• A new plan from House lawmakers would automatically register men for a potential military draft when they hit age 18, avoiding potential legal consequences connected to failing to file the paperwork at the proper time.
  • Language included in the House Armed Services Committee’s draft of the annual defense authorization bill would mandate the automatic registration of all males between ages 18 and 26 living in America in the Selective Service System, the federal database used for a military draft in case of a national emergency.
  • The system hasn’t been used for that purpose for 52 years, but men who fail to register can face a host of legal consequences, including forfeiture of eligibility for federal programs and possible jail time.
  • But the number of individuals who have skipped registering has increased in recent years, in large part because registration options were removed from the federal student loan process two years ago. That had accounted for nearly a quarter of all registrations in prior years.
  • Source: defensenews.com 
  • Question: If a man dresses up as woman is the person entered into the draft?
  • If a women is dresses up as a man is this person entered into the draft?
  • What if there is no gender?
  • It seems there are a lot of loop holes?

CYBERCOM, DARPA pen agreement to speed up advanced cyberwarfare research

  • U.S. Cyber Command and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency signed a binding memorandum this month that carves out pathways needed to expedite research and development of advanced cyberware technologies in the Department of Defense.
  • The agreement, announced by the two Pentagon agencies this week, establishes budgets, roles and governance structures needed to swiftly move cyber technologies “from the laboratory to the cyber battlefield,” they said.
  • The move centers DARPA — the research giant focused on advanced technology for U.S. military capabilities — as the frontrunner entity that provides projects to be loaded into CYBERCOM’s software suite. The memorandum follows the 2022 establishment of Constellation, the agreement’s cornerstone pilot program focused on transmitting advanced hacking capabilities to American cyberspace combatants.
  • Under the agreement, R&D programs would be chosen by DARPA and executed by the Orion Consortium, a joint group that includes DARPA contributors and CYBERCOM engineers.

Source: nextgov.com