Do People Really Believe The Biggest Scandal In Modern US History Will Go Unpunished? – Ep. 2745


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Do People Really Believe The Biggest Scandal In Modern US History Will Go Unpunished?
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The people are now seeing the policies of the [CB] and Biden, now the Airlines are saying you might have to take ground transportation. Countries are now moving away from the [CB] system. The [DS] is using everything they have right now to fight against the patriots. This is an information war, Trump is a war time president. The [DS] is doing everything they can to protect their crimes from reaching the public, this has already failed, they do not have control over this. AZ AG reports fraud but is not doing anything about it. The people must push and demand justice. When you overthrow a government and cheat your way in and you get caught, laws, nominations are revoked because the puppet government did not have the authority to issue these.



  • Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban was overwhelmingly reelected last weekend {LINK}, despite the massive efforts against him by the European Union, western and euro-centric multinational globalists.   Brussels was furious at the Hungarian people.


Kentanji isn’t going anywhere until Breyer leaves in late October 2022

If you stole the diamonds and you get caught you need to give back the diamonds, you don’t keep the diamonds


Primary Witness to Material in Hunter Biden Laptop Flees to Switzerland Fearing Retaliation and U.S. Government

  • Jack Maxey was the first person to receive a full hard drive copy of the Hunter Biden laptop from Rudy Guliani.  Maxey has fled to Switzerland in order to complete a full forensic audit of the laptop content in a neutral jurisdiction.
  • Maxey is stating [Daily Mail article and Video Here] he will share the contents of the original files and all of the retrieved deleted files with the public so that people can see the scale of depravity and Biden family corruption within the evidence.
  • Additionally, Maxey is revealing to The Daily Mail the background of how he gave the original material to media, the Senate and law enforcement, and yet no one took any action.


Nancy Pelosi Flips Out After House Republicans Actually Subpoena Hunter Biden to Testify Before Congress

  • “Democrats just denied our motion to subpoena Hunter Biden,” the GOP members of the committee tweeted. “They refuse to hold Hunter accountable for his shady business dealings that make us more dependent on China for renewable energy. It’s past time for accountability.”
  • Rep. Andy Biggs had issued the motion to subpoena the president’s son as a witness because of what he referred to as his “invaluable” expertise on cobalt mining.
  • “I just made a motion to subpoena Hunter Biden as a witness for the House Oversight and Reform Committee’s hearing on electrifying [USPS],” Biggs tweeted. “Hunter sold a U.S. cobalt mine to a Chinese company. Cobalt is necessary for electric car production. Hunter’s expertise is invaluable!”
  • “Wow,” Biggs tweeted after his motion was shot down. “Democrats just denied my motion to subpoena Hunter. They continue to protect him at any cost. I guess Democrats are ok with his shady business dealings.”



Geopolitical/Police State


  • Former U.N. Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter has been suspended from Twitter for questioning the transparently sketchy circumstances around Bucha, Ukraine.


The Washington Post Finally Admits The Role of the ‘Far Right’ Azov Battalion in Ukraine.

  • after months of denying the influence of Neo Nazis in Ukraine’s military, the Washington Post has finally conceded the point – long blasted as “conspiracy theory” or “Kremlin disinformation” – about the nation’s Azov battalion.
  • In an article published April 6th 2022, the Washington Post explains in its headline: “Right-wing Azov Battalion emerges as a controversial defender of Ukraine.
  • azov wapo


China warns U.S. against House Speaker Pelosi visiting Taiwan 

  •  China warned on Thursday it would take strong measures if U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan and said such a visit would severely impact Chinese-U.S. relations, following media reports she would go next week.
  • China considers democratically ruled Taiwan its own territory and the subject is a constant source of friction between Beijing and Washington, especially given strong U.S. military and political support for the island.
  • The possible visit has not been confirmed by Pelosi’s office or Taiwan’s government, but some Japanese and Taiwanese media reported it would take place after she visits Japan this weekend.
  • Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian told reporters that Beijing firmly opposed all forms of official interactions between the United States and Taiwan, and Washington should cancel the trip.


False Flags


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 04/08/2020 12:49:22  ID: f4f117

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What is the primary benefit to keep public in mass-hysteria re: COVID-19?
Think voting.
Are you awake yet?

Pelosi is about to travel to Taiwan. China tells Pelosi to not travel to Taiwan. Pelosi announces that she has Covid.

German Lawmakers Reject Mandatory Vaccination Bill In Latest Blow To Chancellor Scholz

  •   In what appears to be a major blow for German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, the Bundestag has rejected a bill that would have made COVID vaccination mandatory for all Germans over the age of 60.
  •  d the ‘classical liberal’ Free Democrats, also includes an option for making COVID shots mandatory for everybody age 18 and older.



Barack Obama Backs Internet Controls to Grapple with the ‘Demand for Crazy’

  • Government regulation and control over the internet can defeat a “demand for crazy” through the spread of incorrect messages, former President Barack Obama said Wednesday.
  • Once the creation of social media occurred, the type of rhetoric was able to “spread and accelerate,” he said, putting those who challenge medical opinions on coronavirus vaccinations as suffering from the same delusions.
  • “Roughly 40 percent of the country appears convinced that the current president was elected fraudulently and that the election was rigged” he claimed, with about 30-35 percent rejecting vaccines for coronavirus which he called a “medical miracle” that had been clinically tested by a billion people.


Georgia’s Corrupt Governor Kemp and Lt. Gov. Duncan Block Election Integrity Bill

  • At the very last minute, Georgia’s corrupt Governor and Lieutenant Governor stepped in and blocked an election integrity bill that would make major positive changes to the state’s election process.
  • Garland Favorito at Voter GA reported moments ago:

A key integrity provision to unseal Georgia election ballots was blocked at the last minute on Sine Die by Gov. Brian Kemp and Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan. Duncan prevented the Senate from confirming House changes to SB89 which included language to unseal Georgia election ballots and improve ballot chain of custody procedures. SB89 language would have allowed counterfeit ballots to be detected and electronic votes to be verified.  Those provisions are essential to deter fraud in upcoming elections.

Legislators made ballot images public records in 2021 but a year-long, statewide VoterGA analysis found it impossible to use them to verify the 2020 election results. VoterGA produced a 15-point analysis that revealed electronic tampering in over 500,000 ballot images prior to certification. Another VoterGA study determined well over a million ballots across 70 counties were lost or destroyed despite federal and state retention law. Experts previously concluded in court that all of the nearly 5 million images stored have inadequate resolution to authenticate the corresponding ballots. Counterfeit ballots were discovered in the Nov. 2020 Fulton County hand count audit by four senior poll managers and two audit monitors. 




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Invisible enemy’: Trump says he is ‘wartime president’ in coronavirus battle – video

Compare and contrast.
Dates are important.


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Do people really believe the biggest scandal in modern US history will go unpunished [Scot-Free]?
Backchannels are important.
Patriots stand at the ready [shills whine].

8 thoughts on “Do People Really Believe The Biggest Scandal In Modern US History Will Go Unpunished? – Ep. 2745

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  • April 7, 2022 at 9:20 pm

    I’ll make a comment, don’t know if I’m wasting my breath, never hear a reply, I made a comment on charlie kirks site, my question was, if biden is thrown outta office, would everything he’s signed, every nominations he’s made wouldn’t they be null and void, the reply was, no, so who’s right, theirs to much conflicting info out there

  • April 7, 2022 at 10:28 pm

    In regards to the title of your post tonight, about people believing that nobody will ever be punished for crimes committed. Yes there are many. I follow a lot of news (conservative) sites & bravely venture in the comments, & there are many comments daily stating that they believe strongly that nothing will ever be done to these people. I pray & have faith that those people are brought to justice very soon. I feel that the fact that since last January, when the resident took office & it is now 1 year & 3 plus months past, that many people have lost all hope of anything happening. Times have gotten dire for many people. I am very sure that Biden is not legally the president & pray that the laws, executive orders, & placements such as the supreme court judge will be reversed. There are many uncertainties out there, but the one that really concerns me are all the illegals coming into the country. The longer this goes on the longer & harder it will be to round up all of these people. I pray that this nightmare comes to an end very soon. Staying strong in PA.

  • April 8, 2022 at 12:31 am

    Well currently it seems the vile criminals are not only freely committing atrocious CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY just as they have been doing for the past 2 years uninterrupted but also massively profiteering from their atrocious crimes, so the question is not about punishment instead it’s whether the criminals are even going to be actually indicted for their heinous crimes in the first place?
    Not an unreasonable query given the total lack of anything substantially progressive even taking place in the last 24 months, aside of course from all the killing of innocent people around the world under the deceptive pretext of enhancing their health.

    So yeah… forgive me for my cynicism on having confidence on the so called “patriots or white hats” or even Trump for that matter, going to bring a huge radical change, let alone having a an actual plan to begin with…..JUST ABSOLUTELY
    At least thank goodness Trump isn’t promoting the toxic clotshots as often as he used to, nowadays.

    No justification to condone, perpetuate & continue killing innocent people especially when something actually can be done to STOP the situation and please don’t tell me “people needed to see the crimes”…. guess what…we have…..for TWO BLOODY YEARS NOW!!!

    So do us all a favour, and just report next time when you actually have verifiable results, instead of speculating on what people may or may not believe and always countering them with the same rhetoric and false hope speech in repeat for the Nth time!
    It’s exhausting and to be honest quite irritating now, not to mention demeaning too.

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  • April 8, 2022 at 8:43 am

    Dave –
    Brnovich’s report sounds like he is sitting on the fence afraid to take an actual stance against the obvious election fraud.

    Also West Virginia Republicans need to go hard after Manchin. West Virginia is a solid red state and yet Manchin being a democrat gives the dems in congress a ton of power and control. Manchin may be a conservative democrat, and maybe a nice guy, but as a democrat in the senate it changes the control and what comes up and what gets passed in the senate. Nice guy or not, Manchin as a Democrat, in a Red Red state, has to go

  • April 8, 2022 at 1:06 pm

    Thanks for all you do. Without you, I don’t think I ever would’ve been able to follow the Q-posts.
    I love the way you break it down and keep updated on 2, 3 , and 4 year deltas.
    Keep up the great work. WWG1WGA

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