Ep 2642a – [CB] Trapped Themselves In Their Own Plan, Tick Tock

2 thoughts on “Ep 2642a – [CB] Trapped Themselves In Their Own Plan, Tick Tock

  • December 3, 2021 at 4:57 am

    I think 🤔 I discovered more knowledge about Dave, not who he is, I have been observing your videos for awhile now and I saw 👀 on here after watching a video the links on everything you said on X22report news and that’s the difference between an average person just talking about current events, what always got to me was how you know what you’re talking about but you really do know again that’s someone more professional not an average guy, & furthermore I heard about Wendy the Senator from Arizona and the fact Trump endorsed her, it tells me Dave that you have connections, again not just an average person talking about the news of what is happening! I heard you say FLORIDA 😁 I don’t know, maybe 🤔 you know President Trump, & knows about what your doing & that’s basically breaking it all down and letting people know & waking people up with this information! I don’t know anything about you at all, Dave, I am starting to catch on & I’m listening 👂 right now! Loretta Ayers


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