How do you introduce evidence legally

All the evidence that Mueller collected can be used against the [DS]

All The Evidence That Jack collects can be used against the [DS]

  • Special “Prosecutor“ Jack Smith is illegally leaking massive amounts of confidential information to the Fake News Media. He and his entire family are known Trump Haters. He should be removed by the corrupt DOJ, at once!
  • The Biden Department of Injustice, together with all of the corrupt, TRUMP HATING, puppeteers that surround Joe Biden, and are destroying our Country, are going all out with ELECTION INTERFERENCE through the use of Fake, Partisan, and Corrupt Prosecutors. The people of the United States will not stand for this perversion of our Elections, and Constitution itself. At some point they will say, as our Country is going to Hell, WE’RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!


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Apr 14, 2020 6:33:33 PM EDT
Win by any means necessary.
All assets will be deployed this election.


Apr 14, 2020 4:33:11 PM EDT
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You are witnessing the systematic destruction of the old guard.