Ep 2457a – How Do You Defeat The [CB], You Give The People A Choice

2 thoughts on “Ep 2457a – How Do You Defeat The [CB], You Give The People A Choice

  • April 21, 2021 at 8:30 am

    How could you be sure that the deep state is not in control of cryptocurrencies? How can you be sure that they wont hack the blockchain technology and cause the cryptocurrency to crash? Have you considered the fact that maybe the deep state created the cryptocurrency just distract people from purchasing physical gold and silver? Remember and you say it all the time, the deepstate had it planned for a very long time! Dont you think they wouldn’t have considered all parameters (the psychology of people to purchase gold and silver during an economical crisis; the price of gold and silver; treating gold like a tier 3 asset etc) before launching the great reset??

    I mean think about it!! If cryptocurrency never existed, it would be the price of precious metals going up because more and more people would be buying them up !! And this what the deep state DONT WANT!!

    Bitcoin is all technology! If the power goes out nationwide, how could you use it? How would have Bitcoin saved those Texans during the last snow storm??

    I seriously believe that you need to do more in depth research about these cryptocurrencies before promoting it. All that glitters dont shine my friend

  • April 21, 2021 at 10:05 am

    I think you have it wrong with Bitcoin Dave. Bitcoin has 64% of its mining in China. That’s why Trump didn’t like it. He did supper cryptos. Just not Bitcoin. It is the highest energy user per transaction of all cryptos. If you dig into cryptos further your will find that XRP, XLM, XDC are the chosen ones. There are several other. Just not Bitcoin. That is a distraction for the masses.


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