Ep 2863a – Boomerang, Green New Deal Just Fell Apart, [CB]/[WEF] Failed

2 thoughts on “Ep 2863a – Boomerang, Green New Deal Just Fell Apart, [CB]/[WEF] Failed

  • September 1, 2022 at 1:31 pm

    Hello Dave,
    something horrible is happening in Germany.
    Last week spoke a farmer on a TV station. He said something unbelievable. He said that the german
    Ministry for agriculture had sent the wrong data about the situation of the farmland. So the EU
    told german farmers to lower the use of fertilizer. The result is that the flower is now so bad that of it can´t be used for baking. I think they did send the wrong data on purpose!!!! They want to produce hunger and they want to destroy the german economy!!!!

  • September 4, 2022 at 6:16 am

    I like what you discuss in Ep 2863a – Boomerang, Green New Deal Just Fell Apart, [CB]/[WEF] Failed. As far as Electric Vehicles go, one just has to look at things like
    Electric Vehicles (EV) realities
    EVs attract higher insurance premiums
    Loaded with advanced technology and sophisticated parts, for repairs, probably have to take it to a shop ($).
    EV manufacturers are pushing for more laws to restrict a vehicle owner, or anyone but the dealership, from working on EVs.
    Cost of a replacement battery is several thousands of dollars.
    Charging an EV at public charging stations costs much more than if you have a home charging station.
    The cost of installing a charging station at you home can be costly, and often the at home charging demands more current that a typical house can safely provide.
    EVs have low resale value.
    EVs have high registration fees.
    EVs can be shut down with the push of a button by the government or law enforcement.

    The people pushing for these EVs know about this, so the intention must be to drain the consumer of money and leave them helpless and stranded, and probably unemployed.


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