Ep 2673a – The People Know Who Is Responsible, In The End The [DS]/[CB] Will Cease To Exist

2 thoughts on “Ep 2673a – The People Know Who Is Responsible, In The End The [DS]/[CB] Will Cease To Exist

  • January 10, 2022 at 8:55 pm

    Dave, the problem in my state is being legislatively attacked through governor and legislative abuse. Gov. Inslee is prepped to start his STRIKE TEAM. The shelves are definitely diminishing here in
    WA. Their plan is to use the health dept as a rudder for police empowerment to haul people to their FEMA camps, etc. for the non-vaxxed or non-current vax cards. We talk a lot about preparedness here
    which is key. At this point I don’t see enough evidence for the people to move into the next step or die from one or the other. Got answers for that? We are here, now. IF the red states are truly a safe zone from this tyrannical movement or not, people need to know. Talk about crunch time, we are here now.
    Go check out Mike Adams brighteon.com or his other website, naturalnews.com; same story. The GQ alarm must be sounded.

  • January 10, 2022 at 9:49 pm

    It appears to me that the Brits and the Aussies had their weapons removed BEFORE they got hit however, a different plan is being used due to the 2A folks that are waiting for the patriots to enter in. All of the indictments, arrests and talk about intervention may not ever arise in time(timing is KEY) for roadblocking the globalists from both within and without. I notice Trump hasn’t been up here on the left coast very much and many of us here are alarmed. Thanks for covering the subject for us in particular. We know that anybody can be removed from their position quickly; all X22 reports will be moot if these players get ahead one step of the patriots, not two which obviously will be too late for many. Back when Biden had an ankle bracelet, it was a good sign to show that they are singled out. It is time for booster bracelets to be seen on these players or handcuffs. Right now, I can’t seem to grasp Feb 21st Truth Social coming in time and yes, it could be a blue state bluff. Think about that happening in a move script for a western. WESTERN. Getting caught now is a timing issue on who’s part? When someone says to remember the Alamo, my thought is they died as a smoke screen for a coming victory; that I can handle. The GOP needs a three strikes rule to prevent Rinos during their whole time in office, even the supreme court. Truth always works. We must connect the strike force to Antifa, etc. or we will miss the battle. GQ!


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