Ep 3377b – Change Of Batter,Cyber Attack,Cuban Missile Crisis Narratives Building,Eric For The Win

3 thoughts on “Ep 3377b – Change Of Batter,Cyber Attack,Cuban Missile Crisis Narratives Building,Eric For The Win

  • June 13, 2024 at 3:26 am

    I appreciate your daily X22 Reports. I encourage you to read the following article published by “BleepingComputer” on June 9, 2024 entitled “Malicious VSCode extensions with millions of installs discovered.” A group of Israeli researches explored the security of Visual Studio Code marketplace and found thousands of extensions with malware or malicious code with millions of installs. They found the following: 1,283 extensions with known malicious code (229 million installs); 8,161 extensions communicating with hardcoded IP addresses; 1,452 running unknown executables; and 2,304 extensions that are using another publisher’s Github repo, indicating they are a copycat. “Microsoft’s lack of stringent controls and code reviewing mechanisms on the VSCode Marketplace allows threat actors to perform rampant abuse of the platform, with it getting worse as the platform is increasingly used.” https://bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/malicious-vscode-extensions-with-millions-of-installs-discovered/

    Components of the Dominion Democracy Suite 5.10: EMS (Prog Lang: C#), ICP2 (Prog Lang: C/C++), ICX (Prog Lang: Java), ICE (Prog Lang: C/C++), ICC (Prog Lang: C/C++), and ADJ (Prog Lang: ADJ). The ICC module (ImageCast Central Count) and the EMS Module are developed using Micrsoft Visual C++.
    References: Google “Dominion Voting Systems D-Suite 5.17 Test Report” and “Minnesota Secretary of State-Elections Division Dominion Democracy Suite Certification Report.”

    I think the recent reporting of millions of downloads of VScode extensions to Microsoft Visual Studio IDE has opened the door for massive amounts of software in DoD and across all industries to be vulnerable or already infected with malware. Microsoft’s VScode Marketplace is the trojan horse as every Visual Studio IDE user is probably using some kind of VScode plugin. Visual Studio will automatically suggest plugins and the software developer just clicks “OK” to have them installed in their IDE. The suggestions come from detected Mime types (file extensions), and it just grows itself organically. Developers really don’t know what they are running, but trust Microsoft is doing the right thing. Apparently they are not. With 229 million installs of malicious code in VScode extensions used in Visual Studio IDE by software developers…. the door has been opened and I would not be surprised if many critical systems across the world and every western nation are not vulnerable or already infected with malware.

    I will let you draw the connection to Dominion voting systems.

  • June 13, 2024 at 2:26 pm

    Dave, thanks for telling us the real truth! That makes it better knowing how things stand. God bless you sir, and Donald Trump!

  • June 13, 2024 at 6:58 pm

    I wont want Hiliary Clinton she sold America USA out when she was secretary of state and Michelle Obama was just a first lady with no experience as a politician , no leadership experience, niether one would I vote for! I would vote for Donald J Trump even if he was guilty, which he is not guilty ,he is innocent he gets my vote !


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