal on the table. Israel has already agreed to this deal and the fighting could stop today if Hamas would do the same. I repeat, the fighting could stop today,” Thomas-Greenfield said.
  • The fighting could also stop today if Hamas would simply release the hostages. Why is the U.N. kneecapping Israel and not fighting harder for that outcome?

Source: redstate.com


  •   Unmanned-Submarines and Surface Ship as well as One-Way Attack Drones, alongside several Classified Capabilities, that would Strike the Chinese Invasion Fleet as soon as it began to head across the 100-Mile Strait towards Taiwan. Hopefully giving the U.S, Taiwanese, and Allied Militaries the time to Mount a Total Defense of the Island.

  •  off the coast of Cuba!! New Cuban Missile Crisis.
  • Only 1 percent of the U.S. population serves in the armed forces. Some in the former president’s camp say it’s time more young adults put “some skin in the game.”



False Flags

  •   level instead of being subjected to the political agendas of teachers unions.
  • Six Russian nationals suspected to have terror ties to ISIS have been arrested in a coordinated sting operation spanning Los Angeles, New York and Philadelphia, The Post can exclusively reveal.
  • Two ICE sources confirmed to The Post they arrested the six people, who hail from Tajikistan, over the last week after the FBI contacted the agency to warn it.
  • Part of the investigation featured a wiretap which revealed one of the now-arrested individuals was talking about bombs, the sources said.
  • Migrants from across the globe arrive at the southern border near Jacumba Hot Springs, California, hoping to be processed and released by Border Patrol.James Breeden for the New York Post
  • “Remember the Boston marathon [bombing]? I’m afraid something like that might happen again or worse,” one of the sources told The Post.
  • The target who was subject to the wiretap was previously released by federal authorities at the southern border with a court date next year, but it has since emerged he has potential ties to ISIS, sources said

Source: nypost.com






Furious Pelosi Rants on MSNBC, Dismisses Explosive New Video Admitting She’s Responsible for Lack of National Guard on J6!

  • During her appearance on MSNBC, Pelosi was quick to brand the video as “revisionist history,” insisting that the real blame lies with former President Trump and his supporters.
  • “Well, because the fact is that the President of the United States, the former President and his tories, do not want to face the facts. They’re trying to do revisionist history on January 6th,” Pelosi said. “They know what happened that day. They know how serious it is and was and continues to have an impact on our country.”


  • DC Police Chief Sund Stated:

“Two days before Congress was set to formalize President-elect Joe Biden’s victory, Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund was growing increasingly worried about the size of the pro-Trump crowds expected to stream into Washington in protest.

To be on the safe side, Sund asked House and Senate security officials for permission to request that the D.C. National Guard be placed on standby in case he needed quick backup.

But, Sund said Sunday, they turned him down.”

Source: thegatewaypundit.com


  •  Orange Hitler. Witnesses confirm he was having that hallucination. Trump called him a “f***king idiot.”
  • 2. Milley was afraid the National Guard would side with the protesters, so he kept them out of the game. Also confirmed. Isn’t Milley the guy who looked for the hidden White Supremacists in the military and found basically nothing. His hallucinations are public information.
  • 3. January 6th violence was a failure by Pelosi (she is admitting here) and a bigger one by Milley. Result: Democrats framed and jailed Jan6th protesters after creating an “attractive target” of a thinly defended capitol in the context of a contentious election outcome. Pure incompetence followed by intentional evil.@MikeBenzCyber
    for the win.
  • Right again. Separately, I speculate Pelosi was worried about getting hanged that day because she could tell the election was obviously rigged — too many irregularities — and assumed everyone else could see it too. Then the media brainwashers erased that part of history and told us we can know the election was fair because professional liars said so.

  • stationed at the armory since 6am according to one of my sources, to the Capitol. But McCarthy was fielding calls from reporters and lawmakers including Schumer (a terrible actor btw) and Pelosi.
  • He oddly was with DC Mayor Muriel Bowser prepping for a press conference that afternoon. He finally authorized use of guardsmen after 5pm—most of the violence had ended by then.
  • Joe Biden had already declared the protest an “insurrection.” This new spin is 


  •   said “Nancy Pelosi turned down 10,000 soldiers. If she didn’t turn down the soldiers, you wouldn’t have January 6th”.
  • And as expected, MSNBC propagandist hack was arrogantly fighting Trump every step of the way and inaccurately claiming that the request for soldiers “was never officially made”.
  • January 6th was just another layer of the massive coup, carried out by Deep State politicians, intelligence agencies, Big Tech, and the MSM, to frame Trump and certify a blatantly fraudulent election


So the question is why did Nancy make the documentary, is she trying to protect what she actually did, she turned down the NG, but on the video said we should have had the NG.

  • House Administration Subcommittee on Oversight Chairman Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) says that while a current Congress can’t retract what a previous Congress has put on record, his committee is looking into options that would push back on the Democrat-led January 6 committee’s narrative about the Capitol protest. “[The original Jan. 6 committee’s report] was biased, it was a political hack job, and the American people and the history books should not take this as any factual account of what happened that day,” he says.

Source: justthenews.com

Trump Liquor Licenses at Golf Clubs Under Review by New Jersey After Conviction
  • New Jersey officials are “reviewing” how former President Donald Trump’s liquor licenses for several golf clubs may be impacted by his recent conviction.
  • Officials within the New Jersey Attorney General’s Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control are “reviewing the impact of President Trump’s conviction” on his liquor licenses for the Trump National Golf Club in Colts Neck, Lamington Farm Club, and Trump National Golf Club Philadelphia in Pine Hill, a spokesperson from the state’s attorney general’s office confirmed to the Hill.
  • T

Under New Jersey law:

No license of any class shall be issued to any person under the age of 18 years or to any person who has been convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude. A beneficiary of a trust who is not otherwise disqualified to hold an interest in a license may qualify regardless of age so long as the trustee of the trust qualifies and the trustee shall hold the beneficiary’s interest in trust until the beneficiary is at least the age of majority.


Source: breitbart.com


Cyberattack disrupts Cleveland city hall operations

  • Operations at Cleveland’s city hall have been shut down following a cyberattack, making the city the largest across the U.S. to have a cyber incident-related disruption, according to The Record, a news site by cybersecurity firm Recorded Future.
  • No information regarding the systems affected by the intrusion, all of which have been taken down, nor the type of attack impacting Cleveland was provided but the incident was noted by a city spokesperson not to have hit local port and utility management systems.
  • “We take cyber threats extremely seriously and are working expeditiously to rectify the situation as soon as possible,” said the spokesperson.
  • Such a development comes a week after the City of Pensacola in Florida had its data stolen in a ransomware attack earlier this year exposed by a newly emergent threat operation. Another ransomware intrusion against the city government of Wichita, Texas last month has resulted in the disruption of online payments for services.

Source: .scmagazine.com 

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