Courts Order [HRC] To Give Deposition, Chatter, Barr Takes Over Antitrust Probes – Episode 2111


Courts Order [HRC] To Give Deposition, Chatter, Barr Takes Over Antitrust Probes
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The [CB] are now reacting to the markets, not in the way you would expect them to react. The markets have been declining for the past couple of days and today we see a bounce back of the markets. Does this mean the [CB] is finished, remember the news can push markets in either direction. Trump is on right on schedule, he tweets out about the Fed on how they are need to cut rates. The [DS] are pushing the latest event, this event will fail just like every other event which means they are really running low on ammunition. The courts have now ordered [HRC] to appear in court and answer the questions about her email. Barr has decided to take control of the antitrust case against big tech companies. Trump pushes for a cure/vaccine. Trump is ready to bring the heat.

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Current News – 03.02.2020

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  •  The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank on Monday said they stood ready to help member countries address the human and economic challenges from the latest event, including through emergency funding.



Harley-Davidson CEO Steps Down After Five-Year Sales Slump

  • Chief Executive Officer Matt Levatich unexpectedly stepped down  , parting ways with the board after a 26-year career at Harley-Davidson — including five years as CEO in which the company lost more than half its market value. Source:

Confirmed: Pete Buttigieg Dropping Out of Presidential Race

  • Following Tom Steyer and Pete Buttigieg, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar has become the latest Democratic primary candidate to end her campaign following Joe Biden’s first-place win in South Carolina.
  • Sources say she will endorse Joe Biden, which is hardly a surprise. Buttigieg is reportedly meeting with Biden about an endorsement.


  • Steve Bannon,  has a warning for those who think it will be a godsend for President Trump to take on democratic socialist Bernie Sanders in a potential general election contest.
  • “No one should get cocky about this,” Bannon said during an extensive podcast interview on The Pod’s Honest Truth With David Brody. “There’s more tears shed for answered prayers than for unanswered.”
  • Of course, a Sanders nomination is by no means a foregone conclusion. The data shows that, at this point at least, he may fall short of a majority of delegates before the Democratic National Convention convenes in July. And if so…
  • “Michelle Obama could come in at the last second at the convention for a salvation of the Democratic Party,” Bannon said. “I think the Democrats will turn to anybody that thinks they can save their party.”
  •   Bannon states emphatically. “Hillary Clinton is waiting, she’s getting the makeup on, getting the hair ready.”


BREAKING: Federal Court Orders Deposition of Hillary Clinton on Emails, Benghazi Attack Records After Prior Faulty Testimony

  • In September a federal judge granted Judicial Watch SIGNIFICANT new discovery on the Hillary Clinton email and Benghazi scandals.
  • Today Tom Fitton posted an update to the story.
  • A federal court just ordered a deposition of Hillary Clinton on her emails and Benghazi attack records.
  • This is HUGE news!


‘Email Server’: Judge grants ‘Judicial Watch’ request to have Hillary Clinton sit for a sworn deposition

  • D.C. District Court Judge Royce C. Lamberth granted a request from Judicial Watch to have former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sit for a sworn deposition to answer questions about her use of a private email server.
  • Judge Lamberth also granted Judicial Watch’s request to depose former Clinton chief of staff Cheryl Mills, IT specialist Paul Combetta involved in deleting Clinton’s emails, as well as Brett Gittleson and Yvette Jacks, who were State Department officials familiar with Clinton’s private email server. 
  • From the Ruling – “The Court has considered the numerous times in which Secretary Clinton said she could not recall or remember certain details in her prior interrogatory answers. In a deposition, it is more likely that plaintiff’s counsel could use documents and other testimony to attempt to refresh her recollection. And so, to avoid the unsatisfying and inefficient outcome of multiple rounds of fruitless interrogatories and move this almost six-year-old case closer to its conclusion, Judicial Watch will be permitted to clarify and further explore Secretary Clinton’s answers in person and immediately after she gives them. The Court agrees with Judicial Watch – it is time to hear directly from Secretary Clinton.”
  • A federal judge has ruled that Hillary Clinton and her former chief of staff Cheryl Mills must sit for a deposition within 75 days


Will she come down with an illness



Chatter – Bill & Hillary’s ‘public’ health will begin to rapidly deteriorate.


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Barr Taking Over Antitrust Probes of Silicon Valley Tech Companies

  • Attorney General William Barr has tightened his control of the Justice Department’s antitrust probes over the last several months, a move that could spell trouble for Google, Facebook, and other Silicon Valley tech giants.
  • The attorney general, along with his deputy attorney general, Jeffrey Rosen, and several other officials, have personally taken over the antitrust probes,  The move makes good on a promise Barr made during his confirmation hearing, when he vowed antitrust issues would be a priority for him.
  • Barr’s more focused oversight of the probes has effectively pushed aside the head of the DOJ’s Antitrust Division, Assistant Attorney General Makan Delrahim. Because of Delrahim’s previous legal work for Google, he and the official directly under him, Deputy Assistant Attorney General Barry Nigro, were both recused from the Google investigation as of earlier this month.



With Afghanistan Deal, Trump Has A Foreign Policy Record He Can Take To Re-Election

  • No new wars or interventions in Iran or Venezuela, a partial drawdown from Iraq and Syria, and an Afghanistan withdrawal deal is a foreign policy record to be proud of.


False Flags

  •   France is banning all indoor public gatherings of more than 5,000 people to slow its snowballing spread of coronavirus cases and recommending that people no longer greet each other with kisses.


Bill Gates Warns Coronavirus Might Be ‘Once-in-a-Century Pathogen’
  • Microsoft founder Bill Gates wrote that the Covid-19 coronavirus is beginning to behave a lot like “the once-in-a-century pathogen we’ve been worried about.” His comments came in a February 28 editorial in the New England Journal of Medicine.
  • Gates opined that we are now facing an immediate crisis. “In the past week, Covid-19 has started behaving a lot like the once-in-a-century pathogen we’ve been worried about,” Gates wrote in the New England Journal of Medicine. “I hope it’s not that bad, but we should assume it will be until we know otherwise.”


Coronavirus miracle? Vietnam says all its infected patients cured

  •   Amid the rapid spread of the coronavirus outbreak around the world, Vietnam has announced that all 16 infected patients in the country were discharged from hospital and declared cured.
  •   all 16 patients, including the oldest who is 73, had been cured and discharged from the hospital.


  • A senior Iranian official, who was a close advisor to country’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has died of coronavirusaccording to reports.
  • Mohammad Mir-Mohammadi, a member of the Expediency Council, died at a Tehran hospital on Monday making him one of 66 people the virus has killed in the nation. 


Calls Grow to Quarantine Senator Chris Murphy after Secret Meeting with Coronavirus Carriers from Iranian Regime

  • In February Senator Murphy was caught meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif in a secret meeting in Munich.
  • Also present were Sen. Menendez, Sen. Van Hollen and John Kerry
  • The meeting took place in Zarif’s apartment in Germany, which  means that it was likely bugged.


  • Senator Murphy later admitted at that he met secretly with the Iranian Foreign Minister and other Iranian officials in Germany.
  • Since that time Iran has been hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak.
  • To protect the American public from this horrid disease Senator Chris Murphy must be immediately quarantined.


New York’s First Coronavirus Patient Is a Health Care Worker, Governor Says

Obama Holdover Made the Call to Fly Coronavirus Patients Back to the US from Japan – Then Boasted About It

  • President Trump was reportedly furious after a State Department doctor ignored the President’s orders and allowed Americans, sick with the coronavirus, to return to the US from Japan.
  • Dr. William Walters, Executive Director and Managing Director for Operational Medicine for the Bureau of Medical Services at the U.S. Department of State, made the decision to bring the patients back to the US.
  • Dr. William Walters is a holdover from the Obama administration.
    The good doctor made the call despite the president’s wishes and then went out and bragged about it.

At a State Department briefing, Walters stated that, “The chief of mission, right, through the U.S. embassy, is ultimately the head of all executive branch activities.”

That is the problem. Right there.

Walters got his job in 2011. He’s a relic of the Obama era.


Trump tells pharmaceutical companies to accelerate work on coronavirus vaccine

  • The White House has asked pharmaceutical companies to accelerate work on a coronavirus vaccine,
  • The meeting was scheduled to discuss drug pricing, but Trump told reporters in the Oval Office that it now would be used to discuss the progress on a vaccine.
  • “We’re talking about a vaccine, maybe even a cure,” he said.