Think Timing, Senate Locked, SC Locked, Locked & Who Is Loaded – Episode 1963

Think Timing, Senate Locked, SC Locked, Locked & Who Is Loaded - Episode 1963
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Trump and the patriots are preparing the new economy, jobs are being created, manufacturing are being brought back to the US, the system is now in the control of the patriots. The recession is cancelled, the MSM are now backtracking on the recession reports. The Fed is ready to cut rates, and the global trade reset is in progress. The [DS] are continually exposing themselves, the patriots are letting them do what they do best. ACLJ has filed suit against Comey, they want everything. JW gets permission to move forward with discovery, the blockers tried to convince the Judge to not let this happen, big fail. Sidney Powell makes a move to get the information to clear Flynn. More elite are implicated in the JE scandal. Trump goes after the illegal DACA law. Trump will not lift sanctions for Iran, Trump wants to talk. Think timing, everything is in position, locked and who is loaded, engage.

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Current News – 09.06.2019

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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!!! July Results Show 130,000 More New Jobs — Half a Million Enter Labor Market – Unemployment 50 Year Low 3.7%… Trump Bests Obama by 9 Million Jobs in First 2.5 Yrs as President

  • Job numbers released today through the end of July show an increase of another 130,000 jobs – much more than expected! And unemployment remains at historical low 3.7%!
  • The White House continues to report that this economy could arguably be the best all time.
  • According to data released this morning by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, President Trump has added more than 6 million jobs in President Trump’s term.
  • The same cannot be said for President Obama as during the same time he lost (2.8) million jobs. Obama was so bad at creating jobs that by the end of his second term he said that jobs were not coming back. This showed in his first two years with millions of lost jobs.
  • Overall President Trump has gained nearly 9 million more jobs than Obama in their respective first two and a half years in office!


Trump tweeted out the following

Trump continues to let everyone know that the tariffs are working, the US economy is fantistic and there is no recession heading our way. 

The Trump 2020 Economic Recession Isn’t Happening – forbes

Why The US Won’t be in a recession in 2020 – Wapo

  • The worrisome leading indicators are real, but so are the sources of resilience that could keep the expansion

Trump continues his attack on the Fed, right on schedule

Watch how the Fed uses the economic indicators to justify a rate cut, this is all part of the show, optics are important

Fed’s Powell says politics play no role in interest-rate decisions

Weaker job report in August ‘cements’ a Fed interest-rate cut in two weeks

  • The weaker-than-expected August job report makes it all-but-certain the Federal Reserve will cut its benchmark interest rate by a quarter-point at their meeting in two weeks, economists said Friday. 
  • Brian Bethune, an economist at Tufts University, agreed: “There are enough doves to get another rate cut done.”


The Fed is going to do exactly what Trump and the patriots want, the MSM knows this, this is why they are backtracking on the recession in 2020, they know once these rate cuts occur and stimulus is announce to the public, the recession will not happen, will get that shot of adrenalin and will boost the markets, the economy statistically is going to look incredible heading into the 2020 election

Now lets talk about the the global trade reset.

German Industrial Orders Plunge – The Surface Reason is China – The Underneath Reason is Trump…

  •     The MSM do not want American voters to understand the dynamic of the global trade reset, because if we did people would catch-on to how the global economy was structured upon removal of U.S. wealth…
  • Reuters is reporting on a significant drop in German industrial orders, and they specifically point to diminished orders from the U.K (small part) and China (big part) as the cause.  However, the analysis stops at the part where China’s lack of industrial orders is the leading contribution to retraction in the German export sector.
  • What the financial analysis does not approach (ie. the third rail of multinational corporate admission that must never be outlined), is the reason why Chinese orders for German industrial goods have dropped.
  •  Trump’s trade reset has stopped a big amount of U.S. wealth from arriving in Beijing. Simultaneously, Beijing is countering Trump’s tariffs by devaluing their currency.  The rebound economic impact is doubled. China has: (1) less income; and (2) less value within their own currency.
  • Where does this dynamic show up?…. Anytime China is going to buy something.
  • China’s currency devaluation makes their exports cheaper; however, at the same time it makes any of their imports more expensive.  As a consequence China buys less… and that now exhibits in lower purchases of German stuff.  See how that happens?
  • All of those nations who were counting on Chinese purchases are now going bananas.  This is why the CB/DS blame Donald Trump… and to make matters even worse – the U.S. economy is thriving,
  • For more than three decades global economies have grown by removing wealth from the United States.  
  • President Trump has reversed this dynamicWe are repatriating our national wealth through new trade policies, and will pay for any incurred foreign debt by expanding our own economy and controlling our own destiny.



The patriots are sitting back, watching the DS fumble around and try to regain control of the narrative, each time the DS tries, it is a big fail, the patriots are in control, the walls are closing in around them, with the release of the Comey memo it set everything in motion, remember when Nadler was pursuing the firing of JC as obstruction because there was no reason to fire JC, well from the IG report there was a reason he violated the FBI policies, The FBI employment agreement states that violating any of the included terms may result in termination, civil liability, revocation of security clearances, or even criminal sanctions. JW is pursuing the HRC email scandal, in the JE they are preparing to release more names, and this is just the opening act, this is nothing compared to what is coming, the DS was been warned, there is no stopping this, lets talk about what Nadler is doing, he is in such a panic that he is grasping at anything to try to remove Trump

Nadler Issues Subpoena Over a ‘Joke’ Trump Made About Issuing Pardons to DHS Officials

  • The House Judiciary Committee chaired by Rep. Jerrold Nadler (NY)  issued a subpoena to the Department of Homeland Security for documents over a joke Trump made about pardoning DHS officials. OF course this is not true
  • Nadler wants to see the documents and records from inside of the DHS.
  • Chairman Nadler is currently running an ‘impeachment investigation’ stemming from Mueller’s probe and he keeps roving to new areas.  keep looking Nadler expose yourself, let the people see your real agenda


ACLJ Files FOIA Lawsuit Against FBI Over Comey’s ‘Spies’ in Trump White House

  • The American Center for Law and Justice filed a FOIA lawsuit against the FBI on Wednesday seeking documents about two ‘spies’ former Director James Comey sent into the White House to gather information on Trump.
  • The ACLJ, which is run by Trump’s personal attorney Jay Sekulow is seeking all of Comey’s emails from April 1, 2016 to May 31, 2017.
  • The ACLJ filed the FOIA lawsuit after Real Clear Investigations reporter Paul Sperry released a report about Comey’s covert agent inside of the White House.
  • According to investigative reporter Paul Sperry, Comey was running a “counterintelligence assessment” on Trump on the sly. Comey didn’t even need to keep files or get surveillance warrants on Trump, he may just have covertly made Trump the subject of investigation by spying on him incidentally.
  • Here is what the ACLJ is seeking:
  1. All records, including emails, memorandums, briefs, electronic messages, etc., pertaining to this spy Ferrante’s time within the White House and beyond. Specifically, we are requesting records and emails between or about Comey and Ferrante and others.
  2. We are also demanding records related to this spying effort and what we call Comey’s circle of corruption. These are Comey’s closest advisors including: FBI General Counsel James Baker; Deputy Director/Acting Director Andrew McCabe; Deputy Assistant Director of Counterintelligence Peter Strzok, McCabe’s Deputy Counsel, Lisa Page; and Comey’s Chief of Staff, James Rybicki, David Bowdich (Director’s Office – DO), Michael Steinbach (Director’s Office – DO), Trisha Anderson (OGC), E.W. Bill Priestap (Counterintelligence Division – CD), and Jonathan Moffa (Counterintelligence Division – CD).
  3. Finally, we are requesting “All of James Comey’s emails from April 1, 2016, to May 31, 2017.”

Jay Sekulow


After the failed to comply with the @ACLJ’s request regarding how former director reportedly placed spies in the , we are filing a lawsuit. The American people deserve the truth. 

ACLJ Files Lawsuit Against FBI Over FOIA Regarding Comey’s Spies in the White House | American…

We told you about the reports that fired FBI Director James Comey had planted spies in the White House. And we told you that we were doing something about…

As we know Barr’s team is handling the investigation into HRC emails scandal, there have been no leaks, but in the public spotlight JW has been ordering FOIA requests and showing the public that there was an email coverup. 



Judge Sullivan Will First Rule on Brady Allegations in Flynn Case…

  • Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan held a sealed ex parte hearing with Michael Flynn’s defense counsel, Sidney Powell, today.  An “ex parte hearing” is a judicial review of an emergency request, in which the other party may or may not be present. [ie. a discussion between Flynn’s counsel and the court. The content was ‘sealed‘.]

(Hat Tip Techno-Fog)

  • As an outcome of today’s discussion, the court (Judge Sullivan) stated he will first reconcile issues surrounding allegations of Brady violations (unethical concealment of evidence favorable to the defendant), before proceeding to issues around the DOJ’s refusal to grant defense counsel with security clearances.
  • Judge Sullivan will address the allegations of Brady violations first, and then proceed to the issues of security clearances (if needed).   The hearing is Tuesday, September 10th:


  • Jeffrey Epstein may be dead, but there are still many stones to turn over while investigators sift through his network of high-profile friends, some of whom may be guilty of sex crimes themselves.
  • The wealthy pedophile, transhumanist, and financier’s circle of friends included Bill Clinton, Ehud Barack, Prince Andrew, and Victoria’s Secret boss Les Wexner.

  • It also included billionaire hedge fund manager Glenn Dubin and his wife, Dr. Eva Andersson-Dubin – a former Miss Sweden who dated Epstein for three years before she and Dubin married in 1994.
  • The Dubins and Epstein were close, and remained close after his 2008 conviction for pedophilia – inviting him to their Palm Beach home for Thanksgiving the following year. Eva even wrote an email to Epstein’s probation officer insisting that she was “100% comfortable” with the pedophile and registered sex-offender being around her minor children.

  • In 2004, Epstein reportedly received a $15 million fee after JPMorgan Chase bought control of Dubin’s hedge fund, Highbridge Capital. Epstein had introduced Dubin to then-JPM Exec Jes Staley, who is now CEO of Barclays. According to Bloomberg, Staley “visited Epstein on the private island, accompanied by his wife Debora.” He also visited Epstein at his Palm Beach office while the Epstein was on prison work-release. 

  • Dubin, meanwhile, also directed some of Epstein’s money



Lets talk about the DACA law

Trump blasts ‘totally illegal’ DACA order, says Obama didn’t have the right to sign it

President Trump  said that the Obama-era executive order granting protections to some immigrants who came to the country as minors was a “totally illegal document” that former President Obama never had the right to sign.


Trump reiterates to Macron the US will not drop Iran sanctions 

  • President Trump spoke with French President Emmanuel Macron and reiterated to him that the United States would not relieve Iran of economic sanctions.
  • “President Trump reiterated that dropping sanctions against Iran is not going to happen at this time,” the White House said.
  • Meanwhile, Iran said Thursday that it had further breached its commitments under the 2015 nuclear agreement following the U.S. withdrawal last year, and would no longer abide by the limits on research and development.



Nov 29, 2018 6:01:45 AM EST
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Think Senate lock.
Think SC lock. Locked & (who is) Loaded.