Ep 2492a – [CB] Exposes Playbook For All To See, Event Initiated For Great Reset, Right On Schedule


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️️The [DS]/[CB] are doing exactly what the patriots want, they believe its safe, so they are emerging from the shadows. [JB] imports oil from Iran. The [CB] is moving forward with their Great Reset. The Fed expands it’s mandate on it’s own to push the Great Reset. EU is looking to control the entire population using single sign on. The [CB] followed their playbook and created another event, this time with the meat industry. The creator of Cardano network says the [CB] does not have a chance against the decentralization.

Posted on June 1, 2021

One thought on “Ep 2492a – [CB] Exposes Playbook For All To See, Event Initiated For Great Reset, Right On Schedule

  • June 1, 2021 at 11:54 pm

    I hereby declare this news media outlet as well as all others as the fakest thing I have ever witnessed! I been watching for months now and x22 report says the same things in every episode! Such as…. months ago the ds or cb had been taken down and Trump and the patriots had already won the battle… but yet you just turn around and say the ds or cb is panicking over an audit? Wth? You said months ago that they had been taken down but thats a lie cause I see they are still in control of our country and making changes daily! Therefore x22 report only gives the American people false hope! Period! It don’t take a rocket scientist to see that this media channel is nothing more than a hoax just like all other main stream media… thats my opinion on the matter! Yall still reporting about a cabal that was supposed to have taken down months ago but still tell the people that they are the ones responsible for all the corrupt agendas that gets pushed more and more every single day!! Its no wonder this country has went to hell in a handbrake! The people can’t even find out any truth about anything! Your reports are really weak and make no sense at all… everything you say contradicts the previous report and I hope you don’t expect the audience to remain stupid enuff to not notice…. I apologize in advance for being so blunt but I’m sick and tired of all the lies being thrown every direction when you try to find some simple truth!


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