Those Who Were Once Protected Are No Longer, Timing Is Everything, Epstein – Ep. 3239


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Those Who Were Once Protected Are No Longer, Timing Is Everything, Epstein
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The people in the EU have had enough, it starts with the farmers but this will spread to the rest of the people. Manufactures came back to the US with Trump and leaving with Biden. The fake news is trying to gas light everyone in regards to the economy. The [CB] is ready to juice the economy for Biden. The sting operation is now moving to the next level. The people must accept the information, this is why it had to go slow in the beginning. Now the drops of information is going to speed up. The 2024 elections are right around the corner and people now know who the corrupt people are. Those who were once protected are no longer, timing is everything, Epstein information inbound.


  •   Now that Joe Biden has designated EPA mandates for U.S. automobiles that include having at least 50% of all new vehicle sales be electric by 2030 {LINK}, three major Chinese EV manufacturers are reportedly building manufacturing facilities in Mexico.Blackrock investments steer WH policy {Go Deep}. Blackrock investments are heavy in China and EV production.  Blackrock returns on their investments would be substantial with Chinese EV production in Mexico.  Quite a coincidence.
  • BUSINESS INSIDER – Three major Chinese EV companies are planning to build new factories in Mexico, sparking concern among US officials, according to a new report.
  • MG, BYD, and Chery are all looking at sites to build new factories in the country, according to unnamed sources cited by The Financial Times, and this investment is causing angst in Washington as it seeks to keep China out of the US electric car market.
  • US officials have reportedly raised concerns with their Mexican counterparts over Chinese investment, with the new sites potentially including a new $1.5 billion to $2 billion MG electric car factory and a factory investment worth hundreds of millions of dollars from Warren Buffett-backed Tesla rival BYD.
  • China’s electric vehicle market is booming, and local manufacturers are increasingly looking to expand overseas amid cutthroat competition for customers back home.
  • China also dominates the global electric vehicle battery supply chain, allowing it to produce far cheaper EVs than many of its US rivals.
  • Blackrock invests in China and EV’s.  Biden policy supports China and EV’s.
  • Blackrock invests in Ukraine.  Biden policy supports Ukraine reconstruction.


U.S. Steel, Which Helped America’s ‘Arsenal of Democracy’ Defeat Japan in WWII, Sold to Japanese Company
  • The United States Steel Corporation, which played a critical role in helping the Allies defeat Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany in World War II, is now being sold to Japan’s largest steelmaker.
  • Early on Monday, executives with U.S. Steel and Nippon Steel Corporation announced the nearly $15 billion deal, which vows to uphold the U.S. Steelworkers’ (USW) labor contract and will be completed mid-2024, though shareholders for U.S. Steel must still give their stamp of approval.
  • Following news of the deal, USW President David McCall blasted the decision as “the same greedy, shortsighted attitude that has guided U.S. Steel for far too long.”
  • Source:

  • The economy is growing. Wages are up. Unemployment is low. Income inequality is narrowing. The fearmongering about inflation proved to be, well, wrongAccording to many economy watchers, Americans should be sending the Biden administration a gift basket full of positive vibes — and votes.
  • Instead, consumer confidence polling paints a different picture. A recent Times/Siena poll found that only 2 percent of registered voters said economic conditions are “excellent,” and only 16 percent said they were “good.” While economic indicators suggest that the economy is healthy and growing, the American public doesn’t feel that way. Why the perception gap?
  • One popular theory is that media narratives have duped Americans into believing that they’re having a rough time, when, in fact, they’re doing fine. Kyla Scanlon coined “vibe-cession” last year to describe this gap between perception and economic indicators. Since then, a story has emerged about consumer confidence: that poor perception and political polarization are mostly to blame. Brian Beutler, who writes the newsletter Off Message, calls out social media and misinformation for reinforcing the “bad economy” belief. Claudia Sahm, a former Federal Reserve economist, wrote that a “toxic brew” of human bias for negative information and the attention economy leads to consumer pessimism.


  •   familiar with the matter said, further increasing China’s influence on global metals markets.
  • Two years ago the idea of China allowing an overseas exchange to use domestic prices would have been met with reluctance, but since then there has been a sea-change in strategic direction at Chinese exchanges, the sources said.
  • The change has come due to pressure on Chinese exchanges from the government to innovate and expand their influence to the rest of the world and China’s aim of domestic players having more control over commodity prices. Known as cross-listing, the process would involve new LME metal contracts settling against ShFE prices, the sources said.
  • The sources did not have a timeline for launch. The LME, the world’s oldest and largest forum for metals trading, would pay ShFE a license fee and the new contracts would be cleared at the LME’s clearing house, the sources said.
  • “During LME Week this year we announced that we intend to further deepen our collaboration with SHFE in 2024, by working together in product innovation to better serve international participants in risk management and price discovery,” the LME said in response to a request for comment.

‘They Will Juice The Economy’: Former Trump Official Says Fed Will Try To Boost Biden In 2024

  • A former Trump administration official predicted the Federal Reserve would cut interest rates in 2024 to “juice the economy” before the election.
  • The Federal Reserve kept interest rates steady Wednesday, but signaled that rates could be lowered in 2024, despite inflation still being relatively high. “They will juice the economy in an election year by giving us rate cuts for Joe Biden,” Kevin Hassett, who chaired the Council of Economic Advisors for President Donald Trump,  




  •   fatal “accident”
  • I believe we are being SHOWN what really happened to Joes wife


Breaking: Hunter Biden Faces Jan. 11 Arraignment in California on 9 Federal Tax Evasion Charges

  •   Hunter Biden will be arraigned in California on Janunary 11, on the 9 new charges.

tegrity to Protect Americans’ Retirement

  • As reported previously by Cristina Laila – David Weiss’s investigation into Hunter Biden is ongoing. The case was assigned to the United States District Court for the Central District of California Judge Mark Scarsi, a Trump appointee.
  • If convicted, Hunter Biden faces up to 17 years in prison.


Poll: Majority of Democrats Want Joe Biden’s DOJ to Prosecute Hunter for Defying Subpoena
  • A majority of Democrat voters believe President Joe Biden’s Justice Department should prosecute Hunter Biden after he failed to comply with a subpoenaed door deposition, a Harvard Caps/Harris poll reveals.
  • Democrats, along with independents, support prosecuting Hunter Biden if held in contempt:
    • Democrats: 54 percent support
    • Republicans: 89 percent support
    • Independents: 72 percent support
  •  A vast majority of voters said Joe Biden’s DOJ should prosecute Hunter for not appearing:
  • 71 percent support prosecution
  • 29 percent oppose prosecution
  • The poll surveyed 1,500 Americans from December 9-12 with a 3 point margin of error.



Arizona’s Democratic Gov. Sends National Guard To Border, Citing Feds’ Inaction On Migrant Influx

  • Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs signed an executive order on Friday to deploy National Guard members to the southern border with Mexico to tackle border issues, citing the lack of action from the federal government.
  • “Yet again, the federal government is refusing to do its job to secure our border and keep our communities safe,” Ms. Hobbs, a Democrat, said in a press release on Dec. 15.
  • National Guard members will be stationed at multiple locations along the southern border near the Lukeville Port of Entry and the San Miguel crossing. Ms. Hobbs did not specify how many members will be deployed.
  • They will assist the Department of Public Safety and local law enforcement agencies in dealing with fentanyl interdiction, analytical support, and human trafficking enforcement efforts at the border.
  • “With this Executive Order, I am taking action where the federal government won’t,” the governor stated.
  • “But we can’t stand alone, Arizona needs resources and manpower to reopen the Lukeville crossing, manage the flow of migrants, and maintain a secure, orderly, and humane border,” she added.
  • “Additionally, due to the federal government’s failure to secure our border, the State of Arizona has spent $512,529,333 on border operations including migrant transportation, drug interdiction, and law enforcement,” she said in the letter.


Its a show, they don’t care about the border, they need the money for the upcoming election, they need to pay the cheaters

Poll: Most Americans Want Businesses Prosecuted for Hiring Illegal Aliens
  • The overwhelming majority of American voters want employers in the United States to be prosecuted for hiring illegal aliens, a Fox News poll revealed.
  • The poll, which surveyed more than 1,000 registered voters and was conducted from December 10 through December 13, found that 64 percent of Americans want the federal government to penalize and fine employers that hire illegal aliens for U.S. jobs — akin to enacting mandatory E-Verify nationwide.
  • Only 32 percent oppose such a policy while four percent of voters said they were unsure.


JUST IN: Governor Abbott Gives Texas Police Power to Arrest Illegal Aliens Amid Biden Border Invasion

  • Governor Greg Abbott (R) on Monday signed a bill that gives Texas police power to arrest illegal aliens amid Biden’s border invasion.
  • “Biden’s deliberate inaction has left Texas to fend for itself,” Abbott said, adding the new bill is designed to “stop the tidal wave of illegal entry into Texas.”
  • “At the Texas-Mexico border today for a bill signing ceremony that will take #OperationLoneStar to the next level,” 



EXCLUSIVE Over 170 of Jeffrey Epstein’s high-profile associates will be NAMED in court documents set to be unsealed in the first days of 2024

  • A judge has ruled to unseal documents that would name 177 Does who are Epstein’s friends, recruiters and victims within the coming weeks
  • The material is related to a defamation case brought by Prince Andrew’s accuser Virginia Roberts in New York against Epstein’s madam Ghislaine Maxwell 
  • The hundreds of files will shed new light on the late financier’s sex trafficking operation and his network of influence
  • Dozens of Jeffrey Epstein‘s high profile associates are in for a New Year’s surprise as they will be named in court documents set to be released in the first days of 2024.
  • The pedophile’s powerful friends are set to be exposed as part of a vast unsealing that a judge ordered on Monday will take place in 14 days.
  • That will take the release day to January 1 – but as that is a holiday it is likely the files will be made public the following day.
  • Some 177 people will be identified across hundreds of files which will shed new light on the late financier’s sex trafficking operation and his network of influence.



Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: f36d89 No.5801380
Epstein island dungeon (beneath the temple).
Sex & torture rooms.
Openly flaunt across social media?


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 8c9882 No.6967208
You didn’t think the Epstein investigation began a few months ago did you?
It was all under the direction and oversight of AG Jeff Sessions.
Expect a lot more to become public (unsealing).


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 2c0dfd No.7943219
You didn’t think we highlighted ‘Epstein’ for no reason did you?
Those who were once protected are no longer.
Hunters become PREY.

Geopolitical/Police State


IDF Reveals Attack Tunnel Network Big Enough to Drive Vehicles Through, Built by Muhammad Sinwar 


  • On Sunday, the Israeli Defense Forces announced they had exposed Hamas’ subterranean tunnel system, which includes attack tunnels built in the immediate vicinity of the Erez crossing. The IDF also published footage of Muhammad Sinwar, brother of Hamas leader Yahya SInwar, traveling in a vehicle in the largest terror tunnel discovered thus far in Gaza.
  • The footage was obtained by IDF troops in the Gaza Strip and was checked by the IDF Intelligence Directorate,” the IDF said.
  • The massive tunnel system spans well over 2.5 miles, and is located only 1,300 feet from the main Erez crossing into Israel.
  • “Hamas has persistently and deliberately invested enormous amounts of money and resources into terrorist tunnels that serve only one purpose – attacking the State of Israel and its residents,” said IDF Spokesman Lt. Col. Richard Hecht, the
  • “This strategic attack tunnel network, large enough to drive vehicles through, was spearheaded by Muhammad Sinwar and intentionally dug near a crossing dedicated to the movement of Gazans into Israel for work and medical care.



US announces multinational force to secure Red Sea shipping against Houthi attacks

  • The US and a host of other nations are creating a new force to protect ships transiting the Red Sea that have come under attack by drones and ballistic missiles fired from Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced early Tuesday in Bahrain.
  • “This is an international challenge that demands collective action,” Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said in statement released just after midnight in Bahrain. “Therefore today I am announcing the establishment of Operation Prosperity Guardian, an important new multinational security initiative.”
  • The United KingdomBahrainCanadaFranceItalyNetherlandsNorwaySeychelles and Spain will join the US in the new mission, Austin announced.


  • President Biden’s response to the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza is broadly unpopular, according to a survey released Tuesday.
  • The New York Times/Siena poll shows that just 33 percent of respondents approve of Biden’s Israel policy, compared to 57 percent disapproval. The results also highlight the massive divide in opinion among Americans on the best course of action in the conflict.
  • The Biden administration has given strong support to Israel in the conflict since its onset, a position which spurred criticism as the Israeli war effort slows amid increasing international opposition.


Mass Cyber Attack on Iranian Gas Stations Claimed by Israeli Group 

  • Iran’s petrol stations nationwide have been disrupted by a cyberattack, according to Iranian officials, who have placed blame on a hacking group linked to Israel, Iranian and Israeli media report.
  • It is unclear how many petrol stations have been affected in the attack, with the Iranian oil minister saying earlier on Monday that some 70% had been disrupted, but later noting that 1,650 out of 3,800 petrol stations had been attacked. Iran is blaming a hacking group that goes by the name of “Predatory Sparrow” (Gonjeshke Darande), which issued a Telegram statement saying that the attack was “carried out in a controlled manner to avoid potential damage to emergency services”. The stated reason for the attack was “in response to the aggression of the Islamic Republic and its proxies in the region”.


US Nuclear Sub Arrives In South Korea For 3rd Time This Year

  • An American nuclear submarine arrived in South Korea for the third time this year. Shortly after the warship arrived in South Korea, North Korea fired a short-range ballistic missile.
  • On Sunday, Yonhap News reported the Virginia-class submarine USS Missouri arrived at a South Korean port. 
  • “The US and the military gangsters of the Republic of Korea, who have aggravated the situation in the Korean peninsula with their reckless military provocations such as deployment of nuclear strike means and large-scale joint military drills throughout this year, are going to finish the end of the year with a preview of a nuclear war,” it said.

“Clear is the intention of the US which dispatched the nuclear-powered submarine Missouri to the Korean peninsula as soon as it hatched a dangerous plot for a nuclear war in Washington.”


US, Japan, and South Korea activate real-time tracking of N.Korea missiles 

  • The United States, Japan, and South Korea said on Tuesday they had fully activated a system to detect and assess North Korea’s missile launches in real-time and conduct more trilateral military exercises.
  • The announcement came one day after North Korea test-fired a long-range missile in what it says was protest of military moves by the United States and its allies.


Cyber Attacks

False Flags


  • In response to a FOIA request by ICAN’s attorneys for studies and data supporting CDC’s claim that it is safe to give the monkeypox vaccine at the same time as both the COVID and Flu shots, CDC comes up with nothing but its own statements.
  • Lead Counsel, Aaron Siri, Esq. breaks down the shocking admission 
  • On January 20, 2023, CDC tweeted a video from the White House MPox Response Team, titled, “Can I get my mpox vaccine at the same time as my flu & COVID vaccines?” In the video, Dr. Demetre Daskalakis, Acting Director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, answers, “yes,” all three shots can be received that the same time. Dr. Daskalakis’s only caution was that people who have or are at risk for heart disease “may” consider delaying their COVID shot for four weeks after getting their monkey pox shot because of a “possible risk” of heart inflammation associated with these two shots.
  • What the video neglected to include, however, was any data to support this safety claim, or any mention of the fact that thousands of COVID-19 vaccine recipients have reported cases of myocarditis and heart injuries, both of which are also associated with the flu shot and monkey pox vaccine, as well as the smallpox vaccine (an orthopoxvirus related to monkeypox).
  • So, in March 2023, ICAN’s attorneys sent a FOIA request to CDC asking it to back up its claims on the safety of co-administration of these vaccines. But while CDC’s response referenced various sources, none actually contained any data supporting coadministration. In fact, CDC’s first reference was to the very same video it tweeted that made these claims!
  • The other pages that CDC cited, which likewise provided no data or studies supporting coadministration of these three shots, and in fact admit this data doesn’t exist, included the following:



  •   whom I’ve never met, had no contact with on J6, and whom I was not even within proximity of.
  • They sued me under the KKK Act, alleging that I engaged in a white supremacist attack on black and brown police officers, that I caused their “injuries” (which included being pepper sprayed, and becoming “exhausted”) and conspired to encroach on their civil rights. Almost every detail and allegation against me was a lie. In fact I’ll say: a KNOWN lie.
  • Knowing that I committed no violence on J6, and didn’t encourage anybody else to either, this lawsuit alleged that I “violently” breached the barricades of the Capitol and proceeding to attack police officers- including the plaintiffs. The case entered discovery, where we gathered evidence that conclusively showed that none of these officers were even on the side of the building I was on during my brief time on Capitol grounds. One of the plaintiffs was in Maryland at the time I was there.
  • This case cost me well into 6 figures to defend, and hundreds and hundreds of hours of my time- which is, of course, the whole point. The left has weaponized our legal system, turning Democrat majority districts into a playground where they can abuse the process to harm those who get in the way of their political agendas.
  • But this case was even too preposterous for the DC courts, and after years of fighting- I have won. This is a much needed victory for truth, for decency, and for even a shred of restoration of our faith that justice still exists within corners of our legal system. I thank you all who helped support me through this battle. Your support got me through- and my victory is your victory. Please share this victory with everyone you know, and God bless you all.
  • Senate Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky remains the least popular politician in the country, according to a new poll out Monday.
  • A Monmouth survey of more than 800 adults 18 and older indicates that 60 percent of respondents disapprove of the GOP Senate chief’s job performance. Only 6 percent of respondents said they approve of it. McConnell earned the lowest overall approval rating among congressional leadership and “is the only leader to receive a net negative score from his fellow partisans.” Just 10 percent of Republicans said they approve of his performance, and 41 percent said they felt otherwise.
  • Source:

Boston Debates Allowing Noncitizens to Vote Days Before Mayor’s Official ‘No-Whites’ Christmas Party
  • Ahead of Boston Democrat Mayor Michelle Wu’s “no whites” Christmas party, the city council was seen debating whether or not to allow noncitizens to vote in city elections.
  • The council first discussed the issue during a December 4 council meeting when councilor Kendra Lara introduced a home rule petition to open the polls to noncitizens, Fox News reported.
  • “We have people who, despite not being given a voice in their local government through the ballot, have worked, sacrificed and invested in their neighborhoods, and all people should have a say in the decisions that impact their daily lives,” Lara said in the council chambers.
  • Despite the controversy, Wu celebrated her exclusionary, race-based gathering with a photo posted to Instagram:


  • Judge Arthur Engoron  relentlessly mocked Trump, his attorneys and his financial expert in a scathing rejection of the former president’s fifth dismissal request in his $250 million fraud case, according to a new report.
  • Engoron slammed accounting expert Eli Bartov, the NYU professor who was reportedly paid nearly $900,000 to testify that Trump’s financial records did not fraudulently inflate his worth, as is contended by New York Attorney General Letitia James, ABC News reports.
  • “Bartov is a tenured professor, but all that his testimony proves is that for a million or so dollars, some experts will say whatever you want them to say,” Engoron reportedly wrote.


  •  General, and the Runaway Judge, are causing grave damage to our Justice System, to New York State, and to the United States of America! They attempted to use a disgusting and unfair Statute, which has never been used for this purpose before. I am not allowed a Jury, and they have, essentially, taken away my Rights. It is a Rigged Court in a Rigged New York State System, with Fraud committed by the A.G. and Judge in purposefully undervaluing…

  •  extremely happy with Donald J. Trump! This was news that Judge Engoron was not happy with, our highly respected Expert Witness was mocked and excoriated by Engoron for telling the Truth, the Courthouse was in disbelief. The Expert said that my Financial Statements were the best he had ever seen, and on top of it all, they had a 100% Disclaimer / Non Reliance Clause on Page One, stating that any reader or user of this…

  •  Victims, other than me, in having to deal with a totally corrupt Prosecutor and Judge. He refused to give me a Jury and UNCONSTITUTIONALLY GAGGED ME about very important information. The New York State Attorney General, who has total control of the Judge, used this case to run for Governor, and failed. She should be disbarred for what she has done, as Murder and Violent Crime hit All Time Highs. Any Business that moves to New York is CRAZY!

Nolte: NY Times Poll Shows Trump Leading Biden with Young Voters

  • Former President Trump tops His Fraudulency Joe Biden with young voters by six points, according to a New York Times/Siena College poll.
  • The Times admits it is shocked by Trump’s 49 to 43 percent lead among voters aged 18-29.
  • “As recently as this summer, a poll with Donald J. Trump leading among young voters would have been eye-popping,” writes the Times. “Now, it’s increasingly familiar[.]”


The Times believes the shift is due to Biden’s support for Israel.


BREAKING: U.S. Intelligence Confirms Communist Castro Regime Attempted to Interfere Florida 2022 Elections — Along with Russia, China, and Iran

  • The U.S. intelligence community has confirmed that the Cuban government undertook covert operations to influence the outcome of the 2022 midterm elections in Florida, Miami Herald reported.
  • On Friday, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence released the Intelligence Community Assessment of Foreign Threats to the 2022 U.S. Elections.
  • The report, emanating from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), outlines how Cuban officials established connections with American media personalities critical of anti-Havana politicians, and operated a network of social media accounts designed to spread negative information about certain U.S. candidates.
  • These accounts, described as “almost certainly covertly tied” to Cuba, were aimed at undermining the electoral success of candidates perceived as hostile to the Cuban government’s interests.

  •  from a national defense stand point are under water and in space. And it’s easier to talk about space aliens than is it to talk about Nelly the lock ness monster. I think that’s why it’s so catchy right now. Yeah, there’s a whole battle up in space that China and…” *Interrupted*….
  • Former President Donald Trump has designs on converting the entire American system of government into something “in the style of Mar-a-Lago — grand and imperial, not republican and democratic,” warnedWashington Post columnist and Harvard political theorist Danielle Allen on Tuesday
  • This comes amid numerous experts sounding the alarm on Trump’s plans to reshape the civil service into a loyalty cult and deploy the military internally, and Trump himself vowing to be a dictator “on day one.”



Dec 18, 2019 10:52:52 PM EST
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 6d572c No. 7555466 
It must be done right.
It must be done according to the rule of law.
It must carry weight.
It must be proven in the court of law.
There can be no mistakes.
Good things sometimes take time.
Attempts to slow/block the inevitable [Justice] will fail.
[D]s election interference 2016. >Clinton/Hussein illegal FISA
[D]s election interference 2018. >Mueller
[D]s election interference 2020. >Impeachment Projection.
These people are sick.
We, the People, are the cure.


Dec 20, 2018 1:33:09 PM EST
Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 47ea0a No. 4393450 
The [D] party will cease to exist once it’s all exposed.
FAKE NEWS can no longer control [dampen] public awareness of the TRUTH.