Ep 3122b – The [DS] Is Losing In The Court Of Public Opinion, Panic In DC,Year Of The Boomerang

4 thoughts on “Ep 3122b – The [DS] Is Losing In The Court Of Public Opinion, Panic In DC,Year Of The Boomerang

  • July 24, 2023 at 8:34 pm

    Since I have been following X22report.com it is the best place to get the best narration

  • July 24, 2023 at 10:23 pm

    ‘Sound of Freedom
    X22 report: Ep 3120b – Another Precedent Is About To Be Set,The Plan Is Coming Full Circle,Justice, United,Free

    2004 CAL19280 MYSTERY = convicts WORK, victim cftb PAID = 0 CRIME, GANGS, PRISONS
    20 year mystery!!!

    CA State Auditor WHISTLEBLOWER Act 8547 HARASSMENT PROTECTED! W20130197 7 Mar 13
    Ventura Juvenile Court CONFRONTATION … IMMINENT!, 6 Mar 2023, SEFPE

    FACEBOOK, True Social, Rumble FELONY CENSURE!
    FILE COMPLAINT with CA State Auditor CSA.)

    3Oct13 VCPA phone complaint TRIGGER Ventura Sheriff FELONY HARASSMENT

    29Jan14 Phone confront Medvigy Probation Officer Thad W Ackley III MULTIPLE CPC FELONY VIOLATIONS

    2Feb14 Ventura Probation Head Varela written threat

    15Feb14 CSA AMENDED: W20140074

    11Aug14 1100 VSA-DA Insp Chris Morkavic 19280 THREAT

    12Aug14 1118 VSC-DA Morkavic 2nd threat
    20Apr15 VSJC Judgment Renewal. My courtesy return call met with insults followed by our meeting @ Dumb Ass office, then again in public

    3Jun15 VJC Judge Kevin J McGee 19280 Court Order granted; Kindly renews Civil Judgment TWICE DENIED VJC (Now VSC,) Judge Manuel J Corvarruleus. McGee retired.

    4Aug15 VSC-DA Amy Solis Assigned

    3Jan16 Wellness Center Danial Aguliar 19280 effort explanation PHP
    wetback van attempted murder

    23Feb16 VSC-DA, Inspector Barry Jeffrey assigned




    CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT: Unconstitutional lock down by
    Juvenile criminal PARENTS LIABLE for CA court ordered criminal restitution when enacted CAL 19280 COURT ORDERS CA Franchise Tax Board (CFTB,) who COLLECTS for VICTIM, then CFTB financial burden billed to parents! Wage garnishment, Employment assistance; Property assessment, liens, confiscation, sale, … Proceeds to victim

    CPC: 95 juvenile criminal adult upgrade; Parole denial, CA restriction
    2000+ CA elect LIABLE? CA Judges, lawyers (LIARS! …)

    10Jan23 owed $115,512.50 of $150,000 VJ Court Ordered criminal restitution 5-Sep-1995 (27.35 YEARS AGO.) $2,486,333.11 ($2.4 MILLION,) cpc 1203(e) 10% compounded interest

    CA Franchise Tax Board 2004 CA Rev & Tax Code 19280 18 Jun 2015 (7.56 YEARS AGO,) VJC granted CONTEMPT OF COURT

    2005 VJC Judge Brian J Back could have enacted CAL 19280; Instead order me to file a judgment to continue receiving $75 per month criminal restitution.

    Convicted Felonies: ARSON, Burglary Stephen Andrew Medvigy was paroled on 18th birthday owing $148,400.00 of $150,000 court ordered criminal restitution.

    CA criminals politicians don’t hold criminals liable for the unnecessary
    pain suffering they cause. CA corruption places BURDEN of collection what’s owed on the victim

    Only candidates experienced with CAL 19280, and CA Penal Codes should be considered.

    CAL 19280 taught K-12 teach juveniles, parents crime will cost criminals.
    CA elected officials, corrupt judicial system need to be held financially

    CA Judicial Corruption – 19280 (FB)

  • July 25, 2023 at 3:29 am

    Joe and HRC came on the scene about the same time!!!

  • July 28, 2023 at 2:18 pm

    @33:00 … Story on the bully … a vital point being missed … YES the teacher DID see the actions of the bully BUT the Deep State does NOT want the common man to feel free to defend themselves … That is why the teacher jumped on the innocent kid and claimed he was the danger … Look how they are trying to undermine the self defense laws … Schools are brain wash factories …

    @ 45:12 … Jack smith … Spending $25 million …. No not on the investigation … He LAUNDRIED the money … Remember. there is no oversight where these agencies spend their money … They are black holes ….


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