Cyber Attack An Act Of War, WWIII, The Final Act, At Dawn Justice Will Be Done – Ep. 3094


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War Is The Distraction, The Final Act, At Dawn Justice Will Be Done
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We are now seeing shrinking in the retail sector, organized criminals are looting stores and this is beginning to have an effect on the retail market. The Fed paused rates and the economy is now tipping into a depression. The people are losing confidence in the banking system. The [DS] is panicking, their plan is not working, they thought if they indicted Trump the people would move away from him, this didn’t happen the opposite happened. The [DS] is going to the path the patriots want them to go down, the will try a cyber attack close to the election and they will try to bring us to war, Trump already knows the playbook, at dawn justice will be done.



Home Depot CEO Warns ‘Organized’ Theft Tsunami Is “A Big Problem”

  • Like many other retailers, Home Depot has been forced to lock high-value items behind cages to counter rampant theft as Democrat officials in major cities fail to enforce law and order, which has only emboldened criminals.
  • Home Depot CEO Ted Decker spoke with CNBC’s Becky Quick about retail theft and other inventory loss — known as “shrink” — ravaging the home improvement stores nationwide.
  • Decker responded, “It’s (shrink) is a big problem for retail. And it goes across retail,” adding, “This isn’t the random shoplifter anymore.”
  • The CEO is likely referring to criminal organized gangs stealing merchandise and reselling on online marketplaces.
  • Many of these thefts occur in Democrat-controlled metro areas where progressive city leaderships have relaxed theft rules, which has only backfired and sparked a shoplifting epidemic.
  •  Shrink is a $100 billion problem for US retailers. It’s becoming such a problem that execs that mentioned “shrink” on recent earnings calls surged to the highest level ever in data compiled by Bloomberg from 2013.


  • As a result, retailers are shutting down stores in certain Democrat-controlled cities (read: here & here) as these areas are being transformed into crime-ridden hellholes due to failed policies.



Fed ‘Pauses’ After 10 Hikes; Signals Very Hawkish Outlook, No Recession

  • So what did The Fed do?
  • They ‘paused’ as expected:
  • But are data-dependent (as always):
  • The new line added is:
  • “Holding the target range steady at this meeting allows the Committee to assess additional information and its implications for monetary policy.”
  • Here’s where the statement makes clear the Fed will still hike rates if they need to:
  • “The Committee would be prepared to adjust the stance of monetary policy as appropriate if risks emerge that could impede the attainment of the Committee’s goals.”
  • New projections show policymakers favor 50bps of additional increases this year, which would push borrowing costs to about 5.6% – higher than most economists and investors have been expecting…


  • Now, history is repeating itself. Since March of this year, five major global banks have collapsed.
  • The most recent one to fall, First Republic Bank (FRCB), became the second-largest bank failure in U.S. history. It folded on the back of a 1930s-style run on its deposits.
  • After being seized by federal regulators in May, most of its business was sold to JPMorgan Chase… just like Bear was 15 years ago.
  • Now, California-based PacWest looks like it could be the next bank to bite the dust – along with six others, which I’ve detailed in a special report. 
  •  U.S. banks are sitting on $620 billion in unrealized paper losses on government securities. And as we’ve seen, those “paper” losses can become very real when a bank run occurs.

It’s like banks are sitting on a financial time bomb.

  • Trust in the Banking System Is Crumbling
  • In normal times, banks can navigate some liquidity problems. Even if they face paper losses.
  • But when a lot of depositors take their money out at the same time, these paper losses turn into real ones.
  • In the case of First Republic, the bank revealed it had lost more than 40% of its deposits in March. In dollar terms, deposits plunged by more than $100 billion in the first quarter alone.
  • To put this in perspective, U.S. banking deposits as a whole fell $166.38 billion in the fourth quarter of 2022.
  • In an average quarter, no single bank has billions of dollars’ worth of deposit outflows. In fact, when the economy is doing well, banks don’t normally experience net outflows of funds at all.
  • But that’s not what we’re seeing across the banking sector.
  • You see, the banking system – just like the economy – is built on trust. So when integrity in the banking system is tested, trust starts to crumble.




CBS Chief George Cheeks on Writers Strike: “We Have to Figure This Out”

  • The exec added, during a Banff World Media Festival Summit Series session, “I still remain very hopeful that we will all find compromises. It’s existential for all of us.


White House Laughs Off, Dismisses Alleged 17 Biden Bribery Tapes

  • The White House repeatedly dismissed the 17 tapes allegedly showing Joe Biden and Hunter Biden speaking with a foreign national about a bribery scheme.
  • A reporter from the New York Post asked the President about the existence of the tapes while walking through the White House. Biden appeared to laugh and shake his head before walking away in silence. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dismissed a question about the tapes at Tuesday’s briefing, saying the allegations about the President and his family are “malarkey” — repeating what Biden said Thursday about the House Oversight Committee’s report regarding his family’s alleged monetary ties to foreign sources.


Karine Jean-Pierre Claims Joe Biden ‘Not Involved’ in Donald Trump Indictment   



Not a Word by Any Major Mainstream

Meanwhile, the regime’s “puppet string” media continues to placate to the regime.

Nothing on CNN-

Nothing on MSNBC-

Nothing on the front page of The New York Times-

Nothing on the front page of the Washington Post-


Majority Of Americans Believe Biden Family Took Foreign Influence Payments: REPORT

  • Over half of American voters believe that the Biden family has accepted payments from foreign nationals in order to influence politics in Washington D.C., according to a new poll from the Convention of States Action and the Trafalgar Group.
  •  According to a new poll  53.3% of respondents believed that the Biden family had accepted bribes from foreign officials, while 34% indicated that they believed in the family’s innocence.


Anna Paulina Luna: House could vote on Biden impeachment next week

  • Republican Rep. Anna Paulina Luna of Florida said on Tuesday that the House of Representatives could vote as early as next week to move forward with impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden.
  • “I can tell you that word on the street in the conference is that there’s going to be potentially later on this week an introduction of a privileged motion to impeach the president and I bring that up because it’s a different parliamentary procedure, but what it does is upon introduction of the motion, once the member calls it forward, then it forces a vote within two days,” Luna told Fox News host Jesse Watters.


Geopolitical/Police State


Leader of Belarus says he wouldn’t hesitate to use Russian nuclear weapons to repel aggression

  • Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko declared  that his country had already received some of Russia’s tactical nuclear weapons and warned that he wouldn’t hesitate to order their use if Belarus faced an act of aggression.


False Flags



  • “Why did you and the Biden administration mislead the American people?” Jordan asked.
  • “You’d have to say more,” Walensky replied.
  • “You said vaccinated people do not carry the virus. Was that accurate?” Jordan said.
  • “Generally accurate,” she claimed.
  • “Why not just tell us the truth?” Jordan shot back.
  • Indeed. That is the question the American people have been asking throughout the nation’s disastrous Covid pandemic response.




MSNBC, CNN Refuse To Air Trump’s Post-Arraignment Speech

  • MSNBC and CNN refused to air former President Donald Trump’s post-arraignment speech at his Bedminster, New Jersey, club on Tuesday, while Fox News and Newsmax aired the speech live.

“  Source:

NY Attorney General Letitia James Says Manhattan Case Against Trump ‘Will Unfortunately Have to Be Adjourned’ Pending Federal Case 

  • Letitia James explained that her case and others currently pending against Donald Trump “will unfortunately have to be adjourned” while the ex-president faces federal indictment for his unlawful handling of classified documents.
  •   James answered that the timing would impact not only her case, but also the Stormy Daniels hush money case from Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, and even the case Trump potentially faces for his effort to overturn Georgia’s 2020 election results.



  • “Look at what PBS posted at the bottom of Trump’s speech,” the commenter Gays for Trump pointed out on Twitter.
  • “Experts warn that inflammatory rhetoric from elected officials or people in power can prompt individual actors to commit acts of violence,” PBS editorialized.


Dan Scavino@DanScavino


Anonymous ID: grTMpzrL No.147452214
Some things must remain classified to the very end. NK is not being run by Kim, he’s an actor in the play. Who is the director? The truth would sound so outrageous most Americans would riot, revolt, reject, etc.
The pedo networks are being dismantled.
The child abductions for satanic rituals (ie Haiti and other 3rd world countries) are paused (not terminated until players in custody).
We pray every single day for God’s guidance and direction as we are truly up against pure evil.
Christine ends up with Raoul, but not without feeling compassion for the mysterious Phantom. To create a powerful and dramatic overture, it is to  set the scene as the mystery unfolds before the audience. 

records. This includes classified records sent to advise the President or his White House staff. Before the Presidential Records Act, Presidents owned their presidential records. Congress changed the law after Nixon won a legal fight on this issue. After the Presidential Records Act, the U.S. government owns Presidents’ presidential records. Per the 2012 Obama judge ruling in the Clinton sock-drawer case, where President Clinton stuffed 8 years of highly classified audio recordings of his presidency in his sock drawer (see picture 1 below), the President solely decides what are: – “personal” (belong to him) v. – “presidential records” (belong to government). And if the President doesn’t designate them as presidential records and then takes them when he leaves office, they are deemed personal records. (Read news story and linked opinion here: But even if people think this 2012 Obama judge ruling protecting Clinton is incorrect or Trump (somehow) shouldn’t have the benefit of this ruling (because they hate and fear Trump): “[T]he Presidential records of a former President shall be available to such former President or the former President’s designated representative.” 44 U.S.C. § 2205(3) (see picture 2 below). Former Presidents do not have the right to have any classified record they want. But they have the absolute statutory right to have (not own) their presidential records, classified or not. There is no criminal component to the Presidential Records Act. Disputes are settled with negotiations and civil lawsuits. Not unprecedented and unlawful raid and indictments. How can Trump violate the Espionage Act for retaining his presidential records he is allowed to have (not own) under the Presidential Records Act? Garland must allege and prove more than mere retention, in order to charge a former president for espionage for having his presidential records he’s allowed to have (not own) under the Presidential Records Act. One way a court may attempt to harmonize the Presidential Records Act with the Espionage Act is requiring the government to allege and prove the former President intended to cause “injury to the United States or aid to a foreign nation result from the disclosures.” United States v. Rosen, 520 F. Supp. 2d 786, 793 (E.D. Va. 2007). There is zero evidence–not even an allegation–Trump intended to harm America by retaining his presidential records. It is not a crime to be a jerk. It is not “espionage” to fight with librarians and other bureaucrats. We do not send former presidents, who happen to be your boss’s chief political enemy, to die in prison over presidential-records disputes. This is one key reason Garland’s indictment of Trump is fatally flawed as a matter of law.

RattleTrap 1776 @derekjohnson

  • After today, you should know why I’ve been stressing the importance to read and understand:
  • 1. Presidential Records Act of 1978
    2: Executive Order 13489
    3. Executive Privilege
  • “If they’re going to investigate me, they must investigate every President before me, immediately.” – CIC DJT, December 18, 2022.
  • It’s not what you think. And it ain’t much of a storm when you know who’s in control  #YouCallThisAStorm #LieutenantDay


Dec 13, 2017 11:35:55 PM EST
Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: 267271 No. 92710 
“Documents from the Obama administration have been transferred to the Barack Obama Presidential Library. You may send your request to the Obama Library. However, you should be aware that under the PRESIDENTIAL RECORDS Act, PRESIDENTIAL RECORDS remain closed to the public for five years after an administration has left office.” RAIDED by the GOOD GUYS (per POTUS). Shockingly quiet. No leaks? Presidential libraries are put in place to retain control over self-incriminating c-doc releases. Scam! Review the law. What is different re: Hussein’s PL? Who controls? These people really are stupid. Q
  • “Has Anyone Seen This Man? Biden Special Counsel Robert Hur Appears to Have Vanished”
  • Has Anyone Seen This Man? Biden Special Counsel Robert Hur Appears to Have Vanished

This also is the six-month anniversary of the appointment of another special counsel … Robert Hur.

Unlike the apparent leaks and speculation about the Smith investigation or the breathless accounts of Trump grand jury testimony, Hur’s investigation of classified documents allegedly found to be improperly in Biden’s possession appears to have all but disappeared.

Hur is clearly going to face heightened comparative scrutiny. The concern in many minds is that, once again, there may be a stark difference in how the Justice Department pursues Trump versus his opponents.

 Hur may answer all of these questions eventually, but he will be asked not simply whether there will be charges against President Biden but how he investigated the allegations.

With Trump, the FBI followed the familiar no-holds-barred approach to pursuing him, including a raid on his home at Mar-a-Lago.

To be clear, there are significant differences between the Trump and Biden cases. The Trump indictment details alleged efforts to conceal documents, obstruct the investigation and lie to the government. For two years, I have written that Mar-a-Lago was the greatest threat to Trump, and it has proven to be precisely that. 

  • They want to take away my FREEDOM because I will never let them take away your FREEDOM. They are not coming after me. They are coming after you. I just happen to be standing in their way, and I will NEVER be moving.


Anonymous ID: BQ7V3bcW No.147023341
HRC detained, not arrested (yet).
Where is Huma? Follow Huma.
This has nothing to do w/ Russia (yet).
Why does Potus surround himself w/ generals?
What is military intelligence?
Why go around the 3 letter agencies?
What Supreme Court case allows for the use of MI v Congressional assembled and approved agencies?
Who has ultimate authority over our branches of military w\o approval conditions unless 90+ in wartime conditions?
What is the military code?
Where is AW being held? Why?
POTUS will not go on tv to address nation.
POTUS must isolate himself to prevent negative optics.
POTUS knew removing criminal rogue elements as a first step was essential to free and pass legislation.
Who has access to everything classified?
Do you believe HRC, Soros, Obama etc have more power than Trump? Fantasy.
Whoever controls the office of the Presidecy controls this great land.
They never believed for a moment they (Democrats and Republicans) would lose control.
This is not a R v D battle.
Why did Soros donate all his money recently?
Why would he place all his funds in a RC?
Mockingbird 10.30.17
God bless fellow Patriots.


Nov 01, 2017 12:57:15 AM EDT
Anonymous ID: grTMpzrL No. 147445681 
Who controls the NG?
Why was the NG recently activated in select cities within the US?
Can the NG work in coordination w/ the marines?
Do CONDITIONs need to be satisfied to authorize?
What former President used the military to save the republic and what occurred exactly?
Biggest drop to ever be provided on Pol.
Study and prepare.
The masses tend to panic in such situations.
No war.
No civil unrest.
Clean and swift.


Nov 02, 2017 3:01:46 AM EDT
Anonymous ID: pGukiFmX No. 147591663 
These crumbs are not meant to scare anyone but merely inform. Resistance will be dealt with swiftly. The core focus is removing entrenched and fortified bad actors within our federal govt (past and present) as well as others. Simply be diligent – phone numbers will be provided if you witness an uprising or other domestic violence (in addition to 911). Any MILITARY seen is for your protection as well as to demonstrate our resolve. Watch for confirmations tomorrow.

The condition were already met for the military, this does not mean the military will be on the ground, it means that MI and other ops are running in the background.

The American people will not just accept the military on US soil, there needs to be an explanation of why the military will be on US soil and that is where a cyber attack and a communication blackout comes in


Jul 17, 2020 5:47:13 PM EDT
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: f4dc5f No. 9991332 
C19 narrative kill date: Election Day +1
Prepare for zero-day [massive CYBER-power] attacks [attempts] on 11.4.


Feb 21, 2018 2:11:10 AM EST
!UW.yye1fxo ID: b0b86f No. 448584 
AG Sessions.
US CYBER Task Force. Important.

Attorney General Sessions Announces New Cybersecurity Task Force

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ordered the creation of the Justice Department’s Cyber-Digital Task Force, which will canvass the many ways that the Department is combatting the global cyber threat, and will also identify how federal law enforcement can more effectively accomplish its mission in this vital and evolving area. 

The Task Force will be responsible for issuing a report to the Attorney General by the end of June.

The Attorney General has asked the Task Force to prioritize its study of efforts to interfere with our elections; efforts to interfere with our critical infrastructure; the use of the Internet to spread violent ideologies and to recruit followers; the mass theft of corporate, governmental, and private information; the use of technology to avoid or frustrate law enforcement; and the mass exploitation of computers and other digital devices to attack American citizens and businesses.  The scope of the Task Force’s report is not limited to these categories.


If there is a cyber attack that is an act of war, the military is then activated.

Any MILITARY seen is for your protection as well as to demonstrate our resolve. Watch for confirmations tomorrow.


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: b079ec No.9744194

Worth tracking.
“The Posse Comitatus Act, 18 U.S. Code, Section 1385, an original intent of which was to end the use of federal troops [TO POLICE STATE ELECTIONS] in former Confederate states, proscribes the role of the Army and Air Force in executing civil laws and states.”
“Pursuant to the presidential power to quell domestic violence, federal troops are expressly exempt from the prohibitions of Posse Comitatus Act, and this exemption applies equally to active-duty military and federalized National Guard troops.”
What is Adam Schiff trying to prevent?
Everything you are witnessing [past & present [future]] centrally revolves around the Presidential Election of 2020.
Win by any means necessary [self-preservation].

9 thoughts on “Cyber Attack An Act Of War, WWIII, The Final Act, At Dawn Justice Will Be Done – Ep. 3094

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  • June 14, 2023 at 11:01 pm

    I ask again, didn’t you tell us as recently as a couple of months ago or so, Jack Smith was really on Trump’s side? And that Wray was a “sleeper”? What happened?
    And what do you mean, ” the military on U.S. soil…”???
    Our military is always/already “on U.S. soil”.

  • June 15, 2023 at 2:35 am

    Dave long time listener for years. thank you for keeping us informed and your professionalism.

    I am in need of your help and this wonderful community. I have just this week made an account on truth social under the screen name helliscoming.

    The reason i have made this account is to message President Trump. I have a suggestion for a campaign promise. That i have been working on for the last few months. My wish or hope is that this message will reach him. If at all possible would you and this community help me in delivering this. I posted an intro on truth social to Mr.Trump on june 13 at 23:00 cmt.

    Good morning sir. I have something special to share with you sir.
    This is a suggestion for a campaign promise.
    Intro; This would affect the following:
    The bible
    population of the world
    Hasn’t been done in 250 years
    The reason for the intro and not the idea is so you have a chance to make the decision yourself outside of public domain
    So you could get legal advice from constitutional lawyers at your discretion
    If so interested dm me

  • June 15, 2023 at 7:28 am


  • June 15, 2023 at 7:30 am


  • June 15, 2023 at 8:30 am

    THE MILITARY IS ONLY ACTIVATED IN YOUR MIND, THEY ARE CONTROLED BY THE CRIMINAL BIDEN. No consequences for Biden crime family, the republicans only blow hot air.

  • June 15, 2023 at 7:48 pm

    Yeah, all that sounds grand, but the military is part of the federal govt.; just as political, just as corrupted, just as tainted, just as rotten. If FJB and his neo-Con morons put us up against the Russians, I have little doubt we will soon see just how bad it is (Russia is not ‘woke,’ they are not interested in P.C. ‘western-values’, they didn’t ship their industries off to China or Mexico and they don’t have an EPA that despises production).

  • June 16, 2023 at 1:12 am

    People are not living in a real world….I am over a group of seniors and they seem to think we are living in our best time…I almost fell on the floor. People are being deceived … People are still alseep…they think Joe Biden is better than wonder bread….it’s going to take a real world event to wake people up. How stupid are these people?… People are being deceived…deception is a dog. People are comparing Joe Biden to wonder bread…Jesus said If the blind lead the blind…they all will fall into the ditch. Communism has taken hold of this country…we are losing our God given rights guaranteed under the constitution. SAD

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