No Sleep In DC, Treason At The Highest Level, Trump Dropped The Hammer – Ep. 3067


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No Sleep In DC, Treason At The Highest Level, Trump Dropped The Hammer
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Biden is continually making false claims about the economy, first that he created and jobs and now he was able to cut the deficit. The Fed has not controlled inflation they just shifted the inflation to another category, that is all. The debt ceiling event will not happen, the D’s were trying to use it against the R’s but this has already failed. The [DS] destroyed themselves by holding the CNN town hall meeting with Trump. The people saw how CNN host lied and how Trump told the truth. Trump dropped the hammer on them, there is no sleep in DC. Treason at the highest level is now being exposed. This crimes that Biden,Obama and other are all coming out and nothing can stop this, nothing.



Fact Check: Joe Biden Claims to Have Cut Deficit by $1.7 Trillion

  • CLAIM: President Joe Biden said that he cut the deficit by $1.7 trillion in his first two years in office.
  • VERDICT: FALSE. Any reduction in the deficit is largely attributable to the reopening of the economy post-coronavirus pandemic and the expiration of coronavirus pandemic stimulus spending.
  • A
  • Although the deficit has dropped since the beginning of this administration, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and other budget experts have found that the drop was not attributed to Biden “cutting” spending, but rather America experiencing the end of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • A 2022 CBO report found that the large decline in the federal deficit mainly came from government revenues increased in all categories, especially from individual income taxes. The CBO also detailed how coronavirus-era expenditures, including coronavirus aid, stimulus checks, and small-business loans, declined.

The Fed’s Interest Rates Are still Fueling Inflation rather than Dousing it, and People Getting Used to this Inflation

  • The Fed has now raised its policy rates by 500 basis points in a little over a year, with the top of the range now at 5.25%, and with the Effective Federal Funds Rate at 5.08%. But “core” CPI, which excludes the volatile food and energy components, has gotten stuck at around 5.5% to 5.7% for the fifth month in a row. There wasn’t any progress at all with core CPI in five months. Inflation intensity is simply shifting from one category to another. As inflation temporarily subsides in one category, it resurges in another.

  •  so the core CPI got stuck at 5.5% to 5.7%, and isn’t making any efforts to be heading toward 2% or whatever, and instead, everyone has gotten used to this inflation and accepts it, and deals with it, and builds it into economic decisions, which is nurturing this inflation right along.
  •  .
  • Over those decades from 2008 back to 1965, there were only a few relatively brief periods when the Fed’s interest rates were below the rate of inflation as measured by core CPI.
  • But since late 2008, we’ve had the opposite. Policy was turned upside down. And it still hasn’t been turned right-side up. There is still a ways to go. And just looking at this chart, I get the distinct feeling that inflation is just being fueled further, rather than being doused, by the Fed’s current interest rates:


Poll: Nearly 6 in 10 Americans Say Bidenflation Impacts Their Lives ‘A Lot’ 
  • Nearly six in ten Americans say that high inflation has had a substantial impact on their lives, while a plurality believes it will become worse six months from now, according to a poll. 
  • In the YouGov/Economist poll published Wednesday, 59 percent of Americans report that inflation has impacted them “A lot,” while another 36 percent have felt its impacts “A little.” Only five percent of respondents say they have not been affected at all. 
  • A strong plurality of 48 percent expects inflation to be even worse six months from now, while another 28 percent predict it will remain the same, and only 13 percent optimistic it will decline. A majority (52 percent) concurred that interest rates would be higher by that point, compared to 7 percent who forecast they will drop. 
  •  . 


Americans have a seriously messed up understanding of the debt ceiling 

  • The Wall Street Journal reported that its poll vis-à-vis raising the debt limit indicated that “[f]orty-five percent of respondents said they didn’t favor Congress lifting the debt ceiling, while some 44% favor raising it.”  A toss-up?  Really?
  • What is the “debt limit”?  It is a statutory constraint limiting the amount of money the Treasury may borrow to fund federal operations.  Federal debt increases when total expenditures exceed total


  •   over the last 22 years, our population has grown about 1% a year.  Our wages about 0.5% per year.  But our government spending has increased an average of 25% a year?  How can that be?  Why aren’t we broke?  Just a matter of time?


Yellen says ‘different system’ needed to end standoffs on debt ceiling

  • Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, staring down a U.S. default if Congress does not reach a deal to raise the debt ceiling, argued on Thursday that the country should find a new way to avoid similar showdowns in the future.
  • “Personally, I think we should find a different system for deciding on fiscal policy,” Yellen said at a G7 meeting in Japan, according to The Associated Press, when asked about the debt ceiling.
  • Yellen, who stressed it was her personal opinion and not that of President Biden, floated the idea that Congress could repeal the debt ceiling entirely. Or the president could raise the debt ceiling, she added, with lawmakers having the ability to veto the decision.




Donald Trump Predicts Democrats Will Cave on Debt Ceiling

  • Former President Donald Trump believes President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats will cave on House Republicans’ request for significant spending cuts to raise the debt ceiling.
  • “But when we have a debt limit, and they used that very seriously with me. They came in, Schumer came in with Nancy Pelosi, and they said ‘We’ll use it, we’ll violate it, will do whatever.’ They talked a whole lot different than they do right now,” Trump said.
  • He then said the country would likely avoid default because the Democrats will give in to House Republicans’ request for spending cuts.
  • Trump said:
  • I say to the Republicans out there, congressmen, senators, if they don’t give you massive cuts, you’re going to have to do a default. And I don’t believe they’re going to do a default because I think the Democrats will absolutely cave because you don’t want to have that happen. But it’s better than what we’re doing right now because we’re spending money like drunken sailors.
  • “So, just to be clear, Mr. President, you think the U.S. should default if the White House does not agree to the spending cuts Republicans are demanding?” CNN’s Kaitlan Collins asked.
  • “We might as well do it now, because you’ll do it later, because we have to save this country. Our country is dying. Our country is being destroyed by stupid people, by very stupid people,” Trump said.




Another One Dies: MTV News To Shut Down As Paramount Slashes Workforce

  • First BuzzFeed, then Vice News, and now MTV News. One by one, the dominos are falling as woke “media giants” are winding down operations as ad revenue craters.
  • The axing of MTV News comes after being on the air for 36 years. The outlet’s coverage focused on music, politics, sex, pop culture, and more (such as woke programming).


Dianne Feinstein Returns to Senate in Wheelchair, ‘Experiencing Vision/Balance Impairments’ (VIDEO)

  • 89-year-old Dianne Feinstein on Wednesday returned to the senate in a wheelchair.
  • D
  • Even though I’ve made significant progress and was able to return to Washington, I’m still experiencing some side effects from the shingles virus,” Feinstein said. “My doctors have advised me to work a lighter schedule as I return to the Senate. I’m hopeful those issues will subside as I continue to recover.

  • Feinstein’s office said she is experiencing vision and balance impairments.



NBC News reported:



‘What the hell?’ Morning Joe baffled by audience reaction to Trump lies

  • ‘What the hell?’ Morning Joe baffled by audience reaction to Trump lies
  • The audience cheered and laughed at the former president’s lies and insults, and the “Morning Joe” host wondered what was wrong with those people.


Trump broke them tonight.

  • Enter 2023…  Hilariously, CNN never learned anything from the previous seven years, asks Donald Trump to come back and sends Kaitlin Collins onto the stage with instructions to be rude, combative, argumentative, snide and nasty.  What happens… Trump fearlessly destroys the effort, and the audience is well entertained.
  •   CNN cried mercy and cut the Townhall short by 20 minutes, it was scheduled for 90 – they conceded defeat at 70 minutes and ended the broadcast.  The leftists then went into full meltdown pearl clutching in panel reviews everywhere, while the Ron DeSantis team had apoplectic fits of sad.   



Trump on E. Jean Carroll: “Her Cat is Named Vagina, the Judge Would Not Allow Us to Put That In… I – NEVER – MET – THAT – WOMAN!” (VIDEO) 


In Typical Fake News Fashion – CNN Host Kaitlyn Collins Lies About Trumps 400 Miles of Border Wall Construction During Debate

  • During President Trump’s time in office you could track the progress of his border wall. Trump was able to build hundreds of miles of border wall despite pushback from then Speaker Paul Ryan, Majority leader Mitch McConnell, and every Democrat in office. Trump also had to regularly fend off the liberal legacy media who attacked his plan to secure the US southern border.
  • DHS celebrated President Trump building 400 miles of border wall while in office.
  • This article was published in October 2020.
  • Via DHS.
  • Today the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) celebrated the construction of nearly 400 miles of new border wall system, in high priority locations across the Southwest border under the Trump Administration.Since CBP began constructing border barriers nearly 30 years ago,


Cutting welfare to illegal aliens would pay for Trump’s wall

  • a recent immigration study showing the $18 billion wall President Trump plans to build along the southern border will pay for itself by curbing the importation of not only crime and drugs, but poverty.
  • “The wall could pay for itself even if it only modestly reduced illegal crossings and drug smuggling,” Steven A. Camarota, director of research at the Center for Immigration Studies, told The Post.
  • Federal data shows that a wall would work. A two-story corrugated metal fence in El Paso, Texas, first erected under the Bush administration has already curtailed illegal border crossings there by more than 89 percent over the five-year period during which it was built.
  • Absent a wall, the Homeland Security Department forecasts an additional 1.7 million illegal crossings at the US-Mexico border over the next decade.
  • If a wall stopped just 200,000 of those future crossings, Camarota says, it would pay for itself in fiscal savings from welfare, public education, refundable tax credits and other benefits currently given to low-income, illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America.
  • If a wall stopped 50 percent of those expected crossings, he says, it would save American taxpayers a whopping $64 billion — almost four times the wall’s cost — to say nothing of the additional billions in federal savings from reduced federal drug interdiction and border-security enforcement.
  • While the national media routinely report that illegal immigrants don’t go on welfare, Camarota says this is a pervasive myth. While in most cases they can’t legally qualify for welfare, food stamps, Medicaid or other public benefits, the reality is that the vast majority of households headed by illegal immigrants are on welfare through their children.
  • “There is simply no question that households headed by illegal immigrants access a good deal of welfare. In fact, illegal immigrants’ use of some programs is quite high,” he said.


Since the Biden admin put into place Trump immigration policie where illegals need to seek asylum in another country first, which would be Mexico, won’t this put a lot of stress on the Mexican resources. If you have 100,000 -700,000 seeking asylum in Mexico I wonder if Mexico is going to say it will be cheaper to help build the wall and show these people you cannot just enter the US, which will stop the people seek asylum in Mexico.

Geopolitical/Police State

Soros-Backed Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner Releases Woman Who Opened Fire into the Cinco de Mayo Crowd in St. Louis

  • Soros-funded Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner announced earlier this week that she will step down in June. This was cause for celebration in St. Louis. Under Gardner crime has skyrocketed in the city as she refuses to indict murderers and lets criminals roam free on the streets.
  • But she still has four more weeks to serve and on Wednesday Gardner released a woman who shot up the Cinco de Mayo festival in South St. Louis over the weekend.
  • There were eleven shootings in the City of St. Louis over the weekend including the shooting at the Cinco de Mayo festival on Cherokee Street in South St. Louis on Saturday.
  • Police were looking for the suspects in the shooting that left two innocent bystanders hurt. The South City Cinco de Mayo celebration on Cherokee Street brings together over 50,000 attendees each year. 
  • Local KMOV reported:
  • The female shooter was arrested on Tuesday by St. Louis Police. But on Wednesday The Circuit Attorney’s office refused to file charges against the woman who opened fire on the Cinco de Mayo crowd.
  • Local KMOV reported:



Judge Elizabeth Scherer, From Parkland School Shooting Case, Abruptly Resigns

  •   Circuit Judge Elizabeth Scherer of Florida, who gained national recognition during the Parkland school massacre trial, announced her resignation from her post.
  • Her resignation will take effect on June 30 as she seeks other new “career opportunities,” which she did not specify.



Fact Check: CNN’s Kaitlan Collins Claims ‘More Than 200 Mass Shootings in 2023’ 
  • CLAIM: During CNN’s Wednesday town hall with Donald Trump, moderator Kaitlan Collins claimed there have been “more than 200 mass shootings in 2023.”
  • VERDICT: False, as long as one adheres to the standard definition of a mass shooting as an incident in which four or more individuals were killed by one attacker in one incident.
  • Such claims have become popular with the left because they rely on outlets like the Gun Violence Archive (GVA) for their mass shooting tally. The GVA departs from the long-accepted standard for a mass shooting, which is four or more killed by one person in one incident, instead defining a mass shooting as an incident in which four or more people are wounded. There need be no fatalities.
  • Using the GVA methodology, drive-by shootings become mass shootings, a targeted gang shooting in which four people are wounded is a mass shooting, a triple homicide in which a fourth victim is merely injured is a mass shooting, and a shooting where four people have superficial wounds is a mass shooting. This broadened category of mass shootings allows the left to swell the number of reported mass shooting incidents.
  • The Associated Press/USA Today/Northeastern University maintain a database on mass shootings — using the standard definition of such incidents — and their database showed there were 19 such incidents in the U.S. from January 1, 2023, to May 2, 2023. That is roughly one tenth of the number of mass shootings that Collins, Biden, and Jean-Pierre claim.





False Flags

Why, control to see if the people follow, plus they want the people masked for the chaos.

trans-exclusionary radical feminist: an advocate of radical feminism who believes that a trans woman’s gender identity is not legitimate and who is hostile to the inclusion of trans people and gender-diverse people in the feminist movement.




  • JUST IN – Trump says he will pardon a “large portion” of those convicted of the January 6 events.

  • Congress has specific knowledge of an investigative document inside the FBI known as an FD-1023.  The FD-1023 details the evidence delivered by confidential human sources to investigators.  The specific FD-1023 is a multi-page document outlining the entire bribery scheme used by Joe Biden and his family.  The person who helped detail the FD-1023 documents has informed congress of its existence.
  • Because this unclassified FD-1023 outlines the details of how Joe Biden used his office to accept bribes from foreign officials, the FBI is refusing to release it. Instead, the FBI is telling Congress they have no right to see it [LETTER to Congress Here].
  • The FBI is claiming that reports from Confidential Human Sources (CHSs) cannot be released, regardless of classification status.  Further, what you will note in the claims of the FBI and DOJ is essentially what we have been talking about on these pages for several years.  Information is intentionally put into institutional silos that keep the information hidden and protected.  The silo use is everywhere in Washington DC.
  • The only way through this issue is to defund and dismantle the FBI.


Fact Check CNN: Trump Was Right and Annihilates Kaitlin Collins Over Chinatown Classified Documents

  • During President Trump’s Town Hall in New Hampshire tonight, CNN debater moderator Kaitlin Collins stopped Trump when he asked why Biden can store boxes in Chinatown and insisted on fact checking him mid-statement.  Kaitlin Collins was wrong.


President Trump: “Let me ask you a question: why is it that Biden had 9 boxes in Chinatown?  And he gets a lot of money from China-”

Collins: “There is no evidence of that Mr. President…what you’re referring to is an office he had…Mr President, I need to stop you right there because there’s no evidence of what you just said there.  What you’re referring to is an office that he had after leaving the Vice Presidency…he had a temporary office.”

President Trump: “That’s at the University of Pennsylvania…you’re so wrong, you don’t know the subject.  He had one at the University of Pennsylvania but he also had 9 boxes at Chinatown…she doesn’t understand.”

  • However, there is evidence.  Kathy Chung, Vice President Biden’s former executive assistant, was interviewed by the House Oversight Committee in early April 2023.  In that interview, she stated that Biden did in fact have classified documents, vice presidential records, and “other items” stored in three places:  “an office near the White House, an office in Chinatown, and eventually the Penn Biden Center.”
  • From the House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer:

“Today we learned that when Joe Biden left the vice presidency, boxes containing classified documents, vice presidential records, and other items were stored in three different locations around the Washington D.C. area, including an office near the White House, an office in Chinatown, and eventually the Penn Biden Center.  At some point, the boxes containing classified materials were transported by personal vehicle to an office location.  The boxes were not in a ‘locked closet’ at the Penn Biden Center and remained accessible to Penn Biden employees as well as potentially others with access to the office space.  We need to find out who had access to these documents.”



Trump: ‘Unless You’re a Very Stupid Person’ You See the 2020 Election Was Rigged 
  • Former President Donald Trump said Wednesday on CNN’s town hall that “unless you’re a very stupid person, you see” the 2020 presidential election was “rigged.”



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Attempts by Dems, FAKE NEWS, and those ‘guilty of TREASON’ to shape the public narrative [prior to] by providing FALSEHOODS will FAIL.

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