• Mr. Moore recently disclosed on a video that he was contacted by a person from the Good Information Foundation, a non-profit arm of the Good Information Inc organization.  {Direct Rumble Link} Good Information Inc was founded by billionaires Reid Hoffman and George Soros {citation}.  Mr Moore recently stated in one of his videos that he was offered $400 by the Good Information group, to spread false and defamatory information about President Trump related to the January 6 investigation.  WATCH:


Source: theconservativetreehouse.com

Worst October ‘Surprise’ Ever: January 6 Committee to Resume Before Midterms   

  • The House January 6 Committee is planning to hold at least one more hearing and release an early report into its “findings” before the 2020 midterm elections, in what is probably the least surprising “October surprise” in American political history.

Source: breitbart.com

  • The Department of Justice fired off an angry appeal to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday, which followed upon Florida Judge Aileen Cannon refusing to bend to its demands to return documents with ‘classified’ markings to prosecutors after the appointment of a ‘special master’ to review them.
  • In its appeal, the DOJ took exception to the court’s appointment of a “special master” to review the documents seized at the former president’s property at Mar-a-Lago on August 8 for those covered by attorney-client or executive privilege. However, the Justice Department’s partial appeal did not challenge the appointment of the special master, but rather argued that the documents bearing classified markings be returned.
  • Hans Mahnke highlighted the appearance that the Department of Justice was laying the groundwork for a “perjury/obstruction” trap.

  • No documentation has come to light confirming that Mr. Trump declassified the material, and the potential crimes cited by the Justice Department in seeking the search warrant for Mar-a-Lago would not hinge on the classification status of the documents.



  • TRUMP: “Remember, we were the ones supposed to be working with Russia. It was the FBI and the Democrats who were working with Russia and now it’s all coming out…
  • In other words, the FBI was paying a Russian who made false smears to try and take down the POTUS.
  • It was also recently revealed that the FBI went to Facebook in the weeks before the 2020 election and told them that the Hunter Biden laptop was all Russian disinformation.”


New York Times Finds ‘Twin Threats’ to Democracy: Republicans, and Republican-appointed Judges 
  • The New York Times led its Saturday edition, on Constitution Day, with a front-page article identifying “twin threats” to democracy: not one from the right and one from the left, but rather 1) Republicans and 2) Republican-appointed judges.
  • Pu

The first threat is acute: a growing movement inside one of the country’s two major parties — the Republican Party — to refuse to accept defeat in an election.

The second threat to democracy is chronic but also growing: The power to set government policy is becoming increasingly disconnected from public opinion.

Source: breitbart.com

INSANITY: Illinois Democrats Eliminate Cash Bail System on Felonies Including Second-Degree Murder, Aggravated Battery, Arson, Kidnapping, Drug-induced Homicide, and Looting — Lets Criminals Walk!

  • In Illinois, Democrats recently passed a new law that will eliminate the cash bail system starting on January 1, 2023.  This is according to the new law aimed at reforming the state’s criminal justice system.
  • This will result in the release on no bail while awaiting court date of those accused of certain felonies, such as “second-degree murder, aggravated battery, and arson without bail, as well as drug-induced homicide, kidnapping, burglary, robbery, intimidation, aggravated DUI, aggravated fleeing and eluding, drug offenses and threatening a public official.”
  • Democrat Gov. JB Pritzker signed HB 3653 THE SAFE-T (Safety, Accountability, Fairness, and Equity- Today) ACT into law in February, saying “Transforming the pretrial detention system so low-income people aren’t thrown behind bars while only the wealthy walk free, diverting low-level drug crimes into substance-treatment programs and reducing excessive stays in prison.”
  • “It denies victims their constitutional rights. And keep this in mind, businesses and homeowners will no longer be able to remove trespassers from your residence or your businesses. Someone could decide to live in your shed, and all we can do is give them a ticket. You have to decide what level of force is required to remove them and whether or not it’s legal.

Watch the video:



Source: thegatewaypundit.com


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This should be also.


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What happens when people in positions of power are sympathizers to the cause or part of that same ‘organization’ themselves?
What is a ‘safe zone’?
Why are riots conducted in specific [D] controlled locations?
What happens when elected officials [governors/mayors] handcuff the officers instead of criminals?
What happens when elected officials [governors/mayors] refuse to call in the national guard or other federal assistance?
Sacrificing the lives and well-being of the community for a calculated political gain [or other]?
Does ANTIFA fear prosecution?
Would they continue to operate if they did?
What organized group(s) are bailing out rioters within 24-hours of arrest?
What happens post bailout?
Do charges remain enforced or dropped by DA?
DA: will not act re: “low-level’ arrests
Have all refusal to bring charges been related to “low-level” arrests?
What happens when prosecutors, board of county commissioner members, volunteer firefighters, etc. are sympathetic to the cause?
What happens if the organization [ANTIFA] itself is aware?
Infiltration not invasion.