Evidence Is Piling Up,“We Caught Them All”, Stealth Bomber Incoming,Sting Of The Century – Ep. 2797


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Evidence Is Piling Up,“We Caught Them All”, Stealth Bomber Incoming,Sting Of The Century
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The economic narrative has fallen apart, the people do not believe [JB], they know he and the puppet masters caused the fuel crisis, this will lead to everything else about the economy. The transition continues into a new currency. The [DS] is throwing everything they have at the people, the people are not buying what they are selling. The evidence is piling up, the criminals have been tracked and identified. Stealth bomber is now on approach and the phrase “We Caught Them All’ will come into play. Trump and the military have the evidence, and now the people are producing the evidence, combine them together and you have a strong irrefutable case against the [DS].



New Poll Finds Most Americans Believe Biden Administration Is Intentionally Letting Gas Prices Rise

  • A new poll has found that most people believe the Biden team is letting gas prices rise intentionally in order to get the country off of fossil fuels.
  • Breitbart News reports:

Poll: Most Believe Biden Admin Allowing Gas Prices to Rise to Get Americans off Fossil Fuels

Most voters believe the Biden administration is allowing gas prices to rise to force Americans to use less fossil fuel, a Convention of States Action/Trafalgar Group survey released Friday found.

The survey asked, “Do you believe the Biden Administration is intentionally letting gas prices rise to make Americans use less fossil fuels?”

Most, 53 percent, said “yes,” they believe the Biden administration is allowing it to happen purposely to force Americans to use less fossil fuel. Another 39.6 percent, however, do not believe that is the case, and 7.4 percent are unsure.

 Didn’t Biden actually say this, didn’t members of the administration say this is what they were doing, then there actions are also showing the people yes they are really doing this.


Source: thegatewaypundit.com


  • There are plenty of people saying bitcoin isn’t an inflation hedge. They point to last year of record amounts of inflation while the bitcoin price has remained about the same or has moved lower since November. How can that be?! Well, the only people who try to measure inflation month-by-month or a year at a time are central bankers and people who operate with high time preference. Is that you? If so, zoom out!
  • Let’s make a fair comparison of the U.S. dollar and bitcoin since the day they reached parity. Most people including Bitcoiners have no idea when that happened. Do you? A quick search reveals that on February 9, 2011, one bitcoin was equal to one dollar. Now we have a measuring stick for inflation for the past 11 years. Measuring inflation by the decade strikes me as a low time preference way of thinking. So, what do we learn?
  • If you zoom out   you will notice that bitcoin is now 29,000 times more valuable than the U.S. dollar. Viewed through that lens, I think it’s safe to say bitcoin is telling us a different story about inflation. It’s telling us that the U.S. dollar is drastically inflating against the hardest form of money ever invented or discovered. A
  • There is a reason why many companies and people keep accumulating more bitcoin while the price goes lower.  

Source: bitcoinmagazine.com


Literally NO ONE Is Watching Joe Biden White House Videos – The Viewership Is Abysmal – Pathetic

  • The Biden White House video participation rate is pathetic.  This is what happens when a gang of individuals steal an election and put in a place a senile old clown who no one likes and who has no base of support. 

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

Bill Barr NOW SAYS Hillary Clinton Was Guilty of Sedition 

  • Bill Barr now says Hillary Clinton could have been charged with sedition.
    Why didn’t Barr do this, think of the optics, Trump in the WH, Barr doing this bidding

Conservative Brief reported:

  • “I believe it is seditious,” he said, but he warned that those charges would be tough to prove in a court.
  • “It was a gross injustice, and it hurt the United States in many ways, including what we’re seeing in Ukraine these days. It distorted our foreign policy, and so forth,” the former attorney general said.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

Biden to Announce Pan-American Migration Routes to U.S. Economy
  • President Joe Biden will announce  new pan-American migration pipelines into Americans’ workplaces, housing, and markets,  
  • The deal will “also open, expand, and reinforce other legal channels for migration — including refugee resettlement, family unification — which will also help address critical labor shortages,” the official said.
  • The inflow of new workers will help Wall Street by pushing Americans’ wages down, driving up their rents, and spiking consumer demand for used cars, gasoline, baby food, and other items.
  • “Of course, they’re making [the economy] worse,” for ordinary Americans, Rosemary Jenks, political director for NumbersUSA, told Breitbart News. “You have inflation going up, and when you flood the labor market, you push wages down even further, so nobody can afford the $5 gallon of gas,” she said, adding:

The administration knew that by reversing all of the [Donald] Trump [immigration] policies, they would incentivize this kind of [migration] flow. They knew that. They were told that. They did it anyway. They did it because they wanted to do it. All of the economic stress — inflation, the gas prices, the baby formula shortage — all of that, it’s just noise in the background for them.


Source: breitbart.com

Federal Judge Blocks Biden Administration Restrictions On Immigration Arrests 

  •  During the covid pandemic the only meaningful government intervention was the actual enforcement of border protections and the expulsion of illegal immigrants under Title 42, as common sense and the law requires.  However, with the covid doomfest over Democrats returned, calling for Joe Biden to end border protections and open the floodgates.
  • Biden did them one better and initiated a policy through the Department of Homeland Security that was designed to greatly limit which illegal immigrants Border Patrol officers and ICE agents were allowed to arrest and deport.
  • Luckily, that order has now been negated by US District Court Judge Drew Tipton in Texas, who states that the DHS had no authority to issue a September 2021 memo which directed immigration officials to focus only on illegals that are deemed a “threat to public safety or national security” and those illegals that are in the midst of crossing the border.  In other words, they were to ignore any illegals that have already managed to sneak into the US.  One could argue that ALL illegal immigration is a threat to national security.
  • Judge Tipton added that the memo was enacted in an “arbitrary and capricious fashion” contrary to federal administrative law.
  • During Title 42 enforcement and covid era border protections, border patrol agents expelled over 1.6 million illegal immigrants from the US.  After Biden’s new policy initiatives, illegal immigration rose by over 1 million people and the rate of border crossings is climbing.
  • The Biden White House now faces over a dozen separate lawsuits over its destructive border rules and its blatant attempts to hinder or cripple border officers.

Source: zerohedge.com

Geopolitical/Police State

Elon Musk’s Starlink Makes China ‘Very Scared’: Space Expert

  • Elon Musk’s Starlink makes the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) “nervous,” as the SpaceX satellite internet business is the “only” player in the field now when it comes to the United States’ strategic space race with China.
  • Starlink, a satellite internet constellation operated by Musk’s spacecraft company SpaceX, currently consists of over 2,400 satellites that orbit the earth at an altitude more than 60 times lower than the satellites that carry most of the world’s internet today.
  • CCP Is ‘Nervous’
  • The reason U.S. adversaries are nervous about Starlink, according to Weichert, is that the satellite system is resistant to mass-scale attacks U.S. adversaries are currently capable of and thus makes “destroying” America’s space infrastructure much more difficult than before.
  • The strength of Starlink is its redundancy. So basically, we saw last summer, a solar flare knocked out something like 20—or maybe it was even 40—Starlink satellites, and Musk didn’t even bat an eye. Within a day, those systems were replaced because they’re small and they’re cheap.”

Source: theepochtimes.com

Must received the fire hose of data from twitter, which fits on a USB stick

  • Started using Geofeedia almost a decade ago. Every locator from every social media platform is clickable to see message, location data and time.
  • …and because this firehose of tweets also have geolocation and temporal stamps, Elon will have an incredible geospatial tracking data set.
  • Wanna make a deal Elon?



Does Musk have the key, will he unlock the data that shows which accounts are the bots, will it show where the bot farms are located, who is involved 

Lets take this a step further, lets talk about the election, Gregg Phillips and Catherine Englebrecht have the data, will the data Musk received reinforce true the vote data, then add on top of that space force. 

  • Why it matters: The deal falls short of what many Democrats want, 


  •  10 Senate Republicans have signed on, including Sens. Cornyn, Tillis, Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), Richard Burr (R-N.C.), Bill Cassidy (R-La.), Susan Collins (R-Maine), Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Rob Portman (R-Ohio), Mitt Romney (R-Utah) and Pat Toomey (R-Pa.).
  • 10 Senate Democrats also support the deal, including Sens. Murphy, Sinema Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), Cory Booker (D- N.J.), Chris Coons (D-Del.), Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.), Mark Kelly (D-Ariz.), Angus King (I-Maine), Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), and Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.).
  •  The proposal includes an under 21 enhanced review process, which means buyers under 21 will be required to undergo an investigative period to review juvenile and mental health records, including checks with state databases and local law enforcement. The deal also:
  • Clarifies the definition of a “federally licensed firearms dealer”: Cracks down on criminals who illegally evade licensing requirements.
  • Penalizes straw purchasing: Cracks down on criminals who illegally straw purchase and traffic guns.
  • Support for state crisis intervention orders: Provides resources to states to create and administer laws that help ensure deadly weapons are kept out of the hands of individuals whom a court has determined to be a significant danger to themselves or others.
  • Invests in children and family mental health services: Major investments to increase access to mental health and suicide prevention programs.
  • Protections for victims of domestic violence: Convicted domestic violence abusers and individuals subject to domestic violence restraining orders will be included in NICS.
  • Funding for school-based mental health and supportive services: Invests in programs to expand mental health and supportive services in schools, including: early identification and intervention programs and school based mental health and wrap-around services.
  • Funding for school safety resources: Invests in programs to help institute safety measures in and around primary and secondary schools, support school violence prevention efforts and provide training to school personnel and students.
  • Telehealth investments: Invests in programs that increase access to mental and behavioral health services for youth and families in crisis via telehealth.

 Source: axios



Ukraine running out of ammunition, intelligence official says

  • Ukrainian Deputy Head of Military Intelligence Vadym Skibitsky said in an interview that the violent conflict has exhausted the majority of Ukrainian artillery. Skibitsky said that overseas contributions were supplying the battle on the front line, but that Ukraine was still severely under prepared compared to their enemies.

Source: wnd.com

False Flags

Justin Bieber Cancels World Tour, Reveals His Face is Paralyzed by ‘Rare Virus’ (VIDEO)

  • Canadian singer Justin Bieber shocked his fans on Friday when he revealed he has been experiencing facial paralysis due to a rare virus.
  • The 28-year-old said he has been diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome.
  • “Ramsay Hunt syndrome occurs when a shingles outbreak affects the facial nerve near one of your ears, according to Mayo Clinic. It can cause painful shingles rash, facial paralysis and hearing loss in the affected ear.” KTLA reported.


  • Earlier this year Justin Bieber’s wife, Hailey Bieber, was hospitalized with ‘stroke-like symptoms.’
  • The 25-year-old model was hospitalized in Palm Springs, California in March where doctors found a blood clot in her brain.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com


  • As the Covid-19 pandemic and resultant social restrictions have abated in much of the world, other viruses are rearing their heads in new and unusual ways.
  • Influenza, Respiratory syncytial virus, adenovirus, tuberculosis and monkeypox are among a number of viruses to have spiked and exhibited strange behaviors in recent months.

Source: cnbc.com

CDC claims it backtracked on recommending travelers wear face masks to avoid monkeypox because it was ‘causing confusion’: 31 confirmed cases in the US including seven in New York and six in California

  • Spokeswoman claimed the advice was changed to avoid ‘causing confusion’
  • They stressed that the call to wear masks was only for people who were traveling and not meant for the general public
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention removed advice to wear masks for travelers yesterday — just 13 hours after it was picked up by the media
  • It read that wearing the coverings could help protect someone from monkeypox 
  • Monkeypox is typically transmitted through physical contact with skin lesions

Source: dailymail.co.uk

Doctors Suing Food And Drug Administration Over Ivermectin

  • A Washington law firm has filed a federal lawsuit against the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for interfering with the use of ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19.  
  • The lawsuit was filed by Boyden Gray & Associates on behalf of three doctors who were disciplined for prescribing human-grade ivermectin to patients.
  •  the FDA had violated well-established law that allows doctors to prescribe an FDA-approved drug as an off-label treatment.
  • Ivermectin was no different, he said. It was approved by the FDA in 1966.
  • Congress recognized the importance of letting doctors be doctors and expressly prohibited the FDA from interfering with the practice of medicine,” Gray said.
  • That is exactly what the FDA has done time and time again throughout this pandemic, assuming authority it doesn’t have and trying to insert itself in the medical decisions of Americans everywhere.
  •  A has engaged in unlawful interference with the use of ivermectin and should be held accountable for that.

Source: zerohedge.com


Patriot Front Members Arrested in Idaho Before Allegedly Interrupting Gay Pride Event

  • About twenty members of the fascist Patriot Front group were arrested in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho Saturday, reportedly on conspiracy to riot charges stemming from law enforcement penetration of group chats by the group about plans to disrupt a gay pride event being held in a city park. An officer is heard on video telling observers the group had shields and weapons in the back of a U-Haul truck they were being transported in to the pride event.


Source: thegatewaypundit.com

As We Always Suspected: Law Enforcement Admits They Have Informants Inside Patriot Front Group – Arrested 31 in a Uhaul on Way to Protest

Source: thegatewaypundit.com


Jan 6 Sham Hearings a Ratings BUST for Big Networks – Look How They Compared to Normal Week Night

  • The Jan 6 Committee’s presentation on prime time was a major league BUST on Thursday night.  No one watched and no one cares about the lies the corrupt media and corrupt politicians have to share. 
  • Americans know the 2020 Election was stolen  and Americans don’t buy the garbage the corrupt politicians and media are trying to shove down their throats.
  • The ratings came out for the event and they BOMBED.  It was another horrible defeat for these horrible people pushing lies on the American people.
  • Cable News Watch shared the ratings:

Source: thegatewaypundit.com
  • Really BAD T.V. Ratings for the Unselect Committee. Only 19,000,000 for at least 12 Networks, far lower than anticipated. I guess the American People don’t want to see one sided Witch Hunts. Besides, they know what happened with the Election!


  • Capitol Police executive’s email tipoff to Schumer aide night before riot raises concerns in Congress that politics put over security.
  • FBI intelligence warning that Jan. 6 protesters might violently storm the Capitol, target lawmakers and blockade Democrats in tunnels was never sent to frontline police commanders and officers, but was quietly emailed the night before to a top aide to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, according to documents that raise new concern that politics trumped security preparedness in the fateful hours before the riot.
  • Capitol Police Deputy Chief Sean Gallagher emailed top Schumer aide Kelly Fado, now the Senate’s deputy sergeant of arms, at about 9:40 p.m. on Jan. 5, 2021 saying he wanted to “provide you visibility” to new intelligence that an FBI threat analysis center had received from a website owner, according to documents obtained by Just the News.
  • The information explicitly warned that demonstrators had detailed maps of the tunnel systems around the Capitol frequented by lawmakers and their staffs and they were plotting to create a “perimeter” for potential violence and to find “Democratic members early to block them from entering the Capitol.” One point of entry the rioters were targeting was the Library of Congress, he warned.
  • You can read the email and attachments here:

Source: justthenews.com

Newly released Capitol Police timeline exonerates Trump, says Pentagon offered National Guard four days prior to Jan. 6 

  • According to the timeline:
  • “Carol Corbin (DOD) texts USCP Deputy Chief Sean Gallagher, Protective Service Bureau, to determine whether USCP is considering a request for National Guard soldiers for the January 6, 2021, event,” the only entry listed on Jan. 2, 2021.”
  • The next morning, the timeline states:
  • “Gallagher replies to DOD via text that a request for National Guard support not forthcoming at this time after consultation with COP Sund.”
  • The decision to reject National Guard troops came despite indications the USCP was beginning to change earlier assessments which showed violence at the Jan. 6 elector certification vote was not likely.
  • Despite Gallagher’s rejection of National Guard troops only the day before, the USCP issued new security assessments to commanders and executives, along with the House and Senate sergeants at arms which painted a much darker picture of January 6.
  • “Due to the tense political environment following the 2020 election, the threat of disruptive actions or violence cannot be ruled out,” the new assessment read. [emphasis added] “Supporters of the current president see January 6, 2021, as the last opportunity to overturn the results of the presidential election. This sense of desperation and disappointment may lead to more of an incentive to become violent.”
  • Remember, this was 24 hours after the Deputy Chief of the Capitol Police turned down offers of National Guard troops.
  • The newly released assessment was followed up by Sund changing his mind about the National Guard, reaching out to Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to deploy the Guard as a preventive measure on Monday, Jan. 4, 2021. The timeline provides an accurate summary of the series of events surrounding Sund’s request, many of which have been disputed and also sometimes misrepresented in the mainstream media.

Source:  lawenforcementtoday.com

  • @Kash Patel just revealed that Pelosi, Schumer & Co were calling them (the DoD) during the “insurrection” and asking for M1 Abrams tanks, APC’s (armored personnel carriers) and humvees plated up with machine guns to come to the Capitol. Literally stuff you see rolling down the street in Afghanistan.
  • “It was an optics play.”
  • It was all a big show to make it look like a war zone.
  • Wow.

Fmr AG Barr: ‘I Haven’t Seen Anything that Makes Me Think the President Committed a Crime’ 
  • Barr said  
  • “Well, I haven’t seen anything that makes me think the president committed a crime,” he said. “What’s come out so far has generally been known before. There were a few things that were new. But I do think there are legitimate areas of inquiry, but I also agree with the congresswoman — that this isn’t set up as an optimal mechanism for getting at the truth, and there is, obviously, a big political overlay.”
  • “But, you know, I think it’s legitimate to explore whether or not there was a plan to use violence to stop the vote,” Barr continued. “And if there was a plan, was the President involved. I haven’t seen anything up to now that makes me think he was. And I personally doubt it. But I think that those are legitimate questions. And the other question is more of a political nature which is, you know, did the president stand the by for hours while the Capitol was under attack and did nothing and made the comments that were attributed to him about the vice president. I think that’s a legitimate area of inquiry.”

Source: breitbart.com

  • I’ve wondered about this tweet for a while. It’s looking like it was a trap.
  • 45 wanted as many people there as possible so he could give the Ds the opportunity to do the right thing – knowing they wouldn’t.
  • We’ve learned that 45 & his Department of Defense begged & pleaded with Pelosi, Schumer and Mayor Bowser to call in troops to protect the Capitol. But he knew they wouldn’t. They wanted the riot.
  • It’s all documented, per Kash. Are these docs what DJT had in the red folder?


  • Everything is an info op.
  • CISA, the GA machine crap, other reports of crazy numbers…all false flags for a federal take over of elections.
  • You are being played.



Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 06/20/2020 15:15:16  ID: cfa2e1

8kun/qresearch: 9684383

CIA Director _early 2017 – April 2018?
External Advisory Board (CIA) members during this time?
Was Bill Barr a member of the board?
What advantages might exist to incoming AG Barr re: member of external advisory board (CIA)?
What advantages might exist to Sec of State re: former Dir of CIA?
It must be right.
It must be according to the law.
It must be proven.
It’s what you don’t see.
Durham is not the only game in town.

Gregg Phillips@greggphillips

  • Might be interesting to learn how Krebs came to power at CISA. Maybe his application will show up. Who were his references. One could start with his current business partner and go from there.


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 11/12/2020 22:20:17  ID: b3a95d

8kun/qresearch: 11618946

Shall we play a game?
[N]othing [C]an [S]top [W]hat [I]s [C]oming
Who stepped down today [forced]? KREBS
More coming?
Why is this relevant?
How do you ‘show’ the public the truth?
How do you ‘safeguard’ US elections post-POTUS?
How do you ‘remove’ foreign interference and corruption and install US-owned voter ID law(s) and other safeguards?
It had to be this way.
Sometimes you must walk through the darkness before you see the light.


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