[DS] Assassination Message Sent, Panic, [DS] Lost Control, Fear, Desperation Sets In – Ep. 3264


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[DS] Assassination Message Sent, Panic, [DS] Lost Control, Fear, Desperation Sets In
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The economic system is breaking down, Europe is feeling it first, this will spread across the globe. The green new scam is falling apart just like the US economy. There is no hiding it anymore. The people know. The [DS] sees the writing on the wall, they tried everything to remove Trump. They failed in their attempt to make sure that he wasn’t the nominee. The people are behind Trump and the [DS] is now panicking. The [DS] is now sending messages that they want to assassinate Trump. Remember the tyrannical government is made up of the FBI, DHS, DOJ etc. They are all in on it. What happens if text and emails appear showing they colluded to assassinate Trump, game over.



  • More than 47,000 UK companies are on the brink of collapse after a 25% jump in the number of businesses facing “critical” financial distress in the final three months of 2023, according to a report.
  • It marks the second consecutive quarter-on-quarter period when critical financial distress has risen by a 25%, the latest “Red Flag” report by insolvency specialists Begbies Traynor found.

Source: theguardian.com

Here’s Why The Biden Admin’s Multi-Billion Dollar EV Charging Program Has Short-Circuited

  • The Biden administration has designated billions of taxpayer dollars to build electric vehicle (EV) chargers, but lagging market demand and government red tape are getting in the way, according to experts who spoke with the Daily Caller News Foundation.
  • The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) announced Thursday that it was awarding $150 million to upgrade existing public EV chargers, just one week after announcing another $623 million in subsidies to states to bolster EV charger construction. The grants from the FHWA are part of two EV charger programs established by the Biden administration in the November 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program and the Charging and Fueling Infrastructure (CFI) Discretionary Grant Program, which were designated collectively $7.5 billion for charger construction and upgrades.
  • However, there have only two stations have been built due to NEVI as of December, according to the Department of Transportation, with experts telling the DCNF that lack of demand, regulations and union requirements are stalling construction.  
  • The EV charger rollout carries a number of restrictions, stalling progress on their installation.
  • For example, there is an FHWA provision requiring all electricians working on the project to be certified by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers union’s Electric Vehicle Industry Training Program or have obtained certification from a Department of Labor-approved certification program with charger- 
  • “So it’s unlikely that these things are going to meet the need, and the government can’t determine what that need is anyway,” Kish told the DCNF. “They don’t have the capability of doing that. Intrapreneurs, people looking at the market and saying, ‘Hey, we ought to put in some EV chargers; we can make some money on the side,’ would be the way for this to actually happen, but that’s not what this program is. This program is ‘Give money to groups that will support us in the election.’”
  • Many have also raised concerns about the EV charging stations’ reliability, with drivers in Chicago in January being unable to charge their EVs due to the frigid temperatures. The Biden administration has previously dismissed concerns that battery performance for EVs was severely affected by cold weather.

Source: dailycaller.com

Macy’s rejects $5.8 billion buyout ahead of layoffs, store shutdowns 

  • Macy’s has rejected a $5.8 billion offer to take the iconic department store private, as it prepares to slash costs amid ongoing struggles.
  • The “unsolicited proposal,” which was submitted last month by investing firm Arkhouse Management and its partner Brigade Capital Management, the firms would have paid $21.00 per each outstanding share to take the  company private. Financial firms have set their sights on the legendary retailer, believing the company, with its multibillion-dollar real estate portfolio, is undervalued in the stock market, an analyst told CBS MoneyWatch.
  • The offer fell flat with Macy’s board members because it “lack[ed] compelling value,” the clothing giant said Sunday in a statement. The company also cited its concerns over the firms’ “ability to finance their proposed transaction.”  Industrywide slump
  •  Source: cbsnews.com


Supreme Court allows Border Patrol agents to remove razor wire installed by Texas at Mexico border

  •   A closely-divided Supreme Court on Monday allowed Border Patrol agents to cut through or move razor wire Texas installed on the U.S.-Mexico border as part of an effort by the state to prevent illegal border crossings.
  • The court on a 5-4 vote granted an emergency request filed by the Biden administration, which had argued that Texas was preventing agents from carrying out their duties.
  • The brief order noted that four conservative members of the nine-justice court would have rejected the government’s request. They were Justice Clarence Thomas, Justice Samuel Alito, Justice Neil Gorsuch and Justice Brett Kavanaugh.
  • The Biden administration says the wire prevents agents from reaching migrants who have already crossed over the border into the U.S.
  • tment of Homeland Security said Border Patrol agents were “physically barred” from entering the area during the incident.


Disaster’ — Illegal Boat Migrants Given Right to Work in Britain, Despite Government Policy: Report
  • Illegal boat migrants have reportedly been quietly given the right to work in Britain by the so-called Conservative government of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, in a move critics warn will only serve to further incentivise illegals breaking into the country.
  • Almost 16,000 asylum seekers, including many who crossed the English Channel illegally in small boats launched by people smuggling networks on the beaches of France, have been permitted to work in Britain, according to data revealed under Freedom of Information (FOI) laws by The Telegraph.
  • This comes despite government policy stating that asylum seekers should not be able to work in the country while their claims are being considered.
  • However, according to the paper, the Home Office — the government branch tasked with managing immigration — has allowed some migrants to work in certain sectors of the economy allegedly facing shortages of workers, such as in agriculture, construction, and healthcare.
  • The report claimed that migrants can earn 80 per cent of the prevailing wage if they give up the £49.13 per week state government stipend afforded to asylum seekers. The foreigners can remain in government-provided accommodation under the scheme, however, if they pay for some of the cost. In total, 19,231 migrants applied to work under the scheme in 2022 and 15,706 applications were granted.
  • “This is a disaster. Once the traffickers can advertise jobs and free board, even more will want to come. Rwanda is completely irrelevant in comparison to this,” Mr Farage said.

Source: breitbart.com

Geopolitical/Police State

Congressional Republicans Present ‘Defund Davos’ Bill to Keep U.S. Money Out of WEF

  • A group of congressional Republicans, led by Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA), introduced a bill  to ban American federal government agencies from giving grants or other taxpayer money to the World Economic Forum (WEF).
  • “Americans need to know that the WEF wants them to only drive an electric vehicle, sell their cars and use car sharing instead, eat bugs to help solve world hunger, and to always operate based on what’s good for the ‘global public’ even when it comes at a detriment to their own lives,” Rep. Perry’s office told Breitbart News this weekend.
  • The “Defund Davos Act” is barely a page long and simply prohibits government agencies from funding the WEF.
  • “No funds available to the Department of State, the United States Agency for International Development [USAID], or any other department or agency may be used to provide funding for the World Economic Forum,” the substantive portion of the bill reads.

Source: breitbart.com



EU member states agree on military operations in the Red Sea

 The Houthi militia has been shooting merchant ships in the Red Sea for weeks. The US military is already taking counter-steps. The EU has been intended to provide support for some time. Now the states agree to start a joint military operation.

  • The EU states have achieved a political agreement on the start of a military operation to secure merchant shipping in the Red Sea. This was announced by EU High Representative Josep Borrell after a meeting of foreign ministers in Brussels. According to diplomats, the mission is ideally scheduled to start next month and end the attacks of militant Islamist Houthi from Yemen.The militant Islamist militia wants to force an end to the Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip by shelling ships, which were caused by the unprecedented Hamas massacre in Israel on the seventh office. October followed. According to current plans, EU operations will provide for European warships and airborne early warning systems to be sent to the region to protect cargo ships. However, participation in the US attacks against Houthi opinions in Yemen is not planned.

source:  n-tv.de

Cyber Attacks

False Flags


OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE: Explosive Report Reveals Trump-Hating J6 Committee Secretly DELETED Over 100 Potentially Damning Encrypted Files Right Before GOP Took Over the House

  • An explosive report has revealed the Trump-hating J6 Committee secretly deleted over 100 potentially critical pieces of evidence right before the GOP was set to take over the House of Representatives after their narrow 2022 win.
  • The former J6 Select Committee chaired by Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) was required by law to hand over all documents from its investigation to the new, GOP-led panel. According to Fox News, Thompson promised Loudermilk that he would turn over four terabytes of archived data.
  • But this turned out to be a lie by Thompson. The GOP-led panel ended up receiving less than half of the promised material.

  • A total of 117 encrypted files were deleted by the corrupt committee on Jan. 1, 2023. The 118th Congress convened on January 3, 2023.
  • The Georgia congressman sent Thompson a letter requesting he provide him “a list of passwords for all password-protected files created by the Select Committee” so that the committee can “access these files and ensure they are properly archived.”
  • Loudermilk also sent letters to the White House general counsel and the Department of Homeland Security general counsel, requesting “unedited and unredacted transcripts” of White House and DHS testimony to the former select committee. While these transcripts exist, they were never turned over to the J6 Select Committee.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com


!UW.yye1fxo ID: 7f44ec No.120138
!UW.yye1fxo ID: 7f44ec No.119877
The flood is coming.
Emails, videos, audio, pics, etc.
FBI accidentally deletes texts?
No Such Agency accidentally releases IT ALL>
Shall we play a game?
Will the FBI recover those missing texts?
[Nothing is ever truly deleted].
Your move.

ELECTION INTERFERENCE! Clinton-Judge Delays E. Jean Carroll Trial Until Tuesday – Day of New Hampshire Primary – Trump Responds

  • Judge Lewis Kaplan, a Trump-hating Clinton judge without morals or integrity, announced on Monday that he was delaying the E. Jean Carroll defamation case against Donald Trump until Tuesday – on the day of the nation’s first primary in New Hampshire.
  • Kaplan, a Clinton appointee, previously ruled that Trump is liable for defamatory statements he made about E. Jean Carroll after she accused him of rape – but she’s not sure of the year or season it occurred. There is absolutely no evidence to support her accusations. But the New York court indicted Trump anyway for committing “rape” in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room where he was allegedly assisting Carroll in purchasing lingerie after he met this crazed woman on the street in New York City. The entire story is like something written for Law and Order.

Source: thegatwaypundit.com

  •  with great purpose, in the middle of what will be the most important Election in the History of our Country. They could have all began years ago, or years after, but, certainly not DURING the Election. In actuality, they should have never been brought at all, because I have done nothing wrong. It is what it is, and I will do what I have to do, all I ask for is fair Judges and Juries, and I will win every one of them.…




Trump Announces “Ron DeSanctimonious” Nickname “Officially Retired”

  • President Donald Trump has announced that he is officially retiring the moniker ‘Ron DeSanctimonious’ that he had previously used for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.


Vice President Mike Flynn? — Mike Flynn Hints at Accepting VP Role if Asked by Trump (VIDEO) 

  • Former National Security Advisor General Mike Flynn hinted he would not dismiss the idea of joining the Trump ticket as a Vice Presidential candidate if the opportunity arose.
  • This revelation came during the screening of “Out of Shadows and Into the Light” on Saturday night in Florida, where an audience member posed the question.
  • Out of Shadows and Into the Light is a film that “exposes corruption within Hollywood, the media, our government, human trafficking, and more, which is highly relevant to all that’s currently happening in society now and the history of it all.”
  • An audience member raised the question of a Trump-Flynn ticket during a Q&A session, prompting a wave of enthusiasm from the crowd. Liz Crokin, a well-known Trump supporter, shared the video of Flynn’s response.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

Alex Soros Tweets Out Bullet Hole and 47 — A Direct Violent Threat to Donald Trump!  

  • Alex Soros tweeted out an obvious threat against President Trump on Sunday evening.
  • Alex Soros is currently facing scrutiny due to his recent tweet sharing a post from the far-left The Atlantic that features a bullet hole and a sum of $47.

  • Here’s an excerpt from The Atlantic:
  • According to Gallup, 77 percent of Americans believe there is more crime in the U.S. than there was a year ago. Economic sentiment has begun to tick up, but it is still near the lowest levels on record. This may help explain Donald Trump’s strength in electoral polls. A recent Wall Street Journal survey found that U.S. voters overwhelmingly believe that Trump will do a better job than Joe Biden when it comes to the economy (52 percent to 35 percent), inflation (51 percent to 30 percent), and crime (47 percent to 30 percent). Voters seem to be yearning for a return to the normalcy of pre-pandemic times, and Trump is promising to give it to them.

    The absurdity of Trump as the normalcy candidate is almost too much to bear—especially because the normalcy that voters are desperately craving is, in many ways, already here, and Biden helped deliver it.

  • The Conservative Treehouse reported:
  • Alex Soros, the son of George Soros, sends a message via his Twitter account that is troubling.Being subtle like a brick through a window the billionaire leftist posts a picture of a “Bullet Hole” and “$47.”President Donald Trump is going to be the 47th President

Source: thegatewaypundit.com


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Review image/location.
Nothing provided is random.


Threats of assassination?
They are preparing for this by activating progressive activists.
Once the documents are supplied and viewed by Senate and Congressional leaders (& the public), they LOSE.


!UW.yye1fxo ID: b189f8 No.130638
What would happen if texts originating from a FBI agent to several [internals] discussed the assassination (possibility) of the POTUS or member of his family?
What if the texts suggest foreign allies were involved?
Forget the Russia set up [1 of 22].
This is only the beginning.
Be careful what you wish for.
Could messages such as those be publicly disclosed?
What happens to the FBI?
What happens to the DOJ?
What happens to special counsel?
What happens in general?
Every FBI/DOJ prev case could be challenged.


9 thoughts on “[DS] Assassination Message Sent, Panic, [DS] Lost Control, Fear, Desperation Sets In – Ep. 3264

  • January 22, 2024 at 7:59 pm

    Soul — The original-language terms (Heb., neʹphesh [נֶפֶשׁ]; Gr., psy·kheʹ [ψυχή]) as used in the Scriptures show “soul” to be a person, an animal, or the life that a person or an animal enjoys.
    The connotations that the English “soul” commonly carries in the minds of most persons are not in agreement with the meaning of the Hebrew and Greek words as used by the inspired Bible writers. This fact has steadily gained wider acknowledgment. Back in 1897, in the Journal of Biblical Literature (Vol. XVI, p. 30), Professor C. A. Briggs, as a result of detailed analysis of the use of neʹphesh, observed: “Soul in English usage at the present time conveys usually a very different meaning from נפש [neʹphesh] in Hebrew, and it is easy for the incautious reader to misinterpret.”
    More recently, when The Jewish Publication Society of America issued a new translation of the Torah, or first five books of the Bible, the editor-in-chief, H. M. Orlinsky of Hebrew Union College, stated that the word “soul” had been virtually eliminated from this translation because, “the Hebrew word in question here is ‘Nefesh.’” He added: “Other translators have interpreted it to mean ‘soul,’ which is completely inaccurate. The Bible does not say we have a soul. ‘Nefesh’ is the person himself, his need for food, the very blood in his veins, his being.”—The New York Times, October 12, 1962.
    — As is NOW happening, WHY are all of the lies and evil being exposed? Because we are told in the Bible that ALL evil will be openly exposed before the end begins so that the people have no excuse for not recognizing what is going on AND how bad rule by men truly is. Personally, I have never voted; I will not vote for corruption. Why is there so much corruption in ALL human governments? Satan selects all who serve in human governments; go ahead, read it in your own Bible; Luke 4:5-8. Corruption cannot occur under the direction of the Almighty, but most people have rejected such direction and instead turn to Satan for guidance trough the so-called Christian churches that Satan controls – if you have questions about this, please email me for further information. In what is now a very short time, you will see how well that works out for such churches AND ‘persons’. If you have questions, please ask, or email me for more information; [email protected] or [email protected]. If you wish, I can also direct you to an online Bible study course that is free.

  • January 22, 2024 at 8:00 pm

    Why are ALL human governments corrupt? Luke 4:5 So he (Satan) brought him (Jesus) up and showed him all the kingdoms of the inhabited earth in an instant of time. 6 Then the Devil said to him: “I will give you all this authority and their glory, because it has been handed over to me, and I give it to whomever I wish. 7 If you, therefore, do an act of worship before me, it will all be yours. Any questions? Please ask or email me at [email protected] OR [email protected]. I can answer any question about the Bible and please know this; we are very near to the beginning of the Great Tribulation which means that we are very near to the end of this system of things.

  • January 22, 2024 at 8:49 pm

    soros junior is a piece of dog excrement just like his athiesti murderous and traitor father!!

    no doubt the bush – clinton – obama and biden also known as the joebama and or obama third term – illegal gotten either way – are murderous and traitorous cartels who have been planning this both domestically as well as internationally.

    Edward sSowden and Julian Assange are not traitors – they have been and are instrumental in exposing the deep state scum – more and more they are proving their points.

    mchael harden a bush ilackey called outright a few weeks ag0o or the assignation of President Trump.

    Now we see exactly WHY President Trump gas his own security detail that he pays for himself because the entire U.S. intelligence agency’s (what an oxymoron) are all dirty and without exception. This includes 99.9% of our military leadership – a second oxymoron.

  • January 22, 2024 at 9:43 pm

    Great daily newsletter–I look forward to reading it everyday. It gives me hope for the future.

  • January 22, 2024 at 9:48 pm

    Soros’ Tweet could also have an additional sinister meaning (& the [DS] are totally “into it”; symbology & numerology, often around dates when they “do” stuff, usually FF/Black Swan events).

    Think 9-11

    11 is the number for “manifestation”
    The $47 in Soros’ Tweet? 4 + 7 = 11

    I don’t believe in coincidences either … 😉

  • January 23, 2024 at 1:54 am

    I TRULY hate the OATHBREAKING TRAITORS in the military. If I was given power for one week, the FIRST people I would arrest and execute would be the white hats. Trust the plan?!?!? The plan was to let them steal 2018, 2020 and 2022 despite having an ABUNDANCE of proof, then let them keep their stolen elections and do IRREPARABLE damage to the country?!?!? THIS IS THE F’ING PLAN?!?!? The white hats need to be executed, then someone with actual BALLS who doesn’t give a flying F about what people might say about them come in and take over. Civil war?!?! Soy boy liberals and white college girls will start a “civil war”?!?! Are you F’ING STUPID>!>!

  • January 23, 2024 at 7:42 am

    You’re really trying to tell us, SCOTUS is making decisions based on “…waking the people up”???
    Really? You want us to believe that? Sotomayor. Kagan. Brown. Roberts.
    You may have finally lost it.
    I do agree with you, that all of this bs is just a distraction from the 2020 election.

  • January 23, 2024 at 10:14 am

    Oh, so the Supreme Court says that the Border Patrol can become participants in a felony (i.e. aiding illegal entry across the Texas border and the CITIZENS of Texas can not stop this). Well, I do believe we now have another bus destination for these ‘wonderful migrants;’ the communities inwhich the five judges reside. Of course secession becomes an even more compelling argument as the rest of the nation turns up-side-down with the full endorsment of the rotten to the core federal government (and of course, with all the deficit spending, large piles of cash must continue to flow to the globalists/ukie-fascists/and the rest of the DC establishment).

  • January 28, 2024 at 11:03 pm

    Who holds the Crown of Unintended Consequences? Liberals or rather Progressives. Look how they defeated Trump, they were always leagues ahead of him. They made him a martyr.

    When the electric vehicle renaissance began it was breathtaking. Suddenly traditional OEMs lost control, startups were appearing everywhere in every Country. A new game board. Investment flowed in and companies in this wild environment came and went, innovation moved forward. At this point many were making money and that is when Progressives under the guise of then Global Warming later Climate Change to lay claim of all atmospheric conditions and help explain why they consistently get it wrong decided to use that environment to move their agenda forward.

    Back in those heady days it was Fisker vs Tesla. Tesla had no problem taking public tax dollars, Fisker through all its incarnations resisted. Tesla became the darling of progressive/ climate activists, the company existed solely on tax dollars and was valued higher than Ford Motor Company by the time it finally produced a vehicle. Wildly successful but by that time they had other competition at the tax trough.

    Left to investors EVs would have progressed as combustion engine vehicles did, Innovation, success leading to higher demand and higher demand for ancillary complimentary industries such as charging stations, battery suppliers, end of service disposal etc.. Nope, government picked winners, manipulated the markets, mandated purchasing options basically became fascist by dictating production. Innovation was no longer required, money was guaranteed.

    A few problems stand in the way, unintended consequences…
    Most owners never paid for those batteries, completely subsidized some don’t actually own them.
    The cost of new batteries can be 5000 to 20,000 to replace, there is absolutely no repair.
    Nobody has a clue how to dispose of these batteries.
    Batteries can add hundreds ie 500- 800 lbs to a vehicle. They are crumbling roads, in collisions they transfer huge energy leading to more injuries, loss of life, property damage.
    We all know batteries do not fare well in cold weather but global warming
    Batteries burn, hot and long, between car collisions, impossible repair, houses burning down insurance costs will rise geometrically.
    There is no way the current electric grid in this Country will be able to transfer that much power as the mandates demand.

    Until the tax money, free money stops innovation to solve these problems is non existent. That is what “free” does it destroys innovation.

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