Ep 2533a – [CB] Supply Chain Narrative Begins, The People Are Going To See It All


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[JB] is now losing the narrative, Trump and the patriots made it impossible for the [CB] to keep the narrative and have the people believe it. The [CB] is left with no alternative but to proceed quickly with their plan to shut down the supply chains, the patriots are prepared for this, countermeasures are in place.

Posted on July 21, 2021

One thought on “Ep 2533a – [CB] Supply Chain Narrative Begins, The People Are Going To See It All

  • July 22, 2021 at 7:20 am

    Great show, I have been a host for several years on WJR, 760am the Rich Paul show, have now switched over to commercial’s. This is Detroit’s biggest station, 50,000 watts, heard all the way to Cleveland.I know this is crunch time and would like to contribute by promoting your show. I have 30 one minute spots and would be willing to sell two of those spots for now, more if we incur a blackout on comms. Cost 1.00 per spot. Would like to maintain an arms length distance so that’s why the dollar. Don’t want the goon squad showing up at my business as it’s a family business. IE, I’am not a know sponsor, I subbed out the purchase. What you paid is a private transaction.
    As a patriot I appreciate and fully support the cause in getting the truth out to the people. Thanks for the effort you put in, in keeping us informed, you’re an awesome patriot!



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