C Engelbrecht – Mules Tracked To NGO’s, Evidence Building, Constitutional Sheriffs Are In Position


Today’s Guest: Catherine Engelbrecht

Website: True The Vote

Website: Protect America

Catherine Engelbrecht from True the Vote tracked the cheaters in the 2020 election. Catherine begins the conversation explaining why and how they used geofencing to track the mules. The technology allows anyone to get back in time to build a pattern of life to track the cheaters. The mules were tracked to NGO’s where they picked up the ballots and got paid. Catherine is now teaming up with Sheriffs to catch the cheaters and they are in position across the country.

One thought on “C Engelbrecht – Mules Tracked To NGO’s, Evidence Building, Constitutional Sheriffs Are In Position

  • July 3, 2022 at 1:50 am

    Dave, GOD BLESS YOU MY TEACHER, (I’ve got so I can’t miss a daily x22 – WIFE, too.)
    Thank you so much for downloading to me your interview /w Catherine Engelbrect. What a load of Fascinating REVELATION. I never knew!!! Absolute ignorance about how the dark side has promoted and projected itself through our votes, psycho manip media, down to county discrepancies (corruption).
    When I voted in 2020 the registration clerk told me I had already voted – a vote in my name was already on their computer. I had received but thrown away an official appearing absentee ballot because I had made up my mind to go in person on Nov. 3, 2020 to cast my precious vote.
    Yet here the lady is telling me I’VE already cast a ballot.
    I strongly objected and was going to start to get loud in protest, demanding to be shown their proof I’d cast a ballot by mail. In ignorance, I never saw what was claimed to be another ballot by me from whatever(?) source. I never realized I should have gone to the township offices or wherever such records are kept to verify that my vote choice was correctly registered. Still makes me furious.
    Your knowledge, info and manner of presentation are precious. Without you I’d have gone off the deep end long ago. I was beginning to think, awhile ago, “At 78yrs old what have I got to loose?” But, now I’m gonna take a new tack to the County Sheriff’s Office… or the Michigan Militia to render physical services my license permits. Maybe both.
    Thank you, sir. You’ve been a God Send. (Thanks for the Download. Much obliged.)

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