Ep 2775a – The [CB] Wants Us Broke And Hungry, Narrative Fail

One thought on “Ep 2775a – The [CB] Wants Us Broke And Hungry, Narrative Fail

  • May 17, 2022 at 3:06 am

    Why can’t, or won’t, people realize the Obamiden rulers want to put us where they want us: scrounging food like uncivilized nomads (in dumpsters), siphoning neighbors’ gas to go to work (or look for work), in non-stylish clothes, without Valentine’s Day nor Mother’s Day flowers, no gas and oil for chain saws nor lawn mowers, no bi-annual tax money to avoid foreclosures (unless we’re willing to sell for whatever Chairman Xi or Bill Gates may offer) and, finally, no ability to worship what we want nor be buried traditionally (except in a mass trench). The folks seldom stop to think how many things run on gas and oil or are made into clothes, food containers, nor kitchen utensils from petrol derivatives and distillates.
    All of it is what the Globalists want to make sure they can keep for themselves in “perpetuity” – uhm, however long that may be.
    But, due to the debt system they set up to trap us in (The Federal Reserve Fiat currency scam) they do own it…most of it. We owe them. What if they decide to call in the note…on all of us whom they want to impoverish? What’s the recourse? Solly Challey, no tickee no LAUNDLEY? Is it all a washout for us according to the 1913 agreement, or WHAT?


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