Biggest Threat To This Country Is The [DS], [JB] Panicking,Nothing Can Stop This,Justice – Ep. 3044


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 Biggest Threat To This Country Is The [DS], [JB] Panicking,Nothing Can Stop This,Justice
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People are moving out of the cities, the cities will collapse in the end. Biden is using the SPR to keep fuel levels and inflation steady, this will not last long. People can see the inflation in food, shelter and insurance, they are not fooled. The IMF is now pushing the [CBDC], this will fail in the end. The biggest threat to this country is the [DS]. They have infiltrated the country from within. Trump has accelerated their plan at warp speed and the people are now seeing the criminal syndicate. Trump needed the people to see who the true criminals really are before justice can be served. [JB] is now panicking because everything that he has done to stop Trump has backfired and the people see the truth, justice is coming.



Two million people fled America’s big cities from 2020 to 2022

  • Two million people fled America’s largest cities from 2020 to 2022, new research shows, signaling that a retreat from urban centers to suburbs, exurbs and smaller cities in the early months of the pandemic has hardened into an enduring and potentially worrisome trend.
  • More than 1.2 million people left the nation’s large urban counties between July 2020 and July 2021, according to a report published this month by the Economic Innovation Group, a bipartisan public policy organization. Another 860,000 people departed between July 2021 and July 2022.
  • Only a fresh influx of immigrants saved big cities from dramatic population declines. Even with the immigrants, 17 of the nation’s 25 largest counties suffered population losses between April 2020 and July 2022, according to census data tabulated by The Hill.
  • In 10 of the largest U.S. cities, half of all offices sit empty, according to weekly data from Kastle Systems, a company that manages office-access security.
  • Remote work has transformed the nation’s downtowns, and not in a good way.


Biden Admin Drains SPR For 2nd Week In A Row As Granholm Confirms Refilling Plan 

  •   Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm confirmed that the US plans to refill the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to levels seen prior to President Joe Biden’s historic release last year following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
  • But she appears to be full of shit as the Biden admin actually drained the SPR for the second week in a row (the 1.6mm barrel draw more than offset the 600k build in commercial stocks)…

WTF Jenny?


“Probably Means The Fed Is Done Hiking”: Wall Street Reacts To “Cooler” CPI Report 

It usually doesn’t take long for Wall Street’s “hot takes” to come flooding in after the CPI report, and today was no exception. Below we have collected some of the fastest reactions to the headline CPI miss, although as always, these mini narratives are entirely contingent on what prices end up doing, so if markets reverse their early gains, don’t be surprised if the authors pull a 180 degree flipflop.

Knowledge Vital, Adam Crisafuli:

The huge 100bp dip in the Y/Y pace of inflation is a big, positive development, and probably means the Fed is done hiking. However, the Y/Y pace of core inflation rose M/M for the first time since Sept 2022, and this is what the Fed cares most about (which means Powell and his colleagues will be stubborn in pushing back against any talk of rate cuts). While this CPI is bullish for stocks, we think the Q1 earnings season will matter much more for the S&P.”

BMO Capital Markets, Ian Lyngen:

“Moderating inflation data in March brings into question whether Powell will ultimately need to keep rates at terminal throughout 2023 — however, it is far too soon in the data cycle to have any true insight on this topic based on CPI alone.”

Wells Fargo, Jay Bryson:

“Potentially, if we’re in a recession at the end of the year, I could see that, but if we have a soft landing in the economy, I can see the inflation rate getting stuck at 3% to 3 1/2%. What is does the fed do at that point? Does it throw in the towel? Do they say we can live with 3-3.5%? Or do they really mean it, we need to get back down to 2%? And if they need to get down to 2%, you’re not going to see rate cuts at the end of this year. I think you’re going to see rates remain, at a minimum, elevated at that point.”

Charles Schwab UK, Richard Flynn:

“The fall in the rate of inflation is being welcomed by investors, who may speculate that the Fed could soon pause its cycle of monetary tightening. That being said, whilst the rate of inflation has fallen, it remains far above the Fed’s 2% target. Officials have been laser-focused on fighting inflation and may decide that additional tightening is required to achieve its target when the FOMC meets later this month.”

CIBC Capital Markets, Karyne Charbonneau:

The pace of core inflation maintains the case for a follow-up rate hike by the Fed in May, provided banking system issues look sufficiently stable.”

Renaissance Macro, Neil Dutta:

“If I think about the economic outlook as four potential scenarios: (1) soft-landing, (2) recession, (3) continued overheating, (4) stagflation – the odds of stagflation went down while the odds of soft-landing went up. Good news for stocks.”

ING, James Knightley:

“The combination of higher borrowing costs and the tightening of lending conditions that will inevitably result from the fallout of the recent banking stresses heightens the risk of a hard economic landing. This will make it even more likely that inflation returns to the 2% target by early next year.”

Miller Tabak, Matt Maley:

“It will be interesting to see how bullish this is seen for the stock market, especially if the earnings season ends up being a very rough one. Of course, a lot of people are worried about earnings and (more importantly) earnings guidance, so maybe it won’t be as bad as we’re thinking right now. If that is the case, maybe the stock market will just keep on rallying as we move through Q2. However, history tells us that when we’re heading into a recession, bond yields and stock prices fall in tandem, so investors might want to be a little bit careful about what they wish for.”

Allianz Investment Management, Charlie Ripley:

“Most of the softness in the report was driven by declining used car prices and a slower acceleration in shelter. Working against the numbers was the increase in airfares of 4%, which is not that surprising given all the spring traveling. On balance, the latest CPI data does not provide much runway for the Fed to continue lifting policy rates after the May meeting, and it is becoming more likely that we are nearing the peak in Fed policy rates.”

Lazard, Ronald Temple:

“Moderating price pressures combined with signs of cooling in the labor market will offer a temporary reprieve to markets. While this is good news, it does not mean tightening is over. Core inflation remains far above the Fed’s target, and the path to 2% will be bumpy. With core CPI likely to end the year above 3%, the Fed has more work to do before it can declare victory over inflation.”

Bloomberg Intel, Ira Jersey:

“The knee-jerk rally in the front end of the yield curve may have gone a bit further than justified, but is directionally correct given the CPI data likely keep the market outlook for the Fed “one and done” as the most likely outcome…. These data solidify our core view of bull steepening of the Treasury curve. Lower-volatility core CPI sectors continue to see price increases, suggesting the current level of inflation may be maintained. However, this trend supports our view the Fed may hike 25 bps more, then remain on hold for the rest of the year.”

Bloomberg Economics, Jonathan Church:

“Headline CPI inflation that came in slightly below expectations in March will provide a bit of relief for the Fed. But still-elevated core prices show inflation remains sticky, and recent OPEC+ production cuts suggest the good news on headline inflation is likely to be short-lived. A strong disinflationary push is expected from shelter over the summer, but given ongoing strength in the labor market and OPEC+’s cuts — as well as pressure from labor-intensive services industries — we still expect the Fed to hike rates by 25 basis points when it meets next month.”

Bloomberg Markets Live, Cameron Crise:

“US headline inflation came in moderately under expectations, though the more important core figure looked largely in line with economists’ forecasts. The monthly 0.1% rise in headline and 0.4% were both “low” — eg, they rounded up to those thresholds — so it probably makes sense that markets are deriving a bit of comfort from the figures. Services inflation excluding rent of shelter was unchanged on the month, and the core version of that index was up 0.25%, which offers up some comfort that the trend in underlying inflation is tilting in a more comfortable direction. As such, it might be reasonable to conclude that the Fed will adopt a wait and see approach in its next meeting, which would effectively end the tightening cycle. That conclusion is still pending today’s minutes, however, so it may well be the case that the initial thrust lower in yields loses momentum soon.”


US Core Inflation Rises To 5.6% In March Keeping Rate Hikes On Table, Shelter CPI UP 8.2% YoY, Food UP 8.5% YoY (Taylor Rule Suggests 11.77% Fed Funds Rate) 

  • US Core Inflation (Core CPI YoY) rose to 5.6% in March despite The Fed cranking up their target rate and rapidly withdrawing M2 Money.

 shelter is up 8.2% YoY and food is up 8.5% YoY.

How about REAL wages? Real average weekly earnings growth has now been negative for 24 straight months.


Biden Treasury Sec. Janet Yellen Says ‘The United States is Doing Extremely Well, Economically’ (VIDEO) 

  • Joe Biden’s Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen recently claimed that the United States is doing ‘extremely well, economically.’
  • Is she seeing a reality that the rest of the country doesn’t know about? Food and gas prices are still ridiculously high and millions of Americans are struggling to get by.
  • She also claimed that inflation is falling. That will be news to lots of people.
  • Newsmax reports:

  • source:
Poll: 70% Feel Financially Stressed in Joe Biden’s America  
  • Seventy percent of Americans feel financially stressed in President Joe Biden’s America, a CNBC Your Money Financial Confidence survey revealed Tuesday.
  • Inflation, fueled by Biden’s war on American energy, was the main driver of their stress, as 60 percent of respondents pointed to Biden’s inflation as the main reason for financial stress.
  • On average, Biden’s 40-year-high inflation costs American households an extra $5,200 in 2022 or $433 per month, according to Bloomberg.
  • Thirty-six percent said increased interest rates caused them stress.  
  • The interest rate hikes over the past year have negatively impacted banks, influencing public economic sentiment.


  • The IMF’s Spring Meetings this year saw the announcement of the organization’s own, “international central bank digital currency” called the Universal Monetary Unit (UMU, aka Unicoin).
  • The IMF said in a statement that UMU functions like a  and is a legal and global money commodity. The purpose of this particular iteration of a CBDCs is to make sure banking regulations are enforced, as well as to protect “the financial integrity of the international banking system.”
  • This currency will be used by banks via SWIFT codes and bank accounts linked to a UMU digital wallet.
  • The scheme is supposed to allow for digital cross-border payments modeled after SWIFT, and promises best wholesale exchange rates of settlement currencies and real-time settlement, “while bypassing the correspondent banking system.”



Feinstein’s Prolonged Absence From Senate Holding Up Biden Judicial Confirmations

  • Dianne Feinstein’s absence from the Senate is holding up Joe Biden’s judicial confirmations.
  • Feinstein, 89, has been MIA since she was hospitalized for shingles last month.
  • The California senator’s absence from the Senate Judiciary Committee has the panel deadlocked at 10-10.
  • It is unclear when Feinstein will return Washington.
  • The California Senator will be 91 years old when her term expires at the end of 2024.


  • Mike McCormick says he was with current national security adviser Jake Sullivan — then a Biden aide — in the press cabin of Air Force Two en route to Kyiv on April 21, 2014, as he outlined how the world’s wealthiest country would help the deeply corrupt post-Soviet state build its gas industry.
  • McCormick, who worked more than a decade at the White House, told The Post this week he believes the timeline of events demonstrates Joe Biden was using his position to help his son’s foreign business interests.
  •   McCormick tells The Post that he wants to testify before the federal grand jury in Delaware considering charges against Hunter — saying he has relevant information that the FBI ignored
  • “They’ve been looking at Hunter Biden, but this ties Joe Biden and [Sullivan] into promoting a kickback scheme with Ukraine,” he said. “It’s the timeline that does it.”
  • McCormick provided The Post screenshots of an online FBI tip submission form that he says he completed in February. He has yet to hear back.
  • “Joe Biden committed crimes in Ukraine in a conspiracy with [current national security adviser] Jake Sullivan,” he added. “I’m a witness to that happening.”
  • The FBI and the US Attorney’s Office in Delaware did not respond to requests for comment.


Geopolitical/Police State

FBI warns of phone charger threat

  • The federal law enforcement agency said that public phone charging sites are vulnerable to “bad actors”.The FBI has urged Americans to stay away from free phone charging stations found at airports, hotels, and other public places, saying they could be used to hack into devices and may pose a threat to privacy.While it’s unclear what prompted the advice, the bureau’s Denver office recently made a case against public charging sites in a social media post, reflecting a similar guidance offered on the FBI’s website.”Avoid using free charging stations in airports, hotels or shopping centers. Bad actors have figured out ways to use public USB ports to introduce malware and monitoring software onto devices,” it said, suggesting people “Carry [their] own charger and USB cord and use an electrical outlet instead.” 

NPR Says It Will No Longer Be Active On Twitter After Musk Decides To Label It ‘Government Funded Media’

  • National Public Radio (NPR) quit Twitter on Wednesday after Elon Musk’s Twitter labeled the outlet “government funded media.”
  • Twitter initially labeled the outlet’s account “state-affiliated media,” a designation similar to that given to outlets affiliated with Russia and China. The site then changed NPR’s label to “government funded media” April 8 after the outlet altered its bio to describe itself as an “independent news organization committed to informing the public about the world around us.”
  • The outlet announced it will “no longer be active” on Twitter because it said the site “falsely” implied its is not “editorially independent.”


“You Just Lied!”: Elon Crushes BBC Reporter’s Claims About ‘Hate Speech’ On Twitter

  • When asked why there’s ‘so much more hate speech on Twitter’ since he took over, Musk pushed back – challenging Clayton to provide a single example. Clayton couldn’t. Then says ‘
  • “You said you’ve seen more hateful content but you can’t name a single example. Not even one.”
  • To which Clayton replied: “I’m not sure I’ve used that feed for the last three or four weeks and I –“
  • “Then how could you see the hateful content? ..  I’m asking for one example. You can’t give a single one.” Musk interjected. “Then I say sir that you don’t know what you’re talking about … because you can’t give a single example of hateful content, not even one tweet. And yet, you claimed that the hateful content was high. That’s false. You just lied!”






JUST IN: Classified Doc Leak Appears to be Physical Theft, Not a Cyber Leak 

  • The leaked Pentagon documents appear to be a physical theft rather than a cyber leak, CBS reported Tuesday evening.
  • “One U.S. official indicated that not all printers are authorized to print classified documents, and those that have this authorization register a unique ID when printing, so this may provide some clues into the search for the leaker.” CBS News reported.
  • Classified documents detailing the Ukraine war, Middle East, China, Africa and Israel ended up on a gaming platform.
  • According to the latest leak, US and UK special forces are on the ground in Ukraine.
  •   WATCH:



  • Trump once again confirms what I have been preaching.
  • Russia and China are not our enemies. They are defending themselves from the Deep State psychopaths that infiltrated and corrupted our government.
  • The enemy is from within.
  • The question is, who puts a stop to it?
  • And how?


False Flags

Majority Of New Yorkers Feel Subway Unsafe At Night, Quarter Worry About Safety During The Day: Poll

  • More than half of residents feel unsafe riding the New York City subway alone at night and one in four feels that way even in the daytime, according to a survey conducted earlier this year. 
  • The numbers are even higher for women and Asian Americans, two-thirds of whom feel unsafe at night and about a third of whom feel unsafe during the day.
  • What has increased dramatically, however, is crime in the city more broadly. Felony assaults, in particular, have been on the rise for years and so far this year have been at their highest since 1998. Also up are petty theft such as shoplifting, misdemeanor assaults, and car theft. Murder has somewhat declined this and last year, but is still up from 2019 after a dramatic rise in 2020 and 2021.


  • The Department of Justice is giving preferential treatment to criminal offenders based on identity politics.
  • In the wake of the Covenant School massacre, which saw three young Christian children and three church staff members executed by a transgender gunperson, there is growing doubt over the Biden administration’s concern for giving Americans equal treatment regardless of identity.
  • The American people have been shielded from reading the transgender shooter’s manifesto, even as the biological female, who used male pronouns, was shot dead at the crime scene.


WATCH: Rep. Jordan Blasts Biden DOJ Infiltration Of Churches – Sen. Hawley Goes BALLISTIC

  • Congressman Jim Jordan   has informed the nation that despite the protestations to the contrary by Attorney General Merrick Garland, at least one FBI employee he knows of was tasked with monitoring Catholic Churches to gather intelligence on domestic terrorism.
  • As reported by The Daily Wire, internal documents released by House Judiciary Committee confirm that FBI leadership strategized around the use of Catholic churches as “new avenues for tripwire and source development.”
  • As Jordan noted in a tweet, “Chilling.”

Sarah Sanders Signs Bill To Ban Parole For Rapists And Human Traffickers

  • Republican Arkansas Gov. Sarah Sanders signed a bill Tuesday to stop criminals in prison for rape, first-degree murder, human trafficking and some other felony offenses committed after 2024 from being released early.
  • The Protect Arkansas Act will make those who commit any of 24 felonies including rape, aggravated robbery and child pornography possession ineligible for parole and require people incarcerated for a variety of other felony crimes like manslaughter and fentanyl delivery committed in 2025 or later to serve at least 85% of their court-assigned sentences. Sanders signed the act surrounded by law enforcement personnel, and tweeted, “The failed public safety status quo ends today in Arkansas.” 



DNC parts ways with Marc Elias, the Clintonworld lawyer behind Trump-Russia dossier

  • The Democratic National Committee is cutting ties with lawyer Marc Elias, who heavily pushed the discredited Steele dossier that sought to link the former president to Russia falsely.
  • Elias, who has represented the DNC since 2009, has had several disagreements with the committee, according to sources who spoke with PunchBowl News. Elias Law Group, his firm founded in 2021, works on behalf of many Democratic lawmakers and entities, such as the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, records show.
  • Elias was general counsel for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and commissioned the Trump-Russia dossier. The lawyer hired the opposition research firm Fusion GPS, which, in turn, brought on British ex-spy Christopher Steele in 2016. Steele was offered “up to $1 million” in the run-up to the 2016 election by the FBI to prove the dossier’s allegations against Trump but did not get the money due to lack of evidence, FBI supervisory analyst Brian Auten testified in October 2022.
  • The following month, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) sent several written questions to the FBI in the wake of “bogus information” being received from informants, including Steele, the Washington Examiner first reported. Then-prosecutor Andrew DeFilippis for John Durham, who was appointed as special counsel to investigate the FBI’s 2016 Russia election interference inquiry, grilled Elias in May 2022 over his role in pushing the collusion narrative.


  • There’s quite a pattern to the Manhattan D.A. office’s unprecedented use of outside, Democrat-connected lawyers to investigate Trump.
JUST IN – Trump sues ex-attorney Michael Cohen for $500 million.
  • Breaking news from around the world.
  • Biden was in the WH in Jan ‘17 when wiretapping operations on POTUS Trump were initiated
  • Biden approved the FBI raiding Trump’s House last summer
  • Biden sent his #3 DOJ lawyer Matthew Colangelo to the Manhattan DA in Dec. ‘22
  • This all comes from the top

“THIS IS IMPEACHABLE” – Biden Removed President Trump’s Executive Privilege in Order to Raid Mar-a-Lago to Cover-Up His Own Illegal Possession of Classified Docs

  •  Biden was totally behind the raid because he had to remove President Trump’s executive privilege so the raid could occur.  Only Biden could do that. 

House Intelligence Chair: DOJ Won’t Tell Us Which Classified Documents Came from Trump and Which Are from Biden 
  •  House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH) — who will receive access to the classified documents recovered from former President Donald Trump, President Joe Biden, and former Vice President Mike Pence — stated that his office has received the documents, but the Department of Justice hasn’t identified which documents come from which person. He also stated that, while the documents are still being sorted through, so far, “there’s nothing of great national security threat that’s within them.”


Security Documents Related to Joe Biden’s Visit to Belfast Found in Street

  • Joe Biden visited Northern Ireland on Tuesday to commemorate the Good Friday agreement.
  • He brought his son Hunter Biden along for some reason as well.
  • There was a massive security breach during Biden’s visit to Belfast.
  • An individual dropped a security document revealing information about where Biden was staying, security arrangements, and the phone numbers of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) security personnel in the street near the hotel the president was staying at.
  • It was found lying on the street of Belfast late Tuesday night!


Here is the document:


  • The security breach comes after rioters in Northern Ireland threw Molotov cocktails at cops in an effort to disrupt Biden’s visit.
  • Ahead of Biden’s visit, police in Northern Ireland also announced they thwarted a terror plot suspected to be planned by the “New IRA” to coincide with the visit.
Trump: I Won’t Drop Out of 2024 Race if Convicted — ‘It’s Not My Thing’ 
  • Former President Donald Trump said Tuesday on FNC’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that he will not drop out of the 2024 race even if he is convicted in a New York case involving alleged hush-money payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels.
  • Host Tucker Carlson asked, “So they’re trying to prevent you from making to it the general election.”
  • Trump said, “Yes.”
  • Carlson continued, “By tying you up in lawsuits charging you with crimes.”
  • Trump said, “The old Soviet process.”
  • Carlson said, “The old Soviet process. You’ve described it as all legitimate If this goes to trial and you get convicted in the middle of a presidential campaign, how would you respond?”
  • Carlson asked, “Is there anything they could throw at you legally that would convince you to drop out the race? If you get convicted in this case in New York, would you drop out?”
  • Trump responded, “No, I’d never drop — it’s not my thing. I wouldn’t do it.”


Trump: I Don’t Think Biden Can Run in 2024 — ‘There’s Something Wrong’ 
  • Former President Donald Trump said that President Joe Biden will not run in 2024 because “there’s something wrong” with him.



  • Why do you think its called “operation warpspeed?” It was not about vaccines. It was about pushing the enemy who always lurked in the shadows, to run at warpspeed hoping they would reach the end goal, just to bare themselves naked in front of the whole world, as the end goal keeps getting pushed back just out of their reach.

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