Ep 2608a – People See The Economic Difference, The Push Back Is Building


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The people can now see the difference, the economy is now separating when you look at red and blue states. The Biden administration is going to use the same tactic as Obama, create law without congress. [JB] already spent 2 trillion and now the economy is worse.

Posted on October 22, 2021

2 thoughts on “Ep 2608a – People See The Economic Difference, The Push Back Is Building

  • October 23, 2021 at 2:43 am

    Thanks again Dave. If I only had one channel to watch or listen to it’d probably be the x-22 report cuz it’s the most full rundown and the latest deep State jive all in one report.

  • October 24, 2021 at 8:55 am

    Dear Dave, I am full fledged Awake, okay but here’s the thing. I have Autism and I live in Milford Pennsylvania in a blue state and I’m tired of walking through the darkness and seeing supply chain issues. I voted for Trump. But, I also live on a fixed income and I am never listening to JB, NP, Obama, the deep state players, and the rest. When is this war going to end when are they going to be arrested all of them. When will the Real military step in and assume control of the government. I love America, I’m always for America 🇺🇸 First. They can shove Build, Back, Better up their ass. I want Trump back I really miss him. Also I’m unvaccinated and Its never been about COVID its about Control plain and simple. I was a first responder at 9/11. I sacrificed my health to help people who I will never meet. What did I get for my troubles I got COPD. But, I would do it again in a heartbeat. Dave, do you know when we are going to push back hard because I’m tired of all the lies from the current administration. I’m tired of this. I will always believe in America 🇺🇸 and liberty 🗽. And I’m going to secure my own future by moving to Texas a red state to be free because I am a sovereign citizen of this country and anyone who tells me to wear a mask or to get the jab will get the shit kicked out of them that or get their skulls cracked open like the nut they are. I’m 46 years old and I object to all this I want our country back to what it was before all of this started. And America 🇺🇸 was booming with jobs, and people who made money, and had a true future of ownership in the American Dream. And China the Cancer that attacked us should be treated as a Cancer that must be killed. For they wanted to kill us first. They should be treated like that. And the reparations they must pay 10 billion dollars for this no. More like 100 trillion Yes Trillion 100 Trillion dollars 💵 for all of this Bullshit that we had to reorganize our lives for nothing. And I’m going into cryptocurrency for my future and whatever the left is saying and selling I don’t care anymore because I found my way by myself. Cryptocurrency is the future of money so Go Fuck Yourselves Deep State and Radical Leftists. I’m So Done with you all forever. MAGA FOREVER!!!!!!


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