• Barr  asked Durham to look at the post Trump election because “of some of the stuff that Horowitz has uncovered which to me is inexplicable.”
  • New Documents As Durham’s Criminal Probe Continues
  •   the documents already uncovered by Horowitz and the alleged new documents discovered by Durham are significant. Those documents will expose the intent of those involved in the malfeasance at the FBI and the continued operation to spy on Carter Page Durham’s probe is focused on actions of former senior Obama Administration officials that targeted Trump and his team,
  • Durham is looking into the Intelligence Community Assessment on Russia, in which Brennan has stated that the CIA did not use former MI6 spy Christoper Steele’s debunked dossier. 
  • Durham Probe Expands To Pentagon
  •   Durham has expanded his investigation to include the Pentagon’s Office Of Net Assessment, which contracted former FBI informant Stefan Halper, who had contacts with four Trump campaign officials. The Office of Net Assessment awarded Halper multiple contracts that totaled over $1 million dollars. DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s most recent report described interviews with FBI agents that said it was “serendipitous” that Halper new all the sources of their Crossfire Hurricane investigation. In fact, the report stated that they “couldn’t believe [their] luck” that [Halper] had contacts with three of their four subjects. Those subjects included short term campaign advisors Carter Page and George Papadopolous, as well as Gen Flynn.
  •   Barr has already hinted at the fact that Durham has acquired new and possibly damning documents , he said that Durham is “looking at the issue of how it got started.

Source: saracarter.com