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The [WEF] message is not working, the people no longer believe in what they are saying, their agenda is failing and they know it. This is why they predicted a cyber attack.Trump sends message, the globalist agenda is over. The [DS] is now making a move, they know the news is going to unlock the past and they are preparing for this. This is the beginning of the end for them. As the evidence is produced the [DS] will remove [JB], they are prepping the plan, this plan will not end well for them, this is a trap set by the patriots. Trump lets everyone know that what you are watching is a two tiered system, and the people are see it play out at the highest level. The [DS] will not be able to survive this in the end.



Junk Scientist Al Gore Goes Unhinged Rant on Climate Change at WEF – Claims “Oceans are Boiling “Creating Atmospheric Rivers and the Rain Bombs”

  •   former U.S. Vice President Al Gore went on an unhinged rant on climate change at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Switzerland, claiming that people are creating “atmospheric rivers and rain bombs” and that the oceans are boiling.
  • “We are not winning. The crisis is still getting worse faster than we are deploying these solutions,” Gore said at the WEF summit.
  • On December 13, 2008, junk scientist Al Gore predicted the North Polar Ice Cap would be completely ice-free in five years.
  • Gore made the prediction to a German audience on December 13, 2008. Al warned them that “the entire North ‘polarized’ cap will disappear in 5 years.”  
  • This wasn’t the only time Al Gore made his ice-free prediction. Gore had been predicting a dire scenario since 2007. That means that the North Pole should have melted completely 14 years ago today.
  • Junk scientist Al Gore also made the same prediction in 2009.
  • In January 2006, Al Gore pushed the theory that “within the next ten years, the world will reach a point of no return” and “a true planetary emergency” due to global warming.
  • At least 8 Dire Predictions from Al Gore’s movie never occurred – not even close.


Housing Starts, Building Permits Plunged In December… And It’s About To Get Worse 

  • US Housing Starts and Building Permits both declined in December (-1.4% MoM and -1.6% MoM respectively) with starts better than expected but forward-looking permits below expectations. This is the 3rd straight month of declines in permits and 4th straight drop in starts…

Source: Bloomberg

Total Starts and Permits hit new cycle lows, back to the 2020 COVID lockdown levels…

Source: Bloomberg

Single-family Building Permits tumbled for the 10th straight month (while multi-family starts rebounded notably in December). The pictyure was the opposite for Housing starts where single-family starts soared 11.3% MoM while multi-family starts plunged 18.9% MoM…


Judging by homebuilder sentiment, building permits are not bouncing back anytime soon…

Source: Bloomberg

  • Finally, to summarize, in 2022, about 1 million one-family houses were started, down 10.6% from 2021.
  •  Source:

  • President Trump’s new campaign ad calls out the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, the global elite and the Great Reset 
  • “The future does not belong to globalists – the future belongs to patriots.” – President Donald J. Trump


  • #Libocrisy . And it gives me NO JOY to be right. RIP Halayna Hutchins

Gateway Pundit@gatewaypundit

  • BREAKING: Alec Baldwin to be Charged with Involuntary Manslaughter in Fatal ‘Rust’ Shooting
  • BREAKING: Alec Baldwin to be Charged with Involuntary Manslaughter in Fatal ‘Rust’ Shooting

    Alec Baldwin has been charged with involuntary manslaughter for the shooting death of Halyna Hutchins. Baldwin shot and killed 42-year-old Halyna Hutchins and injured 48-year-old Joel Souza on the movie

  • Alec Baldwin roams free despite being charged with involuntary manslaughter while there are J6 prisoners locked up for years on end for the crime of protesting their corrupt government

  • High priced prostitutes? 
  • More like sex slaves.
  • The trafficking cartel must be shut down. Many want to keep hiding behind rose colored glasses. ️’s do not want to shock their sheep.
  • The Lord is done w/this criminal enterprise. We will end this war.

@TrueGenFlynn @lizcrokin @Crux1765 @laralogan

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump

  • The Supreme Court has just announced it is not able to find out, even with the help of our “crack” FBI, who the leaker was on the R v Wade scandal. They’ll never find out, & it’s important that they do. So, go to the reporter & ask him/her who it was. If not given the answer, put whoever in jail until the answer is given. You might add the publisher and editor to the list. Stop playing games, this leaking cannot be allowed to happen. It won’t take long before the name of this slime is revealed!

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump

  • Arrest the reporter, publisher, editor – you’ll get your answer fast. Stop playing games and wasting time!

Geopolitical/Police State

Rep. Matt Gaetz Introduces ‘Abolish the ATF Act’ After New Rule Turned Millions of Gun Owners Into Criminals

  • On Friday, ATF issued a new regulation that will classify firearms with stabilizing devices as short-barreled rifles, which require a federal license to own under the National Firearms Act, 
  • Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) introduced legislation to abolish the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) after a controversial ruling that would make millions of American gun owners into criminals.
  •  Gaetz said that there is “broad support” among Republicans to go after ATF’s actions.
  • “I believe that you are likely to see ATF bureaucrats hauled before the Judiciary Committee to explain themselves in the coming weeks and months,” said Gaetz. “Because we’re hearing this very loudly from our constituents, and the reason I filed this bill is, frankly, I think that the ATF should have to justify their existence at all.”

False Flags

  • Jacinda Ardern, the icy ‘Covid queen’  of New Zealand, is finally abdicating her throne.
  • While technically the “prime minister,” Ardern seized ’emergency’ powers during the Covid pandemic to decree some of the harshest lockdowns in the world. She is now set to pass on her scepter to a new “liberal” prime minister.


  • Texas and Oklahoma are suing the Biden administration over a public health rule they argue illegally gives power to the World Health Organization (WHO),
  • The states accuse the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) of “unlawfully” delegating the authority to declare a public health emergency in the U.S. to the WHO, according to a copy of the complaint. The plaintiffs assert that a 2017 rule relinquishes HHS authority to the WHO to determine when there’s a public health emergency involving a communicable disease in the U.S.
  • HHS’ definitions for the declaration come directly from the WHO, the complaint asserts.
  • “The Department’s definition of ‘public health emergency’ … exceeds the agency’s authority, as it unlawfully delegates to the World Health Organization (WHO) the authority to invoke emergency health powers in the United States — infringing on U.S. and state sovereignty,” the complaint says.



Teachers Unions Have Collectively Bargained Woke Policies Into The Classroom, Report Shows

  • Teachers unions used collective bargaining negotiations to push discrimination and anti-racism efforts, according to a report by the Defense of Freedom Institute (DFI).
  • Across the county, teachers unions have agreed to contracts with school districts that include hiring practices that protect educators of color and mandatory anti-racism initiatives, according to the DFI report. A contract in Minnesota mandated that school districts fire white educators first, while a contract in Detroit created a “School Equity Lead Supplemental Position” that required candidates complete the anti-racism training. 
  •  Teachers stand to lose, and lose big, from union-imposed straitjackets dictating their teaching style, narrowing the permissible approaches to classroom discipline, and requiring their attendance at tedious trainings that aim to turn them and their students into ‘anti-racist’ social justice warriors.”
  • In March, Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) agreed to a contract with Minneapolis Federation of Teachers (MFT) to end a two-week strike that originated over teacher pay and class size. After the school district admitted to past “systemic racism,” the contract included a provision titled “Protections for Educators of Color” which calls for white teachers to be fired before minority teachers.
  • The Detroit Federation of Teachers (DFT) settled a contract with Detroit Public Schools Community District that created a “School Equity Lead Supplemental Position” to support and facilitate “culturally responsive teaching strategies for teachers.” Candidates for the position are selected by the district’s office of equity, advocacy and civil rights and must complete anti-racism training at the “Summer Anti-Racist Institute,” the contract showed.
  • An agreement between Seattle Public Schools and Seattle Education Association (SEA) prioritizes discriminatory hiring practices; the district is to focus on the hiring, supporting and retaining of “educators of color” under the contract. When making teacher layoffs, the district must “retain a workforce that includes racial, gender, linguistic and equity literate educators,” according to the contract.


Ohio School District Sued By 18 Parents for Allowing Transgender Student Into Girls Bathrooms

  • A lawsuit has been filed by parents in federal court against an Ohio school district for allowing transgender students to use girls’ bathrooms.
  • A group of 18 parents represented by America First Legal is suing the Dayton-area Bethel Local School District for violating their religious liberty with the policy.
  • The lawsuit argues that bathrooms should be limited to use by people of the same biological sex “for a variety of reasons, including safety, privacy, modesty, religion and historical views of sex.”


Poll: Most Say Schools Should Focus on Basics, Not Transgenderism and Sexual Identity

  • Most Americans believe schools should focus on basic subjects rather than cultural issues such as transgenderism and sexual identity, a and Associates survey released this week found.
  • There is a consensus among respondents, as 69 percent of those who gave a response believe that leftist ideology, such as Critical Race Theory (CRT), only promotes division among America’s youth. Less than one-third believe it ushers in “racial healing and reconciliation.”


Kash Patel@Kash

Americans would like to know –

  • Why is this being released now?
  • What is in the documents?
  • Who saw the documents?
  • Was this information Biden provided to China for “donations” in another pay to play scheme?
  • What crimes were broken by Biden and others in obtaining and keeping the documents?
  • Was creepy Hunter involved?
  • Why were Biden’s attorneys looking for documents in the first place?
  • How long have the documents been missing?
  • Does the government not keep records of these documents and track them?
  • Why were attorneys allowed to look at the documents without clearance for doing so?


  • “There’s an element to this that feels like the Democrats are taking out Joe Biden,” Gaetz said.
  • “I don’t know that that’s the case, but I don’t know that it’s not,” he added.


  • The Managing Director of the Penn Biden Center, a Biden adviser named Michael Carpenter, now finds himself embroiled in a national controversy that threatens to take down a president. But it isn’t his first time.
  • Carpenter is implicated in the high-profile scandal since classified documents from Biden’s vice presidency were stored at the Penn Biden Center on his watch.
  • It turns out, Carpenter was also deeply enmeshed in the Trump impeachment hoax. But first, let us review how Michael Carpenter’s name has again become relevant.
  • The Penn Biden Center was opened in 2018, and drawing from the Hunter Biden laptop emails, it was envisaged as operating in a manner similar to the Clinton Global Initiative. It subsequently began raking in tens of millions of dollars in foreign cash; particularly, Chinese cash. There are “dark money” contributions of $250,000 and up.
  • Penn took in roughly $77 million in gifts and contracts from China between 2014 and 2020, The Daily Pennsylvanian previously reported. Absurdly, Joe Biden and Dr. Michael Carpenter, who would later run the Biden center, would co-author an op-ed warning about foreign “dark money” in 2018. That certainly takes nerve.
  • The Penn Biden Center’s first managing director was none other than current Secretary of State Antony Blinken. He was succeeded in this role by White House counselor Steven Richetti. After him followed a managing director who gained prominence during the first Trump impeachment hearings: The above-mentioned Michael Carpenter.
  • Dr. Carpenter, readers might remember, was flanked to Biden’s right at the Council of Foreign Relations panel in 2018 where Biden infamously announced that he threatened to withhold aid from Ukraine if it did not fire the prosecutor charged with investigating the Ukrainian gas company Burisma.


  • Kathy Chung, Biden’s executive assistant for Joe Biden when he was vice president, was a close associate of Hunter Biden who gave him what a retired top general called a “treasure trove” of intelligence information that was ultimately leaked from his infamous laptop.
  • Hunter Biden was so close to the “mystery woman,”  While Chung was in the vice president’s office, she passed on to Hunter hundreds of the Vice President’s “Intelligence Briefings,” which consisted of open source information, but nonetheless provide unique insights into the vice president’s agenda.
  • More valuable to foreign intelligence services would be the hundreds of phone numbers for security officials, senators and congressmen, and numerous celebrities that Chung passed on to Hunter Biden.
  • This highly sensitive information was stored on Hunter Biden’s unencrypted laptop and mobile devices.
  • Former President Bill Clinton, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi were among those listed in Chung’s emails to Hunter Biden. Chung on a separate occasion emailed Hunter Biden the phone numbers for the president’s cabinet secretaries.
  • General Michael Flynn in a November 2020 tweet reacted to the revelation that Chung had given Hunter Biden the highly sensitive information.


Report: Secret Service Has Records of ‘Regular’ Visitors to Biden’s Delaware Home

  •   the Secret Service has records of “regular” visitors to Joe Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware home that the agency is prepared to turn over to Congressional investigators, contradicting statements by the White House counsel’s office and a Secret Service spokesman that no visitor logs have been kept.

Fox News excerpt:

…While the White House has not kept a formal list, the Secret Service does collect information on guests with regular access to the home.

Retention of the names of those vetted by the Secret Service depends on a variety of factors, including proximity to the president and the nature of the background check.

 On Wednesday Comer sent a letter to the University of Pennsylvania demanding information on the Penn Biden Center where the first batch of classified documents were found last November (excerpt):

To assist the Committee in investigating President Biden’s recent mishandling of
classified information, please provide the following documents and information no later than
February 1, 2023:
1. All documents and communications related to donations originating from China to
UPenn and/or the Penn Biden Center from January 20, 2017 to present;
2. A list of all Chinese donors—and the individual amount donated—to UPenn and/or the
Penn Biden Center from January 20, 2017 to present;
3. All documents and communications related to soliciting donations for the Penn Biden
4. A list of all employees of the Penn Biden Center—including information about their
salary, job description, and dates of employment;
5. A list of all individuals with keycard access to the Penn Biden Center—including but not
limited to members of President Biden’s family;
6. A visitor log of all individuals who met with President Biden at the Penn Biden Center;
7. All documents and communications related to security at the Penn Biden Center.



Poll: 60 Percent of Americans Believe Joe Biden Inappropriately Handled Classified Docs 

  • Sixty percent of Americans believe President Joe Biden inappropriately handled classified materials related to Ukraine, Iran, and the United Kingdom, according to a Wednesday Quinnipiac poll.


Are Those Running the Country Gearing Up for Incompetent Buffoon Kamala Harris for Ten Years in the White House?

  • Are the Deep State and those who control this country gearing up for 10 years of a Kamala Harris White House?
  • Suddenly earlier this month, after the US House voted in Kevin McCarthy as Speaker, reports were almost immediately released by the Mainstream Media (MSM) indicating that Joe Biden acted criminally in regard to classified documents he reportedly seized and took possession of back in 2017 or earlier.
  • This news shocked the nation because it was the first report about the corrupt Biden Administration that the MSM was allowed to report.
  • The big legacy media works together to report only pre-approved stories.  This is apparent by the manner in which they reported on Hunter’s laptop,  
  • This is why Kamala is the perfect replacement for Biden.  She lacks intellect, poise, leadership skills and confidence.  She is the perfect Biden replacement because she can be controlled as much as Joe is.


 KAMALA HARRIS   is precluded from more than 1 additional presidential term, if she takes office prior to JAN 20, 2023 under the US 22nd Amendment Section 1, which states \”… and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of President more than once. \”

QUESTION 1 – Is the timing of, AND the media assistance in, Biden\’s apparent demise related to a possible 10 (ten) year HARRIS PRESIDENCY (2+4+4) vs. 6 years (2+4) ??

QUESTION 2 – And is that why the Biden records scandal, did not \”surface\” until the approach of Jan 20 , 2023 which allows for 10 years of HARRIS vs 6 ??



  • So with the FBI being caught red handed in Twitter Files, totally influencing the Election, on top of all of the other fraud and irregularities, the Fake News Media is finding it harder and harder to use the term “Big Lie”anymore. It actually angers people to do very bad things. The Radical Left should be careful in its use of that ridiculous term. The Election was Rigged and Stollen, the Unselect Committee of political Hacks and Thugs refused to discuss it, and so it goes. People want answers!

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump

  • Why aren’t they asking President Obama what’s going on with his Administration? Crooked Hillary took and illegally deleted and acid washed 33,000 Emails AFTER getting a Subpoena for those Emails from the United States Congress, and who knows how many Classified Documents Joe took, especially pertaining to Ukraine and China. Maybe Trump Hating Special “Prosecutor” Jack Smith, who is doing the dirty work for his Marxist Democrat friends, should do the right thing for our Country!
  • We have two standards of justice in our Country…



Q !UW.yye1fxo No.35
Senate vote count [RR]?
Senate vote count [Sessions]?
Why was RR chosen to be asst AG?
Why did RR draft a letter supporting JC termination?
Why did RR use full weight of his office to attempt to block release of doc to Congress today?
News unlocks past.
D’s cannot survive.


Q !UW.yye1fxo No.36


Is Trump coming back to Twitter to say the words we have been waiting for


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 19b538 No.7859294
Anonymous ID: c9a3b1 No.7859255



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  • January 20, 2023 at 8:41 am

    Just wondering, how many more “game overs” that don’t pan out, are you going to announce? Oh yes, “and the storm is coming.”🙄
    Will chalk that one up with, “the Insurrection Act has been signed.”

  • January 20, 2023 at 8:43 am

    After they remove Biden, with Harris recently polling at 28%, evidence that election was rigged will meet with much less resistance. Trump will be inaugurated and void every policy that Biden installed.

  • January 20, 2023 at 8:57 am

    Kudos to M Gaetz. The BATFE was created by FDR after the repeal of prohibition (they were the booze-ban enforcers, aka ‘the untouchables’) to collect a federal tax on alcohol and tobacco, plus, after the enactment of the NFA, the new federal tax on ‘short-barreled’ rifles and shotguns as well as full autos (NOT prohibited, Taxed with other restrictions – not illegal to own if the tax paid). So basically, the ‘ATF’s’ job is revenue collection, and arbitrarily deciding which items are subject to the tax. Individuals do not possess a recognized right to liquor or tobacco, but they do have one regarding weapons (including so-called ‘sawed off rifles and shotguns’ and full auto weapons) and it is supposed to be a violation of the Constitution to impose a tax on a right. Revenue collection on tobacco and alcohol can be conducted by the IRS, taxing arms is a violation of rights, and the ATF is just one more oppressive federal agency. Eliminating them would be a step (small perhaps) towards reduction of this insane DC spending – debt enlargement agenda.

  • January 21, 2023 at 1:22 pm

    I am angry that Trump is calling the jab a vaccine and still supporting it. He either knew and allowed it or received bad advice and needs to explain. Either way it happened on his watch. He needs to explain himself! My friends, family, clients are sick and dying from a bioweapon and we are still allowing it to be pushed. It is time to release the info about the bioweapon and explain. Each day more people are dying. Tired of the games!

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