HPSCI Member Devin Nunes Files Lawsuit Against Fusion-GPS Claiming Racketeering and Conspiracy…

  • House Intelligence Committee ranking member Devin Nunes filed a lawsuit against Fusion GPS.
  • The Nunes lawsuit alleges Fusion GPS participated in racketeering and conspiracy smear campaign Nunes and the House Intelligence Committee; in an attempt to impede the committee investigation of coordination between the Clinton campaign, Fusion GPS and the FBI.  [Cloud Link to lawsuit – Scribd Link to lawsuit]



Source: theconservativetreehouse.com

  • Nunes filed a $9.9 million federal conspiracy lawsuit in the Eastern District of Virginia alleging that the Fusion GPS behind the anti-Trump Steele dossier coordinated with another group to file several fraudulent and harassing ethics complaints intended to derail his investigation.
  • “The bank records produced by Fusion GPS revealed that the Clinton campaign, the DNC and Perkins Coie paid for Fusion GPS’ anti-Trump research,” Nunes’ complaint stated.

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Now Lindsey Graham is pushing for an investigation outside of the IG report, he said the following

Senate Must Hold An Investigative Hearing. Top Obama Officials Need To Be Held Accountable.

  • Why should the Senate wait until Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz completes his report on the origin of the FBI’s investigation into Trump’s 2016 campaign to hold a hearing?
  • It shouldn’t.
  • A Senate hearing would force former senior Obama Administration officials to answer some of the most poignant questions regarding the investigation into President Trump’s campaign and Russia.
  •  Graham sent a letter last week to Attorney General William Barr asking him to declassify the slew of documents that are now with the DOJ and which have been promised to the American people. Graham said in his letter that Horowitz’s report is “nearing completion” but the release of the report shouldn’t be a prerequisite for an investigation. 
  • As for Connecticut Attorney John Durham, he is conducting his own separate investigation and according to sources he is continuing to interview all major players involved, to include CIA officials connected to Brennan, along with foreign sources connected to the FBI’s original investigation into the Trump campaign.  

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Trump continues to drip feed the public on what is coming, trump tweeted out the following