[DS] Losing Their System, Pushing Chaos, No War, No Civil Unrest, Clean & Swift – Ep. 3031


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[DS] Losing Their System, Pushing Chaos, No War, No Civil Unrest, Clean & Swift
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The companies that pushed the woke agenda are losing business, the people are not buying or using their products. Katie Hobbs the fake Gov is sitting on a bill that would remove the taxes from groceries, she has done nothing so far. The patriots are now giving economic solutions, the [CB] will reject. The [DS] is panicking, they have lost control of their system, everything they setup from the beginning is now gone. The [DS] is still following the 16 year plan and the latest mass shooting backfired on them. Now they are shifting gears, they want control over all information and they are making the trans community angry by saying it’s MAGAs fault.  The [DS] will push chaos and try to push civil war, this will fail. Then they will push war by using nuclear weapons. The peacemaker will step in and the world will shift.



Disney Terminates Entire Metaverse Division 
  • Now you see it, now you don’t. Disney is eliminating its entire metaverse division as part of the impending mass layoffs destined to impact as many as 7,000 employees, a report Monday claims.
  • The Wall Street Journal set out the nature of the sackings that will see just division head Mike White remain in what was once hailed as its “next-generation storytelling and consumer experiences unit.”
  • The metaverse team, per WSJ, was tasked with “finding ways to tell interactive stories in new technological formats using Disney’s extensive library of intellectual property.”
  • It employed approximately 50 people, all of whom have been let go with immediate effect, according to the WSJ.

source: breitbart.com

NEW: Katie Hobbs Expected to Veto GOP Bill Eliminating Food Tax as Inflation, Gas Prices Rapidly Rise – Previously Said She Would “Certainly” Work With Republicans While Campaigning

  • Last week, the Arizona House passed Senate Bill 1063, sponsored by State Senator Sonny Borrelli, which will prohibit cities, towns, or other taxing jurisdictions from levying sales tax on groceries.
  • Not a single Democrat voted for this measure to help Arizona families experiencing historic inflation in some of the Country’s hardest-hit cities.


  • The bill was transmitted to Katie Hobbs’ office on March 23, and, based on her history since her installation, many expect her to veto the food tax elimination sponsored and passed by Republican lawmakers.
  • As of 3/28/23, Arizona’s average gas price is 80 cents higher per gallon than the national average at $4.236 per gallon, up from $4.194 four days ago. Maricopa County averages $4.564 per gallon, up from $4.526 four days ago. The price has consistently risen since last month. According to Forbes and Wallethub, Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale is tied at #2 for cities with the highest inflation as of March 14, 2023.
  • However, Katie Hobbs is more focused on passing meaningless legislation that will not help Arizonans. As The Gateway Pundit recently reported, Hobbs signed her ninth Executive Order titled “Prohibiting Race-Based Hair Discrimination,” as inflation runs rampant and the southern border remains wide open.
  • Hobbs previously vetoed Senate Bill 1184, which would have ended rental taxes on residential property.
  • State Rep. Leo Biasiucci indicated that the food tax elimination will likely be vetoed and responded to a tweet in which Katie Hobbs called for a ban on sales tax for tampons, asking, “Why is she OK removing the tax on tampons & diapers but not on Food and Rent?!?!?”

Kari Lake War Room tweeted, “signing this bill is a no-brainer. Unfortunately so is @KatieHobbs.”


  • Katie Hobbs previously said she would “certainly” work with Republicans in the legislature to pass a “complete ban of the food tax.”
  • “I’m not going to say no to anything if there’s a way to provide relief for Arizonans,” said Hobbs in an interview with Arizona PBS after she refused to debate Kari Lake, and Lake soared in the polls.


  • Katie Hobbs continues to make it clear that her priorities are not Arizona first.
Source: thegatewaypundit.com

Biden’s Interior Secretary Completely Dumbstruck Over Simple Questions on China and Production of Critical Minerals (VIDEO)

  • Remember when Joe Biden bragged about Deb Haaland being the first Native American cabinet secretary in history of the United States?
  • Deb Haaland was not chosen to be Biden’s Interior Secretary because she’s qualified for the job.
  • She checked a box: First Native American cabinet secretary. 
  • And this is the result…
  • Secretary Haaland sat in silence and looked like a deer in headlights before muttering a few words.
  • She is completely clueless and couldn’t even answer a basic question on China and the production of critical minerals.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

  • Today we are sending a clear message to Joe Biden: there will be no increase in the debt limit without significant spending cuts.
  • House Republicans have laid out a budget plan that does not cut Social Security or Medicare, but that attacks a woke and weaponized government that hurts the economic security of the American people.



Y yesterday was the deadline for Joe Biden to correct the record, that his family did indeed receive over $1 million in payments from a Chinese energy company.

Geopolitical/Police State

Don’t they want to higher 80000 irs agent and have each of them carry weapons, sounds like they creating enforcers

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump


Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump

  • Page 2: I could have easily made a very good deal with the IRS during my 4 years as President, but thought it inappropriate to do so. Besides, I already had a deal from before my Presidency-A deal which they choose not to honor. So now I am demanding the original deal, without late changes in the rules & regulations so that deal would be harder to make. Most people would say that after watching the Biden family take advantage of government, I should have made deal during my term. To me, CONFLICT

BREAKING: Rand Paul Staffer Stabbed Multiple Times with Knife in Broad Daylight – Suspect Released from Prison One Day Before Attack 

  • A Rand Paul staffer was stabbed multiple times with a knife in broad daylight in DC over the weekend.
  • The staffer is alive.
  • According to charging documents, victim was attacked at random after leaving Sol Mexican Grill.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

  • Nashville school shooter, Audrey Hale, a female member of the transgender community who identified as “he/him,” massacred Christian children on Monday an apparent “hate crime.”
  • The 28-year-old woman gunned down three children and three staff members at the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee.


  • “My name is Joe Biden. I’m Dr. Jill Biden’s husband. I like ice cream, chocolate chip. I came down because I heard there was chocolate chip ice cream. By the way, I have a refrigerator full upstairs,” he said to laughter from the White House press corps.
  • President Biden then pivoted to addressing the school shooting, where he renewed his calls for an “assault weapons” ban.


Source: beckernews.com

Media Outlets Apologize for Correctly Identifying Transgender Shooter as a Woman


Trans Shooter’s Preferred Target Had Too Much Security, Official Says

  • Upon searching Hale’s home, authorities found two more weapons and maps “pertaining to maybe some thinking about some other incidents,” CBS News reported. Hale’s attack on the school is believed to be “targeted and planned.”
  • “We strongly believe there was going to be some other targets, including maybe family members, and one of the malls here in Nashville,” Drake told the outlet. “And that just did not happen.”
  • Just minutes before the shooting, Hale told her former middle school basketball teammate that she planned to commit suicide. In an Instagram direct message, Hale said she “had left more than enough evidence behind” and that “something bad” was about to happen.
  • “We have a manifesto, we have a booklet, that shows the [sic] exactly what she had planned to do,” Drake told CBS News. “We have maps that show the entry point into the school, the weapons that were going to be used, the clothing that she was gonna wear, and she had drawn it up, almost like a cartoon character. It was exactly what she had on during this incident.”

source: dailycaller.com

Nashville Police Refuse To Release Trans School Shooter’s Manifesto

  • Nashville police will not be releasing the manifesto of the deceased Covenant School shooting suspect, a police spokesperson told the Daily Caller News Foundation on Tuesday.
  • “No, we will not be releasing the manifesto during an open investigation,” the spokesperson told the DCNF.

Source: dailycaller.com


ABC’s Terry Moran Appears to Blame Today’s Nashville School Mass Shooting by “Transgender” on Republican Lawmakers Who Oppose Transgender Surgery for Minors

  • One consistent theme with the left and their media allies is after a horrific incident involving children, they begin the blame game before the bodies are even cold.
  • As previously reported, a horrific mass shooting occurred at Nashville’s Covenant School Monday morning where at least six people perished, including three children.
  • The shooter, who was later identified as Audrey Hale, who claimed to be transgender, is also dead.
  • The New York Post reported that Hale was a former student at Covenant School and their online profile listed her as working in Commercial Illustration and Graphic Design. 
  •  Now the corporate media has started to blame the right. ABC’s Terry Moran on Monday night had the audacity to blame the mass shooting on recently-signed legislation by Republicans in Tennessee banning puberty blockers and gender reassignment surgery for minors
Source: thegatewaypundit.com

Big Pharma, Medical community, Fake News, Corrupt Politicians covering up Mental Illness, many of these shooters are on medication

So now they are shifting the blame, it everybody fault accept the fault of the shooter.

The person that is responsible for this is the person that went ahead and killed innocent people, everybody shoot be looking at the individual who committed the crime.


The trans shooter left a manifest, there was no suicide note, it was a plan to murder, this person is a mass murderer 

What is there message, if you don’t agree with us we kill you

 Isn’t this domestic terrorism

  • This shirt is now the symbol of a domestic terror movement

  • I’m just gonna leave this here.
  • Stop worrying about our guns being taken.


N. Korea’s Kim calls for ramping up production of ‘weapon-grade nuclear material’

  • North Korean leader Kim Jong Un called for his country to expand production of “weapon-grade nuclear materials” and build more powerful weapons, state media reported Tuesday.
  • Kim‘s latest threat, a doubling-down on an earlier promise to “exponentially” ramp up nuke production, came as a US Navy carrier strike group arrived in South Korea on Tuesday.

Source: france24.com


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 3dc07c No.10974299
Do you remember when the media had wall-to-wall [live in fear] coverage re: NK?
Do you remember when Hawaii ‘accidentally’ sounded the incoming missile alarm?
What happened?
NK no longer a nuclear threat?
Mountain collapse?
China seeking NK commitment to fire short[long]-range ballistic missile(s) pre_election?
  • What do you see in EVERY SINGLE PICTURE by the Associated Press?
  • Symbolism will be their downfall.
  • @X22Report
  • “Protesters held up this banner with images of Netanyahu, Putin and Trump all wearing jail orange jumpsuits. The banner said “NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW”
  • Sound familiar?
    Who else is screaming that @realDonaldTrump is not “above the law”?
  • Hint: it’s not OUR side.


  • President Trump: The Peacemaker.
  • This is how the President of the United States addresses the world and calls for peace.
  • “I will have it solved in 24 hours with Zelensky and with Putin, and there’s a very easy negotiation to take place, but I don’t want to tell you what it is because then I can’t use that negotiation. It’ll never work.
  • But there’s a very easy negotiation to take place. I will have it solved within 1 day. A peace between them.”


False Flags


Insurrection Porn and Kitsch at Trump’s Waco Rally

  • His screening violent January 6 videos to rile up an angry crowd leaves no doubt about what Trump wants from his followers. Now what?
  • We’re supposed to believe that Donald Trump chose Waco, Tex., for his first official campaign rally only because of logistics. It’s easily reached by folks in Dallas–Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin. Of course, Trump intended no connection to the 30th anniversary of the Branch Davidian tragedy, when a right-wing cult provoked a government standoff that resulted in the death of 86 people, including 28 children of the cult.Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick insisted that he, not Trump, chose Waco—and only because of its centrality. And its blood-red voting patterns. So forget Branch Davidian leader David Koresh.

    Source: thenation.com

  • Former President Donald Trump denied in a new interview   that his team posted a photo of him holding a baseball bat next to a photo of Manhattan prosecutor Alvin Bragg, saying it may have been added to the article he posted “later.”
  • “So you did not post the picture of you with a baseball bat in the Oval Office next to the picture of Bragg?” Fox News’ Sean Hannity asked Trump in a new interview that aired Monday.
  • “I posted a very positive article. And whatever picture they put up, they put up. My people didn’t put up the picture,” Trump responded. “I think the picture maybe was either in the article or was put in the article later.”
  • Trump said that the media company where he posted an article from took two separate photos and stitched them together. Trump claimed that the photo of him with a baseball bat in the White House was originally taken to promote “made in America” companies.

Source: thehill.com

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  • March 28, 2023 at 9:13 pm

    So how much longer before the “peacemaker” shows up? this is way past “old”. BTW, “their” shows property and “there” shows location. Why can’t you spell?

  • March 29, 2023 at 8:54 am

    Got to hand it to Mr T; he still believes the USA controls the world. Peace in 24 hours! Oh, Mr Putin is willing, or was at first. But Mr T has to put a stop to the neo-con, the neo-libs, most of congress (they voted to fund this war), the MIC, the media… that will require more than 24 hrs. The USA is underwriting the Ukrainian side; we pay the salaries of the government, the army. We pay for the armaments and materials. We do the intel, surveillance, the target selection and direction. We created the Russia phobic Ukie regime. We operated the bio-labs. Putin knows this, now. So where is the trust? Not even Mr T can ‘art-a-deal’ with someone who has no basis to believe or trust; who now knows that the purpose of the other side is to destroy and pillage. The Russians alone will end this; one way or another, not the USA, and not China

  • March 29, 2023 at 9:29 am

    In Israel the protests are organized by the Deep State against the democratically elected government headed by Netanyahu using BLM and Antifa tactics with the support of the main media and the elite.
    This is a violent insurrection trying to cancel the change in the government and the governing coalition that was voted democratically recently.
    The DS used to control the judiciary, run the coalition majority in the legislature and run the government as well till the last elections but now is the opposition in the legislature and lost the government, fighting to preserve the control over the judiciary.
    The DS is not accepting the election results and the will of the people.
    This events are just the opposite than in most other countries, it’s the DS against the people!

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