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Trump and the patriots are continually pushing the [CB] economy to the edge. The [CB] is trying to stop it, Read more
Trump is getting ready to cut the budget. Trump is preparing for the transition and removing foreign aid and other Read more
The US transitional economy is being built. Trump is now bringing back areas by calling them opportunity now areas. These Read more
The [CB] are not giving up with the BREXIT, they are now trying to create rules that the UK must Read more
The [CB]/Globalist planned to bring down the economic system and blame it on an event, the patriots might have known Read more
Trump has ended the Obama-Era regulations which allowed the US to become energy independent. Trump and the patriots have been Read more
The [CB] just backfired Larry Kudlow is letting everyone know that the event in China will have no real impact Read more
France is now trying to place rules on the UK, where they must have a common rule on trade. The Read more
The BREXIT happened, the MSM/[CB] were wrong, they said it wasn't going to happen. People are celebrating in the streets, Read more
The BREXIT has finally arrived, the people of the UK voted 3 years ago telling their government they wanted to Read more