Ep 3122a – [CB] Testing [CBDC], People Rejected It, [FF] Event Needed, This Will Fail

3 thoughts on “Ep 3122a – [CB] Testing [CBDC], People Rejected It, [FF] Event Needed, This Will Fail

  • July 24, 2023 at 11:35 pm

    MILITARYJoseAHernandez UNINSURED3Jan18Aug1300/15302016SeaBee RecklessNear HOMICIDE https://codes.findlaw.com/ca/revenue-and-taxation-code/rtc-sect-19280.html JuvCrimlPARENT$WagGarnLIENS+CPC+00CAelectLIABLE? CAJugsLIARS CA Judicial Corruption – 19280 (FB)

    PHPspigger0ARRESTFedFedFed FELONY 21x perjure accident report, FAILING TO ACKNOWLEDGE cyclist helmet cam video
    PHP FELONY TAMPERED video to protect someone. WHO? WHY: CAL 19280!
    CA LawLegalLicenseREVOC+00CAGovnr LwyrJdgsAgDAfbiCopLawSchl/InstrctrsCAELECTED+04
    CRT, NOT 19280 taught K – 12
    Why …
    Google CAL 19280 (19280)
    2004 ENACTED, CA Revenue & Taxation Code 19280 CAN hold convicted criminals FINANCIALLY LIABLE to CFTB (IRS,?) who REPRESENTS THE VICTIM!
    2004 CA LAW enacted SEVENTEEN (17,) YEARS AGO!
    CA Judicial Corruption – 19280 (FB)

    I think because my posts have newspaper clippings, court orders I haven’t been censured because I speak the TRUTH, not just my opinion (Though they’re one and the same.)\

    19280 (Bill Soros, Bill Gates, Obama, Clinton for Covid;) Antifa, Commie / Pinko / Liberal / Southern / Confederate / Nazi / Socialist / DEMON-crate, BlackLivesMatter, being a thug, gang members et al for the NUISANCE they ALL ARE!

    Most of the sound-deadening wall north of Channel Island Blvd (CIB) is made of gray cinder blocks. West most corner before townhouses, constructed of RED BRICKS 475 FT west of Lido Blvd.
    PHP 16-13274 report states Hernandez swerved to avoid hitting ‘SOMETHING’ hitting me in bike lane 132 FT from Lido. PHP refuse to comment on FELONY PERJURY / EVIDENCE TAMPERING, ATTEMPTED MURDER, DUE PROCESS DENIAL

    PHP felony tampered video shows red brick corner. Black PHP cop (PHPn,) in the video says, ‘OK now, I’m gonna remove your helmet,’ NOT EMT! PHPn my helmet on the ground. When picked up
    Video showed me in foreground with ambulance, SeaBee base in background.

    PHP WANTS to go to prison? Or be SECOND 19280 enforcement? 2004 enacted, thus CA (LAW) Revenue & Taxation Code 19280 transfers delinquent criminal restitution collection to CFTB.

    While engaged as 3 Mar 20 Oxnard Election Poll Clerk, a Port Hueneme Cop (PHC,)tried to vote in my precinct. The cop was at the wrong office. I recognized PHC as on of the PH PIGGERS who FELONY PERJURED my 16 Aug 16 ACCIDENT REPORT, FELONY EVIDENCE TAMPERED my helmet cam video, ATTEMPTED MURDER, JUSTICE OBSTRUCTION.


  • July 25, 2023 at 8:05 pm

    Please let me know what you think!!!

    I have a question and don’t know who to pose it to. This hit me like a lightening bolt. I was thinking about the Obamas and the possibility of them, Michelle, coming back to run for presidency to replace Biden. I have another possibility to add. Bear with me, I have a prediction it may sound crazy but think about this before commenting. I have heard rumors for years that Michelle Obama is really “Big Mike.” Don’t know if true or not but a lot of people in high places have commented on it. Now, what if the trans movement was put into place by the Deep State so they could bring Michelle Obama back to run for President, to replace Joe. This would be brought to light by the right, conservatives and expose her. Now that her party is accepting of trans people they would accept her, since we’ve all been exposed to the movement. The right would be vilified because most don’t approve of that movement that has been shoved down everyone’s throat. We now are classified as transphobic and brutally attacked. Just a thought. 🤷‍♀️ What do you think? The trans movement was put in place to soften the shock to Americans about Michael, if indeed Michelle is a guy. Please share your thoughts with me!!!!

  • July 27, 2023 at 10:32 am

    @5:00 The people need to see that the Central bank is nothing more than a huge version of the Gold Dealers in Renaissance Europe when they handed out more note paper than the amount of gold held in their vaults ….
    Russia and China recognized the Blatant Greed of the Central Bank, years ago and that is why they have been buying gold by the ton over the years .. Those countries know that you need gold to back up your $$$$ and not empty promises like the /central bank makes!!!!!

    Brilliant strategy Central bank … Have a CYBER attack which wipes out everything on line and now we want you to put all your money on line where it will be safe… LOL


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