WW3 Scare Event, If You Know Your Opponents Moves…, Red October – Ep. 2838


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WW3 Scare Event, If You Know Your Opponents Moves…, Red October
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The Dutch farmers are pushing back, the world is watching. The [CB]/[WEF] plan is failing, the lies from the criminal syndicate leaders is not working and the people are waking up. It’s time to remove the [CB]. The [DS] is now pushing everything they have, it is all backfiring on them. They are leading the country into destruction and this destruction is now seen by all. The scare event is approaching and this will shake the population to it’s core and it will expose those that want war. The people will not go along with this plan. What happens if you know your opponents moves, countermeasures in place, Red October.



Havana announces blackouts, cancels carnival as crisis deepens 

  •   The Cuban capital of Havana will begin electricity blackouts in August, has canceled carnival and is taking other measures as the country’s energy crisis worsens, state media reported on Saturday.
  • The capital, home to a fifth of the population of 11.2 million and center of economic activity in Cuba, had been spared the daily power outages of four or more hours that the rest of the island has endured for months.
  • Blackouts have sparked a few small local protests this summer and a year ago in July fueled a day of unprecedented unrest across the country as discontent boiled over.

Source: reuters.com

BOOM! Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro DESTROYS Leonardo DiCaprio for tweet about Amazon Rainforest: You want to change the whole world, but never yourselves!

  • Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has hit back at actor Leonardo DiCaprio’s false claims about burning in the Amazon Rainforest.
  • This is not the first time Bolsonaro has criticized DiCaprio’s militancy against Brazil. DiCaprio wrote a tweet with a video in which he allegedly points out an increase in deforestation in the Amazon starting in 2019.
  • Bolsonaro criticized the actor’s arguments and brought new facts that refute the information written by DiCaprio.
  • The Brazilian president also criticized DiCaprio’s silence on the forest fires that have been occurring in Europe.
  • Bolsonaro also brought up current data regarding the Amazon Rainforest, such as the fact that Brazil is the country that most preserves forests in the world.
  • Bolsonaro: “But don’t worry, Leo, unlike the places you are pretending not to see by brilliantly playing the role of a blind man, Brazil is and will carry on being the nation that most preserves. You can carry on playing with your Hollywood star toys as we do our job”.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

  •  there are several western nations who see the ‘climate change” energy transformation as an economic kamikaze mission… and that reality is upsetting those who control the larger western alliance agenda.
  • Factually, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is not only a nationalist leader for his country, Brazil itself is in an emerging economic relationship within the BRICS group (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa).  The BRICS group are not in ideological or geopolitical alignment with the World Economic Forum (WEF) climate change instructions known as Build Back Better.  This lack of ideological synergy is one of the reasons we see a joint effort between the U.S. State Dept and U.S. intelligence group to target Jair Bolsonaro for removal.  [Watch Bolsonaro w/ Tucker Carlson]
  • There will eventually be an inflection point within the EU as the desires of the ideological leaders run into the reality of the situation.  [ex. Dutch farm protests]
  • Additionally, southeast Asia (ASEAN group) represents an almost impossible region to shift away from traditional oil, coal, gasoline and food derivatives that need fertilizer and natural gas etc.  And everyone knows China is not going to go along with the ‘climate’ nonsense.
  • The ‘climate change agenda‘ has always been about a small group of individuals who are pushing this. Remember something, we don’t need them, they need us 

Source: theconservativetreehouse.com

Poll: 4 in 10 Americans Forced to Cut Back on Groceries Due to Bidenflation
  •  Americans have been forced to change their habits.According to the survey, 45.3 percent of Americans have had to cut back their spending on groceries, and 59.4 percent said they are now going out to eat less often as the result of inflation.
  • Another 48 percent said they are driving less, and 45.4 percent said they are postponing or canceling vacations/travel plans due to rising costs.
  • All the while, all indicators point to the U.S. economy in the state of recession after two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth:


Source: breitbart.com

  • Right before the pandemic would hit a few months later…. Despite two years of doomsayer predictions from Wall Street’s professional punditry, all of them saying Trump’s 2017 steel and aluminum tariffs on China, Canada and the EU would create massive inflation, it just wasn’t happening!
  •  unleashing the energy sector to drive down overall costs to consumers and industry outputs was a key part of President Trump’s America-First MAGAnomic initiative.  Lower energy prices help the worker economy, middle class and average American more than any other sector.
  •   Notice how food prices had very low year-over-year inflation, 0.5 percent.  That is a combination of two key issues: low energy costs, and the fracturing of Big Ag hold on the farm production and the export dynamic:
  • For the previous twenty years food prices had been increasingly controlled by Big Ag, and not by normal supply and demand.   The commodity market became a ‘controlled market’. U.S. food outputs (farm production) was controlled and exported to keep the U.S. consumer paying optimal prices.
  • President Trump’s trade reset was disrupting this process.  As farm products were less exported the cost of the food in our supermarket became reconnected to a ‘more normal’ supply and demand cycle.  Food prices dropped and our pantry costs were lowered.
  •   remember all those MSM hours and newspaper column inches where the professional financial pundits were claiming Trump’s tariffs were going to cause massive increases in prices of consumer goods?
  • Well, exactly the opposite happened [BLS report] Import prices were continuing to drop:

[Table 1 – BLS report link]

Source: theconservativetreehouse.com


In First 30 Days After Roe Overturned, 61% Of Abortion Clinics Closed In Red States

  • The overturning of Roe v Wade has been a massive success.
  • According to a report from The Guttmacher Institute, over 60% of abortion clinics in red states with strict abortion laws have closed in just the first 30 days since Roe v Wade was overturned.
  • The Post Millennial reported: 


The Guttmacher Institute, in a new report, looked at 11 Republican-led states that have implemented near-total or total bans on abortion: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Ohio, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Texas.

These states had a total of 71 clinics providing abortions prior to the Supreme Court’s June 24 ruling. As of July 24, 28 of these clinics remain, with all being located in states with six-week abortion bans: Georgia, Ohio, South Carolina and Tennessee. In all, 61 percent of abortion clinics in these states have closed.

  • States with no remaining abortion clinics:
  • Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Texas.
  • States that lost abortion clinics but still have some:
  • Tennessee, Ohio, South Carolina, and Georgia.
Source: thegatewaypundit.com

FBI Seth Rich Document Dump: Emails Mention Robert Mueller and Hillary Clinton in Association With Rich’s Death 

  • For years, the FBI has denied that they had any documents on the death of Seth Rich. Now, we know they had thousands of documents on his death, including emails mentioning Robert Mueller, suggesting he knew who the hitman was and Hillary Clinton.


  • The problem with these emails is that we don’t know what is in the redacted portions and therefore it is impossible to say with certainty what they mean, but they do seem provocative.

  • From The Gateway Pundit
  • For years Attorney Ty Clevenger requested this information on the case from the FBI.
    in 2021 the FBI released the information without notifying Clevenger.
  • Now this…
    The FBI documents included these two documents that mention Robert Mueller and Hillary Clinton from pages 134 and 135.
  • This email mentions Mueller holding the name of the hitman.
  • This email says Clintons hired to murder Seth Rich.
  • No explanation is given.

Source: djhjmedia.com/

Geopolitical/Police State

  • Tesla CEO Elon Musk filed a countersuit against Twitter, intensifying his legal battle with the social media platform over pulling out of his $44 billion agreement to buy out the company.
  • The 164-page lawsuit was filed under seal just minutes before the 5 p.m. judge imposed deadline.
  • Musk’s lawsuit comes hours after Chancellor Kathaleen St. J. McCormick of a Delaware court ordered a five-day trial beginning October 17 to determine if Musk can walk away from the deal.

Source: townhall.com

  • One America News (OAN) is AMAZING, with great ratings and a REALLY loyal following. Despite it being so good, VERIZON, for purely political reasons, will be terminating OAN at the end of this month. Isn’t this “stuff” supposed to be illegal? The good news is that the owners and management of One America News is smart and very wise. They will figure it out!


Zelensky’s elite battalion destroyed – Russia

  • Dozens of neo-Nazis have been eliminated over the last two days, including fighters from the Kraken formation, the military said
  • Russia’s armed forces destroyed an ‘elite assault battalion’ of the Ukrainian president and dozens of fighters from the notorious Kraken neo-Nazi formation,  .“In total, since the beginning of the special military operation, the following have been destroyed: 261 aircraft, 145 helicopters, 1,644 unmanned aerial vehicles, 361 anti-aircraft missile systems, 4,190 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 772 combat vehicles of multiple launch rocket systems, 3,217 field artillery guns and mortars, as well as 4,573 units of special military vehicles, Ukraine had lost almost 5,500 troops, including over 2,000 killed.Regarding its own casualties,

Source: rt.com

Will She or Won’t She? Pelosi Leaves Taiwan Off Asia Trip Itinerary

  • Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) released her Asia trip itinerary Sunday, leaving Taiwan off the list of stops in Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan. Pelosi excluded Republicans from her trip, bringing five Democrats with her. 
  • “Sources said Pelosi will visit Taiwan on Aug. 4 via the US Air Force Base in Clark, Philippines, to meet with Tsai Ing-wen in Taipei. Then, on the afternoon of the 5th, her plane landed at the US Air Force Base in Yokota, Tokyo.”


Pelosi’s statement released Sunday:


The Members of the delegation are:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Chairman Gregory Meeks, Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee
Chairman Mark Takano, Chair of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs
Congresswoman Suzan DelBene, Vice Chair, House Ways and Means Committee
Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi, Member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence; Chair of the Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform
Congressman Andy Kim, Member of the House Armed Services Committee; Member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

No Taiwan visit listed for Pelosi in the statement from her Office. Looks like the Biden Admin and her caved to pressure from China.


  • Because she’s Lonely, and Crazy as a bedbug! She needs to be away from home, especially at this moment, even if it starts World War III.

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump

  • Why is Nancy Pelosi getting involved with China and Taiwan other than to make trouble and more money, possibly involving insider trading and information, for her cheatin’ husband? Everything she touches turns to Chaos, Disruption, and “Crap” (her second big Congress “flop” happening now!), and the China mess is the last thing she should be involved in – She will only make it worse. Crazy Nancy just inserts herself and causes great friction and hatred. She is such a mess!!!

False Flags

New York City declares monkeypox a public health emergency

  •  Officials in New York City declared a public health emergency due to the spread of the monkeypox virus Saturday, calling the city “the epicenter” of the outbreak.
  • The announcement Saturday by Mayor Eric Adams and health Commissioner Ashwin Vasan said as many as 150,000 city residents could be at risk of infection. The declaration will allow officials to issue emergency orders under the city health code and amend code provisions to implement measures to help slow the spread.
  • In the last two days, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul declared a state disaster emergency declaration and the state health department called monkeypox an “imminent threat to public health.
  • The virus spreads through prolonged and close skin-to-skin contact as well as sharing bedding, towels and clothing. In Europe and North America, it has spread primarily among men who have sex with men, though health officials emphasize that the virus can infect anyone.

Source: thehill.com

  • Researchers warn <insert anything> can give you a heart attacks
  • Now that Biden has COVID again & knows he is contagious even after 4 shots, he has absolutely zero moral authority to force a needle into anyone serving in our military, any & all federal employees, absolutely every single medical worker nationwide, & all foreign visitors. It is an outrage that this vax lie continues. Our nation’s security is at the highest risk levels we’ve been at in decades due to the sheer abuse by this WH & THE WEF elites. “We won’t be fooled again  “
  • Joe Biden’s second bout of Covid, sometimes referred to as the China Virus, was sadly misdiagnosed by his doctors. He instead has Dementia, but is happily recovering well. Joe is thinking of moving, part time, to one of those beautiful Wisconsin Nursing Homes, where almost 100% of the residents miraculously, and for the first time in history, had the strength and energy to vote – even if those votes were cast illegally. Get well soon, Joe!


Greg Phillips and Catherine countered the DS cheats, now they are decided to make mobile drop boxes. 

WTH is this about!

Biden Creating Permanent U.S. Postal Service Division to Deliver and Return Ballots in US Elections

  • The corrupt Biden gang is creating a division in the U.S. Postal Service for handling delivering and returning mail-in ballots during elections.  What could possibly go wrong?
  •  this week the Biden gang announced a new division in the USPS dedicated to ballot management.   


  • The Democrats will never stop cheating because this is how they win. 

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

BREAKING: Dominion Voting Machines FAIL Testing for Colorado Secretary of State Recount — Major Discrepancy Reported with Logic and Accuracy Testing 

  • Dominion Voting machines in El Paso County, Co. have reportedly produced large numbers of adjudications in their Logic and Accuracy test for the upcoming hand recount of the 2022 Primary election.  The recount was ordered (and paid for) by some of the candidates, including Mesa Clerk Tina Peters and El Paso senate candidate Linda Zamora Wilson, who had her election inexplicably overturned AFTER it had been called by local news without any explanation.
  • According to Jim Wiley of ColoradoRecount.com:
  • The L&A consisted of 4,000 ballots.  2,200, around 60%, were reportedly kicked out for adjudication.  Two Dominion employees were present and it still can’t be run correctly.  Teams of judges are reviewing the ballots as part of the adjudication process.
  • The candidates were required to pay for the cost of the recount, including $10,000 allocated to “vendor programming/support”



Source: thegatewaypundit.com

BREAKING: El Paso Colorado Team to File Lawsuit at 8AM in El Paso County, Colorado – Calling on Sheriff to Act – Detain Voting Machines for Forensic Audit

  • This morning a lawsuit will be filed in El Paso County, Colorado, at 8 AM.
  • The lawsuit will address the issues and apparent corruption in the recent Colorado primary.
  •   Secretary of State in Colorado, Jenna Griswold, sent her top legal team to the county to manipulate and control the recount of the primary results in that county.
  • In response, those calling for the recount, and forced to pay over $200,000 to perform the recounts across the state, are calling in the Sheriff this morning.  They are filing a report and asking that the voting machines used in the county be set aside and a forensic audit of the machines be performed.

  • This morning the the El Paso team will file a lawsuit in El Paso County, Colorado.  They will demand the Dominion machines be detained for a forensic audit. 

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

  • 275/3143 County GOPs (8.7%) have passed a resolution declaring the 2020 election fraudulent.


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.328


It takes time to reach the public domain.
Why were the ‘McCabe Memos’ released to the NYT >>> [RR] ‘wear a wire’?
What did they think was about to drop?
Did the delay and smear tactics used by D’s re: Justice K help R’s re: public support / endorsement re: confirmation & NOV 6 E?
Did select D’s expose themselves re: leaks / release of confidential personal info, [CDE[F]?
If you know your opponents move(s)….

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