How Do You Set The Stage? Public Opinion,Soon They Won’t Be Able To Walk Down The Street – Ep. 3072


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How Do You Set The Stage? Public Opinion,Soon They Won’t Be Able To Walk Down The Street
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The people around the world are fighting back the Dutch farmers are protesting again and pushing back against the [WEF] taking their farms. Inflation has been hiding the recession, now everything is about to change. Texas is now moving towards a gold standard, will run parallel currency system. The [DS] is panicking, the people now see the treasonous acts and the people want accountability. The public opinion is now changing and the people will be pushing for justice. Soon the [DS] players will not be able to walk down the streets. Everything the [DS] has done is now being revealed, people see that they are running a criminal syndicate and they see which agencies are involved. Infiltration from within.



  • The Dutch farmers aren’t giving up.
  • Dutch farmers are preparing for another showdown with Prime Minister Mark Rutte over his World Economic Forum (WEF)-inspired plan to liquidate over 3,000 farms to drastically cut emissions from farming activity and nitrogen fertilizers.
  • In a video posted online, Mark van den Oever of the Voorzitter Farmers Defence Force blasted the agreement being drafted by the Rutte government and called on farmers to “get ready” for another confrontation.
  • “We are reading the latest news reports, and we are reading that the agricultural agreement will be sour for everyone. I think it will be particularly sour for the agricultural industry. It is not without a reason that so many parties have already walked away from the negotiating table,” said van den Oever.
  • “They don’t even dare to make it public as a concept but it is certainly disastrous for the agricultural sector. The government says that if there is no signature from agricultural advocacy organizations, it will be pushed through anyway.”
  • “We will stop this agriculture agreement. We are not going to accept being bought out, taxed and having our necks twisted,” said van den Oever.
  • “If you think you’re going to push this through, you’re going to get a full frontal wind and not a gentle breeze but a hard south-eastern storm. Remember that. Folks, get ready. Make sure you get everything in the soil because I think we all have to get going again soon.”
  • “Prepare for battle,” van den Oever said before ending the video.
  • The European Union has already approved Rutte’s buyout scheme, misleadingly claiming that it was a “voluntary” effort led by the country’s farmers.


  • Home Depot and Target essentially share the same customer base or market audience. They service a larger segment of the American middle class.  Both companies are reporting negative financial outcomes as a result of low comparable sales, or same store sales comparisons, to last year.   This should not be a surprise, yet Wall Street is seemingly caught off guard.
  • Now we are starting to see companies reporting sales comparable without the benefit of massive inflation to assist.
  • Example – when inflation is running at 10%, a company can report 8% sales growth, and everyone smiles.  However, the sales growth was created by the inflation.  The actual unit sales of goods have declined; the store is reporting higher sales because the prices are higher.  When the sales cycle through to lower inflationary comparisons, the drop in unit sales shows up as drops in topline sales.   This is the cause of both Target and Home Depot now reporting lower than expected comparable sales versus last year.
  •    Significant inflation hides the diminished sales of units, which should be the true measure of sales growth.   .
  • Inflation was hiding the recession, and as the rate of price increase diminishes, the sales contraction will show the recession.  This is what Target and Home Depot are reporting, and we can all expect to see the same over the next 90 days.  Retail stocks will drop as the earnings and sales reports are revised down due to lower inflation.
  • Wall Street Journal – Target sales suffered in the most recent quarter as shoppers stopped splurging as frequently on trendy clothes, home goods and other items that make up the bulk of the retailer’s annual revenue. )
  • Reuters – Home Depot Inc (HD.N) on Tuesday cut its annual sales forecast and projected a steeper-than-expected decline in profit, stoking fears about inflation-wary consumers trimming discretionary spending as a big earnings week for U.S. retailers rolls out.


Texas Considering Its Own Gold-Based Digital Currency For Universal Use

  • the measure would create an alternative to a federal digital dollar, an idea currently being considered by the federal government because of a directive by President Joe Biden. Some conservatives have said they fear a federal digital dollar could be manipulated by the U.S. government and used to spy on account owners, possibly controlling how and when they can spend their money.
  • Under the proposed law, the Texas comptroller would create a digital currency based on gold or silver and would be given the authority to mint pure gold or silver coins based on weight.
  • The coins and the digital currency would be considered legal tender to pay debts and would be “readily transferable … to another person,” according to the bill.   Under the plan, the digital money debit card could be used anywhere debit cards are accepted.
  • There is no provision to eliminate the use of the federal dollar in Texas. The use of the state’s digital currency would be optional and in addition to using U.S. legal tender. The gold and silver would be held at the Texas Bullion Depository. As the value of that gold or silver rises, so does the spending power of the account holder.
  • Under the proposed bill, people outside of Texas could create accounts and use the system wherever they live in the world as long as it’s legal.
  • Under the Texas law now under consideration, the Texas comptroller would be required to create a mechanism to use the new gold-or-silver-based digital currency in everyday transactions for goods and services.
  • The state comptroller, or a trustee hired to oversee the program, would purchase and hold enough gold or silver to cover the units of digital currency set aside for each account holder.
  • The value of the digital currency account would fluctuate, depending on the current value of gold, which is now hovering around $2,000 per ounce.
  • So if a user opens an account by purchasing an ounce of gold on a day when gold is valued at $2,000 per ounce, the account value would start at $2,000. As purchases are made, the amount of gold owned by the account holder changes, based on the current value of gold.



That Was Quick: Harry and Meghan Latest Story about a “Near Catastrophic Car Chase” Is Quickly Debunked by Their Taxi Driver (Video)

  • The publicist for attention wh*res Harry and Meghan told the media on Wednesday that Harry and Meghan were involved in a “near catastrophic car chase” after they left a charity event in New York City on Tuesday night.
  • New York City taxi driver Sukhcharn Singh, who goes by Sonny, 
  • The AP reported:
  • The taxi driver later debunked the reports by the Duke and Duchess.
  • “Sonny” was asked if he felt like the paparazzi was being aggressive. He replied, “No, no, no. I mean they stayed on top of us. That was pretty much it. Nothing more. They kept their distance. They were just like journalists. They were just like anybody else. They were trying to get pictures, make a quick buck… They did seem nervous.”


Ex-Biden Nuclear Official Sam Brinton Arrested As ‘Fugitive From Justice’

Sam Brinton, the “nonbinary” activist tapped by Joe Biden for a key nuclear role before he was fired for repeatedly stealing women’s clothes, was arrested Wednesday night as a “fugitive from justice,” The Daily Wire has learned.

WaPo Reporter Who Posted Made-up Fetterman Quote Tries to Explain Himself, Ends Up Making Things Worse

  •   Jeff Stein, a reporter for The Washington Post, published a “quote” from John Fetterman that looked surprisingly coherent. No words were missing and the syntax was just fine. In short, it was nothing like we’d been hearing from Fetterman over the last year.
  •  Stein said Fetterman said.
  • Shouldn’t you have a working requirement after we bail out your bank? Republicans seem to be more preoccupied with SNAP requirements for hungry people than protecting taxpayers who have to bail out these banks.
  • But as I reported initially, that’s not what Fetterman said at all. Rather, this was the actual line of questioning presented to the former CEO of Silicon Valley Bank.
  • Shouldn’t you have some kind of working required suu after we sail your bank billions of your bank? Because you seem we were preoccupied when then SNAP requirements for works for hungry people but not about pro, protecting the tax, tax papers you know that will bail them out of whatever does about a bank to crash it.
  • Stein would eventually delete his tweet with the fake quote, and on Wednesday, a day later, he finally offered some explanation of what went wrong. According to the reporter, the quote came from John Fetterman’s office.


  •   why is Stein publishing quotes provided to him by a politician’s office? Did he not think he needed to do any due diligence to make sure the quote was accurate? Does he operate as a stenographer for all Democrats, or only Fetterman?
  • That fake quote was put out to serve one purpose: To continue to lie to the American people about Fetterman’s condition. A real press corps wouldn’t take too kindly to that, but alas, we don’t have one of those.


Durham Report: British Intelligence Repeatedly Rejected Trump-Russia Investigation ‘Evidence’

  • The Durham report reveals British intelligence bluntly regarded the FBI investigation into Trump as corrupt and incompetent — so much so they refused to cooperate with the Mueller investigation.
  • On nearly every page of the Durham report, there are shocking details about the absurd lengths the FBI was willing to go to in order to keep pursuing the Trump-Russia investigation. They doggedly continued their investigation despite the fact it was predicated on fabricated evidence and completely unreliable sources, and each new investigative avenue they explored was a dead-end.

The FBI’s own records and the recordings establish that Page made multiple exculpatory statements to the individual identified as CHS-I, but the Crossfire Hurricane investigators failed to make that information known to the Department attorneys or to the FISC [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court]. 




Durham Finds Researcher Felt Threatened By Schiff Staffer

  • According to Durham’s report,  , the researcher recalled traveling to Capitol Hill with a colleague in November 2018 to discuss a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) cybersecurity program with Senate Armed Services Committee staffers. Afterward, the pair agreed to talk with staffers of the House Permanent Select Committee On Intelligence (HPSCI) after a staffer for Sen. Jack Reed (D-RI), then the ranking member of the armed services panel, mentioned their interest in meeting.
  • In a “secure” room, a HPSCI staff member presented a news article about “Trump, Russia, and Alfa Bank,” the researcher recounted. This article appears to have focused on internet data that Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign used to fuel speculation about an unfounded secret backchannel between the Trump Organization and Russia’s Alfa Bank.
  • The HPSCI staffers said they wanted the university’s help looking into the matter, but the researcher told Durham’s team that he responded by saying it would be inappropriate for a public university — which in this case appears to be Georgia Tech University — to do that and he suggested they contact DARPA. That’s when the Reed staffer said, “We are now in charge,” and “one of the HPSCI staffers said that their boss (Congressman Adam Schiff) would soon take over” HPSCI leadership, per the report. The researcher, identified as “University-I Researcher-3,” “took the comment as a mild threat,” Durham’s report added.
  • The researcher said he “dragged” his colleague out of the meeting and offered a warning. “Don’t touch this with a ten foot pole, stay away from this,” the researcher recalled saying. But, as it turned out, the second researcher had been part of an effort to mine internet data to conduct opposition research attempting to link Trump to Russia, the special counsel’s report noted. Alleged details about this effort, linked to tech executive Rodney Joffe, were laid bare during Durham’s prosecution of former Clinton campaign Michael Sussmann, who was acquitted last year by a D.C. jury on a charge of lying to the FBI.



LinkedIn Bans Journalist For Mentioning Durham Report

Submitted by Ben Sellers via Headline USA,

  • Under the pretense of being a career-builder site, Microsoft-owned LinkedIn has flown largely below radar, but it may now be one of the most egregious social-media offenders in terms of practicing anti-conservative bias and censorship.
  •   the site confirmed my long-held suspicions that it sought to police conservative speech by implementing an outright ban on me—seemingly for a post that denounced the New York Times‘s fake news coverage of the Durham report.
  • Specifically, I had posted a response to Meredith Kopit Levien, the president and chief executive officer of the Times, expressing my hope that the newspaper would return its Pulitzer Prize for reporting on the Russia-collusion hoax in the wake of special counsel John Durham’s final confirmation that the story was entirely fabricated by the Hillary Clinton campaign with help from powerful government agencies.
  • Not long thereafter, around 11 a.m.   a notice arrived from LinkedIn’s so-called Trust and Safety Team that I had violated its policies on “bullying and harassment.”

  • The message referred me to the site’s “Professional community policies” page, but that bromide-laden resource offered no further clarification as to how my post constituted bullying against the one of the nation’s largest newspapers or its executive officers.
  • “We don’t allow bullying or harassment,” said the site. “This includes targeted personal attacks, intimidation, shaming, disparagement, and abusive language directed at other members. Do not reveal others’ personal or sensitive information (aka “doxing”), or incite others to do the same. You may not engage in trolling or other repetitive negative content that disrupts other members or conversations on the platform.”
  • My admonishment email also included a link to appeal my case, but when I attempted to log in, I was met with the following notice that I had been “restricted.”



Feb 12, 2018 10:01:46 AM EST
!UW.yye1fxo ID: c32c4f No. 350084 
The Inner Circle.
Mika Brzezinski.
McLean, Virginia.
The age of tech has hurt their ability to hide/control.
Majority today were ‘born in’ to the circle.
Investigate those in front of the camera who SCREAM THE LOUDEST.
These people are really stupid.
End is near.
The media

BREAKING: GOP Representative Anna Paulina Luna Submits House Resolution to Expel Serial Liar Rep. Adam Schiff from Congress

  •  Representative Anna Paulina Luna (R-Fl) introduced a House Resolution to expel Russia hoaxer and serial liar Adam Schiff (D-CA).
  • Rep. Adam Schiff pushed the Trump-Russia collusion hoax for years claiming he had evidence of the collusion. This was a lie.
  • “You had Adam Schiff, who was chairman of the Intel Committee, lying day after day to the American public that he had proof, that he knew the proof,” McCarthy said. “Now we’re finding in the Durham Report his own staff are threatened witnesses. I mean, why is this individual still even in Congress? And why does he think he can even run for higher office after what he did?”
  • “Now, it’s time that people have consequences for their actions, and you’ve got to clean this up where this can never happen again. When you talk about the threat to democracy, this is exactly what we’re talking about,” he added.
  • Rep. Paulina introduced a House Resolution Wednesday to expel Schiff from Congress, saying, “Schiff lied to the American people. He used his position on House Intel to push a lie that cost American taxpayers millions of dollars.”


  • Hageman called it. First Democrat to speak:
  • “MAGA Republicans are a threat to the rule of law in America.”
  • Projection.


  • ·Rep. Harriet Hageman puts Schiff & the corrupt Dems on blast:
  • “They will scream MAGA & extremist at the top of their lungs… they will continue to gaslight us about Russia Russia Russia, because that’s all that Adam Schiff knows what to say. But make no mistake, they are simply trying to cover up the unforgivable and the indefensible…
  • They’re fighting back against the people who will tear it down.”

Report: UPenn Received Donations, Contracts from Sources Tied to Elitist CCP-Friendly Club That Landed Alleged 2011 White House Meeting with Biden

  • The University of Pennsylvania, home to the Penn Biden Center, has received contracts and donations from numerous individuals and entities either tied to an elitist Chinese club that landed an alleged off-the-books meeting with then-Vice President Joe Biden in 2011, Hunter Biden’s past business deals, or the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), according to a report.
  •  based on the University of Pennsylvania foreign donor disclosures obtained by the Americans for Public Trust (APT) — found that China and Hong Kong-based sources gave $75 million in what appears to be donations, “contracts,” and other “gift” categories during Biden’s presidential run. Moreover, the number climbs to $105 million when the time frame is expanded from 2018-2022, according to Fox News reporters Joe Schoffstall and Cameron Cawthorne.

We now know that the University of Pennsylvania — home to Joe Biden’s namesake think tank — received a massive increase in contributions from China and Hong Kong as he was ramping up his presidential campaign and has raked in millions from CCP-tied donors since he took office. The President owes the American people answers about the depth of his financial connections to foreign nationals who are undercutting our nation’s security and prosperity.

  • The revelations came to light via emails Schweizer obtained from former Hunter associate Bevan Cooney and, as Schweizer wrote, showed “these associates sought to trade on Hunter Biden’s relationship with, and access to, his father and the Obama-Biden White House in order to generate business.”   


New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy Suggests He is Open to Defying U.S. Supreme Court Over Abortion Pill

  • New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has now gone on record saying that he is open to defying SCOTUS if they rule against the abortion pill.
  • Democrats think they can get away with defying SCOTUS if it is seen as illegitimate. Do you see the endgame now? CNBC reports:
  • What happens if Democrats do this? What precedent is set when governors begin openly defying Supreme Court rulings?
  • These are the same people who claimed that Trump was destroying our sacred norms.
  • That was a total lie, of course.


Study: 70 Percent of Abortions Unwanted, Coerced, or Inconsistent with Values

  • Nearly 70 percent of women with a history of abortion describe their procedures as inconsistent with their own values and preferences, with one in four saying their abortions were unwanted or coerced, according to a peer-reviewed study published in the medical journal Cureus.
  • The study is the second of the Charlotte Lozier Institute’s “Unwanted Abortion Studies,” the first of which found that over 60 percent of women who had abortions report a high level of pressure to abort from one or more sources. Those same women also reported higher levels of mental health and quality-of-life issues following their abortions.
  •  “This study confirms earlier findings that the hidden epidemic of unwanted abortions is real, and far larger than most people imagine,” said lead author David Reardon, Ph.D., a Lozier Institute associate scholar and director of the Elliot Institute.
  • Researchers for the study interviewed a sample of 1,000 women ages 41 to 45, and approximately 25 percent of those women reported a history of abortion and 91 percent completed the survey. That percentage is “almost three times the participation rate of the famous ‘Turnaway Study’ conducted by an abortion advocacy group, which purported to find almost universal satisfaction with the decision to abort, despite also finding high levels of regret, sadness, guilt and anger,” according to the press release announcing the study.


Reminds of the pressure to get transgender surgery

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Complains That 50% of City’s Hotel Rooms Now Occupied by Illegal Migrants – Hurting the Economy

  • New York City Mayor Eric Adams recently complained that 50% of the city’s hotel rooms are now occupied by illegal migrants.
  • The city recently booted some American veterans from hotels to make room for migrants and has cancelled rooms reserved for weddings for the same reason.
  • Adams is starting to panic because he knows this is a massive loss in tourism dollars for the city.
  • The Blaze reports:
  • This is not sustainable. Adams knows it, and yet there is no end in sight.


Eric Adams Reportedly Cancels Public Hearings For Moving Migrants Into Neighborhoods

  • Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams has cancelled public hearings for migrants moving into city neighborhoods, according to reports.
  • Adams issued an executive order this week, carving out emergency shelters which were opened to accommodate migrants headed to New York City, Fox News reported. The order allows the city to circumvent the city’s land use process, making it easier to create housing solutions.  
  • Adam Levy, a spokesperson for Eric Adams’ office, said the moves are necessary to speed up, “the process of bringing needed shelter space online,” according to Fox News.



8-Year-Old Illegal Immigrant Child Dies Unexpectedly After Suffering Medical Emergency While in Border Patrol Custody – Second Dead Child in One Week

  • Joe Biden has blood on his hands.
  • On Wednesday, an 8-year-old illegal immigrant girl died unexpectedly after she suffered a medical emergency while in border patrol custody in Harlingen, Texas, with her family, according to FOX News correspondent Bill Melugin.
  • The young child was transported to the nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead.
  • Customs and Border Protection is now conducting an investigation into the incident, according to the press release.
  • Read more:
  • Today, an eight-year-old girl tragically passed away while in U.S. Border Patrol custody in Harlingen, Texas. The child and her family were in custody at the Harlingen Station where she experienced a medical emergency. Emergency Medical Services were called to the station and transported her to the local hospital where she was pronounced dead.Consistent with CBP protocol, the Office of Professional Responsibility is conducting an investigation of the incident. The Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General and the Harlingen Police Department were also notified. Additional information will be made available in accordance with CBP’s policy regarding deaths in custody.
  • Last week, an unaccompanied illegal immigrant from Honduras died in government custody.
  • A 17-year-old illegal immigrant named Ángel Eduardo Maradiaga Espinoza, who arrived in the U.S. without a parent or guardian, has died in government custody in Florida.


Geopolitical/Police State

Republican Governor Vetoes Nevada Gun Control Laws 

  • A number of gun control bills passed by Democrats in Nevada have been blocked by the state’s Republican governor.
  • Joe Lombardo, Nevada’s Republican governor, has reportedly vetoed three separate gun control bills backed by Democratic lawmakers in the state.
  • It comes amid a continued push by left-wing lawmakers to restrict the sale and purchase of firearms across the United States through measures implemented on both the federal and state level.
  • The senior Republican in the state also blocked two more bills banning those “convicted of committing or attempting to commit a hate crime involving violence” and banning all from being in possession of so-called “ghost guns”.
  • “I will not support legislation that infringes on the constitutional rights of Nevadans,” the governor declared. “Much of the legislation I vetoed today is in direct conflict with legal precedent and established constitutional protections. Therefore, I cannot support them.”


  • Colonel Douglas MacGregor back on with Redacted Inc. with an accurate synopsis of the current situation in Ukraine.
    • Russia have depleted Ukrainian air defense capabilities, hypersonic Kinzhal missiles are destroying US-supplied Patriot systems, and Russian Intelligence are keen to where new supplies from the US/NATO are being delivered, which are then subsequently destroyed before they are in use.

Cyber Attacks

False Flags

CDC Quietly Recalls all Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccines in US 

  • . However, the company admitted that 41% of those who participated in the vaccination study had comorbidities. The corrupt FDA still allowed it to be prescribed, knowing that almost half of the study participants had negative side effects. At the time of this writing, the Johnson & Johnson website makes no mention of the vaccine recall. They are focused on their positive Q1 earnings report, however.
  • The millions of people throughout the world who took this vaccine, by choice or by force, deserve to know the reason it has been recalled. In the US, the government offered the pharmaceutical companies full immunity so there will be no class-action lawsuit.


President Biden: Race Baiter Extraordinaire

  • On May 13, President Biden delivered the commencement address to thousands of graduates at Howard University, an historically black college and university (HBCU) located in Washington, DC.
  • According to Biden, “the most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland is white supremacy. And I’m not saying this because I’m at a Black HBCU. I say it wherever I go.”
  • Of course, everyone knows this is a bald face lie and a pathetic display of pandering.
  • Biden also claimed that “this very university and HBCUs across the country” face constant “bomb threats.” Not true.
  • What’s more, Biden declared that “Black history is being erased,” “racism has long torn us apart,” and the GOP is actively trying to “suppress” black Americans’ “right to vote.”
  • In 2012, Biden told a largely black audience during a campaign speech that Republicans are “going to put y’all back in chains.”
  • Then, in 2020, Biden told a black deejay, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”



  • The House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government on Thursday revealed testimony on politicization at the FBI and the bureau’s retaliation against whistleblowers.
  • In the whistleblowers’ interviews, there emerged a disturbing picture of “potential federal involvement” with the January 6 event raising questions about the government’s transparency over the incident.
  • Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) revealed the stunning testimony from three FBI whistleblowers in a press conference on Thursday morning.
  • Do you believe that the FBI has become political?” he was asked.
  • “I do,” O’Boyle said. “I think most people out in the field try to avoid that politicization of the agency, which is good. But it’s gotten to a point, it seems to me that, I don’t know, it’s like a cancerous point where the FBI has let itself become enveloped in this politicization and weaponization that I don’t know how to even begin to, to fix it.”

BREAKING: Washington FBI Field Office Confirms Undercover Officers, Confidential Informants, and FBI Assets were Embedded in the Crowds at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6th (VIDEO)

  • Garret O’Boyle (FBI Informant)
  • Rep Matt Gaetz confirmed today that the government was running several assets in the crowds during the January 6, 2021 protests in Washington DC. 
  • The DOJ admitted to 40 government CHS agents were undercover on January 6th.


And the number keeps growing – to 50 or more that they are admitting to.

And now this, Washington, D.C. FBI Field Office confirmed on Thursday that undercover officers, confidential informants, and FBI assets were present at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, despite FBI Director Wray testifying to the contrary.






  • I just realized the US Flag flying upside down over the US Capitol was done *the morning after* the Durham report was released
  • It wasn’t due to a “broken clip”
  • Someone in the Capitol was making a statement about the CIA & FBI spying on President Trump
  • America is truly in distress


May 19, 2020 4:23:22 PM EDT
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 06e6df No. 9242248 
>>9241646 (/pb)
It’s a marathon not a sprint.


May 19, 2020 12:22:56 PM EDT
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 76a615 No. 9238453 
How about a nice game of chess.
Objective [end]: checkmate king
Do you attack the king at the beginning of the game?
Do you attack and remove pawns first?
Do you attack and remove bishops, rooks, knights next?
Do you attack and remove queen mid-to-end?
Is the game being played public or private? Do emotions affect critical thinking?
Add: important king control pieces [elim rogue elements]?
Add: how do you set the stage [board] re: public opinion [optics]?
“At this time.”

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  • May 18, 2023 at 8:23 pm

    Indeed, abolish the FBI (US Marshal service can do a better job), and the CIA (morally repugnant regime change goons) and the ATF (rights should not be taxed or infringed, IRS can collect alcohol and tobacco taxes). Then get serious and end 70% of the federal machine – rage against the machine (interesting name for an anti-rights, anti-freedom rock band and yet the machine IS the deep-state permanent government; they are neither of the people, nor for the people and certainly not by the people).

  • May 18, 2023 at 9:10 pm

    Just IF the “Abortion Drug” becomes Federally illegal it cannot be made or imported or be a Felony so IF no drug means no use of it…!
    Any “black marketeering” faces Federal prison terms

  • May 18, 2023 at 9:48 pm

    Great research and data! Praying that all goes well with the impeachment and hopefully the removal of the corrupt regime. Come back soon Pres. DJT!!!

  • May 18, 2023 at 11:34 pm

    Big hole in your “….the military had to capture all the treason….” story.
    There is no way in hell, after the Deep-State committed high treason on 11-03-2020, the military would wait 2 years and let them committ 2 more years of treason and decimate the country, before acting. That is complete bs. ALL THEY NEEDED to show the people was the treason of the 2020 election. THAT’S ALL. Show the people THAT proof, arrest the traitors, and sentence them. You saying, the military would let them destroy our country over 2 years, just to catch them doing this or doing that, is beyond a pathetic story. No one is buying it.

  • May 19, 2023 at 8:19 am

    The military is part of the DS and will do nothing about the treason.

  • May 20, 2023 at 3:44 am

    Dear Dave,
    How can we be so sure that the military isn’t compromised as well as what seems to be the CIA, FBI, THE CLINTONS and so many others? I pray the Patriots are in control! I pray that President Trump is taking major care of himself! As in a “
    Pope Mobile “.
    By the way, I live in Pa and when I voted I asked what machines I had just voted on were and I was told “Dominion”. I have stage 4 Cancer but I am praying that I will be alive to vote for President Trump in 2024.
    Keep doing a Glorious Report
    Sherry L. Smith

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