Trump’s VP Pick Will Stun The World, [DS] Believes That Illegals Will Vote, They Won’t – Ep. 3373


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Trump’s VP Pick Will Stun The World, [DS] Believes That Illegals Will Vote, They Won’t
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The economy in California is now imploding, California needs to reduce funding for police, prisons and public safety, this will just make things worse. Job numbers do not make sense, unemployment rises to 4%. Cutting the rates will bring down the market. Fake news is pushing gold. Centralization is now being dismantled world wide. The [DS] is struggling because nothing they have done to remove Trump is working. They only have a couple of options left but this will just make it worse for them. Trump’s VP pick will stun the world. The [DS] is continuing the invasion of this country with illegals, they believe they will be able to have them vote, Trump counters this agenda with, they won’t. This election will not be like any other election we had before. This is all about destroying the [DS], it’s all about the 2024 election.



As California Faces Massive Deficit, Newsom Proposes Reducing Funding For Police, Prisons, And Public Safety



Full-time workers: -625K

Part-time workers: +286K

  •  with the unemployment rate to 4.0%. This is the biggest drop in full-time employment since December 2023. It’s also the first month with 4.0%+ unemployment since February 2022. How is this a “strong” labor market?
Democrats Rally Behind The Economy As Election Approaches
  • Democrats are increasingly optimistic about America’s economy despite signs that growth is slowing and inflation has accelerated.
  • A month ago, thirty-two percent of Democrats said they thought the economy was getting better, according to a survey by the Economist and YouGov. Thirty-five percent said the economy was staying about the same and 28 percent said it was getting worse.


  •   years, such high real rates have typically occurred prior to a recession. Meanwhile, the market is pricing just 1 rate cut in 2024, down from 7 forecasted in January. “Higher for longer” is weighing on the economy.


  to create a multipolar global financial system that is less dependent on the US dollar, is slowly materializing. Interesting times ahead. Source: Simon Peter LinkedIn

  •   need to be shrewd with where they put their hard-earned money. One such place many have turned to recently is precious metals, specifically gold.





Geopolitical/Police State

  •   about the weaponization of the system against Trump



HOT MIC: Biden Caught on Hot Mic Telling Macron His Team’s Plan to Get Him Out of D-Day Celebration Early (VIDEO)  

  • Joe and Jill Biden arrived in Normandy on Thursday to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day.
  • Biden is spending 5 days in France, attending D-Day ceremonies in Normandy and visiting with French President Emmanuel Macron.
  • As usual, Joe Biden was a humiliation on the world stage.
  • He sat down in an invisible chair, boasted about killing Russians, fell asleep and was whisked away from the celebrations by Nurse Jill. 
  • Joe Biden was caught on a hot mic telling Macron his team’s plan to extract him from the D-Day celebrations early as they were walking near the beaches.
  • “My advance team said I gotta be the first one to leave because I hold people up,” Biden said sounding like a 5-year-old.
  • Embarrassing!
  • WATCH:

Feds send millions of taxpayer dollars to the Taliban

  • Much of that taxpayer funding is transferred to the Taliban goes through nongovernmental organizations receiving foreign aid.
  • After two decades at war with the Taliban, the U.S. government is now sending millions of taxpayer dollars to the terrorist group.
  • A recently released federal watchdog report shows that the U.S. government has sent at least $11 million to the Taliban since the 2021 withdrawal of U.S. troops. But experts and even the federal watchdog estimate the number is much higher.
  • “The U.S. government has continued to be the largest international donor supporting the Afghan people since the former Afghan government collapsed and the Taliban returned to power in August 2021,” the federal watchdog, SIGAR, wrote in its report. “Since then, the U.S. government has provided more than $2.8 billion in humanitarian and development assistance to help the people of Afghanistan.”


Germany reveals plan for citizens if Russia attacks, following threats by Putin: Subway bunkers, food rationing, compulsory conscription and evacuations

  • Germany has updated its strict wartime measures for the first time since the Cold War as the country’s leaders prepare for the possibility of conflict by the end of the decade.
  • The Federal Government has presented shocking new changes that could see Germany return to compulsory conscription, the evacuation of citizens and food rationing if war breaks out on the continent.
  • In the event of war, Germany would also look to protect its civilian population by facilitating makeshift bunkers in the subway, preparing hospitals for a sudden spike in the number of patients and storing emergency food reserves in secret locations.
  • Wartime measures would also impose outright bans on people quitting their jobs in key sectors, forcing the media to publish updates and order companies to only produce goods for defence purposes.
  • In the worst case scenario, the government is prepared to ration and stockpile food to ensure civilians receive one hot meal per day while stockpiling water for firefighting purposes.


  •   weaponry, after Ukraine used US-made missiles to strike inside Russia earlier this week. This could be the opening stages of another Cuban Missile Crisis… We are inching closer to nuclear escalation.

False Flag On The Horizon? The Strange Case Of The Destroyed Russian Nuclear Radar

  • In the past two weeks Ukraine has taken credit for at least two separate strikes on peculiar targets – Russian “over the horizon” radar stations using drones with an impressive flight range of at least 1200 miles. Until this point, long range attacks into Russian territory have been exceedingly rare. So, why these specifics radar stations?
  • The Voronezh-DM stations were positioned outside the city of Orsk and the region of Krasnodar (Armavir); far away from the front lines in Ukraine. The strikes are being hailed as the furthest Ukraine has attacked into the heart of Russia, but the corporate media has ignored the wider implications of the situation.
  • It is likely that the drones used were of US or European origin. NATO has (until the past couple of days) enforced tight restrictions on how their weapons can be used by Ukraine. Long range drones and cruise missiles hitting targets deep in Russia invites major blowback, including the threat of a nuclear response.
  • The Ukrainians supposedly defied NATO restrictions, not once, but twice, to target radar systems that have nothing to do with them.
  • Instead of attacking vital strategic resources like oil refineries or ammo depots, Russia’s nuclear defenses are being systematically hobbled. Why?
  • In other words, there’s no way that these attacks were accomplished by Ukraine without extensive help and approval from the US or European command. I question the notion that a Ukrainian pilot was even remotely flying the drones. We’re talking about some of the most closely defended radar stations in the whole of Russia.

First, the targeting of Russian nuclear defenses might make the Kremlin believe they are being prepped for a nuclear strike. Why else would their ballistic radar be singled out? This means they will be on high alert for a possible nuclear exchange. Not good.

Second, the Voronezh-DM stations are used to identify FALSE POSITIVE alerts of nuclear attack. Meaning, if there a weapon is used against Russia that mimics a high altitude ballistic missile, their ability to detect that it’s NOT a nuke has been reduced. They might launch their own warheads in response to a non-nuclear strike (a fake strike or false flag).

Third, Armavir and other stations could be used to record ballistic missile activity well outside Russian air space (in places like the Middle East). It’s possible these strikes were meant to blind Russia and stop them from detecting missile events that are unrelated to the Ukraine war.



False Flags


Study: COVID Shots Possibly Fueled Millions of Deaths in 47 Countries Since Beginning of the Pandemic Due to “Adverse Events”

  • A recently released significant study has confirmed the suspicions of so-called COVID “conspiracy theorists” by suggesting a link between the COVID-19 shot and millions of excess deaths worldwide.
  • As GB News reported on Tuesday, scientists from the Netherlands’ Vrije Universiteit discovered despite the rollout of 13.5 billion COVID vaccines across the globe, excess mortality remained shockingly high. These findings were published in BMJ Public Health.
  • The scientists wrote that this “new” information raised “serious concerns.” They then elaborated on adverse events that have been reported following the introduction of the Fauci ouchie, including severe injuries and deaths.
  • “Although COVID-19 vaccines were provided to guard civilians from suffering morbidity and mortality by the COVID-19 virus, suspected adverse events have been documented as well,” the authors wrote. “Both medical professionals and citizens have reported serious injuries and deaths following vaccination to various official databases in the Western World.”
  • The study goes on to note there have been over 3 million excess deaths in 47 western countries between 2020 and 2022. These include the United States, Australia, and nations in Europe.


  actually died from something else entirely.











  •    in public; they cannot stop us sniggering behind our hands. And we are. Because this is still a joke; a bad joke. A sinister joke. But a joke. And come November, we’re willing to bet, President Donald J. Trump will have the last laugh.”