• Interesting notation from Politico regarding the move of Rod Rosenstein’s sister, Nancy Messonnier, out of the CDC executive management coordinating the COVID-19 response.  


  • As you can see, it was the early 2020 statements by Dr. Messonnier and not HHS Secretary Alex Azar that were driving the media narrative.

Source: theconservativetreehouse.com

NIH says it has identified over 500 ‘scientists of concern’ amid Chinese theft challenge

  • Dr. Michael Lauer, the NIH deputy director for extramural research, made the revelation during a  Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions focused on protecting U.S. biomedical research, especially from undue foreign influence.
  • “I think one big problem, senators, is that the threat is significant. … We have identified over 500 scientists of concern. … Each of these require a tremendous amount of work to figure out what exactly has been happening and to work carefully with the institution to figure out what’s going on,” Lauer said, adding, “As of April 2021, we have contacted more than 90 awardee institutions regarding concerns involving over 200 scientists.”
  • Lauer said: “We’ve seen scientists who have told their American institutions and the NIH that they’re spending 100% of their time in the U.S., when, in fact, they’re spending 50% to 60% of their time in China — so they’re lying about how they’re spending their time, and that kind of blatant lie affects the credibility and the integrity of the entire enterprise.” 
  • “Unfortunately, a few governments have initiated systematic programs to exploit the collaborative nature of biomedical research and unduly influence U.S.‐supported researchers,” Lauer said, citing three major areas of concern. “First is the failure by some researchers at NIH‐funded institutions to disclose substantial contributions of resources from other organizations, including foreign governments and businesses. … Second is diversion of proprietary information included in grant applications or produced by NIH‐supported biomedical research to other entities, including other countries. And third, failure by some peer reviewers to keep information in grant applications confidential, including, in some instances, disclosure to foreign entities or other attempts to influence funding decisions.”

Source: washingtonexaminer.com

INSURRECTION! BLM Mob STORMS Oklahoma Capitol – Forces GOP Representatives into Lockdown 

  • Political “insurrections” only make screaming headlines in the fake news the one time in the decade it involves Trump supporters.
  • Black Lives Matter protesters stormed the Oklahoma Capitol forced Republican Representatives into lockdown.

Here’s video of the attack on democracy.


  • This was after the Oklahoma Governor signed a bill that protects drivers who hit unhinged protesters blocking streets and highways.
  • Of course, the BLM mob said this was racist.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com