Ep 2596a – [CB]/[JB] Own The Economic Disaster, No Escape

One thought on “Ep 2596a – [CB]/[JB] Own The Economic Disaster, No Escape

  • October 9, 2021 at 2:31 am

    All the problems that are now appearing, were not a problem until biden ccame into power, indicating that his is the problem. People if you do not see this you are either stupid, or blind and dumb and deserve what you will get. TRUE AMERICANS WE MUST GO OUT AND START BLOCKING THE GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS FROM TRASVELING, FROM MOVING ABOUT, FROM HAVING MEALS AT RESTAURANTS AND BLOCKING THEM IN ANY AND ALL WAYS. WE MUST BEGIN TO PUNISH THEM AND MAKE THEIR LIVES MISERABLE AND IF THE PEOPLE START ATTACKING THE PEOPLE, WE MUST TURN THIS BACK ON THEM.


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