Julie Kelly:

  • like Flynn, wanted to help the FBI get information.
  • But Nauta walked into a perjury trap by agents who talk like Romy and Michelle.

Here’s a closeup of the images Julie shared:

Mike Davis pieced together how Hillary Clinton played a much bigger role than we may have realized in the Mar-a-Lago raid. If Mike’s theory holds true, this would not only explain the deeper meaning behind the Russia hoax but also the real reason surrounding the Mar-a-Lago raid. It turns out all roads lead back to Crooked Hillary, after all.

Mike Davis:

Again, the reason Biden (illegally) raided Trump is because Trump declassified (via memo on 1/19/2021) and kept his personal copy of his Crossfire Hurricane presidential records.

Biden, through his Deputy Counsel White House Jonathan Su, waived Trump’s claim of executive privilege.

Biden AG Merrick Garland personally approved the raid.

These Crossfire Hurricane records are devastating to Obama, Biden, Hillary, Clapper, Comey, and so many others.

They made up the Russian collusion hoax in 2016.

Because Russia almost certainly hacked Hillary’s home server.

Evidencing her Clinton Foundation foreign corruption as Obama’s Secretary of State.

If Russia leaked the hacked material before the election, Hillary wanted to blame a Trump dirty campaign trick—falsely accusing him of colluding with Russia.

Conspiracy theory?

51 former intel agents, working with the CIA, ran the same play with Hunter’s laptop of Biden’s foreign corruption in 2020.

This is a criminal conspiracy.

Trump could have publicly disclosed these declassified Crossfire Hurricane records in his civil lawsuit versus Hillary over the Russian-collusion hoax

Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart, a Democrat operative who bashed Trump on Facebook, was forced to recuse from that case.

Six weeks later, Reinhart’s clear bias against Trump (somehow) didn’t matter anymore. Reinhart approved Biden’s (through Garland and Jay Bratt, now Jack Smith’s counselor) unprecedented, unnecessary, and unlawful raid on Trump.

For presidential records Trump was allowed to have in the Office of the Former President, per the Presidential Records Act.

In other words, Obama and Biden have politicized and weaponized law enforcement and intel agencies to interfere in the 2016, 2020, and 2024 presidential elections against Trump.

Because Obama and Biden know Trump has the goods on their ongoing Russian-collusion criminal conspiracy.

The Trump 47 DOJ must deliver severe consequences.

Source:  revolver.news 

  •  Additionally or alternatively, the Court will reaffirm criminal statutes do not apply to the President, unless they are explicit. The Court will remand Jack Smith’s January 6th case to DC Obama Judge Tanya Chutkan for an evidentiary hearing. Her decision is immediately appealable to the DC Circuit. And to the Supreme Court could take the case again before trial.
  • The Court’s likely holding will also substantially affect Fani Willis’ January 6th case—and may affect Jack Smith’s presidential-records case. And the Supreme Court’s Fischer decision will destroy two of Jack Smith’s four January 6th charges against Trump. Only 20% of Jack Smith’s January 6th case will remain.
  • The case will not get tried before the election. Bottom line: This will be a historic win for President Trump—and the presidency and our country.