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People Are Now Using Common Sense, April Showers, Storm Is On The Horizon
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Truckers are now pushing back on the green new scam, if the Biden admin proceeds it will destroy the trucking industry. 8 states are ready to ban gas powered cars. CA minimum wage backfires. People want tariffs. The younger gen says economy very important. The [DS] can no longer control the people. Each move they make wakes people up, plus people begin to use common sense, which means they are now thinking logically. April is a big month, April showers. The storm is on the horizon and it is now moving closer. The patriots are allowing the [DS] to show the people their true agenda and once the people see it, the people will turn on the criminal syndicate.



Trucking Industry Slams Biden Regime Over Stringent New Regulations for Heavy-Duty Vehicles to Combat Climate Change

  • In what is being touted as the most aggressive move yet against transportation sector emissions, the Biden regime unveiled a sweeping set of emissions standards for heavy-duty vehicles
  • The new rule, issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), enforces progressively tighter restrictions on a broad range of heavy-duty vehicles, including everything from city buses to interstate freight haulers, starting with the model year 2027 and extending through 2032.
  • EPA released the following announcement: released the following statement:

The trucking industry says new emission standards for heavy-duty trucks announced today by the Biden Administration have unachievable targets and will carry real consequences for the U.S. supply chain and movement of freight throughout the economy.

“ATA opposes this rule in its current form because the post-2030 targets remain entirely unachievable given the current state of zero-emission technology, the lack of charging infrastructure and restrictions on the power grid,” said ATA President and CEO Chris Spear. “Given the wide range of operations required of our industry to keep the economy running, a successful emission regulation must be technology neutral and cannot be one-size-fits-all. Any regulation that fails to account for the operational realities of trucking will set the industry and America’s supply chain up for failure.”


This action echoes last week’s stringent measures for new passenger vehicles and light trucks.

CBS reported:


8 States Now Say Complete Ban on Gas-Powered New Car Sales Coming

  • While the White House recently released new rules to phase out gas-powered vehicles by 2032, several states have gone further.
  • Eight states plan to completely ban the sale of new gas-powered cars by 2035, the U.K.’s Daily Mail reported. Who’s leading the charge, you might ask?
  • Why, it’s California, of course!
  • They are joined by Rhode Island, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, and Washington. Washington, D.C., has also committed to the ban, according to Money.



  •   market, businesses, and the broader economy. The move, aligned with legislative efforts to enhance the wages of the state’s lowest-paid employees, has elicited diverse perspectives on its potential consequences and implications.

The Associated Press Gaslights Struggling Americans, Claims Lower Prices Would Actually Be a Bad Thing 

  • The Associated Press (AP) is running cover for the rampant inflation experienced under Joe Biden by claiming that falling prices would actually be a bad thing.
  • In an article by the AP’s economics writer Paul Wiseman, he makes the case that lower prices would be worse for the economy as it is a sign of deflation:
  • Wiseman goes on to make the case that prices going back to what they were before Biden took office would have a detrimental impact:
  • A fresh lawsuit revives an old challenge for President Joe Biden — delivering on his 2020 campaign pledge to forgive student loans.
  • Biden announced in 2022 that he’d “cancel” $10,000 of federal student debt per borrower, only to see his plan ruled illegal by the Supreme Court. He has since announced another $144 billion in student debt writeoffs and created a program to lower future payments, but he was slapped with a new lawsuit by a coalition of Republican-led states on Thursday.
  • “Last time defendants tried this the Supreme Court said that this action was illegal,” a portion of the suit from Kansas and 10 other states said. “Nothing since then has changed, other than introducing more legal errors into this rule’s underlying analysis.”
  • Missouri has promised to deliver a second suit making similar arguments next week, creating the possibility that Biden will once again face a political setback on student loans that could dampen enthusiasm for his reelection campaign in 2024, particularly among younger voters.


‘National Economic Catastrophe’: Gov Warns About Effects Of Baltimore Bridge Collaps

  • Democratic Maryland Gov. Wes Moore warned Sunday on CNN about the effects that could be seen nationwide after a Baltimore bridge collapsed earlier this week.
  • “Could Americans see delays and higher prices as a result?” Bash questioned.
  • “Absolutely and people have to remember this is not a Baltimore catastrophe, not a Maryland catastrophe. This is a national economic catastrophe as well. As you mentioned, this port is one of the busiest, most active ports inside of the country, so this is not just going to have an impact on Maryland. This is going to impact the farmer in Kentucky. This is going to impact the auto dealer in Ohio. This is going to impact the restaurant owner in Tennessee,” Moore stated.
  • “Whether you talk about all those various industries, the port of Baltimore is the largest port in the country for all of those things. And so the reason that we need people to move in a bipartisan basis and move in a fast basis is not because we need you to do Maryland a favor. Maryland needs no favors. We need to make sure that we‘re actually moving quickly to get the American economy going again because the port of Baltimore is instrumental in our larger economic growth.”
  • Source:
Poll: Majority of Voters Back 10% Tariff on All Imports

  • A majority of voters support the United States placing a ten percent tariff on all imports, a J.L. Partners/Daily poll recently found, underscoring the reemergence of tariff popularity with the rise of former President Donald Trump.
  • Trump often champions America First tariff policy:
  • “When companies come in and they dump their products in the United States, they should pay, automatically, let’s say a 10 percent tax,” Trump told Fox Business last year. “I do like the 10 percent for everybody.”
  • “I fully believe in them economically when you’re being taken advantage of by other countries,” Trump told CNBC in March.
  • The poll found significant support for the ten percent tariff:
  • 24 percent strongly support
  • 30 percent tend to support
  • 11 percent tend to oppose
  • 6 percent strongly oppose
  • 22 percent neither
  • 6 percent don’t know



Judge releases illegals who charged through El Paso border fence ‘on their own recognizance’

On Easter Sunday a magistrate judge in El Paso, Texas, ordered the release of migrants who were charged with rioting after a large group stormed the border, tearing down razor wire and clashing with members of the Texas National Guard in the process.

Presiding Magistrate Judge Humberto Acosta delivered the ruling after accusing the El Paso District Attorney’s office of failing to prepare properly and thus not being ready and “not being ready to proceed with detention hearings for each defendant,” The El Paso Times reported on Sunday.



Geopolitical/Police State

AT&T resets passcodes after 73 million current and former users affected by dark web leak

  • AT&T said that personal data from 73 million current and former users was leaked on the dark web and the phone giant has already reset the passcodes of millions of current customers who were impacted.
  • The data set, which appears to be from 2019 or earlier, was released on the dark web about two weeks ago, AT&T said Saturday.
  • The information that was leaked “varied by customer and account, but may have included full name, email address, mailing address, phone number, social security number, date of birth, AT&T account number and passcode,” the company said.


Scotland Imposes Fascist ‘Hate Crime’ Law, Those Found Guilty Face Seven Years in Prison

  • Scotland’s   “hate crime” law has gone into effect today, meaning the government will be able to freely prosecute individuals they deem to be running afoul of the rules.
  • The bill, approved by the country’s Muslim and openly anti-white First Minister Humza Yousef, represents one of the broadest and most shameless crackdowns on free speech in the Western world:
  • Sky News reports:

  • Author JK Rowling could be prosecuted for “misgendering” trans people under Scotland’s odious new hate crime law that comes into force today, an SNP minister has admitted.




Erdogan Suffers Historic Loss in Turkey Municipal Elections

  •  Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan suffered an unprecedented defeat at the ballot box against the main opposition party amid rampant inflation and the highest borrowing costs since the president swept to power more than two decades ago.
  • Turkey’s lira weakened in early trading on Monday after Erdogan’s AK Party fell behind the main opposition Republican People’s Party, known as CHP, in Sunday’s municipal elections for the first time ever, according to early results p



  • ‘Netanyahu has lost his way,’ Senate majority leader says
  • Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “has lost his way” and called for new elections aimed at choosing a new government, a sign of growing U.S. pressure on Israel over the war in Gaza.


  •  children starving to death in Gaza right now, as we speak, the majority of the American people support a permanent ceasefire. The majority of my district supports a permanent ceasefire. We need a permanent ceasefire. We need to bring in hundreds of trucks that are five miles away from Gaza right now of aid to save as many lives as possible. There’s a humanitarian crisis. The majority of Gaza has already been destroyed through acts of collective punishment by this maniac, Benjamin Netanyahu. I’m 100% with Senator Schumer. He needs to be removed. He is a blockade to a pathway to peace. And we need a cease-fire right now. That’s what we should be focused on: humanitarian aid, not weapons.”

  • thousands of people demonstrated in Jerusalem on Sunday against Benjamin Netanyahu’s government and against exemptions granted to ultra-Orthodox Jewish men from military service, in scenes reminiscent of mass street protests last year.
  • Protest groups, including some that led the mass demonstrations that rocked Israel in 2023, organised the rally outside parliament, the Knesset, calling for a new election to replace the government.


Gallant: Captured Hamas Operatives Reveal Group’s Internal Collapsei24 News – Israeli

  • Defense Minister Yoav Gallant has disclosed that high-ranking Hamas operatives detained by Israeli forces in Gaza have divulged crucial information suggesting that the group is undergoing internal collapse.
  • “In the last week or two, hundreds of terrorists have been apprehended, and their testimonies shed light on the internal strife within Hamas. They acknowledge that Hamas is crumbling from within, bearing heavy consequences,” Gallant conveyed following a briefing at the 98th Division’s headquarters.
  • The minister emphasized that the arrest of senior Hamas figures has prompted the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) to pursue a thorough campaign against all individuals involved in the events of October 7.
  • The army has been targeting officials at various levels of the organization, both inside Israel and those issuing directives from within Gaza.
  • “In recent days, significant progress has been made in apprehending terrorists, including senior commanders. Operations at Shifa Hospital have resulted in the capture of over 500 terror operatives, while approximately 200 have been killed, including several high-ranking leaders,” Gallant disclosed, underscoring the IDF’s commitment to rooting out terrorist elements.



Biden Has Changed His Tune On Gaza ‘Ceasefire’ As Activist Pressure Mounts — And Election Draws Near

  • President Joe Biden is quietly but surely shifting strategy on the Israel-Hamas war amid a looming threat from activist groups and his voters ahead of the 2024 election.
  • “I had predicted shortly after the war that, despite President Biden’s overwhelming support for Israel at the time, he would cave to his extreme, pro-Hamas, anti-Israel base once Israel began to fight back after the October 7 atrocities,” Mark Dubowitz, CEO of Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), a Washington, D.C.-based defense think tank, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are fighting in one of the most dangerous and complicated urban environments in the history of warfare, against an enemy whose entire strategy rests on maximizing the number of dead Palestinian and Israeli civilians.”


False Flags

Gavin Newsom Flooding Crime-Ridden Oakland with 500 Surveillance Cameras
  • If you live in Oakland, California, then prepare to be watched, followed, and tracked. Big time. State Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Friday he is sending hundreds of high-tech surveillance cameras to be installed across the city and surrounding freeways to battle rising crime.
  • The Democrat said in a news release the California Highway Patrol has contracted with Flock Safety to install 480 cameras that can identify and track vehicles by license plate, type, color and even decals and bumper stickers.
  • The cameras will provide authorities with real-time alerts of suspect vehicles, AP reports



Niagra Falls Declares State of Emergency to Prepare for Total Solar Eclipse

  • Canada’s Niagra Falls region has declared a state of emergency to prepare for the upcoming total solar eclipse on April 8th.
  • In a press release, Niagra Regional Chair Jim Bradley said he issued a state of emergency “out of an abundance of caution.”
  • Bradley continued in the press release, “Declaring a State of Emergency under the EMCPA strengthens the tools the Region has at its disposal to safeguard the health and safety of residents and visitors and protect our critical infrastructure in any scenario that might arise.”
  • Ontario Mayor Jim Diodati is expecting the Canadian side of Niagra Falls to receive over one million visitors on the day the eclipse is set to occur, which is the main reason why Niagra officials decided to issue a state of emergency a week in advance before the solar eclipse is set to occur. 
  • Per The New York Post:


Obama to the Rescue?

  • The former president is getting nervous about Joe Biden’s prospects for reelection.


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Al Sharpton Calls Out Biden For Attending ‘Ritzy’ Fundraiser With Ex-Presidents, Snubbing Working Class

  • MSNBC host Al Sharpton called out President Joe Biden Monday for appearing at a “ritzy” fundraiser with celebrities Thursday, warning that former President Donald Trump was making inroads with working-class voters.



Leftists Waste No Time In Attacking Legacy Of Francis Scott Key After Baltimore Bridge Collapse

  • “Who was Francis Scott Key, the controversial poet the bridge is named after?” The Washington Post breathlessly asked. After summarizing Key’s life and begrudgingly recounting the inherent heroism of how Key authored “The Star-Spangled Banner” during the Battle of Baltimore amid the War of 1812, the article descends into baseless accusations unmoored from fact.
  • The Post alleged that “The Star-Spangled Banner” did not become the national anthem until 1931 “because of controversy” surrounding the poem, “partly over Key’s racist views.” The third stanza’s reference to “the hireling and slave,” the author claimed, “was intended to mock or threaten African Americans who escaped slavery to join the British forces, after being promised land in exchange for their service.”
  • Indeed, some activists have demanded that the rebuilt bridge drop the Francis Scott Key name altogether, claiming that since Key owned slaves, renaming it after him would be another of America’s “spit-in-the-face insults to Black Americans.” Similarly, Georgia Republican Rep. Mike Collins suggested that Baltimore’s current leaders would undoubtedly rename the bridge when it came time, asking his social media followers to throw out their jocular predictions for the new name. But before we leap headlong into erasing Key, we should examine whether there is any merit to the allegations or if it is just another historical hit job.
  • The record shows the left’s claims are either not true or seriously misrepresented. The phrase “hireling and slave” had been used in military poems since at least the Revolutionary War to refer to British soldiers, highlighting their servile service to the tyrannical English rule. There is no evidence to suggest Key intended a racial reading of what was, at the time, a familiar phrase. A much more plausible interpretation of “hireling and slave” was that it referred to the mercenary forces hired by England and to the fact that the British navy quite literally would enslave foreign sailors and force them to fight — this was even one of the primary causes leading to the War of 1812.




Behind Massive Mail-in Ballot Push Is a Little-Noticed Executive Order

  • A federal effort to register voters using the government’s vast reach, including throughout the U.S. prison system, is raising concerns from critics who have said it won’t benefit Democrats and Republicans equally.
  • Mississippi Secretary of State Michael Watson wrote to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland on March 6 alleging that agencies under the attorney general’s charge are “attempting to register people to vote, including potentially ineligible felons, and to co-opt state and local officials into accomplishing this goal.”
  • The allegation relates to President Joe Biden’s Executive Order 14019, which states, “The head of each agency shall evaluate ways in which the agency can, as appropriate and consistent with applicable law, promote voter registration and voter participation.”
  • Among other things, this order has forced U.S. Marshals to modify more than 900 contracts with prisons and jails to provide voter registration documents and facilitate mail-in voting for inmates, Mr. Watson wrote.
  • However, critics say elections are under the purview of states, not the federal government.
  • “If you allow the president to be the one to decide where all these massive resources are channeled, that’s problematic,” he said, adding that this is why the Founders gave election authority to states and not to the federal executive.



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