Ep 2979a – The [CB] Is Now Being Challenged, Yellen Intercepts, This Is Just The Beginning

4 thoughts on “Ep 2979a – The [CB] Is Now Being Challenged, Yellen Intercepts, This Is Just The Beginning

  • January 23, 2023 at 10:01 pm

    I hope these damned Republicans just remember how they were able to use their ability to stop certain behaviors, and force OTHER desirable behaviors when they negotiated with the new Speaker of the House. They can use the same technique with the debt ceiling. We passed up the chance before, much to the people’s chagrin. The worst that could happen is the MSM and the left raise hell and protest about it, lie about it, point fingers etc. This they will do anyway, so the only thing is… the worst that can happen is what they will do anyway. But the BEST thing to happen is concessions. We can (and will) force the Dems to make important concessions. OMG they will absolutely go bananas, scream, yell, call names and on and on. In that event, just carry on, continue to work for the people…do what is right, and by doing what is right, doing what is best for the people, we can carry the 2024 elections.
    Imagine…. all the investigations coming to fruition in the summer of 2024, proof left and right, up and down, top to bottom such that 70% of the people understand and stand with us. Maybe only in states like Cal and NY , Wash, Minn, Jersey, the entire Northeast… will the left carry. Fine..let them rot in their own fecal matter. The remainder of the country will follow the simple logic of doing what is best for the people of the USA. No hocus-pocus…fancy talking, obfuscation, or double-speak. For those that like that kinda crap, and agree with that approach..let them have it. Can’t make everyone happy. We gotta save America. In the end, the people will thank us,and about half of the anti-Trumpers, anti-Republican, anti-conservative will join us. Many will claim they always were in our corner. Uh-huh. But, we save this nation, hold the destroyers responsible, and create solid protections of the people’s rights, go Teddy Roosevelt on Big Pharma and Big Tech, Big Media, Big Social Media.
    We take this entire “affair”, this war against humanity… and create another “Nuremburg Code”…. A new “Nuremburg Code” that addresses the new technology.
    We should, IMHO, punish those responsible withoput mercy. By the time this is over, they will have killed millions…possibly BILLIONS, destroyed economies in nations, ruined lives, ruined nations, stolen from an entire generation. Punishment to match the crimes…the crimes against humanity.
    I love God, my family, the USA, and my community, and President Trump and his team.

  • January 23, 2023 at 10:12 pm

    Dr. Scott Young
    He is a Patriot and supports Q and Trump.
    Check out some of his awesome videos.
    Thank you for all you do! I’d be lost without you Dave. 🇺🇸
    I read in a CIA document called “The Bloodlines of the Illuminati” that a family named Payseur is the one who really owns America. Yes, you read right. It was on the CIA website. I was sent there by Cue. Is this true? Have you heard of this family?

  • January 24, 2023 at 6:10 pm

    Hey Dave, never seen your face but that is all right as doing so might destroy the bubble I am in listening to you. Thank you for your research and bringing out what you do on a daily basis. The only reason I am writing is in Listening to your latest interview with Bix Weir He took the Lord’s Name in vain and other cussing which kind of destroys it for my wife and I so could you please get a bleep button and keep that stuff from coming through to our ears?

  • January 25, 2023 at 6:00 pm

    We need to get rid of the Cow at the FED along with the FED itself.


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