[DS] Panics Over Election Fraud,Did Trump Just Send A Message?Patriots, It’s Your Time – Ep. 3073


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[DS] Panics Over Election Fraud,Did Trump Just Send A Message?Patriots, It’s Your Time
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The [WEF]/Biden admin push for the GND is not working out for them, now they see a two-tiered system, those that have special privileges can have gas and those who are surfs will use electric stoves. The economic illusion is being exposed. Trump says to stand firm on debt ceiling. The [DS] is panicking over election fraud, they realize the people are now catching on to the overthrow of the government. Soon more people will see the government was overthrown. Trump sends a message telling the people that it’s your time, if you are a patriot in the DOJ/FBI or other agency remember your oath to defund the country from domestic and foreign enemies. The insurrection was on Nov 3, the cover up by these agencies was on Jan 6.



TWO AMERICAS: Liberal Celebrity Chef Gets Exemption From Gas Stove Ban in California City

  • Liberal celebrity chef José Andrés is building a new restaurant in Palo Alto, California, which has a law banning gas stoves in new construction.
  • Andrés threatened to pull out of the project over the gas stove ban, so they gave him an exemption.
  • Membership in the liberal elite has its privileges, you see. 
  • Liberal Celebrity Chef Exempt From Gas Stove Ban, California City SaysA California city will make an exception to its natural gas ban for world-famous chef José Andrés, after the landlords for the chef’s planned restaurant warned Andrés may pull out over the regulation.After the owners of the mall where Andrés is set to open the restaurant threatened to sue the city, Palo Alto administrators will allow Andrés’s Mediterranean restaurant Zaytinya to use natural gas lines, despite a new law this year that bans them in construction. 

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

Report: Bidenflation Forces Shoppers to Buy Groceries at Walmart 
  • Americans are reportedly buying groceries at Walmart and opting out of nonessentials at other stores as inflation troubles President Joe Biden’s (D) economy.
  • Walmart experienced strong sales last quarter, according to a recent CNN Business report:
  • The company said Thursday that sales at stores open for at least one year increased 7.4% during its latest quarter compared with the same stretch last year. Its operating income increased 17.3% last quarter.  

  • Nearly half of Walmart’s sales come from its groceries and non-discretionary items. In the last quarter, grocery sales grew by low double digits, 
  • Now, wealthier families are reportedly shopping there on a more regular basis. The outlet also said other consumers are “trading down into Walmart’s cheaper private-label food brands to save money.” 

source: breitbart.com

Biden, Congressional Leaders Have ‘Serious Differences’ Over Debt Limit, White House Says

  • President Joe Biden and Congressional leaders have “serious differences” in negotiating over the debt limit, the White House said Friday.
  • White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refused to go into the details of the differences, but highlighted how Biden’s plan to cut “wasteful spending,” as included in his budget proposal, aims to cut down on subsidies for Big Oil and Big Pharma.

source: dailycaller.com

Fetterman Shows Up to Work Looking Like a Slob, Attempts to Speak at Press Conference on Debt Ceiling Negotiations (VIDEO)

  • Democrat Senator John Fetterman showed up to work Thursday morning looking like a slob in a hoodie.
  • Fetterman has significant brain damage after having a massive stroke last May.


Fetterman now pushing the 14 amendment

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump



Fed Reserve’s Powell hints at interest rate hike pause

  • Chair Jerome Powell indicated Friday that the Federal Reserve will likely forgo an increase in its benchmark interest rate when it meets in June for the first time since it began raising its key rate 14 months ago to fight high inflation. In signaling so, Powell provided some clarity about the Fed’s likely next policy move after a cacophony of speeches this week by central bank officials had clouded the picture. “Having come this far, we can afford to look at the data and the evolving outlook and make careful assessments,” Powell said, referring to the Fed’s 10 straight rate hikes, which have elevated its key short-term rate from near zero a year ago to about 5.1%, its highest level in 16 years. Speaking at a Fed conference in Washington, Powell said the central bank’s benchmark rate, which affects many consumer and business loans, is now high enough to restrain borrowing, spending and economic growth. Fed officials hope that slower growth will cool inflation over time.

Source:  helenair.com


Anheuser-Busch loses LGBTQ+ rating for missing ‘key moment’ to stand up for Dylan Mulvaney

  • The nation’s largest gay advocacy group stripped Anheuser-Busch of a key metric following the beer giant’s backpedaling over Bud Light’s controversial tie-up with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney.
  • The Human Rights Campaign, which issues a Corporate Equality Index to rate companies on their policies toward workers in the LGBTQ community, told the Belgian-based brewer that it will slash its perfect 100 score, according to a letter leaked to USA Today on Thursday.
  • However, HRC’s May 9 letter to Anheuser-Busch said it plans to decrease to its Corporate Equality Index rating.
  • The company has 90 days to respond
  • HRC’s website on Friday showed Anheuser-Busch has a “points deducted” notice for responsible citizenship criteria.

Source: nypost.com

Transgender Influencer’s Partnerships Drop After Dylan Mulvaney Controversy

  • Transgender influencer Rose Montoya has experienced a downtick in partnership opportunities after the boycott of Bud Light over its commemorative can sent to Dylan Mulvaney in April.

Dove Produces Ultra-Woke Ad To Change Beauty Standards In Video Games?

  • For those wondering why so many major corporations are jumping onto the woke advertising train in recent years despite the fact that they tend to lose customers and money as a consequence, it’s important to understand that the world of business is fundamentally changing.  A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that companies are “bending the knee” to woke activism – But this is not the case.
  • Rather, it is the corporate world as well as government institutions that are actively fueling woke activism.  If these institutions were not funding and promoting far-left ideology, it would quickly die as it should.  Instead, they are keeping it alive and are attempting to force it into the collective consciousness of the population.  Corporate elites and far-left governments are the source of the woke mind virus, not the victims of it.
  • You will see companies like Bud Light take a massive profit hit after jumping into an ad partnership with a man that thinks he’s a woman, and then see a competing company like Miller Light make a similar woke mistake.  They are doubling and tripling down on their failures and it’s not going to stop unless they go bankrupt.  This is because they are no longer operating as businesses, they are now centers for activism and social engineering.

Source: zerohedge.com


Source: thegatewaypundit.com

Was there obstruction

Geopolitical/Police State

  • A new Senate bill would create a federal agency to police Americans’ speech for “misinformation” and “hate speech” if passed by the Congress.
  • The bill was brough forth by Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet and is dubbed the Digital Platform Commission Act (DPCA). As the senator announced, the legislation would “create an expert federal body empowered to provide comprehensive, sector-specific regulation of digital platforms to protect consumers, promote competition, and defend the public interest.”
  •    the bill would “empower a new federal agency to create a council that establishes ‘enforceable behavioral codes’ on social media platforms and AI. The council will include ‘disinformation’ experts.”


  • “The bill also has age verification requirements,” Reclaim the Net added.
  • “This is unconstitutional, also evil and stupid,” Constitutional attorney Harmeet Dhillon bluntly remarked.


  • “Lorenz had more than special reporting access to get accounts banned,” journalist Paul Thacker reported. “When Tucker Carlson did a piece ridiculing her, Twitter put out an alert-‘We need to be careful with her’.”
Source: beckernews. com

Bolivian ‘boondoggle’: Biden administration funds foreign anti-‘disinformation’ campaign

  • The State Department is steering over $37,000 to a Bolivian nonprofit group to launch a “campaign against disinformation” training program for journalists in the South American country, funding documents show.
  • Thwarting alleged “disinformation” has remained a top priority of the Biden administration,
  •   a study in February in Health Feedback titled “Misinformation superspreaders are thriving on Musk-owned Twitter.” The study blasted Twitter CEO Elon Musk for his “personal track record of making unsupported statements” and discussed the idea of the European Union regulating the social media company.
  • Moreover, the study identified the top “superspreader” accounts as those managed by actor Kevin Sorbo, conservative commentator Liz Wheeler, author Dinesh D’Souza, and 2024 Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Another account called “Catturd” was singled out as a “superspreader.” For instance, the study took aim at Wheeler for a January tweet that “1 in 5,000 young men have heart issues from [the] COVID vax.”
  • The Bolivian grant is part of the State Department’s broader “public diplomacy program” that aims to “enhance national security by informing and influencing foreign publics.” 

Source: washingtonexaminer.com

Obama displays his trademark hypocrisy as he talks about banning Americans from owning firearms

  • Last month, during a TV interview, former First Lady Michelle Obama attacked the Second Amendment and declared that American citizens having “unfettered access to firearms” is “not a good thing.”
  • This month, it was her husband Barack Obama’s turn to attack the same constitutional right.

  • Obama appears to be using the very ploy that he applied when as president he presided over any catastrophe.  Instead of accepting any blame and responsibility or issuing an apology, he would address the issue as if he were a bystander or a commentator. He would join the criticism of the failure, without calling it a failure and hence shirk all responsibility. He would often project an undercurrent of righteous anger and disappointment, perhaps muster some tears. It was a performance.
  • So, let’s begin by examining the gun laws in Australia that Obama supports.  The following is what an Australian government website states:
  •  “Owning and using a firearm is limited in Australia to people with a genuine reason, and self-protection does not constitute a genuine reason to possess, own or use a firearm.”
  • The “genuine reason” clause leaves enough room for subjectivity, where governments can grant permission to certain individuals to own guns.
  • Who will they deem to have a “genuine reason”?
  • That will most likely be the bodyguards of ‘elites’ such as elected officials, billionaires, millionaires, showbiz luminaries, etc. The rest i.e., regular people, will not have a genuine reason, since Australian laws state that “self-protection does not constitute a genuine reason.”  In the event of an attack they have no option but to pray for a miracle.
  • This is exactly what Obama wants in the US: one law for regular people and one law for the ‘ruling class.’
  • There have been numerous instances where guns — at times the mere presence of a firearm — were the difference between life and death.
  • In Alabama, a man used his concealed handgun to prevent a mass shooting in a McDonald’s outlet.
  • In Kentucky, an armed man was able to restrain a shooter outside a Kroger supermarket.
  • In Texas, a man fired several rounds from his AK-47 while fighting off five home invaders this year.
  • In Florida, a man used his AR-15 to fire 30 rounds while fighting off seven intruders.
  • In the state of Maryland, a woman chased three burglars off her property merely by loading a round into her AR-15. The distinctive sound of a firearm being loaded was sufficient to cause the criminals to flee.

Source: americanthinker.com



‘Bakhmut Has Fallen!’ – Russian Forces on the Brink of Capturing Strategic Donbas City – Ukrainians Control Half a Square Mile – Last Stronghold Under Heavy Attack 

  •  US and UK officials have, as of late, tried to downplay the strategic importance of Bakhmut (Ukrainian name), deeming it to be merely ‘symbolic’, Ukrainian president Zelensky stated that a loss in Bakhmut would mean an open road for Russian forced to attack other important cities in Eastern Ukraine. 

As for the symbolic value of Bakhmut, Zelensky called it the ‘the fortress of our morale’, so it’s understandable that he and his Generals may have chosen to defend it to the end, rather than retreat their overwhelmed troops while they still could. But ‘the end’ appears to be nearing.”

  • “Bakhmut has fallen!”, said the retreating, scared Ukrainian soldier that went viral in Russian Telegram channels.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

‘Conflict is coming,’ UK secretary of defense warns

  • Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has warned that the UK could be in a direct conflict with Russia and China in the next seven years and has called for an increase in military spending to counter the potential threat.
  • Wallace is urging increased military spending and suggests Britain could be at war with Russia and China by the end of the decade

Source: rt.com

Barack Obama banned from Russia

  • The Russian Foreign Ministry on Friday published a list of 500 US citizens – including former president Barack Obama – who are banned from entering the country with immediate effect. The move is a response to the ongoing American sanctions against Moscow. 
  • “It is high time for Washington to learn that not a single attack against Russia will go without a strong reaction,” the ministry said in a statement“The principle of inevitable punishment will be consistently applied, whether we are talking about tougher sanctions or discriminatory steps to hinder the professional activities of our citizens.”

Source: rt.com

  •  The Pentagon has overestimated the value of the weapons it has sent to Ukraine by at least $3 billion — an accounting error that could be a boon for the war effort because it will allow the Defense Department to send more weapons now without asking Congress for more money.
  • The acknowledgment Thursday comes at a time when Pentagon is under increased pressure by Congress to show accountability for the billions of dollars it has sent in weapons, ammunition and equipment to Ukraine and as some lawmakers question whether that level of support should continue.
  • It also could free up more money for  weapons 

Source: apnews.com

  • Replying to , and 6 more
  • @gkelly1
    All of the Ukraine Aid is being audited by HOROWITZ:


    “The OIG is currently overseeing bicameral coordinated & individual oversight activities related to Ukraine by a formal oversight partnership”.

    There’s also a bill from Sen Kennedy (LA) Robert Wittman (VA) w/ cosponsors Elise Stefanik (NY) & Tim Walberg (MI) in committee.


    Screenshots from my telegram page & @justhuman below

False Flags

Justice Neil Gorsuch Voices Opposition to Lockdowns and Mandates: “Greatest Intrusion on Civil Liberties”

  • Justice Gorsuch voiced his reservations about the widespread implementation of lockdown measures and government-enforced mandates. He highlighted the importance of protecting individual liberties and expressed concerns about potential overreach by governmental authorities.
  • Read below Gorsuch’s statement:

The history of this case illustrates the disruption we have experienced over the last three years in how our laws are made and our freedoms observed.

Since March 2020, we may have experienced the greatest intrusions on civil liberties in the peacetime history of this country. Executive officials across the country issued emergency decrees on a breathtaking scale. Governors and local leaders imposed lockdown orders forcing people to remain in their homes.

They shuttered businesses and schools public and private. They closed churches even as they allowed casinos and other favored businesses to carry on. They threatened violators not just with civil penalties but with criminal sanctions too.

They surveilled church parking lots, recorded license plates, and issued notices warning that attendance at even outdoor services satisfying all state social-distancing and hygiene requirements could amount to criminal conduct. They divided cities and neighborhoods into color-coded zones, forced individuals to fight for their freedoms in court on emergency timetables, and then changed their color-coded schemes when defeat in court seemed imminent.

Federal executive officials entered the act too. Not just with emergency immigration decrees. They deployed a public-health agency to regulate landlord-tenant relations nationwide.They used a workplace-safety agency to issue a vaccination mandate for most working Americans.

They threatened to fire noncompliant employees, and warned that service members who refused to vaccinate might face dishonorable discharge and confinement. Along the way, it seems federal officials may have pressured social-media companies to suppress information about pandemic policies with which they disagreed.

While executive officials issued new emergency decrees at a furious pace, state legislatures and Congress—the bodies normally responsible for adopting our laws—too often fell silent. Courts bound to protect our liberties addressed a few—but hardly all—of the intrusions upon them. In some cases, like this one, courts even allowed themselves to be used to perpetuate emergency public-health decrees for collateral purposes, itself a form of emergency-lawmaking-by-litigation.


Source: thegatewaypundit.com

NYC’s Plan To Combat Rampant Theft Includes Food Stamp ‘Kiosks,’ ‘De-Escalation’ Training For Employees

  • There was a 77% increase in retail theft complaints from 2018 to 2022 in New York City, according to the report titled “Combatting Retail Theft in New York City.” Adams announced his plan at a press conference on Wednesday and intends to address the uptick in shoplifting by being more lenient toward shoplifters and installing food stamp kiosks, among other things.
  • The recommendations outlined in the publication included intervention programs to allow first-time shoplifters to avoid prosecution and paves the way for habitual offenders to do community service in lieu of jail time. Additionally, it recommends kiosks be placed in shops that allow shoplifters access to food stamps, mental health treatment and housing. Finally, it provides mental health services for retail workers that have been the victim of an attack and offers conflict resolution training to avoid potential future attacks.

Source: dailycaller.com

REPORT: Black Lives Matter Revenues Dropped 88% In 2022

  • The Black Lives Matter (BLM) Global Network Foundation saw their revenue sharply decline by 88% in the 2022 fiscal year, according to a Friday article by The Washington Free Beacon.
  • The foundation reportedly raised $9.3 million in 2022, a dramatic drop from the $80 million raised in 2020 following the death of George Floyd, The Washington Free Beacon reported. The organization raised $90 million total in 2022, more than half of which was granted to smaller organizations, consultants, and real estate, according to The New York Times. (RELATED: ‘I’m So Sick Of Some Of Y’all’: Breonna Taylor’s Mom Calls BLM Frauds)

Source: dailycaller.com



‘The FBI Will Crush You’: Whistleblower Tells Fellow Agents Not To Come Forward With Allegations Of Wrongdoing 

  • An FBI whistleblower said Thursday that he would not encourage other agents to come forward with allegations of wrongdoing, saying that their lives would be destroyed if they do so.


  • It doesn’t solve it. But the FBI will crush you. This government will crush you, and your family, if you try to expose the truth about thing that they are doing that are wrong. We are all examples of that,” O’Boyle answered, while gesturing to the two other agents who testified to the committee.

Source: dailycaller.com

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump


Rep. Matt Gaetz@RepMattGaetz

  • The FBI has sown more evil than they have rooted out.
  • They’re targeting everyone from President @realDonaldTrump to their own agents who have blown the whistle on the weaponization of the FBI.
  • Congress must cut off their federal funding and make significant organizational changes.

9k votes found – and uncounted. #scandal #stolen

  • Kurt Olsen in his closing argument: “Maricopa’s own timestamp log data proves by clear and convincing evidence that Maricopa is not conducting signature verification in accordance with the law.”

  • A Poll just came out where I am way up on Biden in the General Election. What that means is that the Radical Left Democrats will step up their Fake Investigations on me because they now see they can’t win at the Ballot Box. TRUMP Hating Special Prosecutor Jack Smith, whose family and friends are Big Time Haters also, will be working overtime on this treasonous quest. They are scoundrels and cheats. THIS IS ALL ABOUT ELECTION INTERFERENCE. I hope Republicans in Congress are watching!!!

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump



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Where are the judges, they were comped too?? judicialwatch.org/press-room/press-releases/judicial-watch-justice-department-discloses-no-fisa-court-hearings-held-on-carter-page-warrants/amp/?__twitter_impression=true

If you bake it, he will crumb


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