• Gold reached a new record of $2,454.20 per ounce on Monday as markets price in Fed rate cuts.
  • The consensus estimate on Wall Street right now is for two 25-basis-point reductions this year.
  • The metal is leading a broader commodity that’s seen copper and silver also hit new highs.

Source: markets.businessinsider.com 


SIGNED INTO LAW: Alabama Abolishes Income Taxes on Gold and Silver

  •   Alabama Governor Kay Ivey today signed a bill that removes all income taxes on capital gains from the sale of gold and silver, enabling the state to take an important step forward in reinforcing sound money principles.
  • With this move, Alabama joins a growing number of states prioritizing the protection of citizens against the deleterious effects of inflation, currency debasement, and mounting federal debt.
  • Enactment of Senate Bill 297 makes Alabama the 13th state in the nation that does not impose capital gains taxes on sales of gold and silver.

Source: moneymetals.com