MI6 Lying Hitman Resurfaces as COP26 Swirls Down the Drain

One thought on “MI6 Lying Hitman Resurfaces as COP26 Swirls Down the Drain

  • October 27, 2021 at 5:55 pm

    I listen to your show with regularity and believe there is merit to your perspective and analysis. There is one comment that you make frequently concerning the upcoming release of new CV19 testing being a game changer that will legitimately distinguish CV19 infections from flu/common coronavirus infections. I’d think you would be very skeptical concerning the legitimacy of these new tests as the government agencies and big pharma have done nothing but lie, use intentionally faulty data and propaganda, etc.. I don’t trust them at all or the legitimacy of any product, test they may use, release, etc.. including these new pcr type tests… I’d love to be wrong but these entities seem bent, evilly so, on doing any and everything to push their agenda and these new tests could be another way of propagating false and evil narrative. Your thoughts…


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