The [D] Party Will Cease To Exist Once It’s All Exposed,Remember This Is An Information War – Ep. 3333


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The [D] Party Will Cease To Exist Once It’s All Exposed, Remember This Is War, An Information War
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Biden is trying to convince the people that inflation is under control, that he brought it down, he brought it up and it never went back to where it was when Trump was in office. Biden is now proving to the American people that Trump’s economic policies worked, he’s copying them. The people need to understand that we are in an information war. The good guys will put on information to trap the [DS], sometimes that information seems like its not helping but it is. This is not just another election, this is about exposing the [DS] and destroying it. Once everything is exposed and the people see what’s been happening to this country and who has been trying to destroy this country the people will take it back. The path is clear, when all of this is over the [D] party will cease to exist.



Biden: Inflation ‘Is Being Stubborn’ — Things Like Junk Fees Are What ‘Really’ Impact People
  • During an interview with Nexstar Media that took place on Tuesday and was released on Wednesday, President Joe Biden stated that inflation “is being stubborn and not going down to the 2% we need. But, it’s significantly different,” than where it was and “the thing that really affects people’s lives are all the small things that add up to big numbers for people, all these junk fees.”
  • Nexstar Washington Correspondent Reshad Hudson asked, “[R]ight now, for many Americans, life is too expensive. Are you concerned that stubborn inflation will hurt your re-election bid?”
  • Biden responded, “Well, look, we’ve brought down inflation considerably, by over two-thirds, and it is being stubborn and not going down to the 2% we need. But, it’s significantly different, number one. Number two, the thing that really affects people’s lives are all the small things that add up to big numbers for people, all these junk fees.”


  •   back on the rise, the average 30-year mortgage rate is now 7.5%. This means that the monthly mortgage payment on a $500,000 house with 20% down is now $3,500/month. The $3,500/month figure also does not include property taxes, insurance, or maintenance. Homeownership is now a luxury.
Biden Shows His Issues Are Getting Worse During Concerning Steel Worker Visit

  • On Wednesday, Joe Biden went to Pittsburgh to meet with steel workers at the United Steelworkers headquarters. He had announced this week that he wants to triple tariffs on China.  But this was the very thing for which he had previously attacked former President Donald Trump.

  • Now, he’s essentially admitting Trump was right by his actions. Of course, he wants to do this now, probably to appeal to the union workers for their vote.


Biden has canceled $153 billion in student debt. Younger borrowers haven’t felt it.

  • The White House’s new student-loan-relief plan has the potential to reach more millennial and Gen Z borrowers. Is it enough to convince them Biden is transforming the system?

President Joe Biden recently announced a new mass student-loan-forgiveness plan that has the potential to reach more younger borrowers.

  • Savannah Drake might seem like the quintessential student-loan borrower.
  • She’s 27, attended a large public college — Arizona State University — and is making the minimum payment on her roughly $80,000 in student loans in order to afford other bills, like rent and groceries. And yet Drake hasn’t benefited from any of the $153 billion in student-debt cancellation the Biden administration has announced so far — and neither have many people like her.



  •   the President Richard Sauber, Chairman Comer renews his request for President Biden to provide information about his interactions with his son’s foreign business associates and calls on the White House to permit the National Archives and Records Administration to release all records pursuant to the Committee’s multiple requests, including Air Force 2 manifests, emails where Vice President Biden used an email alias to communicate with his son’s business associates, and all drafts of the speech Vice President Biden delivered to the Ukrainian Rada in 2015.

“The Food is No Good at All” – African Illegals at NYC City Council Complain About Free Food and Housing (VIDEO)

  • African illegals at a New York City Council meeting complained about the free (taxpayer-funded) food and housing provided to them.
  • More than 1,300 illegal aliens from Africa swarmed New York City Hall on Tuesday after they were falsely promised work visas and green cards.
  • The illegals were lined up outside of New York City Hall as far as the eye could see.
  • According to the New York Post, only 250 of the illegals were allowed at the Tuesday morning hearing.
  • All they did was complain about the freebies given to them.
  • The food is no good at all. You give us two months to stay at the shelter and then you have to go out again with your luggage and your kids and find another place. It’s very difficult,” one of the illegals said.

  •  are not.”

  • Homeland Security released the illegal immigrant accused of killing Laken Riley into the U.S. because it lacked the detention space, according to his confidential immigration file.
  • Sen. Josh Hawley, Missouri Republican, read key parts of the file into the record at a Senate hearing Thursday.
  • Jose Ibarra, the man charged with the Feb. 22 slaying, was released under Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ power of parole, which is supposed to be used in limited cases and only when there is an urgent humanitarian need or a significant benefit to the public.
  • Mr. Hawley said lack of detention space doesn’t meet either of those standards and so Mr. Mayorkas broke the law in releasing the suspected killer.


Geopolitical/Police State


  •   Refugee Assistance’’, $3,495,000,000, for a total of $9 billion going to “humanitarian needs” in Gaza.  Translation:  $9 billion to Hamas to redirect those funds for more terrorist activities in the region.

AMERICA FIRST: Marjorie Taylor Greene Introduces Multiple Amendments to Speaker Johnson and Biden’s Ukraine Bill – Diverts Aid to Our Southern Border and 100% of Ukraine Funds to Support Americans Impacted by Disasters

  • Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has introduced multiple amendments to Biden and Speaker Mike Johnson’s foreign aid package, which funds Ukraine, Israel, and Palestine as our US Southern Border remains wide  includes terms that will allow the President to cancel 50% of Ukraine’s debt after November 15, 2024 and the remaining 50% after January 1, 2024. It’s no wonder why Joe Biden came out “strongly” in support of the package, urging the House and Senate to pass it.
  • After President Trump wins the 2024 election, as expected, Joe Biden can cancel 50% of Ukraine’s debt before his term ends in January. However, if Biden and the Democrats pull off another stolen election, they can forgive 100% of Ukraine’s debt a little over one year later. This isn’t a loan. It’s a handout.


  • Another amendment would require members who vote for the Ukraine aid bill to enlist in the Ukrainian military and go fight the war themselves. The amendment reads, “Any Member of Congress who votes in favor of this Act shall be required to conscript in the Ukrainian military.”

Greene said on X, “I mean if you want to fund the war, why don’t you go fight in it. Show your support for Ukraine.”


  • Greene further introduced two amendments that would slash foreign aid, presumably to Ukraine and the Indo-Pacific, by 100% and dedicate those resources to helping Americans impacted by the East Palestine, Ohio train derailment and Hawaii wildfire disasters.

  •   speaks for “ME” and, while it is a total mess caused by Crooked Joe Biden and the Incompetent Democrats, if I were President, this War would have never started!


Cyber Attacks

False Flags


365 Days Without a Murder: Why Liberals Hate El Salvador’s President

  • The man who transformed El Salvador from one of the most dangerous countries in the world to one of the safest, President Nayib Bukele, is despised by liberals.
  • When he won reelection in a landslide, liberal media outlets ran headlines stating that democracy had ended in El Salvador and that the country had become a one-party state. However, El Salvador is not Cuba.
  • Bukele did not eradicate opposition parties, nor did he imprison them or seize control of the press. Instead, he delivered on his promises. He made the country safe by locking up criminals.
  • President Bukele claimed that his country went 365 days without a murder. And while the exact number has been called into question, it is an indisputable fact that the country now has the lowest murder rate it has seen in 30 years, plummeting by 70%, and now stands at only 2.4 per 100,000 in 2023, making it the second lowest in the Americas, just behind Canada.
  • In 2022, after a gang war resulted in the deaths of 87 people over a period of just three days, Bukele took action against crime. He constructed the country’s largest prison, the Terrorism Confinement Center (Centro de Confinamiento del Terrorismo or CECOT), with a capacity for 40,000 gang members. And he began filling it.



2 of Trump’s jurors are lawyers. Would they acquit on a technicality?

  • The “totally uncommon” prospect of two lawyers serving on the same jury could benefit the former president, some jury experts say.
  • As if there weren’t enough plot twists in Donald Trump’s legal saga, this week’s jury selection has produced one more: At least two lawyers will sit on his jury.
  • That could be good news for the former president, according to some experts on juror behavior, especially if Trump’s defense team plans to mount technical legal arguments to try to win an acquittal.
  • Why did they put this out there, they are trying to show that the jury is going to be a fair and its not one sided.

In the Race to the White House, Illegals Will Be Casting Votes in the Crucial Swing State of Arizona 

  • As it stands, liberal Arizona voting laws have paved the way for non-citizens, whether they are legal or not, to register for and cast a ballot in the 2024 presidential election.
  • “In Arizona,” Kupper said, “even if the state can’t verify whether you’re a citizen, people can still assert that they are citizens.” While these individuals are not allowed to vote in Arizona elections, they can still vote in the federal election. “They can still vote for the president,” he explained.


Cyberattack Hits New York State Government’s Bill Drafting Office

  • The New York state Legislature’s bill drafting office has been hit with an apparent cyberattack
  •  The New York state Legislature’s bill drafting office was hit with an apparent cyberattack, officials said Wednesday.
  • The scope of the attack was not immediately clear but officials said the bill drafting system has been down since early Wednesday. The office is responsible for printing legislation for lawmakers at the state Capitol in Albany.


911 Call Sevices Mysteriously Go Down in Four States at Same Time, Hours Before ABC Reported DHS Is Concerned Emergency Services Are Target for Cyber Attack
  • Several states lost access to 911 emergency call services late last night causing many residents not to have any access to emergency services.
  • Nebraska, South Dakota, Texas, and Nevada residents experienced emergency service outages from around 10 p.m. to midnight.
  • Authorities in Texas reported the outages were due to “an outage with a major cellular carrier” but did not elaborate on which carrier was responsible.
  •  Hours before the 911 services were disrupted, ABC News released an article stating the Department of Homeland Security is concerned that emergency services are likely targets for cyberattacks.


911 outage in Nevada, South Dakota, Texas and Nebraska likely caused by a cyber attack – as millions left without emergency service

  • Outages followed warning about cyber attacks on 911 services 
  • Las Vegas, South Dakota and towns in Texas and Nebraska hit 
  • 911 services are restored but cause not uncovered 
  • A mass cyber attack is suspected to have caused a 911 outage that hit four states across the country, leaving millions without emergency assistance.


  •  operations,” the bulletin continued, putting computer-aided dispatching services out of commission and forcing emergency services “to revert to manual dispatching to sustain their operations.” This article was published at 1:05PM, literally ONLY HOURS AGO. Now, the official narrative is that some fiber line, that supposedly controls the 911 Emergency Services for eight states was somehow mysteriously CUT…I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT FOR A SECOND! THEY THINK WE ARE STUPID. Remember, they ALWAYS TELL YOU what is coming in one way, or another. Prepare, because if they are playing games like this, SOMETHING BIG is definitely coming down the pike.

Taking Care of Business – President Trump Meets with Poland President Andrzej Duda in Trump Tower for Dinner

  •  While simultaneously defending himself against the insufferable lawfare attacks from NYC District Attorney Alvin Bragg, President Trump takes the time to meet with Polish President Duda for a two-and-a-half our dinner in Trump Tower.


“You Haven’t Been Driving in the Right Places, Pal” – Biden Gets Testy With Reporter For Pointing Out There’s “Lots of Trump Signs,” But “Not Many Biden Signs” in Pennsylvania (VIDEO)



MUST SEE: O’Keefe Media Group Uncovers who is Really Running the White House – Special Advisor Reveals That Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Are Still Involved Behind The Scenes! (VIDEO)

  • Tyler Robinson, a special advisor at the United States Small Business Administration (SBA), recently revealed to an O’Keefe Media Group undercover journalist the inner workings of the Biden Administration and who is really running the White House.
  • Robinson says he reports to Arthur Plews, SBA Chief of Staff, who reports to SBA Administrator Isabel Casillas Guzman.
  • He revealed that some refer to former Facebook board member and Biden Chief of Staff Jeff Zients as “the second most powerful person in Washington” and that “by getting Jeff’s sign off, you’re getting the President to sign off.”
  • Robinson also revealed that Biden’s shadow cabinet of advisors, which includes Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton. According to Robinson, Hillary Clinton is close to people in the White House, such as Director of the Domestic Policy Council Neera Tanden, a former employee of Hillary Clinton, and uses them to influence policy. “She does a lot of the international stuff… They have like the Clinton Initiative,” he added.




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Rig for silent.


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“Insurance File.”
Quiet until now.
Join POTUS’ legal team.
Direct discussions avail [now] w/ Mueller.
Enjoy the show.
They never thought she would lose.
We have everything.
How can we use what we know?
How do you ‘legally’ inject/make public/use as evidence?
What are you witnessing unfold?
Trust the plan.


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Never in our history has this been attempted.
Patriots WW simply needed a ‘spark’ to re-ignite the engine.
For humanity.


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This has never been attempted.
Use of general public to counter the narrative [propaganda] push by controlled media.
Analysis [start-to-now] indicates situational awareness [decoupling of MSDNC control of information (channels 1-99)] of general public expanding at massive pace.
Attacks indicate [can be defined as] loss of generalized information control.
Need to expend ammunition [muster network to defend and coordinate attacks] to counter.
MIL-CIV Alliance.