•  Joe Biden confirmed again that he won’t comply with Senate subpoena in Trump’s impeachment trial 

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Joe Biden Attempts to Clarify: Would Obey ‘Legal’ Senate Subpoena

Twitter Says “Glitch” Caused President Trump’s Retweet of CIA Whistleblower to “Appear Deleted” — Funny How those “Glitches” Only Affect Trump and His Supporters? 

  • President Trump on Thursday tweeted out an article that names the alleged anti-Trump CIA whistleblower —
  • President Trump retweeted a tweet from the Trump War Room that includes this article from the Washington Examiner that names the whistleblower in the title of the article.

  • But after President Trump posted this tweet it went missing.
    The AP and CNN wrote articles about it.
  • But after Twitter got caught theyreleased a statement saying it was just a glitch.

  • It is interesting how ALL of these glitches work against Trump and his supporters.

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Obama Appointee Blocks North Carolina from Requiring Voter ID

  • U.S. District Court Judge Loretta Biggs has delayed a decision on North Carolina voter ID legislation until next week.
  • Judge Biggs, an Obama appointee, has temporarily blocked measures that would require legal identification at the ballot box in 2020. Notification of the delay was appended to NAACP et al v. Cooper, one of two lawsuits challenging the new restrictions. The decision comes just before a statewide mailing which would explain them.
  • Speaker of the House Tim Moore called on the Board to fight “this last-minute attempt by an activist federal judge to overturn the will of North Carolina voters.”  

To issue an injunction against one of the nation’s most lenient voter ID laws — which 34 states already have — without providing an opinion is an outrageous affront to due process, the rights of North Carolina voters, and the rule of law.

  House Rules Chairman David Lewis said the General Assembly will also “explore additional options to ensure that the people’s vote for voter ID is respected.”

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Judge Rules Against Stacey Abrams’ Group and Allows Georgia to Purge Voter Rolls 

  • Earlier this month a federal judge allowed Georgia to purge 309,000 names from its voter rolls but he also scheduled a second hearing to hear additional arguments.
  •   Stacey Abrams, immediately filed an emergency motion to stop the purge.
  • On Friday a judge ruled against Fair Fight Action and Stacey Abrams.
  • Bronson Stocking at Townhall reported:

 a judge decided that Abrams’ group was improperly asking the judge to interpret state law and said the group failed to prove anyone’s constitutional rights would be violated as a result; and that any voter registration erroneously canceled could simply be restored within 24 to 48 hours, according to the defense.

“Proper list maintenance is not only required by long-standing laws but is also important in maintaining the integrity and smooth functioning of elections,” said Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. “Georgia has registered nearly a half-million voters since the last election, clear proof that we are doing things to make it easy for people to vote.”

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