[DS] Cyber Attack Narrative, 200 Million People Are Behind Trump, People Are The Cure – Ep. 3330


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 [DS] Cyber Attack Narrative, 200 Million People Are Behind Trump, People Are The Cure
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The green new deal just hit the wall, Co2 makes the world greener. Layoffs continue and the economy is breaking apart. Fake news says the quiet part out loud and terrorists are planning to shutdown global trade. The [DS] is now preparing the cyber attack narrative which they most likely use during the election. Trumps fake hush money trial begins, he will not get a fair trial and most likely they will find him guilty and throw him in the clink. Trump acknowledges that 200 million are behind him, the counterinsurgency is working. We the people are the cure.




Over 1,300 Layoffs Hit Logistics Companies Across US

  • Layoffs continue across the freight and logistics industry, with companies in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan and Texas announcing job reductions and facility closures over the past two weeks
  • Warren, Michigian-based Universal Logistics is permanently shuttering two of its subsidiaries and laying off a total of 677 employees, according to notices recently filed with the state.
  • The layoffs are related to Universal-operated entities Logistics Insights Corp. and Universal Dedicated of Detroit, an auto parts warehousing and logistics facility. Both operations were in Detroit.
  • Universal Dedicated of Detroit’s closure will affect 230 truck drivers who worked from the facility.  Logistics Insights Corp.’s closure includes 164 warehouse workers, 212 forklift operators, 26 dockworkers and 45 clerical employees.
  • Universal Logistics is a truckload transportation, intermodal and logistics provider across the U.S, Mexico, Canada and Colombia. The company has more than 10,000 employees.
  • It did not provide a reason for the cessation of operations at the two entities in their state filings.
  • Officials for Universal Logistics did not immediately respond to a request for comment from FreightWaves.
  • Swissport Cargo Services

Source: zerohedge.com


CNN Is Wrong… Deflation Is A Good Thing

  • recent video by CNN states that lower prices are bad for the United States economy and that consumers must get used to the newer, higher prices.
  • The video goes so far as to say, “We’re never going to pay 2019 prices again.”
  • Americans should simply get used to paying more and more each year and be happy about it. Except, deflation is actually good for consumers despite the contentions of inflation-supporting economists.
  • The conclusion that inflation is a good thing is reached by the mishandling of economic terms.
  • While Austrian economics accepts that inflation is the expansion of the money supply, mainstream economics contends that inflation is an increase in the general price level in an economy. This skewed definition allows one to erroneously conclude that inflation causes prosperity by raising profits and incomes through higher consumer prices. The problem with this is that “price inflation” is also often caused by real inflation: the increase of the money supply. An increase in the money supply comes from the creation of additional units of money ex nihilo, out of nothing. The wealth of savers is diluted by the expansion of the money supply, which leads to the hardships many Americans face.
  • Further, while the video contends that the pandemic may have caused rising prices, it cannot explain the continual growth of prices even after the effects of the pandemic have subsided.
  • The reason many economists are quick to champion inflation as creating prosperity is because central banks have previously used expansionary monetary policies to temporarily boost the economy by increasing aggregate demand. Several of these policies, often specifically lowering interest rates, cause a boom-bust cycle. When the money supply is expanded and cheap credit is abundant, firms are able to take on ambitious projects that they may not have been able to previously. Malinvestment results from the unsustainable credit expansion created by extremely low interest rates. There is greater demand for the factors of production, and an increase is seen in conventional metrics of economic growth such as gross domestic product.
  • .
  • Artificially cheap credit causes a misallocation of resources by skewing price information. Eventually, a bust must follow the boom. In this period, deflation often occurs due to market actors coming to more-realistic valuations of the factors of production. After these realistic valuations come about, consumers are able to pay less for their goods and services . . . at least until the central bank causes the next boom-bust cycle.
  • In conclusion, it would be wrong to pinpoint deflation as a potential issue for the economy.

Source: zerohedge.com


Guatemala is investigating U.S. NGOs for child trafficking, seeks Texas AG collaboration

  • Guatemala’s Attorney General is investigating ongoing criminal claims that a number of American tax payer funded non-governmental organizations (NGOs) operating both inside and outside the United States are complicit  in the ongoing trafficking, abuse and disappearance of children from its nation, according to an official Guatemalan letter obtained by this investigative columnist.
  • The Guatemalan government is seeking full cooperation from the State of Texas, where the accusations of abuse have been reported, government officials told SaraACarter.com.
  • A letter from Guatemalan Attorney General María Consuelo Porras was sent to Attorney General Ken Paxton on Saturday. Porras asked Paxton for immediate assistance with investigations into recent criminal reports filed with Guatemala’s Public Ministry alleging that unaccompanied minor children and adolescents being trafficked into the U.S. from Guatemala have allegedly suffered sexual and physical abuse at facilities operated by U.S. tax payer funded NGOs.

Source: saracarter.com

Geopolitical/Police State

UPDATE: Sydney Bishop Stabber Is a Radical Muslim – Angry Christian Crowd Gathered Threatens to Lynch Attacker – Bishop Emanuel’s Wounds Reportedly Non-Life-Threatening (VIDEOS)

  • A large crowd of angry Christians gathered outside the Assyrian Church in Sydney, Australia, where police are holding the man who stabbed four people during a church service.
  • People are in a near-riot outside the church, seemingly wanting to lynch the knifeman, who is now in police custody.
  • Restrained by parishioners, the apparent Islamist terrorist who attacked Assyrian Orthodox Bishop Mar Mari reportedly said in Arabic: ‘if He wasn’t criticizing my Prophet (Muhammad) and my religion (Islam), I wouldn’t have come or attacked’.

  • Sydney Police surrounded the Nestorian Christian temple, fearing that the Assyrians might lynch and kill the Terrorist
  • Telegraph reported:



Source: thegatewaypundit.com


John Kirby Blames Trump After Iran Attacks Israel (VIDEO)

  • Kirby was defending Biden’s record on Iran despite the fact that they attacked Israel in direct defiance of Biden’s “warning” just hours before the interview.
  • “Why not support something that would have stopped that program or at least contained it in some way so it’s not launching at Israel and we aren’t having to get involved defensively?” Bream asked Kirby.
  • Kirby responded, “Just look at the sanctions we put in place against Iran, look at the resources we put into the region. It’s hard to take a look at what President Biden has done and say that we’ve somehow gone soft on Iran,”
  • This is the illusion they created, they send the money, Iran borrows the money against the money in the account, when people look the money is still there, the sanctions are working

  • Kirby continued by blaming the Trump administration for Iran’s hostility.
  • Kirby also insisted that the billions of dollars that were unfrozen were not going to the Iranian regime and blamed President Trump.
  • Iran was broke under President Trump and became much wealthier under crooked Joe Biden by unfreezing billions of dollars.
Source: thegatewaypundit.com


  • Obama sent a clear message to Congress: If you don’t block this nuclear deal, we will bar Iran’s access to our financial system. The deal was clear, unequivocal. It was also a lie. Obama lied, and so did others in his administration.
  • That’s the conclusion of a report by the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. It alleges Obama officials pushed the U.S. Treasury to let Iran convert the equivalent of $5.7 billion of funds held in Oman’s Bank of Muscat from rials into dollars and subsequently into euros.
  • It required a special license by the U.S. Treasury, which was granted in February of 2016. But it was never disclosed, either to Congress or the American people.
  • OK, you say, $5.7 billion. What is that, when big economies like the U.S., Britain, Germany and France have economies trillions of dollars in size?
  • Apart from the lie, which is bad enough for an administration that claimed repeatedly to be “scandal-free,” this money did not have innocuous uses. Far from it.
  • Our own State Department characterizes Iran as the No. 1 terrorist-supporting state on Earth. Every dollar it gets from us has an ultimate use that is highly questionable, which is the reason why the U.S. imposed sanctions in the first place.
  • Terrorist Funding


  • No one knows how much of the $5.7 billion that Obama allowed Iran to access also went to terrorist activities. Or, for that matter, how much went to further research activity on Iran’s nuclear bomb project. That awaits a later investigation.
  • But it’s important to note that the Iran nuclear deal also removed some $100 billion in sanctions on Iran. This made Iran once again a big player in the Mideast. It’s almost certain that a good piece of that went to the Islamic Revolutionary Guards, which by some accounts control as much as 40% of Iran’s economy.
  • It’s clear from Obama administration actions, under both his Secretaries of State, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, that the Obama White House despised Israel and did all they could to undermine its security. How else can you explain the enabling of a terrorist-supporting regime?


  •  have used repeatedly against Ukraine to great effect. 1/


US will not take part in any Israeli retaliatory action against Iran 

  • Two senior Israeli ministers signalled retaliation was not imminent and that Israel would not act alone.
  • “We will build a regional coalition and exact the price from Iran in the fashion and timing that is right for us,” centrist minister Benny Gantz said ahead of a war cabinet meeting.
Source: reuters.com


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The ‘CURE’ will spread WW.
Have FAITH, Patriot.
Poll: Majority of Republicans Find Donald Trump More Trustworthy Than Media on Ukraine-Russia
  • An overwhelming majority of Republicans find former President Donald Trump more trustworthy than the news media when it comes to information on the Ukraine and Russia conflict.
  • A CBS News/YouGov poll conducted between April 9 and 12, which surveyed 2,399 American adults, found that when it came to getting information regarding the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, 79 percent of Republicans said they trusted Trump.

Source: breitbart.com

False Flags

  •  Gates, the REAL vaccine salesman. Regarding Trump’s eventual endorsement of the vaccine, he was doing what he had to do to defeat the Globalist COVID narrative. If he hadn’t expedited it, we would have been in lockdown for years and years to come. Trump outmaneuvered them and blew up their longterm plan to enslave us.


  • If the Ds believe that the majority will be what they want they are going to be very surprised, because the [DS] will cater to their army

Criminal exploits of Scattered Spider earn respect of Russian ransomware hackers

  • n the shadowy corners of the dark web, young hackers from the U.S., U.K., and Canada met and teamed up with Russian ransomware hackers, becoming powerful partners in crime.
  • In the last year, ransomware hackers have targeted hospitals, pharmaceuticals, tech companies, and even Las Vegas’ biggest hotels and casinos. Bryan Vorndran, the FBI’s top cyber official, called ransomware an “enormous problem,” and says no sector, company, or type of organization is off limits to hackers. There are estimates that global losses from ransom payments exceed $1 billion a year.
  • “Any way you look at the numbers, it’s a problem for the global economy, and for the U.S. economy, and for the security of the United States,” Vorndran said.
  • Scattered Spider hackers
  • A loose-knit group of predominantly native-English speaking hackers, called Scattered Spider by the FBI, are behind some of the recent ransomware attacks, Vorndran said. The group is also known as Star Fraud, UNC3944, and Octo Tempest. Scattered Spider hackers are considered experts in social engineering. 
  • Scattered Spider is just one of many illicit hacking groups, all part of a sprawling collection of online criminals calling themselves “the Community,” or “the Com” for short, Nixon said. She describes it as a new, but surprisingly disruptive online subculture. Members of the Com have hacked into companies like Microsoft, Nvidia and Electronic Arts, among others.
  • Cybersecurity researchers believe that BlackCat is made up of former members of the Russian cybercriminal hacking group DarkSide/BlackMatter, which was responsible for the 2021 attack on Colonial Pipeline that caused gas shortages up and down the East Coast. And according to an FBI advisory, “Many of the developers and money launderers for BlackCat/ALPHV are linked to DarkSide/BlackMatter, indicating they have extensive networks and experience with ransomware operations.”
  • Ransomware attacks bring companies to knees
  • The Russian government provides a safe haven for Russian ransomware gangs, said DiMaggio. He added that as long as the hackers don’t target organizations in Russia, they don’t get prosecuted.
  • “It’s crazy, right? That’s how it works though,” DiMaggio said.
  • The most successful Russian gangs are run like legitimate companies with easy-to-navigate online platforms. The leadership are people in their 30s and 40s, DiMaggio said. They often have a financial background.
  • “There are people that specialize in developing malware and ransomware, and they’re in very high demand,” DiMaggio said.
  • Russian ransomware has become such a threat that the elite cyber warriors at the National Security Agency have joined the fight. Rob Joyce, who was the NSA’s director of cybersecurity before retiring last month, said the Colonial Pipeline attack was a wakeup call.
  • “The level of cybercrime has risen to the point where it feels overwhelming,” she said. “And every year it gets worse. And it feels like as defenders, it’s almost like we’re winning every battle and losing the war.”

Source: cbsnews.com