Ep 3114b – [DS] Inciting A Rebellion, Patriots Know The Playbook, Clean & Swift, Ammunition Is Finite

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  • July 12, 2023 at 8:33 pm

    1)Biden gave China our air field in Afghanistan right near their nuclear facility
    2)He leaves billions of heavy artillery and military air planes in Afghanistan being acquired by other countries not supporters of the USA.
    3)He sells off our fuel reserves to China which is our emergency fuel reserves and fuel for military actions to defend our country
    4)Now he tells the world our munitions are depleted because he sent our supplies to Ukraine

    is it Treason yet?

  • July 12, 2023 at 10:09 pm

    Thanks, Dave, for this report. You may be interested in my take on what may happen, especially given that it’s based in part on my listening to your reports for the last 2 1/2 years. The following is from my Union of Philadelphia – Constitutional Considerations, available here…


    “The following is an updated vision of how we may get from our current state of the nation (and world) to a nation under the Rule of Law as laid out in a new Constitution. Unlike our current Constitution, the new one makes clear that all power, authority, and responsibility for the consequences of thought, word, and deed vests in each individual as a Point of View of Reality as a Whole, by whatever name or title or descriptor each individual gives it.

    “The first essay was originally drafted in June 2023 and updated in July 2023.

    “Pick a crisis:
    1) Ukraine-Russia
    2) China-Taiwan
    3) The collapsing Central Banking system
    4) Global Warming (being used as an excuse for imposing tyranny)
    5) Civil War

    “The current administration (as part of a world-wide network of wealthy and powerful elites) is desperate to force We The People into penury and serfdom, which requires taking all means of defense away from us, in addition to all wealth any of us may have accumulated, to say nothing of controlling our means of communication, indeed, our very thoughts.

    “Even though we produce the food these people eat, the clothes they wear, the houses they live in, and the cars and planes they drive or fly—to say nothing of providing all the services they take for granted—they call us “useless eaters” and believe we need to be culled to a maximum of 500,000,000 million. See the Georgia Guidestones. Oh, but something, probably a super bolt of lightning, made it necessary to take them down a year ago. Hmmm.

    “Only Reality as a Whole knows the timing, but my guess is that at some time in the next three months, this administration will be told it’s time to act against the threats to their control. Given that there is now growing evidence of military movement across the country, this could already be in play.

    “What could happen is more or less as follows:
    1) Biden ‘resigns’ or ‘is incapacitated under the 25th Amendment’ (perhaps a stroke, given his previous brain aneurysms) or ‘dies.’
    2) Harris becomes pResident and immediately (within a week or so) names M. Obama as VP.
    3) Harris ‘resigns’ or ‘dies’ and M. Obama becomes pResident.
    4) The uproar that causes likely expands over the next month and a half.
    5) On 1 Tisre (September 15/16, 2023), M. Obama (backed by the WEF and the rest of the world-wide deep state) calls for a total lockdown, threatening nuclear fire on Russia, China, India, etc. if they don’t also sit down, shut up and die already. (The excuse may be that all humans of European or Asian ancestry are irredeemably evil and must be eliminated as being useless, worthless, helpless, and hopeless.)
    6) Violation of the lock-down will result in termination with prejudice by the military which has been ordered to enforce this edict. All avenues of communication will be shut down for the duration, and the Emergency Broadcast System will be activated following a Nationwide (and probably worldwide) Address by M. Obama.

    “This will, of course, scare the living daylights out of everyone. But while it appears to be implemented by this administration for the purpose of imposing their agenda, the White Hats (those detailed to act on behalf of Reality as a Whole) will have a completely different agenda.

    “Instead of seeking out the patriots among We The People to kill them, they seek out those at all levels of government and society who have chosen to reject Reality as a Whole and their places in it with the intent of incarcerating them for military tribunals. Any of these people who have taken oaths of office at any point in their lives and then have chosen to break them for their own gain must be considered traitors to the current Constitution and Nation. They need to be brought to account.

    “(It should be noted that this cleanup will likely be world-wide, coordinated at the highest level, but at this point I will only concern myself with what may happen here.)

    “It will likely take a week to ten days for the military to sweep through the cities and states to round up the violent street thugs—most of whom are likely to be terminated with prejudice during this process when they resist these efforts.

    “At the same time, the military will arrest all government officials from local to federal level whose names are in the nearly 200,000 sealed indictments developed over the years, or for whom evidence of wrong doing has been collected over the decades.

    “They will also arrest large numbers of academics and business people in middle and upper management at the multinational businesses in Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Ag, Big Entertainment, Big Education, Big Religion, and Big Banking, and so on for whom they have evidence of wrong doing—many of whom have been convicted out of their own mouths in the Court of Public Opinion.

    “Many of those arrested will protest they did nothing wrong and will resist, at which point they, too, will be terminated with prejudice.

    “I should note that ‘prejudice’ means pre-judgment. The evidence of wrong-doing will justify termination without hesitation should anyone refuse to accept the fact that they are being called to account and choose to resist arrest. This is likely to eliminate a large percentage of those being arrested and reduce the burden on the Military Tribunals.

    “Meanwhile, the Emergency Broadcast System will be used 24/7 during this time frame to educate We The People about the Military Tribunals already held for large numbers of high level traitors for crimes against humanity, with many of these people having been sentenced and executed in the past, their places taken by actors. In other cases, these people have been playing roles under orders and threat of execution.

    “Interspersed will be warnings to stay inside, and if visited by military personnel, not to resist arrest on pain of execution. Also interspersed will be reports on the progress of the operation.

    “On completion of the operation, the Military Command will make clear the United States is to be replaced by the Union of Philadelphia, under the new Constitution. They will provide information about how to access it and the Path to Citizenship. They will also provide the time-line and set the date, time, and place for the Constitutional Convention at which those counties within those states which have ratified the Constitution by that time will make that ratification known for the record.”

    In that report, I include the Constitution for the Union of Philadelphia, a series of articles serving the same purpose as the Federalist Paper did for the original Constitution, and a Q & A about why the name of the nation needs to be changed, and why the Constitution needs to be upgraded to make clear all power, authority, and responsibility for the consequences of thought, word, and deed MUST be vested in each of us as individuals, and why we need the dispute resolution process spelled out.

    Will it happen this way? As you, Dave, keep saying, we’ll have to see how it all plays out.

  • July 12, 2023 at 10:16 pm

    all this talk about “he could`ve finished the wall coulda done this that or the other ,but left it unfinished to show people how screwed up the cheaters are.beggers belief.”how many lives were spent illustrating a point ? someone who would plot this sort of thing deserves no trust or respect,and really makes me question this person or groups motives and allegiances. are BOTH sides deep states khazarian operatives ?,,as in just evil “mostly” deception is evil irrespective of the intentions,,paving the road to hell !

  • July 12, 2023 at 10:54 pm

    X22 Report 3111b
    WH cocaine = underwater pipeline explosion SABOTAGE < CAL 19280 Joe Bidenish COKE addict?
    26 Jun 23 2nd China Spy Balloon
    TERM LIMITS on Two tiered CA CORRUPT Justice System? US? Joe Bidenish COKE addict?

    California has THE key to eliminating crime.
    What's Pencil Neck Shift doing? Joe Bidenish COKE addict?

    CAL 19280+CPC K12, US, World MYSTERY
    2004 CA Rev & Tax Code 19280 = CRIMINALS WORK vs prison, Victim PAID! LESS CRIME gangs PRISONS?

    19280 grants CFTB:
    1) Track down convict (crooked politicians (Wait for it …))
    2)Wage garnish, Job referrals!
    3) Property Liens

    Collections VICTIM PAID!

    CFTB BURDEN (Administrative Fee) CRIMINAL BILLED!
    NOT victim,
    NOT taxpayers
    (IN ADDITION to crime victim)
    CPC 1203(e) 10% annual compounded interest,
    Per payment,
    1995 CA Law Extreme juvenile criminals adult tried
    CPC 1202.040
    6) NO PAROLE, case seal until PAID IN FULL !!!

    KNOWING CONVICTED CRIMINALS, and / or their parents, $$$ LIABLE to their victims, CFTB: WHY become a criminal in the first place? Why join a gang? Why elect incompetent commie pinko SLAVE MAKER COMMIEcrates likeJoe Bidenish COKE addict?

    AG (Senator Kamala Harris (Former CA Attorney General,) Joe Bidenish COKE addict?
    CA Senator Dianne Feinstein recalls her 19280 work; Joe Bidenish COKE addict?
    retiring like Judge McGee who GRANTED my 19280; Rep JIrwin, VP KHarris (Form AG, DA, Senator,) AVOIDS Ventura,NO HELP Hmmm …
    DA (Ventura DA Insptr Chris Morkavic 3x THREAT, 4x Insptr 0 HELP,) Joe Bidenish COKE addict?
    FBI ( 0 HELP,) PROBATION (VCPA head Mark Varela WRITTEN THREAT, ATTEMPTED MURDER(s)) Joe Bidenish COKE addict?
    LAW SCHOOLS / INSTRUCTORS,Joe Bidenish COKE addict?

    3 Jun 15 VJC Judge K J McGee GRANTS 19280 (RETIRES 29 Apr 21, hmmm)
    15 Jun 17 $13,271 VSC Collections Joe Bidenish COKE addict?
    check received ($115,062.50 IRREFUTABLE DELINQUENT Ventura Juvenile Court ordered criminal restitution awarded 5 Sep 95; $2,613,548.42 CPC 1203 (e) 10% annual interest, 30 Jun 23) CFTB, VSCC in CONTEMPT OF 19280 COURT ORDER Joe Bidenish COKE addict?
    CA Judicial Corruption – 19280 (FB)

  • July 13, 2023 at 9:17 am

    It would be wonderful if they translated it into Spanish, because it would help many Hispanics to understand what’s is happening.

  • July 13, 2023 at 10:53 am

    Hope you’re right. Hope I’ll see it. But, though a “foreigner”, “I’m from Missouri” ; they’ll have to show me. 20th Cent., Second-Half History: War in Korea 1950-53; My Memories, U.S. History: War in Vietnam 1954-75; (Elvis & Mohammed Ali resist); LIES my TV told me: Kennedy Assassination Nov. 22, 1963; Twin Towers, Sept. 11, 2001; Iraq War, Mar 2003-2011; Crash: 2012~14, Private Investment Frauds; Hope: “Lock her up” & Nov. 2016 Trump-key-wrench; 2019, More TV LIES: COVID-19 Scam-demic w Phony “cases” statistics, followed by the Clot-Shot, Med. Mask & Murder plague; Hopeless: Fraud-ection / Insull-ection: Nov. 2020 & Jan 2021. Hope: “Movie” & GITMO et. al. Active, 2021- Present; Resurrection: DJT Public Counter-Insurrection Speeches, 2023~. “We’ll see what happens.” MAGA.

  • July 13, 2023 at 7:47 pm


    Remember way back Q said ” Trust Wray”
    Q hasn’t been wrong about anything that I have seen. Maybe Wray IS a sleeper????
    If he is, it’ll make for interesting watching!!!!!

    BRING IT ON SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • July 13, 2023 at 9:19 pm

    Hi Dave
    Thanks for all the great work you do preparing your daily reports – very good summary of events. In episode 3114b you mentioned the Rutherford Institute.org 44 page report about inciting Americans to riot as excuse to impose martial law. Didn’t see the link posted anywhere . Would you please repost on your site or send it to my email?
    Thank you for all you do!

  • July 14, 2023 at 11:59 am

    I have to give you a big round of applause. How you have stayed so positive these years is truly remarkable.


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