Lets go back in time for a moment, this is Nov 2016, remember what Obama and Biden did with the Chinese

  • Inside JPMorgan, they called it the “Sons and Daughters” program. Authorities now describe it as “corruption, plain and simple.”
  • JPMorgan Chase (JPM) improperly hired the “unqualified” children of China’s ruling elite to win lucrative business from the country’s key decision makers, authorities alleged on Thursday.
  • Regulators slapped JPMorgan with $264 million in fines and said the bank “corruptly influenced government officials” with its hiring and internship tactics in China.
  • The practice of giving the children of China’s ruling class plum jobs and internships was so common at JPMorgan that the bank even had a formal program known as “Sons and Daughters.” The program included spreadsheets that tracked how often the hires turned into business deals.


Viktor Shokin demands criminal probe of Joe Biden in declaration to Kiev prosecutors

Today we present you this exclusive document: the complaint of former Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin against Joe Biden for interference in the legal proceedings of Ukraine – which incidentally cites our UkraineGate investigation …

shokin sue complaint biden corruption

To the interim director of the National Bureau of Investigation

COMPLAINT [against Joe Biden]

On the commission of a criminal offense

(under article 214 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine)

I have read and understood Article 63 of the Constitution of Ukraine and the liability provided for in Article 383 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine “Slanderous denunciation of an offense”.

Shokin V.M. (signature).

During the period 2014-2016, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine was conducting a preliminary investigation into a series of serious crimes committed by the former Minister of Ecology of Ukraine Mykola Zlotchevsky and by the managers of the company “Burisma Holding Limited “(Cyprus), the board of directors of which included, among others, Hunter Biden, son of Joseph Biden, then vice-president of the United States of America.

The investigation into the above-mentioned crimes was carried out in strict accordance with Criminal Law and was under my personal control as the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.



Attorney General William P. Barr Appoints Timothy Shea Interim U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia

  • Attorney General William P. Barr announced today the appointment of Timothy Shea as Interim U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 546, effective February 3. The Office is the largest U.S. Attorney’s Office in the country, serving as both the local and the federal prosecutor for the nation’s capital, with over 300 attorneys responsible for litigation before over 100 judges in federal and local courts.