•     Mr. Kilmeade as he asks whether the audience supports Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis for the 2024 GOP nomination and cannot find anyone who puts DeSantis first – even the lady wearing the DeSantis T-shirt supports Trump first. WATCH:

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  • Fox is working overtime for DeSanctus, but they are failing—Look at the Polls. We are MAGA!
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  • Fox’s Brian Kilmeade Has To SEARCH Diner To Find a Single DeSantis Supporter — And Even She’s On The Fence

    Brian Kilmeade co-hosted Tuesday’s episode of Fox & Friends from a diner in Ponte Vedra, Florida. Just before going to break, he held an unscientific but still revealing poll of diners’ favorite candidates…

  • So now we have “Jeb!”, RINO Paul Ryan, and Marxist George Soros wanting Ron DeSanctis—Does that tell you anything? Remember, Ron fought hard to very unfairly cut Social Security and Medicare. Also, wanted to raise the age limit for Social Security to at least 70-years-old. thehill.com/homenews/campaign/
  • Jeb Bush hopeful DeSantis will run for president
  • Former GOP presidential hopeful Jeb Bush in a recent interview threw his support behind Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), arguing it’s time for “a generational change in our politics.&#822…
  • The Hill